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He Gives Orders. I Stab People.


False Alarm

Posted by LewaLew , in BZPower Dec 13 2012 · 1,297 views

For some reason, ever since Xaeraz posted his Epic Rap arguing against Epic Rap Battles in the last entry, my blog's little 'new comment' icon next to it on the blog list is always on, and I can't figure out why. If it persists, or I can't find a reason for it, I'll probably add a ticket about it to the Tracker.
EDIT: Well, now I've posted an entry and a comment and I still can't figure out what's the matter. Do you know how annoying it is not to know if somebody has commented on your blog without having to click on it? IT'S AGONY.



Posted by LewaLew , in BZPower Dec 13 2012 · 741 views

What? There's only one of these for a century too.



Posted by LewaLew , in BZPower Nov 18 2012 · 546 views

FINISHYOUR PIXAR LIST ALREADY--A Public Service Announcement from LewaLew


Faster than a speeding bullet

Posted by LewaLew , in BZPower Nov 14 2012 · 291 views

Posted Image


As an RK, we were supposed to have a Pakari or a Kaukau or something, but nobody ever got around to making one.


New Rank Image

Posted by LewaLew , in BZPower Oct 25 2012 · 279 views

Posted Image

Since I'm Senior Staff now, I don't actually get a new rank, but I still get the flashy picture with Tahnok-Kal added.



Posted by LewaLew , in BZPower Oct 20 2012 · 239 views


I decided to take a stab at poetry without it being a school assignment. I think it turned out rather well.


Leiningen vs. The Ants

Posted by LewaLew , in BZPower Oct 12 2012 · 259 views

Vote Now!



Posted by LewaLew , in BZPower Oct 10 2012 · 1,092 views

For nine years, LEGO put out the BIONICLE theme. For most of those years, BZPower (or BZCommunity and KanohiPower) was there discussing, speculating, reviewing, and all-in-all enjoying this mix of toys and story that made up BIONICLE. We had fun. We had positive outlooks, and positive looks back. And for those of you who don't remember, we had a lot of negativity also. Remember the complaints about silver? Inika builds? Cheesy films? We've offered both praise and criticism for BIONICLE long before Hero Factory was a mere idea in some LEGO executive somewhere.

And criticism is not a bad thing. Many of us are looking back, noticing things about the line that we never noticed before. We have new perspective, and with that perspective, we are reexamining BIONICLE. GregF was awesome, back in the day, but we're older now. We've read more books, invested in more stories, and we now find that, as a book author, Mr. Farshtey was not the great literary giant we once saw him as. We see him as a talented author, whose books were entertaining, but not exactly as incredible as some of the authors we have read as we moved on past books with 200 pages or less and with easy-to-read text.

We also look back on BIONICLE's story, and now that we have expanded our view of entertainment, it is no longer the grand epic we thought once we have read true epics, and engaged in other mythologies. BIONICLE was great for what it was, but it is still a kid's toy line.

We follow Hero Factory and Ninjago now, because those are what are being made now, and when they're complete as BIONICLE is, we will move on to whatever is next. It's not negativity, it is a healthful contentedness, while we also look back favorably and sometimes with a more critical eye towards what our past has been.

But we don't need to coddle BIONICLE and cling to hope of its return to be happy, or to be positive. If it returns, I will give the shouts of victory with all the rest, but just as I enjoy and discuss BIONICLE today, two years after it gave up the ghost, I will enjoy and discuss the new guard of LEGO themes. I also will talk about BIONICLE in ways that examine its weak points. "How could this have been done better? Was this really as impressive as it seemed, or was it simply the novelty? Does this make sense?" One does not need to coddle BIONICLE to be positive. In fact, this discussion of BIONICLE's strong and weak suits are inherently positive, because even though we are looking at it with minds that have absorbed things that may be more impressive, we are still talking about it.

As people who have seen things come and go, and as folks who have had things they love give their swan song, we understand that BIONICLE is very likely gone, but that does not mean we wouldn't like it back. And we understand from the past that LEGO rarely brings back themes without radically changing them, which, in many cases, alienates those who followed the theme before. (See Alpha Team: Mission "Deep Freeze", so-called)

It is in fact, another very positive thing when we look forward to what the LEGO Company has in mind. They gave us BIONICLE, so why do so many, in the name of that very theme, often bear a negative attitude towards anything the company puts out, if it doesn't have the name "BIONICLE" on it.

Discussion is positive. Rejecting the present and future in nostalgia for the past is negative.

Source: Rumours Abound


BZP Bucket List

Posted by LewaLew , in Baseball, BZPower Sep 29 2012 · 452 views

I don't know if I've mentioned it before or not, but come college, I will be leaving BZPower. However, I still have a few things I want to do before that time comes, and I think I will do better if I have some sort of list.

1) Finish A Tale of Two Paths
2) Win an RPG contest sometime next summer.
3) Re-read all of GaliGee's stories--finish on the final day of my time here.
3) Do some actual BaseBlogging next baseball season and this postseason.
4) Be a better reporter than I was a Reference Keeper.
5) Write a Short Story on any subject, and post in the Library. Cannot be a contest entry.
6) Write an Editorial in tme to post it on the last Wednesday before college, detailing what I feel concerning my time on BZPower, to place in either the BaseBlog, or send to the front page. Whichever is most appropriate.
7) Make a helpful contribution to BS01 in the last week, no matter how small.
8) Visit the KanohiJournal website one last time.
9) Finish the BaseBlog off with a postseason preview.
10) Make my final post in one of GaliGee's story topics, just as my first one was, if I remember correctly.

Many of these are more of something I want my last week to be like, but they're no less important than the others. I'll probably put these in the sidebar as a more efficient reminder.



Posted by LewaLew , in BZPower Sep 25 2012 · 468 views

Originally, I was this guy.

I didn't even know the account still existed. I don't remember the password or the e-mail I used to make it, either. The login name might not be the same as the display name, for all I know. I only used it for eleven days, apparently.

All I know is I used to be that guy. I should probably get B6 to delete it one of these days, but for seven years it's gotten along fine without being messed with.

EDIT: I just looked at my old posts in the archive. Ow. It hurts. Don't go there. It's too embarrassing for words.

EDIT 2: Got me looking at my old posts on this account. Hurts just slightly less.

EDIT 3: Went ahead and reported it. Now that the account is Banned, I guess I'm not allowed to keep discussing me. :P So I removed the link and name and so now I'm back to being the only me there is.

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