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Biggest EVER! - Part 1

Posted by Ektris , in Collecting Aug 06 2013 · 549 views

The holy grail of many a Transformer collector, reissued at last earlier this year. For 25 years, this guy was the biggest there was. There was no rival in size... Until this year. He's now only second-best in terms of height, and I fully plan on owning the new titan (but of course I went with Amazon, who oversold their preorders and my order is now basically in limbo so who knows when I'll get one...). Anyways, here's Part 1 of my look into Transformer's Titans - Fortress Maximus.

First of all, sweet mother of boxes!

Posted Image

And... sweet mother of toys!

Posted Image

Fort Max is insanely big! I've watched reviews and I've looked at pictures and I've gotten a sense of his size before... but you just really can't appreciate it until you see him in hand. And it's not just the size, but his weight. This guy is one solid toy and I'm thoroughly impressed by something of its age.

Next up, I took the few Legends Autobots I have to play with city mode a bit:

Posted Image

All of the gimmicks here work well and thanks to his size, is a pretty convincing toy of a city haha. I really like it.

Posted Image

Battle station mode is kind of a joke. It's just pretty meh to me.

Posted Image

So Fort Max comes with some other little guys. The blue brick on the right, Cog, is a cool addition and I get why they were included - to add playability if you didn't have any other small vehicles. But he is just a brick and is pretty meh. Cerebros and Spike, on the other hand, I find pretty cool. Being a double headmaster is a big draw of Fort Max, so even though Cerebros looks rather bland, that gimmick is fun.

Posted Image

Finally, robot mode, and... sweet mother of swords!

Seriously, that is a big sword! And something that I was really looking forward to. My first exposure to Fort Max was in the Robots in Disguise cartoon, so my mental image of him has vastly different colors than what I've got... But that sword was a big part of it. I wish it came with the handled for Omega Prime, but that Optimus is apparently being reissued in the near future with the sword, so maybe I can buy it from somebody then. :P

Posted Image

Robot mode Fort Max also has access to a toooon of guns. This guy has no shortage of weapons and it's awesome.

So, Fortress Maximus. The former largest Transformer of all time. He's fun to look at, fun to play with (even if he is your standard G1 brick for the most part), and although I thought it would be cool to, I never thought of owning one. So a huuuuuge thanks to Optibotimus, who gave this guy away as part of his 50,000 subscriber contest on YouTube! (And this was second place!) Seriously, Paul, you are awesome.

I haven't put any stickers on the guy yet, mostly because I know in the future he'll be worth more with an intact sticker sheet haha. Do you guys think I should sticker him up though? There's quite a lot... And he'll look so much more impressive with them. I'm pretty indecisive on the matter.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed the look, and let me know if there's anymore you'd like to know/see. Now if only I could find a place to display him...


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Wait, you won him? :o

And noo, don't sticker him up. :v

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Definitely no stickers. And this has to be of the first contests I've seen where 2nd place is really good. :P

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Aug 06 2013 11:31 PM
If you plan to sell it someday, no stickers. If you plan to pass it down as an heirloom to your son of your son, sure, why not sticker it?
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