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Third Part Of Powers That Be

Posted by GregF , Nov 02 2010 · 5,391 views

Decided to flip the order of the serials, so just finished part 3 of PTB (yes, you actually don't have to wait six weeks for the next chapter -- I know you're shocked smile.gif ) In this episode:

* We meet the "Who Am I?" winner
* We answer the age-old question, "What happens when Nynrah Ghosts have too much time on their hands?"
* We go inside the red star for the first time, and while we don't come out knowing just what the heck is going on there yet, it sure SOUNDS disturbing
* We get the return of some folks that neither you nor I EVER thought we would see EVER again (and special thanks to Biosector01.com for refreshing my memory about them) (and no, it's not the Makuta, relax smile.gif )

And in chapter 4: More red star, somebody hits the right switch and regrets it ... or is the wrong switch?, and there are some people who get very frustrated by long lines ... murderously frustrated, in fact. Oh, and what does all this have to do with the murders of Karzahni and Tren Krom? And will Kopaka and Pohatu get the chance to find out?

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It's wonderful. I'm liking Gaardus's personality already, and I never expected the purple and black entities. What's next, the Spectral Mask? Should Kopaka and Pohatu call Takanuva in to light more fireworks? Thank you for the stories Mr. Farshtey. They're lovely.
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I can tell you're really enjoying this. XD
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Awesome Chapter Greg, and the return of the JoT species, they were really cool. Perhaps we will also see the larger creatures back on Spherus Magma or in the Red Star.
Can't wait for chapter 4!!
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Nuhrii the Metruan
Mar 14 2011 03:11 PM
*impatiently waits for part 4*
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Where can you read Powers That Be? Please let me know soon.
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Hey doesn't anyone notice that GregF has stop writing the three Bionicle Storyline he and the Lego Company promises to do in order to the continue the Bionicle story. Its very strange that he didn't finished them and I am a huge Bionicle fan. GregF should really finished these stories or the promise that that Lego that Lego will continue the Bionicle Story will be waist, an hopeless dream. So GregF, if you have the time to read this, please finish the Bionicle Stories, that would awesome and swell ok. Please read this message.
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