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Name change?

Posted by Ektris , in BZPower Jan 26 2015 · 513 views

Oh yeah, I can change it back now!

Should I? :/

I did it half as an experiment, and the results were kind of what I expected - don't feel like I'm so readily recognized now. Whether that's good or bad...


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Jan 26 2015 10:32 AM
Tetris! Tetris! Tetris!

Also, coming from someone who was a nobody on this site since forever, just don't stress too much what other people think about your personal choice. If they want to be miserable over something pedantic, let them.

It's your username and your choice. Do whatever makes you happy (so long as it fits the site rules and guidelines, of course)
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Lol should've expected the Tetris suggestion.

I did the change because I feel a lot still associate the name with the arrogant jerk that was my online self in my late high school days (the literal exact opposite of how I really was then... the depressed introvert... was totally just acting out online because I could). And with the site becoming increasingly more active for obvious reasons... Well, let's just say I appreciate the new kids who don't know me heh.

But if I can help improve that image with something as simple as a different name... Eh, maybe worth keeping it or rotating them more often.
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Jan 26 2015 11:57 AM

If your reputation truly is that bad, there's really nothing a name change will do to remedy that. The people who already are familiar with your posts will still know who you are, and the new people coming in won't really care either way. You'd have to change your name, your avatar/sig images, your blog, etc. if you really wanted to try and throw people off. And even that probably wouldn't work.


But to do that seems silly to me. As long as you aren't being an arrogant jerk anymore I don't think anyone will give two thoughts about what you used to be like. So you should change your name to whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. (Personally I still think Electric Turahk is pretty cool so that gets my vote).


And for what it's worth, although I do have vague recollections of some of your older posts, I certainly don't associate you with having an arrogant attitude now. So honestly I think you're fine. ;)

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Jan 26 2015 12:39 PM
I haven't seen anything lately that's tipped me off about you. And yeah, I've had a similar experience. Though I don't think we talked much back in the day or if we did I like totally forgot all about it. XD

I'm guessing we would have gotten on each other's nerves if anything. XP

Meh, people change and grudges aren't worth it.
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I'm never a huge fan of name changes (assuming they're not just for fun) because I always feel like people are distancing themselves from the identity that went into the name.

That said, I JUST got used to your new name so quit toying with my emotions you fiend!
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I've been a depressed introvert before, so I feel you. 


But ET...I guess I haven't been around long enough to associate that name with arrogance. The few names that have the "arrogant" label attached to them haven't faded with name changes - but that's because I remember everyone's "original" names and connect them and those together. 


If you really want to prove that you've changed - the rule is easy: just show that you've changed. Sometimes it takes time, but eventually people will remember you as either the "nice guy" or "the arrogant guy who changed". The latter is actually more powerful than if you didn't have the original flaw. It says to people "if you have this flaw, you can change."


So if I were you, I would walk back and take up the old mantle. There's no tear that a sewing needle won't mend, and the pattern of the stitches tells a story for other people to read and take heart. 

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I recognized the name Ektris, but that might just be since I read all the Toa Sectra bios years ago. :P

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Let's Henshin!
Feb 09 2015 10:28 AM

Could always go with Kamen Rider Drive so you can tell people to "START YOUR ENGINE."


Or change back to ET...

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Eh, running around as Mashin Chaser telling people to BREAK YOUR BODY sounds a lot more fun though. :P

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