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Lady K's Blog


Yeah So Like...

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 20 2006 · 112 views
Current mood: Happy and in good hopes
Currently doing: Writing and Drawing
Currently listening to: Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack


VBS is almost over! *Dances* And my sister Rebbecca should be here tommorow around nighttime, I am so excited to see her!

My friend Laur came over to my house after church last night. (She had no one close by her to take her home, so she would just spend the night at our house) We stayed up mostly looking up stuff on Pirates I, II, and III, and found some VERY interesting stuff.

For example of we finding Barbossa's first name. Its so funny and totally does not suite him, no wonder everyone just calls him by his last name! But strangly, how bad it is for a pirate, its still a good 'one.

Or we reading part of the draft script for Pirates III.

Sadly of course(Ok it isn't sad), Laur has noticed my begining interest into Barbossa, now she says my fad over General Grievous is over, and Barbossa is my new one.....

I am a fangirl to the weirdest guys. laugh.gif


I also have finally gotten back into my writing faze, just started up on an Indiana Jones and PotC fanfic, and working on a few others that I haven't worked on in forever, and just got an idea for a good original story.

Yay for the glory of writing.

Ok, off to go work on that HUGE project. About to ink!


Obbession For Potc Could Get No Worse....could It?

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 19 2006 · 123 views
Geeky Stuff
Goodness gracious, only two days left for VBS! Its been cool, but very hard work. Today I had to cut/tape, etc for beads tommorow, the roll IS HUGE, and I have to do it all. >< I wil have to finish it tommorow.

Good news, might be getting to go back to see PotC:DMC around next week, as my sister is comming back from Afirca and comming to stay for a week! It'll be nice to see her, I haven't seen Rebbecca in over a year. And since it was recently her birthday, we might go see the movie if she is interested...Or of course I could just take my brother by myself. (Someone would have to drop me off of course)

I bet some of you have noticed I be doing more pirate speak and maybe you have already guessed my favorite character? laugh.gif

I found part of the 3rd movies script, not sure if its officail or the final one, but if true, the 3rd movie is very promising. Just...A little more far fetched than the others.

Well I need to go brush my hair and whatnot, we have to leave for a church thing.


(BTW, does anyone know the last lines said in the movie of the 2nd? I am pretty sure *Cough* said them, but forgot 'em)

PS: Art Project going along good, had a little trouble with some things earlier, but now all seems fair in the seas. I am almost done with the sketch, now I need to ink and color.....Need to figure out what type of medium to color it with though....


Pirates Pirates Pirates!

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 18 2006 · 116 views
Geeky Stuff
Oh dear, VBS has been hard work, and its only day 2! I am currently helping in crafts, which is cool. But I can't do any of course. I have to set and clean up the table about 4 times during the day; it can get very tiring and old.

But hard work pays off, and my doubts are now gone! Today I went to see Pirates II, and goodness help me it was the best sequel EVER! *Squeals* I just love the ending, so glad one of my favorite characters is going to be in the 3rd.
Yes, I like the strange characters over Will. tongue.gif
Though I do hope the 3rd movie tells more about the history of everything.

No, my dad didn't take me as I wished. I got to go with a friend, which was nice....We came back though and I asked my dad if we could go see it again, ‘cept he could come. Though he thinks it’s stupid and a waste of money.

But I really just wanted to go just to be with my dad, I don't get to spend a lot of time with him.

SPOILER for all you die hard Pirates fans: My friend figured that the next movie might invovle Chinese Pirates. Though could be a rumor, I hope it isn't. I love Chinese Pirates.




Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 16 2006 · 90 views
Guess what?

I might get to go to Brickfest after all! bounce1a.gif Due to something going on, someone at my church suggested I should go. And my mom and dad are considering it. The only problem, is how I will get there. My dad might be around VA when doing some meetings and helping moving my sister to Missouri from NC. But who knows? Lets just hope I can....And if its not to late.

So I guess I should read over the Brickfest site and show mom after she wakes up.

So like, I need to go draw, and having a terrible time with Vakama's mask. *Punch'd* So farewell all thee.

*Happily runs off singing some crazy tune*


Lots Of Stuff Goin' On Chaps.

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 12 2006 · 82 views
Hah, I am now ahead in the S&T. smile.gif ET's selfishness has backfired. (Inside joke) Even though I still think he(and Ikki) Did a much better job, but I am overwehlmed that I am ahead....For the time being of course.

Well, I was going to scan my art. But while I was trying to get the scanner to work, dad comes tropping in and telling me that the scanner is unplugged. *Grumbles*

So hold onto that ok?

Onto another note, could you guys wait for your requests? (Not counting TPD and my next dude) I have an AWESOME AWESOME BIG COOL and-can't-tell-you-project. tongue.gif Bwahahah I am excited bout' this. So I will be very busy for the next week.

So....Go finish up some chores, see if Zieg is on, read Eldest, and off to bed with me!


Tied With Et And Ikki!

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 12 2006 · 153 views

Dear me, I look into the poll, and see that I am tied up with Electric Turahk and Ikki! Oh wow this is a close match, and I am very scared of what’s going to happen...Maybe a tie at the end? laugh.gif Good news, my brother is going to vote for me (He gets on here....Like rarely...I need to make him get on more). So yay brother!

I also added another block yesterday. I decided that my blog looked boring and I needed to make it as cool as the wonderful Turakii's. She can get such cool ideas. And I mean, she has a celebrity to talk in hers! I wonder if I could get Kopaka....

Kopaka: ...

Eh, nevermind, that wouldn't be a good idea.

Also onto art, I am very sorry, I bet all of you were expecting at least me to be uploading them the maj/brickshelf. >< And I haven't even scanned.
Reason, my dads been working really hard, so I haven't been able to sneak on and scan long enough. Not only that but these past two weeks have been crazy! I hate being busy, it’s just not my thing.

On Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday I have parties to go to, PARTY ANIMALS!

....We're such deprived home schoolers as the world likes to point out to us. laugh.gif

Well, off to go to school. Yay.


Voting Polls Are Uupppp!

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 11 2006 · 99 views

As I write this my hands are very shaky with excitement. I have already voted in Voya Nui Poll A, and so far I have 1 vote. (No, I didn't vote for myself. tongue.gif)

So I REALLY, REALLY hope I do good, I work awfully hard on that story, so I don't want to desperately win(Even though that would be nice smile.gif) But I just hope I get more votes than what happened in AC11. So if you wish, vote for me! *Pokes*

Well I have a lot of reading to do, and so see you all. And also, good luck to everyone in the contest.

...I hope this doesn't turn into some popularity contest. ><


Curse Thee Movies!

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 09 2006 · 86 views

Wow....I haven't updated in quite awhile....ITS NOT MY FAULT. lookaround.gif

I had an all day two day thing at my church, which didn't give me a chance to get on. And then on Saturday, I got to go spend the night at my friends, and that was exciting. And we were going to see Pirates II after church! _icon_joy_.gif

But, my world can be very unfair...So oh, guess what? It has been 7 months (Yes, 7 MONTHS) since I have been to the theaters, and look, the tickets are sold out.

And that was my only chance to go see a movie; I was going to see it with my friend. And my dad hates PotC (Infect he hates about 80% of movies), so there is no chance for me seeing it.

I am really disappointed....Because I never got to see Cars either, and I was hoping to see a Pixar movie in the theaters.

But I guess I shouldn't complain about this, I mean, they always come out on DVD in a few months, and it cheaper, so I guess I can rent and watch sometime. That will be nice!

And I can't really blame it on my parents either, it’s not my dads fault for not being a movie-fan and working all the time, and my mom is usually sick (Got an illness).

So sorry I had that rant/complaint, I just needed to get that out of my system…For a long time.


$50 Dollors And Wet Shoes.

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 05 2006 · 118 views

Stardate 7.5.06

Aye yah! I was going to update this mornin’ and forgot to.

Lately I have been having trouble sleeping. When I go to bed (Around 10'sh), I fall asleep just fine. But during the night around 12-4, I wake up and CANNOT fall asleep again, it’s very stressing. So what I have been doing is when that happens, I will have to go into the living room and when I try to fall asleep on the couch...I do. Heh, my bed must be getting uncomfy, I can feel the springs and it’s really flat....How old IS that mattress?

Well, onto a lighter note, remember that HUGE project I was working on for my dad? I had to download and stuff to over 860 files (Which BTW took up 6GB on my computer). That’s been mainly dragging me around and also why you haven't seen me post any new art updates, because I have been focusing on that.
Well guess what? I FINALLY finished it, and got 50 wonderful dollars! I am much closer to saving up for my Electric Guitar....Not sure how I will afford GW: Factions or any new Bionicle’s, but I will somehow....Anyway; I only get one Bionicle every few months.

I got to go visit my friend that I only get to see about once or twice a year. (They live in FL) So it was nice to see him, though we mostly played around on Guild Wars and some other video games, watched a Mr. Bean movie, and by then we had to leave for Wednesday night church. Good thing is that we got to eat tacos, yum.

At church, I usually go to a bible study with most of the other girls in our church, but my friend, as a boy wanted to go to the Youth Group and do the big water gun fight and stuff, so I go to the Youth Group that I totally despise(To tired to explain the mess). It was fun, but I really didn't have much fun, and worst of all my favorite shoes got all wet and muddy.

I am at home, and really tired, so good night all.

Stardate out.


Happy 4th!

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 04 2006 · 89 views

Happy 4th of July everyone! May America be blessed by God in years to come.

Right now neighbors have BAGS of fireworks, and its driving me crazy. Sure a few is cool, but I mean, there not even half done and it’s really loud and annoying.
Though I wish we could have gotten fireworks, but dad says there a waste and mom said we couldn't afford 'em, so maybe next year! happy.gif

I think now, my story is now completely edited and ready for the upcommin polls....I hope. I guess during that time, I should start reading all the stories I haven't read.

I guess I am getting to lazy to update my art now. Don't worry, I will....And I really need to do something about that website. plain.gif


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