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PIXAR Movies

Posted by LewaLew , Nov 17 2012 · 381 views

Since somebody can't seem to find time to finish their PIXAR movies rankings, here's mine, because I just watched Brave. I'm not going to give reasons though, because I don't want to right now.

Great Movies
1) The Incredibles
2) Up
3) Toy Story 3
4) Ratatouille
5) Monsters, Inc.
6) Toy Story
7) Toy Story 2
8) Cars
9) Finding Nemo
10) WALL-E

(There really should be five or six empty spots in between to show you that movies like WALL-E and Finding Nemo aren't bad IMO, just not as good as the rest.)
Average Movies
11) A Bug's Life
12) Cars 2 (Not as good a movie as Brave, but I enjoyed it more anyway)
13) Brave

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Jean Valjean
Nov 17 2012 11:45 PM
:kaukau: Kraggh puts on his sad face, because he loved Brave and would have ranked it at #3 behind the collective awesomness of the Toy Story trilogy and Finding Nemo.

But hey, opinions. I just hope that people realize that Brave was still an awesome movie and continue's Pixar's legacy of being multiple leagues ahead of any other animation studio. Meanwhile, maybe sometime after December I'll make my own hierarchy (in fact, I probably will) and explain my reasons. Meanwhile, I really hope that this certain someone gets his act together and puts together the rest of that list.


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I'll never understand why people rate WALL-E so low. I loved that movie.
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I'll never understand why people rate WALL-E so low. I loved that movie.

Are you kidding? WALL-E is very consistently rated highly in most rankings. But I disagree. WALL-E's second half transformed it from being about WALL-E and EVE to being about some environmental theme. And the morbidly fat people were offputting. If it had lightened up more on the "Go Green or Turn Earth into a trash dump and be fat and lazy for 800 years" message, I might have liked it more. One of its greatest strengths was the ability to convey a message without dialogue. It's when dialogue did come into play that WALL-E tapered off.

And as for Brave, they kinda lost me when the queen turned into the bear. Plus, the evolution of Elinor and Merida's relationship didn't connect, and although one of the characters was busy being a bear, PIXAR has no excuse, because they did WALL-E with almost no dialogue through the best part of the film. In addition, the baudy humor that was included in Brave was disappointing. I expect that from other companies, but PIXAR shouldn't need to include stuff like that to be funny. The worst they'd done before was a joke by Mater in Cars and that joke about the boat in Finding Nemo.
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Heh, I guess you didn't like Brave. :P

But glad to see the Incredibles at the top of the list. That's one of my favorite Pixar movies, and yet it doesn't often get ranked highly in these types of lists.

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I liked WALL-E. The environmental message might have been a little overemphasized, but that's really the only downside. I found the morbidly obese folks to be pretty funny due to their antics. While it did contain a message, I didn't dislike it due to that.

But hey, that's just me.
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Nov 18 2012 10:44 AM

Paleo, on , said:

I'll never understand why people rate WALL-E so low. I loved that movie.

Are you kidding? WALL-E is very consistently rated highly in most rankings. But I disagree. WALL-E's second half transformed it from being about WALL-E and EVE to being about some environmental theme.

I don't agree at all. Seems to me like the main theme of the second half was about returning home, even if that place isn't the sparkling jewel you remember. The plant they were trying to save was really only there to progress the relationship between WALL-E and EVE. By the end of the movie, both robots could have cared less about the environment. They just wanted each other. Was there some environmental pandering in there? Sure, but I don't buy that it was the forefront of the story.

But, like Kraagh said, opinions.
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Wall-E is actually my favorite Pixar movie, just because I find every part of it incredibly appealing. That actually surprises me because Wall-E is the one Pixar movie I expected not to like from the previews, the robot romance and environmentalism put me off. The actual turn out is one that makes me personally happy in every way, and has turned Wall-E into the most enjoyable and rewatchable Pixar movie for myself. IMO, the only one that comes close is Toy Story 3 and that's because of the huge nostalgia assault.

I haven't seen Brave yet and can only hope it's not as bad as the popular analysis. Considering my huge appreciation for the relatively unpopular Wall-E, I can only hope that Brave is a movie that doesn't work for everybody but appeals to me.
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