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Team Game So Far [Updated]

Posted by Ektris , in School, Video Games Apr 17 2013 · 1,260 views

Clyde Tetris PacMan Halo
I want to blog and didn't really know what to do.

EDIT: We've added 5 more levels and tweaked the player controls some.

So here's my game so far!

As of this post, there's only 5 workable levels. I'd especially appreciate some feedback on level 5... Whether it's too hard or anything else you think should be changed.

Oh! And the title screen is horrible, so here are some instructions. xP

Left/Right or A/D to move left and right.
Up/W/Space to jump
P activate phase mode. You can walk through walls 'n stuff.

Enjoy. ^_^


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My biggest complaint is that the jumping feels too floaty, really. You rise too slow and descend just as slow and it feels really kinda strange in comparison to other platformers.

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Yep, waaay too floaty.


I lost count of what level was what, but the tetris one was really cool, and way more unique than the rest of it. If you want this to be a super meat boy esque game, which is how it plays right now, you really need to make those controls tighter and faster.

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The floaty is on purpose. :( The thought behind it being you're a ghost, so it should feel like you're floating when you fall...

But I suppose I could get the guy working on the player controls to reconsider how slow his movement is...
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I love the concept so far, and it was great how the levels progressed as they departed from the generic 2D platforming design.


The jumping is a bit weird, but it's better than a non-floaty jump method. I think what would help is if you added some acceleration into the beginning of the movements, rather than the instantaneous stop-start at the moment, which isn't very ghost-like. Not so much that it feels like you're on ice though. It's also quite hard to tell if the phase is on or off when you're just falling through the air, but I guess there'd be an animation to come for that?


Level 5 wasn't hard enough in my opinion, but it's probably good as it is for introducing the falling block world. I was disappointed when the blocks stopped coming, since I was expecting to have to move quickly in order to avoid being blocked off from the exit and being crushed, or the blocks would fall through the floor and you'd need to platform up the falling blocks. The placing of the level is a bit odd, since you've only just been introduced to phasing but you don't seem to need it in Level 5.

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Let's Henshin!
Apr 17 2013 06:23 PM
Am I the only one who loved the floaty jumping?
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Am I the only one who loved the floaty jumping?


In my opinion the floaty jumping could work, but currently the jumping speed is just too linear. Basically it feels like you're jumping and falling really, really,slow, and not like you're actually floating.

And of course, you'd need to make the levels utilize, or at least work well with, the floating.

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I like it that way..? :P
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Sorry bro I can't hear you cause my ears broke.

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