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Lady K's Blog


back from my adventure

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Aug 06 2013 · 331 views

TLH/Turakii's wedding, getting to tour D.C., and Brickfair was amazing. Really. The best vacation I've ever been on.
I'm so blessed to have such amazing friends that I've met through here, and also getting to know new people! I really apologize if I didn't get to hang out with everyone like I wanted, I'm so so sorry. I kept getting pulled in different directions and since it was my first time here it was a bit overhwelming, but in a good way of course.
I'm definitely planning on going next year though, and goign to try my best to spread out and geto to know any BZPers that come.
I also plan to attend the one in Alabama in January since it's only a two hour drive away. Let me know if you'll be there. (:
So now I'm very exhausted. Thankful no work today, so I've jsut been flopping around like a zombie all day. Maybe I'll make a more useful entry later, but yay Brickfair!!
In other news, I might think about getting into the BZPRPG. Maybe? Hmm...



Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jun 25 2013 · 247 views

Hey guys
I'm coming to Brickfair
(Blame Thank TLH/Turakii)


Midnight nostalgia

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jun 18 2013 · 230 views

BZP hi I miss all off you bbies lots of hugs how is everyone?
I am really avoiding going to bed after a grusome 15 hour work day and I don't want to work agian tomorrow, so I thought, hey, I haven't been on BZP in awhile
so here have a picture of HB Zaktan pouting
Posted Image


2012 sketchdump

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Dec 17 2012 · 285 views

Posted Image
this year kinda stunk for art
a lot


Glitch in the System

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Dec 08 2012 · 323 views

Reposting, because why the karzahni not?
For people who have already read glitch, I have a short story sequel. Otherwise on the GitS front, it's time to say goodbye to the fanfiction version. Currently attempting to make it a original sci-fi/cyberpunk graphic novel. Let's say 'attempting' is a keyword here.
I also am drawing a bionicle drawing (first one in what...two years?). It's a biomechanical version of Nuju. I'd like to do a HB of some character as well, but I am unsure who.

Welp. That's about it. Just sitting here doodling and eating cereal at 2AM in the morning.
Oh and I got in a wreck because a deer thought it would be funny to attempt to flip my car. But you know, life. It knows how much I love all these bills.


this is the part where I return from the dead.

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Dec 06 2012 · 543 views

Why hello there.

What does one do when you are sick in bed and unable to sleep?

You get that weird emotion called nostalgia and you miss the good old days and wonderful people on a place called bzp.

I offer free hugs at the moment and high fives from all. No need to talk about my life. Its a droll subject. What of you all?

Perhaps this will be more than a midnight fling we shall see.


My Recent Art

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Dec 12 2011 · 343 views
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
most recent bionicle drawings; but the latest one was done back in july. i dont really do biomechanical anymore due to lack of time and i just dont have a muse for it.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

tell me a bionicle to draw HB style and I'll do a exclusive drawing for bzp


Ooh A Blog

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Dec 07 2011 · 156 views

hi everyone

im doing a all-nighter right now, trying to finish a project. taking a break, i was wondering how bzp was fairing. i really like the new style of the forums.

i'm sorry i'm no longer on. i keep wanting to slip back on but i have too much to do these days to keep tabs with the site; but maybe ill try to get on more. i'm in my sophomore year of college, but im withdrawing after this semester because i cant afford it and also due to health problems. im debating on if i should stay in MO or move back to TN. Have a job, got a tattoo, letting my hair grow out, have sadly not written anything in months, and not much on art either

how has everyone been? i was lurking the forums and realized all the people i havent talked to in forever; hope you all are doing well


Whisper, Winter

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Mar 19 2011 · 329 views
another scenery drawing. not very good, but i was practicing


You Know...

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Mar 18 2011 · 146 views
i'd love to get to a point in my life where i'd actually start finishing drawings i started. yeah. that would be amazing.

click for high res
does anyone even remember the characters to guess who is who? i'd love to actually finish this...with all the other drawings of mine that desperately need to be finished...my artistic ideas move faster than my patience. sigh


Posted Image

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