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Pokemon White 2: Day 3

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Oct 10 2012 · 102 views
Well, got my fourth badge and explored a little. Didn't do much else besides evolve... Oh, well, almost everyone.

Chirox, Crobat lv. 27
Macku, Azumarill lv. 26
Espeon, lv. 27
Pumbaa, Pignite lv. 26
Lucario, lv. 27
Elekid, lv. 28

Really debated on whether to get an Espeon or Umbreon. I like Umbreon's look more. A whole lot more, actually. But Espeon gets a better attacking move (and Umbreon's more about defense anyways) in Psychic, and my in-game teams have always lacked a Psychic type. So I figured it'd be interesting to try out.

Oh, and I've decided I like Team Plasma a whole lot less in this game. Not only are their uniforms less interesting lol, but their whole reason for being there is being disheartened and having lost motivation when their leaders left. That seams rather... lame. Not a good reason for fighting.



Pokemon White 2: Day 2

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Oct 09 2012 · 126 views
I spent way, way too much time making movies and slowly grinding so didn't get too far yesterday. And had homework to deal with. :P

But I got my third badge no problem. And my team's already shifted around a lot again:

Chirox, Golbat lv. 22
Pumbaa, Pignite lv. 22
Eevee, lv. 22
Elekid, lv. 22
Riolu, lv. 22
Maku, Azumarill lv. 22

But now I have three things to nickname ha. This is also the first time I abandoned my main flying type ever. But I went with Pidove's line in White so wasn't really feeling like training it. Really, the shear variety in this game is almost becoming a problem lol. Just can't keep a team for long.

Still having fun though!



Pokemon White 2: Day 1

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Oct 08 2012 · 335 views
Let me start off by saying I didn't think being able to start off your journey with Pokemon from all generations would have such a fun factor, but it does.

Anyways, I've got two badges so far. And here's my current team:

Elekid, lv. 16
Timon, Patrat lv. 15
Tepig, lv. 15
Maku, Azurill lv. 15
Qwi, Pidove lv. 15
Riolu, lv. 17

Tepig's gonna be renamed Pumbaa as soon as I can. Still need nicknames for Elekid and Riolu though... Yeah, I decided to nickname everyone I plan to use for even a little bit lol. First time doing that. I also used for a little while:

Nikila, Mareep lv. 12 (As soon as I found I could get Elekid she got thrown away... otherwise she'd have probably stuck with me for the whole game.)
Nala, Purrloin lv. 8
Killik, Sewaddle lv. 8

Also, as a note: If you Memory Link and are one of those people who always use the same name for Pokemon, prepare to be very confused when flashbacks refer to your old character and you think it's your current and yeah. :P

Also also, I'm a terrible terrible terrible person because I just got addicted to Pokestar Studios. :x



Seeing Red: September Haul

Posted by Ektris , in Collecting Sep 30 2012 · 202 views
Collecting, Transformers, Digimon
Posted Image

Two toys I've wanted for quuuuite some time now. Too bad one of them's a bit of a disappointment...

I also bought a laptop and external hard drive but didn't feel like taking pics of them.



Hey Guys!

Posted by Ektris , in BZPower Sep 29 2012 · 127 views

Soooo. Hi everyone! Sorry I've not been around lately... Got rather busy. :/

So how's everybody?? I miss much? :P



Electric Turahk
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