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Lady K's Blog


So Much Exciting Stuff Happening!

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jun 23 2006 · 49 views

Wow, lots of big projects I have going. Working on a webcomic for another forum, doing some work with my dad (Getting paid $50! _icon_joy_.gif ) And now that S&T contest! I am over joyed and extremely happy. I think I have the guts to write something, but not totally sure which one...Guys, which one do you think I'd be best with? I cannot decide.

Well it was fun talking to Zieg with the mic yesterday. It was kind of funny because when we first started we were all..."Uuhhh...Hi....Mmhhh."
But of course we got over it, (Or I did) And I was worried if I was talking to much Zieg?

But seriously, he said he could hear me just fine (Cept when I moved away from it sometimes). But my mic wasen't working on TotA. blink.gif Grrr.....*Twaks mic*

Well I need to continue working on that project for dad, and think of a good idea for the contest, so farewell!


Update! =d

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jun 22 2006 · 52 views

Pretty stars.....

*Clears throat* ANYWAY. To my updated art.... tongue.gif

To the cross picture, THAT was what I was going to do for the contest, but I never had time to finish it. >< I really like how it ended up though. But I am sorry Phy, I really didn't have a clue how you really looked besides that little sprite dude, so don't burn me ok?

TPD, sorry he said to make a dragon with no back feet, but I HAD to add back feet, seriously he looked bad with no back feet, I played with about three pages of drafts, and I couldn't get it good, so I added back feet. Don't bite me.

Zieg, Don't worry, all those sloppy and extra lines will be gone. Also, this will be my first CG'd request. _icon_joy_.gif

The infected picture....This what happens when you play to much PoP and gets into Bionicles. tongue.gif

I also have one other picture, remember my dude in the AC11? Well I updated him, and he's so cool. *glomps*

...I gave him an Indiana hat. laugh.gif



Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jun 22 2006 · 46 views

Ok well, hehe, I didn't update yesterday did I mmhh? Sorry bout' that. SOMEONE was keeping me distracted on AIM. *Stares at Zieg* tongue.gif

Ok well fine, I still have one picture I haven't scanned yet, but it'll have to wait. When I update, prepare to hear excuses on what happened on these ruined pictures.

*Goes off to update*

Also looking over, I haven't updated my site! Seriously I need to do something about that...Like, give it a makeover or whatever....

Ok ok I am leaving now!


I'm Back!

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jun 20 2006 · 62 views

Well I am back. tongue.gif Tired but alive and such. We traveled almost 3000 miles, and I am still counting up the hours. biggrin.gif And my dad had over 150 emails. =3 Scary.

Anyway, I have a whole bunch of art to scan and show, a few that I need to finish, but I think I have about 4 or 5 ready for scanning, not totally sure. The other few really are done, they just need some last minute check ups and some things I needed a picture for, but didn't have during the trip.

But I will scan and do that stuff tommorow, I still need to check email, and play Guild Wars. (tongue.gif) But really I am just to tired to play with my stupid scanner.

So farewell!


;_; ....need I Say More?

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jun 18 2006 · 55 views

*Comment time*

Yes, I named my computer Lucas...And I need to name my MP3 player to...Mmhh...

I'm a sad little girl, my entry is doing terrible. Only 6 votes....But hey, I can't blame them, it wasn't the best entry, and I had to get stuck with LZ0Z and those two other guys that I forgot there names. tongue.gif

Looking Nikira has over 90 votes, I have a feeeling she'll win for sure, all those hard years of art and twice she didn't make it, so she deserves it. smile.gif

Well, right now I am in one of those moods when your just down in the dumps and even though everyone claims that you did a good job on things, you still hit your head against the wall. *Sigh* I guess I am just being a spoiled sport, so I guess I need to stop complaining....

Well, a peice of a chocolate cake calls my name, that should make me feel better. And I need to get it before some of the family comes back from church. (My sister, grandma and I didn't go, to prepare for lunch)

So see ya.

Atleast 7 pictures almost completed and ready to scan! Thats quite a lot, and a few I am very proud with. smile.gif I still need to work on my coloring though....

Also, when I get home, I will take a picture of my Titanic picture and a few other paintings I have done and show 'em here possibly. wink.gif


So Close To Home, So Far Away....

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jun 17 2006 · 52 views

*Comment time*

TO EVERYONE: Goodness gracious you all misunderstood me. tongue.gif Those 7 states are not the only one I have been to. Oh well, I never explained well...

I have been to Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Texas, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana(I think…) Alabama, And I know there is more, my brain is just not working. >< I guess I haven’t been to much places though, specially up north, I have stayed(and lived) as far south as you can go.….BUT, I have been to Britain, Germany, around part of the middle east, and lived in Kurgistan for awhile. Yay for out of USA. tongue.gif But I have been to most of those states I stated several times. Even lived in some.

Anyway I am at my grandparents, love it here, I could live here really, but I have church and friends down where I live, but I’d move to TN or NC in a second. biggrin.gif

Well yesterday we left NC and decided we go all the way to Savanna, Tennessee. Which was crazy as it would be around 12 hours. But guess what? We did it.

Even crazier, we left at 6:30 PM. And besides for dinner and rest stops once and awhile, we went all the way to TN and didn’t go to any hotel. Which was kind of cool, but I HATE sleeping in vehicles.
So we get there at 7AM and after we unpack, EVERYONE goes straight to sleep, and I slept till 12. 5 hours ack! My sleeping is now messed up.

In about 2 days or less we leave to home, which will take 8-9 hours. Which isn’t bad. So I will be so glad to get home and to see Lucas! *hugs him*

….Oh I keep on forgetting, Lucas is my computer. tongue.gif My friends is called George, but that go into a terrible joke.


Wow, I'm Not....dead?

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jun 14 2006 · 72 views

Yeah well I bet everyone wondered where I went as I left kind of sudden without much of a good goodbye.

After finishing my entry, my parents were already kind of mad at me, so I couldn't really do anything 'bout that. I even forgot to say ANYTHING at all to one of my forums I go to, everyone thought I left there. >>

Anyway, guess I should explain what’s going on, I left where I live and traveled threw Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and NOW, North Carolina! I believe I have now traveled all over the southern part of America. tongue.gif Well I am kind of glad my parents are the big traveling type, specially my dad.

The main reason of the trip was because ma' dad has quite a few business meetings. And now in NC, we are at the last one. (FINALLY!) But then we're going to see our sister, then going threw Virginia, and then to stay at my Grandparents in Tennessee.

So....we're going threw...*counts* 7 states! Goodness gracious we're going to be very bankrupt when we get home. ^^

Art is going well, still really mad at my entry, I would have been better off not doing anyone at all. But anyway, when I get home, yall be getting lots of more art. biggrin.gif

I was going to say something else, but I forgot...So bye, as I need to get dressed and start packing, we're going to check out soon. And mom and the others slept late.

EDIT: Darn my terrible spelling.


Art Contest Agagghhh! ><

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jun 03 2006 · 57 views

Ok, I have less than 10 hours to finish my entry for the contest, since I am leaving on the trip on Sunday instead of Monday.

AGGGHH FREAKING OUT! *runs around mad* WHAT TO DO?!


Mp3 Players....own.

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jun 02 2006 · 55 views

Oh my freaking gwrosh! My dads present finally came in the mail today, and guess what it is?

A MP3 PLAYER! Its so tiny, and very light. But its amazing that it can hold up to 1GB. ^^ So far I have a lot of songs, I am still learning how to do it, so I forgot the exact, but its a lot. Now I am going to see if I can put some of my stories(and my friends, that I been meaning to read) on it, so on the trip, I think I will be able to read it.

Its very awesome, and so thankfull that my dad got it, he's the best!

WELL, except when he got mad and figured out I wasted my birthday money on Guild Wars, I felt guilty, but I probably wont spend 50 bucks on a game again. (Stupidest thing I have ever done) Next time I will look around for a cheaper price before buying it. ><

My stomach still hurts, and I guess I will go scan my art. So farewell.

EDIT: Discovered I have 375 songs, and I am still missing some.


Yays For Big Birthday Cakes!

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Jun 01 2006 · 51 views

*Its time for comment time with LK!*

Takuta, OMIGOSH, that is an awesome cake! But my cake is cooler. (XD) Infact. I will show the pictures of it somtimes guys, its the biggest cake EVA!

Delta-32, I didn't get much. smile.gif My sister bought me a Bionicle(Vezok), a cheap hat(for a joke), and then I got around 30 dollors in all of birthday money from various people. And thats it.


I layed around mostly yesterday, went to church, food was very good there, but my stomach has been hurting since monday morning, so I didn't eat much.

Went to wallmart and got...GUILD WARS! FINALLY ALL THESE LONG YEARS! (Ok only about a year tongue.gif) Its a great game, the graphics are top notch, music is very nice, characters, enemies and stuff are cool, and weapons and powers rule. Similar to Runescape I guess, but not as crowded, less annoying Noobs and leet speakers and so on.
The only two downsides are that I had to spend 50 bucks on the game, which was a little annoying, but understandble, as you don't have to do any monthly fees, just buy the game and thats it. And then my character could put on some more clothes(I didn't have a choice in what she should wear), But I think I can change them whenever I can get some. smile.gif And I would advise you guys to buy it, its really good.
Anyone else play it?

Well I need to finish school, and then I want to play GW. Sorry I haven't been on much, or replying to PM's. I am just going threw that faze where I don't get on a lot for a few days, but I have read all the PM's, and I will reply to them later.

Aranos needs to be scanned, and started on Zieg. I need to contact The Great Protodermis Sea Dragon about his picture, and I have some Toa to scan. SO YEAH...


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