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Lady K's Blog


Tied With Et And Ikki!

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 12 2006 · 270 views

Dear me, I look into the poll, and see that I am tied up with Electric Turahk and Ikki! Oh wow this is a close match, and I am very scared of what’s going to happen...Maybe a tie at the end? laugh.gif Good news, my brother is going to vote for me (He gets on here....Like rarely...I need to make him get on more). So yay brother!

I also added another block yesterday. I decided that my blog looked boring and I needed to make it as cool as the wonderful Turakii's. She can get such cool ideas. And I mean, she has a celebrity to talk in hers! I wonder if I could get Kopaka....

Kopaka: ...

Eh, nevermind, that wouldn't be a good idea.

Also onto art, I am very sorry, I bet all of you were expecting at least me to be uploading them the maj/brickshelf. >< And I haven't even scanned.
Reason, my dads been working really hard, so I haven't been able to sneak on and scan long enough. Not only that but these past two weeks have been crazy! I hate being busy, it’s just not my thing.

On Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday I have parties to go to, PARTY ANIMALS!

....We're such deprived home schoolers as the world likes to point out to us. laugh.gif

Well, off to go to school. Yay.


Voting Polls Are Uupppp!

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 11 2006 · 190 views

As I write this my hands are very shaky with excitement. I have already voted in Voya Nui Poll A, and so far I have 1 vote. (No, I didn't vote for myself. tongue.gif)

So I REALLY, REALLY hope I do good, I work awfully hard on that story, so I don't want to desperately win(Even though that would be nice smile.gif) But I just hope I get more votes than what happened in AC11. So if you wish, vote for me! *Pokes*

Well I have a lot of reading to do, and so see you all. And also, good luck to everyone in the contest.

...I hope this doesn't turn into some popularity contest. ><


Curse Thee Movies!

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 09 2006 · 185 views

Wow....I haven't updated in quite awhile....ITS NOT MY FAULT. lookaround.gif

I had an all day two day thing at my church, which didn't give me a chance to get on. And then on Saturday, I got to go spend the night at my friends, and that was exciting. And we were going to see Pirates II after church! _icon_joy_.gif

But, my world can be very unfair...So oh, guess what? It has been 7 months (Yes, 7 MONTHS) since I have been to the theaters, and look, the tickets are sold out.

And that was my only chance to go see a movie; I was going to see it with my friend. And my dad hates PotC (Infect he hates about 80% of movies), so there is no chance for me seeing it.

I am really disappointed....Because I never got to see Cars either, and I was hoping to see a Pixar movie in the theaters.

But I guess I shouldn't complain about this, I mean, they always come out on DVD in a few months, and it cheaper, so I guess I can rent and watch sometime. That will be nice!

And I can't really blame it on my parents either, it’s not my dads fault for not being a movie-fan and working all the time, and my mom is usually sick (Got an illness).

So sorry I had that rant/complaint, I just needed to get that out of my system…For a long time.


$50 Dollors And Wet Shoes.

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 05 2006 · 199 views

Stardate 7.5.06

Aye yah! I was going to update this mornin’ and forgot to.

Lately I have been having trouble sleeping. When I go to bed (Around 10'sh), I fall asleep just fine. But during the night around 12-4, I wake up and CANNOT fall asleep again, it’s very stressing. So what I have been doing is when that happens, I will have to go into the living room and when I try to fall asleep on the couch...I do. Heh, my bed must be getting uncomfy, I can feel the springs and it’s really flat....How old IS that mattress?

Well, onto a lighter note, remember that HUGE project I was working on for my dad? I had to download and stuff to over 860 files (Which BTW took up 6GB on my computer). That’s been mainly dragging me around and also why you haven't seen me post any new art updates, because I have been focusing on that.
Well guess what? I FINALLY finished it, and got 50 wonderful dollars! I am much closer to saving up for my Electric Guitar....Not sure how I will afford GW: Factions or any new Bionicle’s, but I will somehow....Anyway; I only get one Bionicle every few months.

I got to go visit my friend that I only get to see about once or twice a year. (They live in FL) So it was nice to see him, though we mostly played around on Guild Wars and some other video games, watched a Mr. Bean movie, and by then we had to leave for Wednesday night church. Good thing is that we got to eat tacos, yum.

At church, I usually go to a bible study with most of the other girls in our church, but my friend, as a boy wanted to go to the Youth Group and do the big water gun fight and stuff, so I go to the Youth Group that I totally despise(To tired to explain the mess). It was fun, but I really didn't have much fun, and worst of all my favorite shoes got all wet and muddy.

I am at home, and really tired, so good night all.

Stardate out.


Happy 4th!

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 04 2006 · 195 views

Happy 4th of July everyone! May America be blessed by God in years to come.

Right now neighbors have BAGS of fireworks, and its driving me crazy. Sure a few is cool, but I mean, there not even half done and it’s really loud and annoying.
Though I wish we could have gotten fireworks, but dad says there a waste and mom said we couldn't afford 'em, so maybe next year! happy.gif

I think now, my story is now completely edited and ready for the upcommin polls....I hope. I guess during that time, I should start reading all the stories I haven't read.

I guess I am getting to lazy to update my art now. Don't worry, I will....And I really need to do something about that website. plain.gif


Why Am I Lazy?

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 03 2006 · 193 views

A: I have no idea, but I need to update this blog more often. drooling.gif

Onto other such things....Yesterday was Sunday right? Well nothing much happened besides church, I helped with Powerpoint again, but it was a stressing day, I kept on messing up, and I spilt grape juice up stairs. >< Well it didn't get on my skirt...Thats a good thing....Right?

I finally edited my story without ANYONES help. Well I would have loved help, but everyone I asked was to busy to review my story. Thankfully bngi judged my story and pointed out alot of things I missed, so hopefully I don't have to go through and edit again, and I will get the seal of approval.
But remember to vote for me. tongue.gif Ok you don't have to, but I think...just might have a better chance than in the Art Contest....Oh I hope I do well!

I am almost done with TPD request, sorry it took awhile, just never got around to finishing it. I have inked it, and now onto coloring, which should be easier since most of its white/gray/blue and such.

So yeah...


Over 100 Songs...thats Alot.

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jul 01 2006 · 222 views

I now officially have all the SoT, WW, and TTT music. Huzzah! *puts them all on the MP3 player* I need to count 'em, but I am almost certain there are over a hundred. HAH! In your face Takatu! tongue.gif

I can't decide which soundtrack is my favorite, SoT has more of the beautiful Persian music, WW is good hard rock along with that dark feel, but TTT is fast pase and almost a remix of the Persia music…in fact its more middle eastern than Persia sounding, though it’s a little more 'climatic' if you get my meaning.
ACK, it’s all so good!

Ok enough of that, my story survived, but I am going through some major editing, I forgot how bad I am with spelling/grammar.
But I believe I have it ready. Though I will probably give it to a few of my friends first to see what they think or if I missed some grammar and spelling deals. Then I repost it, and hopefully it’s all good.

Last night I went to a part with all my friends, we stayed at there house for awhile, talking, fooling around and whatnot, then went swimming, which was fun, but the water was so hot. I prefer ice cold thank you.
Then we went to a concert, that one of my friends sister is in. No not a band, it was a choir, and let me say, for a girl that really dislikes them, it was amazing, they all had great voices, and one guy was hilarious up stage, he kept on making the weirdest expressions. My friends and I will be talking about that for a long time.

Well, I have work to do for my dad, and I want to finish up some art, but on that topic for a moment....

Ok, I have more than enough pictures to scan and show, me likes a lot. But I still haven't gotten around to finishing TPD's request. Errr....Sorry?

Remember Nikira did a request for Takatu? The big tall red and black dude? Well I am doing his weapon now, hopefully, Takatu will like the choices. smile.gif


What A Mess!

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jun 29 2006 · 198 views

Ok well I posted my story and guess what happened?

After posting, I noticed something strange, so I looked around and I....WENT PAST 4000 words! I completely freaked.

I decided to go bike riding with my family during that time, trying to think of a way around it....Sadly nothing helped, but this did clear my mind.

I get home, and once again check the word count....Oh and look? I was reading Characters this time. tongue.gif At first I had originally done as it said, by word, then I misunderstood and read by characters, then I checked again and I was right at first. So eh-heh....Silly me. shrugs.gif

But thats not all, I forgot about the NO EDITING deal, and I edited to put up that red bolded thing saying about me going over 4000. So then I get freaked again. But thankfully, Swert helped me clear up the mess. THANK GOODNESS. *Hugs him*

So yes....Lets hope I don't get into that trouble again. laugh.gif


So Much To Say....

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jun 29 2006 · 211 views

Ehhh, I really didn't say much yesterday huh? I kind of was busy.

*To everyone* Thank you guys. I think I might just show it on CoT or something, but later I might just delete the picture.

Well anyway, yesterday was sure one busy day of my life. I had to get up early and leave to the orthodontist.(Could never spell that word right...) I'm doing well with my braces, its just my gums are swollen and there kind of going over my braces, which isn't good, so I really need to start scrubbing those gums hard, even though it hurts.
Then we left for Hobby Lobby. _icon_joy_.gif I was pretty glad, I got two notebooks this time, one of 'em were small though, which I will use for drafts, doodles and whatnot, and my bigger one for final things. But I also got another eraser, mechanical pencil, and another ink pen, so now I am pretty good in art, I wish I could afford to get some art markers, but that'll have to wait. But it was nice to be just with mom.
Left to Sams then, we shopped around, got the stuff we needed, and I stared at the Electric Guitar I want so very much, hopefully I will be able to buy it.
Well when were checking out, for some reason the lady was having trouble with moms check, oh gosh that was an awful mess. We figured out that one check we did while on the trip messed up, so they were not accepting this one.
We waited there for them to figure to mess out, and I was already starving, see I didn't eat any breakfast at all, so I was ready to go home and eat something. Least mom got me a coke, but coke isn't always the best thing with an empty stomach.
STILL waiting, and we see some of our friends from church...Well there two older men, but ones my Sunday school teacher and the other....Well he just goes there. tongue.gif
Well my Sunday school teacher was getting a new couch, and the other guy was just helping him. So there waiting to. So the other guy go gets two slices of pizza, and as you know, those things are HUGE.
He offered me some, but at first I refused(Mom also), but after he asked again, I couldn't help it, what could a starving little girl do? So I am very gracious of that.
So around then, the lady comes back with our check, and the people come with the couch, so they leave, and I am waiting for mom. THEN she comes back and says we have to go to the bank and get cash to be able to pay for our groceries. SO we do that, come back, get our stuff and FINALLY start for home.

By then I am able to play a little bit with my art stuff, but not for long, as I had to watch a little girl for awhile. (Totally cute) Then after that, we leave for church. (Wednesday night deal) I finally get to see one of my best friends, it’s been over a month since we have seen each other, she's been in China, and I was on that terribly long trip.
Since she missed my birthday, she got me a bday present there, which to no surprise at all....is a hat. She knew that I liked collecting (and wearing 'em) hats, its really cool, because it looks like Zorro's hat. I now need to make a mask or something like his. Then I'd be ZORRO! Well of course....with freckles.

That’s about it.

And I don't think we'll be going to the theaters ANY time soon, mom talked to me about the recent financial problem, and there’s really no way we can go see Cars. Which is OK, I am disappointed, but it happens all the time, but I'd be glad to see it when it comes out. So I hope dad will be able to make some money, not just for that, but for what we need. Like bills and stuff.
Oh I hope I get to see PotC though....

Well I think I have talked to much gibberish. tongue.gif I really should be typing on my story entry.


My Pop Obbsession....*sigh*

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jun 26 2006 · 200 views

*Comment time*

Nikira, oops, my mistake. Not 4 notebooks, 3, I have only gone threw 3 during this year. And also don't worry, I usually never use printing paper...Now unless I am just doodling.

Takatu, Demon Hunter is a great band, its good metal, but not the annoying kind that all they do is scream. I'd suggest looking them up.
O_o we're going threw some weird PoP faze together.

Zieg, thanks, I am going to miss you a lot on the trip, no one to mic now. ;_;


OKies, now I am very happy now, I am currently listening to the new Prince of Persia my Sands of Time music, I have all the songs from it, bwahaha. Now I must find Warrior Within and The Two Thrones.
The music is so good, I have always loved that Middle Eastern style, and then of course the hard electric guitars in some are amazing.

MUST...BUY..Two Thrones....

Though I do admit it isn't the best, I really favor Warrior Within, it has the best plot, and the prince looks cooler in it. Though SoT is great...Still unsure about TTT though.

In fact I was just playing SoT, haven't played that one in awhile, forgot how fun it is, but I have beat it to many times...

IPB Image


Ok I am boring you mmhh?

Well, I worked again for dad today, mom asked if I wanted to go swimming with the rest of the family, but I said I needed to finish my work. (To some extent) But just 30 minutes after they left, I had trouble with the site I was going to. (It went down or something...) So now I wish I could have gone swimming.

One of dad’s clients is over, nice guy really and friendly, we ate dinner with him, but it’s weird....

WOW long post....

*Skips off to play WW*


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