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Posted by LewaLew , in BZPower Dec 13 2012 · 2,160 views

Pardon me. That's what happens when I try to do this, but it's fun, and it gets more folks here than what I usually have in this blog, therefore, this will be THE OFFICIAL EPIC RAP BATTLES OF BZP! ENTRY!
The goal is to rap away for one of two battling characters. When one person comments for one character, the next person will comment for the other. It will alternate until the next battle, unless this bombs. So, first:
Posted Image

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Kopaka is so awkward, he lacks in the swag, his outfit is so weird, he'd look better in drag…


(I know it's terrible please don't kill me)


Well, considering the goofy sunglasses I added to him, he is kinda behind in the swag department.


Of course, Tahu hasn't got much going for him either. :P ~LL

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Now listen here Tahu, just you turn that temper down, I'm gonna take out we're gonna do this downtown style, for a while, with these lyrics so vile they'll make you wanna throw up, make you wish that you could grow up, blow up Ko-Wahi and win, but I'm telling you to throw the towel in, because I've got the rhymes so bad they're soaking in sin.

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Yeah you'll soak all right when I melt your ice. I do it so fast ya won't even get ta blink twice. My fire's so wild and your rhymes so tame. When are you gonna use those four eyes of yours to see that ice is lame?
    • 0
Havelock Vetinari
Dec 13 2012 11:24 PM

Fires just gonna make your situation dire. Tahu ya yahoo, your flames are so lame even tohunga know they can do better then ya. A drizzle could make ya fizzle.

    • 0
Dec 14 2012 03:46 AM

Excuse me, Frosty, are you dissing the fire? Are you ragging on the red, is that what you plan to inspire?


My flows are more liquid than the whole of Ga-Wahi,

I think you'd best check yourself before you try to spite me!

Your glacier goggles, toggled like a real nerdy four-eyes,

You'd best be skating far away before I make you realise,

Ice and fire, bro, you know there really is no competition!

Fire's hot, melts your snow, now who's really out for a dissin'?

    • 0
Ballom Nom Nom
Dec 14 2012 12:15 PM

This entry has scarred me. ;_;



Just wait until I start having the Piraka go at it. :evilgrin: YO YO PIRAKA ~LL

    • 0
Dec 14 2012 01:30 PM

Well, Tahu, you're not so hot when you're frozen
The only thing that you do in my town is winter dozin'
Are you still feeling groggy from your long hibernation?
Don't you realize that you're playing with fire in MY nation?

Ice doesn't burn, ice only melts and freezes again
I'd like to see you try to light Mount Ihu like a frying pan
Stop spouting hot air 'cause it's only gonna freeze
The thaw's months from now so don't pray for a summer breeze

Well it's sorta outta order (or 'ordah', I guess. :P) but it'll work. ~LL

(I figured Ballom's comment didn't count because it wasn't a rap. My bad. :P)


Ack. nevermind. You were right. I was the one who was mixed up. ~LL

    • 0
Samus Aran-Bounty Hunter
Dec 15 2012 03:38 PM

Now Kopaka, I gotta tell ya, don't ya know

That fire's where it's at, not in the snow

And if it's coming down to insults, that's a new low

So hey, come on at me bro


For one who seems so cooled

You still have to be schooled

Cuz if you remember, even Ga can beat Ko

Heck, you could lose to a guy named Mo

Hey, bring it on snowcone, I'm in the zone

Because I know I won't be Pwn'd.


Yay Rapping attempt


    • 0
A Forgotten Soul
Dec 30 2012 05:10 PM

You better watch out there's an avalanche heading down the mountain face.

So you better watch out before it catches your pace

I suggest you hide before the Mauka gets you

But you'll never make it cause no one will come to your rescue


Your always be angry cause you got beaten by a Rahkshi

Even after I saved your still just crazy.

And that two inch punch same size as your finger

Leave the rapping to me stick to lava ringer


You thinking  you can beat me is just unbelievable

Cause you'll never live to see a sequel.


My attempt at making a custom rap

The Forgotten One.

    • 0

Hey now Kopaka, why you bringing up the Muaka?

I thought this was between you and me, or maybe you just can't see.

I burn the heck out of you, I shoot fire from my hands.

All you do is give a freeze, while I kick Rahi in a breeze.


All you do is sit in silence, while I deal with this violence.

You're more solitary than a rock, don't even answer when we knock.

You do everything alone, but what do you see me doing?

All I do is own.



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Okay, sorry for the long wait, but Christmas trips and blizzards and power outages and all that.







    • 0
A Forgotten Soul
Jan 02 2013 08:59 PM

Kopaka won, not just because I made a rap of him.


How about Gali vs. Nikila

    • 0

Nikila's the Lightningy one, right?


My BIONICLE knowledge has begun to slip since the serials died.

    • 0

How about Axonn vs. Brutaka next!

    • 0
Toa Nidhiki05
Jan 05 2013 10:27 PM
How about Axonn vs. Brutaka next!


That's a good one.

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