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Pokemon White 2: Day 8

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Oct 15 2012 · 303 views

Caught Terrakion, beat Marlon for my final badge! (wow that was easy with Electabuzz. :3), and am messing Team Plasma up. Overall, making progress, yo.

Electabuzz, lv. 52
Chirox, Crobat lv. 49
Espeon, lv. 47
Macku, Azumarill lv. 47
Lucario, lv. 50
Pumbaa, Emboar lv. 50


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Blessed Blade
Oct 15 2012 09:16 AM
You must be my rival; you're always one step ahead of me. xD I'm just about to challenge Drayden shortly(Though I'll be messing with the Dream World stuff again first. =P). =)
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Eh, can't get online here so can't do Dream World... Or get Genesect yet... D:
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Blessed Blade
Oct 15 2012 03:13 PM
Dang, that's not good, then. =/ Though, for the Dream World, it also depends on your computer. I've only gone on the Dream World twice on Black 2 so far, simply because my laptop will likely run it at the snail's pace my old computer used to run stuff at. =P
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I already beat the champion and elite four, and this is my current team

Archanine (Z-pup) LVL 63
Electivire (Lt. Surge) LVL 57
Golurk (Mega) LVL 50
Lilligant (Rosalina) LVL 58-59
Excadrill (Digger) LVL 61
Braviary (Valor) LVL 54

I don't really do the Dream World, mainly because I'm more focuse on training rather than a lot of the side content.
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Blessed Blade
Oct 16 2012 07:31 PM
Sup yo. I just beat the league. It was awesome, dude. </marlon>
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I have to say, Drayden, Elesa, those two were hard to beat. And this game is like SS/HG all over again with dragon type trainers. These guys are the bane in my existence.
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Blessed Blade
Oct 17 2012 09:44 AM
Clay gave me more trouble than Elesa. It's likely because I power-leveled my Emboar prior to fighting the Nimbasa gym. >>'
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Yeah I had trouble with Clay, but not much with anyone else really.
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Clay was fair for me, he was a challenge but not like GRRR, it's like,

"If I can't beat these fast Zebras from the electric gym I can beat deese guys," and luckily I had a lilligant to help with the fight, plus a lot of then were weak to Sp . Atks because of their low Sp. Defs, meaning Lilligant would help a lot because of stat and type advantage.
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Yeah I've noticed I was at a bit of a disadvantage without a Grass type this time around, at several points. Pansage/Simisage was really a huge help in White 1.
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