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Lady K's Blog



Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jan 23 2011 · 104 views
me, actually painting that stuff? it's unheard of.

(click for fullview)
was testing out some random custom brushes. Took about three hours. Did okay considering I rarely do scenery (and I'd like to change that). It's missing something...

Also, new scanner works just fine, which hopefully means I can start showing art more often. Yay?

College has been okay; not much homework so far. Hoping it stays this way, I got enough on my plate as it is.


At Last - But With A Price

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jan 13 2011 · 78 views
Geeky Stuff
Finally beat Mass Effect 2 (I know I've had this game for over a year, shaddup). It was so amazing.

Cept' Mordin died.


Really. Can't figure it out. Everyone was loyal, followed my bro's advice (who saved everyone). WHHYYYY. Going to need a serious talk with my Ron cloned relative...

Time to go replay two hours of gameplay, if I can. *hugs Mordin*


oh. college started today. hopefully I'll have a better semester... but who cares about that when the reapers are coming?

EDIT: Fix'd, now my lovely Salarian Scientist is well. Working on the Shadow Broker DLC now! (or maybe I should go to bed...)


My Year

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jan 04 2011 · 100 views
2011 is going to be -my- year. I'm not going to tolerate it running me over anymore. I have lots of things planned for this year. And so far my resolutions are:
  • improve my health: exercise (can has parkour?), better food, and relentlessly stalk doctors until they find a solution for me
  • draw more, even if it's just doodling everyday work on those commissions, and start that danged webcomic.
  • work toward better grades in college
  • find a decent paying job, and start seriously digging into art opportunities
  • write! write! write!
  • get a tattoo
  • go to brickfair or a similar gathering!
  • become more active on BZP
  • improve on my lack of social skills--get out, and trust people more
  • get my own place
that's pretty much it. I don't really do resolutions, but it's a decent to-do list. those are large, undefined goals, but I plan to take it all one step at a time and try my best to improve my life.

as a added bonus, this was my last 2010 drawing:



Posted by Lady Kopaka , Dec 26 2010 · 52 views
Christmas spelled backwards because I can't think of a decent title.

Hey guys, how was your Christmas day? Enjoy your presents? Ate too much food for your own good like me?

I went to visit my grandparents and other family in east TN. My favourite part was getting to see my adorable nephew. He’s four months old now and no word can appropriately describe how cute he is. I think my parents had way too much fun with him...tis’ fun to poke fun at my old man and call him a grandpa now.

I'm home now, simply bushed. It's been snowing a lot today; it looks so serene and is quite inspiring for writing and art...something which I really need to start doing more of. I'm digging in the chocolate I got for Christmas; it's all quite yummy and relaxing on this cool evening. If you're wondering, my favourite Christmas present was Beauty and the Beast from my parents. I also got a Muse album from them, a Michael Bublé album from my sister, and then just an assortment of random things (chocolate, a scarf, coloured pencils) from other siblings and relatives. Very thankful to have gotten this much.

In addition got to see True Grit--it was a superb movie. It's different from the original John Wayne version, and I have a feeling most people won't like it (ah, my abnormal [or bluntly terrible?] movie tastes), but I fell in love with it. Very witty, realistic, and I loved how it was centered around this young girl—but was shockingly not cliché in the slightest. That’s why it was just so unusual, but a good unusual. It was like Anne of Green Gables bumped into Clint Eastwood and all karzahni broke loose, haha.

I'll be going down on Wednesday to Louisiana to visit some more relatives and friends. I'm frankly a bit antsy since I haven't been there for nearly two years. Whatever the outcome, I still won't be very active for the next week or two.

I’m feeling pretty sick and sore all over, so I’m probably going to curl up with a book or play FFIX in bed. As much as I love my relatives, it can get so loud and crazy!

Take care you dears.

(P.S. I bought a present for a certain friend and I apologize in advance that it will be sent late :'< )


Made It

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Dec 17 2010 · 47 views

No idea on my grades, don't care right now. I'm so relieved I just survived. Terrible semester, I hope I never have to go through that again.

Since three I've been tying to take a nap because I'm so exhausted and hurting all over, but people in my family are so loud, good heavens. Earbuds, which usually do the trick have not been exactly helpful either. Escaped college, yes, escaped life for awhile? I'm still working on that. Been praying nonstop that things will get less stressed here, even just for a bit.

I'm really really really hoping I'll be able to do some art and writing over winter break as well, but I have no idea how things are going to hold. Cross your fingers, maybe a miracle will happen.

Hows everyone doing? Excited about break as much as me?


Spring Semester

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Dec 13 2010 · 41 views

History II
Art History II
Intro To Sociology
Composition I

aaaaaahh I finally can take normal classes and not useless developmental ones. I originally wanted to do another class--like a actual drawing class, but thanks to issues with my advisor and holds, by the time I got things working, most classes were already filled...not much to take at my college. That and I really should not put too much on my plate due to health.

Either way, decent schedule, won't have to rearrange art teaching too much, but we'll see what the future holds. In in the meantime, this is how I'm going to react to it:

I just have three more finals, three papers (or was it four?) to write, and I am free for a month. One does not know how relieved I am, because I am beyond exhausted, I just want to sleep the holiday season away. So, excuse me as I study some more on my Visual Arts final, and maybe a bit of FF9 before bed. I miss drawing and writing ever so much. :'[



Posted by Lady Kopaka , Dec 11 2010 · 83 views
Geeky Stuff
My brother and I are screaming like little girls. New Elder Scrolls Games? Mass Effect 3? Uncharted 3? If only we had news on the next Mirror's Edge...

Either way, I'm going hysterical and I can't wait for some of these, it's just too much awesome to digest. And I can't forget about Portal 2, Guild Wars 2, Dragon Age 2 (so many 2's...); 2011 seems to be a good year for gaming. Not so much for my wallet though. I seriously need to start feeling better and get a job/do more with art commissions...

What games are you guys most looking forward too? Sadness that I'm just picking this off the internet, not watching it on TV.

oh, hi by the way. I'm sorta of out of it because finals are next week and I'm freaking out and being sick on top of it and my life is stressful so things are just a little crazy. just a little.


Nothing Better To Do

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Nov 25 2010 · 66 views
so I'll just show you a pimpin' ancient and a crying TSO.

Happy Thanksgiving and stuff.


Sick On Top Of Being Sick

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Nov 19 2010 · 38 views
I am like, extra extra sick right now. I hope it isn't the flu...I'm surprised how long I escaped the grasp of all those ailments traveling around though (I'm not even sure I have a immune system).

Just Skullkid invited me to go see Harry Potter 7 on Sunday...I can't be sick then! Agh! I don't even remember the last time I hung out with people, much less people my age!

Besides that, life is pretty much Karzahni. Sick on top of sickness, getting bad grades 'cause of it, a lot of personal problems--every little darn thing goes wrong. Whoever said that the Irish were lucky needs a punch in the face. Now yeah, it 'could be worse' or 'hang in there', but man, right now I can barely breathe through my nose and my head feels like it's about to fall off, I have a right to be emo. SO YEAH. Don't mess with grouchy LK.

In the meantime, I'm going to curl up and attempt to do homework...and probably end up playing Guild Wars or something instead.

I also had to quit NaNo. I'm sorry guys. Glitch 2 isn't canceled, but I have no idea when I'll be able to write on it. I'm really sorry to commissioners too; few weeks ago I had started on all the drafting and things were going smoothly...and then it fell apart. I'm trying really hard though to work on them when I can, really.

Hope everyone is doing good here, sorry for not being active.


Thanks, Pixar

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Nov 06 2010 · 57 views
Geeky Stuff
I finally got to see Toy Story 3 tonight. And all I could think of was how happy I felt afterward.

Don't know why I felt so content and good inside...well, I mean, it is Toy Story, but it really connected with me in a way I didn't expect. Maybe it was the moral, the nostalgia, the amazing story and characters...probably all of it. My family was making fun of me for crying during the last bit of it, but I don't care, it was worth it.

Thank you so much Pixar, you made me truly smile and I don't get to do that a lot with everything going on in my life. You also reminded me why I want to do art as a profession; maybe some magic will happen and I'll get to work for you guys in the future.


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