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Bleeding Blue


I can explain.. - March Haul

Posted by Ektris , in Collecting Mar 31 2015 · 108 views
Transformers, Bionicle, Figuarts and 2 more...
Posted Image
  • Nintendo Amiibo King Dedede
  • S.H. Figuarts Shadow Moon (renewal version)
  • Transformers Generations Tailgate & Groundbuster
  • Transformers Generations Sky-Byte
  • Transformers Combiner Wars Megatron
  • Transformers Combiner Wars Motormaster
  • Transformers Combiner Wars Powerglide
  • BIONICLE Kopaka - Master of Ice
  • BIONICLE Hero Pack
  • S.H. Figuarts Sasuke Uchiha
  • Transformers Combiner Wars Blackjack
  • Transformers Generations Scoop w/Holepunch & Caliburst
  • Figma Sinon
No, really, I can!

So HasbroToyShop had a discount code for most of March that gave 20% off and free shipping. ...And they put up wave 2 of Combiner Wars all on the same day for preorder! (Which means I also have all of the limbs coming and they should be here later this week actually.) So jumping on them now was totally the smarter thing to do than space them out and hope I find them at retail. And I may have used the chance to get things I passed on before just because of the discount... Oh well. Wanna know the funny part? They listed all of the wave 2 stuff in intervals during that day. Like a half hour apart. So I placed 4 orders that day. 3 of them shipped at the same time. All 3 of those orders were shipped in separate boxes. :lol: Anywho, they're all awesome.

Shadow Moon was kind of an impulse since I've not even watched Black, but he looks cool so no complaints here. Sasuke was another trial of patience due to port shenanigans (and is also why Alphamon isn't here... because they're all lost in limbo somewhere still...). Besides my utter hatred of his face options, he's a good figure. Sinon I just picked up an hour ago so I have no thoughts on her yet lol, but I'm glad to finally have her.

Kopaka completes my 2015 Toa! He's a lot cooler than I was thinking, although his shield is still a real pain to work with. And I got him for the Hero Pack... Which I'm afraid to open. :| Convince me otherwise!



RTX Bound

Posted by Ektris , in Misc Mar 18 2015 · 109 views
Rooster Teeth, Conventions, RTX
Bought a weekend pass (with a 20% discount as a perk for going to Let's Play Live) this afternoon! I can't wait for August! ^_^

Plus some friends from school will be coming down for it. I'm almost looking forward to seeing them more, honestly.



Mom-Amiibo! - February Haul

Posted by Ektris , in Collecting Feb 28 2015 · 166 views
Nintendo, Bionicle, Amiibo and 2 more...
Posted Image
  • Nintendo Amiibo Rosalina & Luma
  • Nintendo Amiibo Lucario
  • Nintendo Amiibo Ike
  • Nintendo Amiibo Link
  • Nintendo Amiibo Mario
  • Nintendo Amiibo Pikachu
  • Transformer Generations Arcee
  • Nintendo Amiibo Shulk
  • BIONICLE Lewa - Master of Jungle
  • BIONICLE Protector of Jungle
  • Transformers Generations Tankor
  • BIONICLE White Metal Krana-Kal
  • Nintendo Amiibo Wii Fit Trainer
  • Nintendo Amiibo Sheik
  • Nintendo Amiibo Toon Link
  • Nintendo Amiibo Meta Knight
  • Nintendo Amiibo Sonic
  • Nintendo Amiibo Mega Man
  • S.H. Figuarts Blue Rose
So... Amiibo. I got a lot of Amiibo this month. Mostly thanks to wave 3 being so large (and its last member was supposed to arrive today but he didn't), but I did a lot of catching up too. And the best part is I only overpaid on two of them. :P (And WFT wasn't one of them! She was MSRP from Amazon.de.) And even then it wasn't that much. So I'm down to just three missing from the Smash line and I sure hope Nintendo sees the benefit to them in doing additional runs, although I highly, highly doubt it.

Transformers were light this month, which is fine. Although wave 2 of Combiner Wars is starting to trickle in, wave 1 is only just hitting saturation here. So no big deal. Arcee finally arrived and I love her, and Tankor was an impulse buy after having to deal with seeing him and him alone on the shelves here for three months lol.

Lastly, the BIONICLE additions. Lewa and Protector of Jungle were happening eventually and I picked them up now for BBCC #69. (And oh yeah... one of the reasons I got disinterested in MOCing besides being away from my collection for 75% of the year for the past four years... No feedback... Ever. Good or bad, I'd like any at all. Silence is the worst.) Unfortunately they didn't help with my original plan, but I still ended up using quite a lot of their parts in the final product. So far my experience with the Protectors is pretty darn good, since I have no problems with Mr. Jungle. Lewa does have some neck issues, but he's not my least favorite Toa at the very least heh. And finally - a true grail piece, a White Metal Krana-Kal. Thank you, TLH. Despite any misgivings, I am truly happy to have such a piece in my collection at all. So thank you very much!



Photo Shoot 11b - Collection Update Part 2

Posted by Ektris , in Collecting Feb 22 2015 · 100 views
BIONICLE, Figuarts, Figma and 2 more...
Uh, hey guys. Totally didn't forget to post this last week. Nope, not at all!

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
So this... Grew a lot, in large part to McFarlane and Nintendo. Nintendo stuff is now solely occupying the bottom row, and with all those Amiibo, it's already full. Will probably be moving them up to the middle row in front of my books where nothing else is just to have a better view of all of them. Those things are so cool.

I hadn't even realized how many AC figures I got until taking these pictures. Talk about catch up. My PAK, NECA, and Jazzwares stuff are also there just because they don't really have anywhere else to go heh. Just random cool stuff. Oh and Figma Captain America because why not? You can really see here just how big Roxas is though. I totally would have gotten a Riku and Sora to go with him by now so he doesn't stand out so much if they weren't so expensive lol.

Posted Image
Posted Image
The fruity Riders are the big addition here. And Godzilla, chilling out being all cool and not photogenic.

Splitting these to two shelves was absolutely disastrous. I wanted to maintain their position on the top, but didn't think of just how dumb that was given one of the shelves is angled into the corner with plenty of free space behind it. So of course I knocked them down after pulling some things out of the lower shelves. And had to take them all down and move it out and the fully, heavy BIONICLE shelf next to it away from the wall just to get a sword that I wasn't able to reach because it bounced underneath the shelf! >_< That wasn't fun. And now I'll have to be suuuuper careful.

But yeah, Riders man! Godzilla might find his way back out with Figma Cap and the other randoms to keep room for expansion here, which I did need. I'm glad to be able to have them spaced out more now.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Finally, the second reason for the new bookshelves. Besides Transformers, I had absolutely run out of room to place any BIONICLE sets. I was literally just stacking thing haphazardly to get them off the floor.

I'm much more pleased with how things look now, even if they'll probably be full by the end of the year again. There's still more catching up with older years to be had too. Fortunately, there is room room to re-condense the shelves once needed. But for now, you can just see so much more of the big guys, and I like that.




Posted by Ektris , in Personal Feb 21 2015 · 103 views
RoosterTeeth, Achievement Hunter and 1 more...



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