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Lady K's Blog


brickfair get

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 28 2015 · 308 views

I'll see everyone there (:

If you'd like a quick sketch done by me, and I'm not overloaded, come by and bug me! Free to any BZPower member. <3


Bionicle tattoo

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Nov 15 2014 · 916 views

Thank you all for taking the time to answer my questions! Super super helpful for developing my story! I love seeing the diversity in the answers, but I was also surprised on some common desires. I'm going to try my best to reply to everyone asap.

Oh, yeah, also...
Posted Image
Posted Image


Bionicle survey thing?

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Nov 14 2014 · 642 views

Okay guys, as I’m working on this Bionicle novel…I got some questions if y’all don’t mind answering! I’d love input!

No need to answer all these questions if you don't want to.
And this is for writing purposes--I'm not trying to pretend I'm all self important and changing the real canon. Just my alternate universe.
  • What were a few things that you didn’t like in the storyline, and wished was changed? (e.g. a event, character death, lack of character death, etc)
  • What’s your favourite ships? Or simply a uncommon group of characters? (e.g. Federation of Fear)
  • Do you have any notable headcanons on a character?
  • Or something else? A culture, object, event, etc?
  • What characters would you like to know more about, or have more screen-time?
  • What would you imagine different in a humanized world?
Thanks so much if you do this! The answers may greatly affect the direction of my planned serials.


BIONICLE series incoming...

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Nov 11 2014 · 934 views

So my descent into further madness has begun.

The last full feature novel I wrote was Glitch in the System, completed in 2009. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had concerning a artistic project, and I want to experience that again.

I do not consider myself much of a writer at all, but I enjoy it, and that’s what counts. So, I’d like to announce I’m working on a new series! (listens to two people clapping in distance)

What’s it about? Well, to put it simply, I was not content with the direction of BIONICLE (gen1), so…
  • Novel to start somewhere mid 2008 serials. Story will begin to change not far into that.
  • Will be divided out into chronological serials like the canon ones, but will be longer. And cooler. And less of a confusion.
  • To be written in a version where [almost] everyone is human. (sorry guys, it’s what I’m most comfortable with)
  • And no Mata Nui being a robot. (I mean, no disrespect, that’s cool, but doesn’t work for my AU)
  • Likely to be released early January of 2015.
I’m seeking proofreaders and someone I can bounce ideas off of. Maybe a few people? Would be cool if this AU wasn’t all my idea. If you’re interested, send me a PM.

I really want to do this. So it’s going to get done.

Stay tuned.


Premier Membership Winner

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Aug 21 2014 · 327 views

The magic number was 351. Doing the math, Smooth Jazz was just 11 off, making him the closest.

Congrats! I'll get your premier membership set up asap



Premier Membership Giveaway

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Aug 07 2014 · 931 views

I think I can do this?

Hey guys. Just felt like doing some fun in my blog. Choose a number between 1 and 500. I'll use a random number generator. Whoever gets the closest to my chosen number wins a free Premier Membership for a year.

Obviously, if you already have a membership you can't enter. Only one entry per person, too. Deadline is August, 14th.


something in the works

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 31 2014 · 339 views

just wanted to announce I'm working on a new epic/novel that involves Bionicle that will definitely debut here in a few months. I will keep you guessing what it'll be about until I can make a proper poster. I'm very excited for this because I haven't had a serious project to work on since Glitch in the System. (which, btw, is being posted again; lightly touched up and edited to boot)

I mean, well technically, I could start on the original graphic novel version of Glitch, but I feel that's a huge leap for me due to my health and life situation. I want to ease back into writing and art with a smaller project. So why not something that involves Bionicle?

I know the fandom is small now and may dramatically change if/when Bionicle returns and many may not be interested in what I'm doing, but I'm doing it for myself. However, if you're interested, let me know!

Stay tuned!
(p.s. - sorry I'm not at brickfair this year guys...maybe next year! You all have lots of fun! Thank you Aanchir for taking the time to call me, that was so kind of you. And thanks as well Vezok's Friend, ChocolateFrogs, and Bionicle Raptor for skyping me. You guys are awesome!)


how do bzprpg

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 29 2014 · 449 views

hey guys, I really would like to get involved with the RPG happenings here--but, I have no idea how to start or what's going on or if I should wait or anything help

If someone could volunteer to teach me the ways of BZPRPG and so forth, that would be awesome. I will pay you in hugs and invisible cookies.

I'm reading the rules and everything now, but a mentor would be awesome!


human bionicle art

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 28 2014 · 247 views


you should all totes check it out and yeah.

i'm going to start drawing again ???


I accidently

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 13 2014 · 425 views

got back in Bionicle


and this happened before there was some weird rumor about Bionicle returning, too? (idk anything on that just something I've heard from various friends)

anyway totes been hiding out in BS01 a lot refreshing my memory and will probably watch the movies soon, etc. Lots of nostalgia and feels.

What I've really fallen into is making my own fanon universe. Which is pretty much the same as the original but everyone is 'human' (somewhat? depends on speices? still working that out) and some of the later stuff has been changed. Well, a lot of the later stuff has been changed but I'm still trying to decide how much I'm deviating from canon.

so if anyone wants to talk bonkles with me that'd be awesome or even if you are mildly interested in my dumb human!Bionicle universe let me know. I'm already drawing and writing lots for it.


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