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RROD & Other Gaming Stuff

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Dec 03 2014 · 437 views

Xbox Microsoft RROD
(Pokémon blogs generally on hiatus until I start Episode Delta, which probably won't be for a few weeks when I'm home for the holidays and have no access to my consoles. For now I suppose I'll be resuming Unity, maybe some MCC or Smash WiiU.)

Wow. After 7 years, my Xbox 360 Elite finally received the Red Ring of Death. I was well under way in Assassin's Creed: Rogue, likely to be the last game I got for the system (and why my fiancé thinks I shouldn't bother with it anymore *sigh*), when it suddenly shorted. Sort of ironic given the first game to grace its disk drive was the original Assassin's Creed game shortly after its release, one cold December 25, 2007 morning.

I spent so, so many countless hours on her. The first console I could call my own. The device that took a childhood passing interest into a real hobby.

Now I must decide her fate. Do I purchase a new 360, with necessary hard drive transfer cable and sufficient space on the console itself, at a considerable price? Or risk sending it in for repair, which I am somewhat nervous about doing? It would still cost a pretty penny, but not a few pennies like the other option.

Part of my concern is mostly anxiety induced as I've actually never mailed a package shockingly, don't even know where I would mail from here (haven't a clue where the nearest post office, FedEx office, UPS office, or whatever option they would require is), plus how do I know I've properly secured it if I can even find a box that it will fit in comfortably (actually might have a perfectly sized one right behind me from some goods received the other day...). So all generally irrational, but nonetheless make me nervous.

And if I do opt for a repair, I'd probably have to wait until the start of the year, as timing makes me even more nervous - what if it got back while I was out of town for the holidays? That's two weeks it could either be sitting outside my apartment or end up who knows where if it ends up in the office (where packages are supposed to, but sometimes inexplicably get dropped off at doors, like the one I got over Thanksgiving...) since they're only willing to hold things for 2 days over the holidays. And that wait would drive me even crazier...



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General rule with packaging, don't make it 100% snug. Get a box bigger than what you want to ship and use bubble wrap, tissue paper, air pockets, anything. Especially when it's this valuable. (use the USPS pls they need as much support as they can get)

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