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Pokemon Y: Day 1

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Oct 25 2014 · 207 views

Doing this early to play the last BZPCraft in an hour. :P

So after I got through all of the soft resetting for a good Fennekin (which took a little over an hour), I was finally ready to start my journey.

This game is beautiful. It's a nice refresh and new look to the series, which was so very much needed. I am absolutely loving it so far.

I've gotten one badge and spent way, way, way too much time trying to catch things. The male/female ratio on Litleos is insane, but I wanted my Simba. (And of course I've already ditched him since I had three Fire types. :()

My team right now consists of:

Kurama, Braixen Lv. 18
Skyhopper, Bunnelby Lv. 15
Uva, Vivillon Lv. 15 (Polar pattern, for the record. Was expecting Continental as others in the US are claiming they got that, and Polar was Canada... But since then people from states bordering the Great Lakes have all said they've gotten Polar also. Trading for all these patterns eventually is gonna be loads of fun...)
Ankh, Fletchinder Lv. 17
Sanbi, Squirtle Lv. 10 (Wanted to call him "Isobu" but it wouldn't accept that for silly reasons... Also didn't see it coming so couldn't soft reset for a good nature here and got one that literally has no changes, Bashful, ugh.)

Now, I've caught a bunch of others, but of those I may rotate in:

Simba, Litleo Lv. 12

Trying really hard to have a new experience, but they're making it tough lol. For type balance's sake, I really want to use the Pansage I got early on, but despite Simisage being very reliable in White, I still used it for a full playthrough. Same with Riolu/Lucario in White 2.

There's a few other big changes I want to talk about, and one of the best ones is diagonal movement. It's such so smooth and fun to do. The roller skates you get make it even more exciting and I never thought being this maneuverable in a Pokémon game would be so exciting.

Something I thought I would like but am now not sure I'm liking so much... is the new Exp. Share. It is now a key item instead of a held item, and turning it on shares experience with your entire team. I thought that would be great. However, I feel like I'm missing out on half of the experience. Three of my Pokémon evolved while not active and I felt like I didn't properly train them, Kurama especially. I may turn it back on every time I get somebody new, like Sanbi or my eventual Tyrunt (to-be-named Gabutyra, and apparently I can get him soon), but for now I'm really considering turning it off.

As an aside, I got the preorder poster from Gamestop with the map. It's pretty big and the reverse side with Xerneas and Yveltal is awesome. One of the friends I went with got the bonus timeline poster for getting both, and I must say I was seriously impressed with the quality of that.

So... This game is great so far and I want to play more. But can't let it consume all of my time what with having so much homework, although I know it could easily do just that.


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