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Posted by Ektris , in School Oct 29 2012 · 426 views
Hurricanes, Sandy, Weather
So my university just cancelled classes because of Hurricane Sandy.

They are notorious for never cancelling classes. Ever.

I might actually be a little worried now...



Bored Face

Posted by Ektris , in School Sep 09 2012 · 357 views

Aside from the occasional gaming (and less-than-occasional gaming late last night where I might've played for 5 hours straight?) all I've done this weekend is homework. But even between matches I did homework so I felt productive.

It's really all I've done.


It's so much fun I tell ya!

Well I guess I've also spent more time in the commons building computer lab than ever before. But the bulk of that was spent writing down homework assignment or updating my resume anyways. And getting distracted with the Internet because, come on, it was too tempting.

Finding out tomorrow the diagnosis for my laptop... I've reached the conclusion it was some sort of problem between the power supply and motherboard which probably will probably lead to replacing one or the other or both. I really wish I knew if it were wiser to do that or purchase a new laptop altogether...

Ah well, we'll cross that bridge when it comes. Too bad it's also during the week of the career fair where my life is stressful enough.



Obligatory Back-to-School Entry

Posted by Ektris , in School Aug 26 2012 · 194 views
Moved back into my dorm room today. Got the same exact room as last year, so it was easy figuring out where things went. But like just about every other student ever, I don't necessarily want to start classes tomorrow.

At least my first one isn't until 11:15 AM, so I get to sleep in. :P



Scheduling Win

Posted by Ektris , in School Aug 17 2012 · 232 views
With only a week before classes start, I finally got into a class I've been trying to get in since the middle of last semester.

Feels good man. :D



So. Bored.

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games, School, Work Apr 26 2012 · 283 views

I've had no homework for the last week of classes (that I didn't already finish last week) and if it weren't for in-class reviews before finals I wouldn't even be going to those.

Luckily I caved and bought Trials Evolution before I wanted to, so it's been occupying much more of my time than gaming has at all in the past month.

I'd say I can't wait for finals to be over with and start summer break, but I'm not even sure I'm looking forward to that. Stressed out about an impromptu potential internship at my dad's work, but not knowing if I'll actually have that or not makes it impossible to tell McDonald's whether I'll be working there. And I had planned on working there as close to full time as possible since my sister and I just had to put a down payment on a car to share... That neither of us have even been able to see, let alone test drive, since we're at school. But our dad insists it's fine and we'll be comfortable with it if we're comfortable with his blazer (which of course I am, since it's all I've ever driven). Ugh. Just don't know what to expect from sumemr.



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