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The Library That Never Was


Streetpass Finals

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random Dec 15 2011 · 289 views
Life, 3DS, Freedom
Hello, my fellow BZPers. I am just popping in to say that I am officially done my third semester of college, so you should expected to see me some more on here now that I am on Winter Break. I am not entirely sure what I will be doing exactly on here during my winter break, but you should at least expect to see some more blog entries from me and probably some Short Stories reviews here and there.

Alright now that I have gotten that message across, I got a story for ya. This story is about my day today, so it is probably not that interesting. Still I felt I just had to mention it here since it made today kind of weird. How was it weird? Well, let's see I had a final in morning that barely last an hour (Although this is not surprising since it was a take home final and I had most of it done already.), which left me with around four hours of chill time before a final presentation in another class.

What did I do during most of that chill time? I mostly just walk around school repeatedly to try and pass the time to a more reasonable time to eat lunch (It was like 8:45 AM when I turned in that final, so there was no way that I was going eat my lunch then.). Eventually I got bored enough that I remembered that I packed my 3DS in my backpack for situations like this, so I pull it out and try to play some Legend of Zelda: Four Swords - The Anniversary Edition (Which by the way, I suck at.).

And well, after failing at that game repeatedly, I stopped playing and decided to put my 3DS on sleep mode and start walking about the school again. I did that all the way until my next class started and by then, I had been streetpassed 8 times today (One of them was actually a repeat though from a previous time that I had walk around the school with the 3DS in my pocket, so I have about ten streetpasses on my 3DS now.). I hadn't clue if that is impression at all (I highly doubt it is.), but it is most streetpasses that I have ever received in a day at this point, so I was kind of shocked to see so many coming up.

But anyway, what I thought was so weird about this day is the fact that while everyone around me were reviewing notes and textbooks for finals; I was the odd ball student with nothing to really study for and who was so bored that he walk around campus repeatedly to pass the time (According to my 3DS step count, I stepped 3,961 times today.). I kind of felt out of place in a way. *shrugs*

And that was my day pretty much. Well, not all of it, I obvious did go home after presenting my project for Project Management and when I got home, I ended up playing Minecraft for awhile to try and make my base into a Sandstone Castle (I am still very far from finishing it since I needed to collect more sand.). But yeah, that was my day. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I'll talk to you all later, I guess.

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Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random Dec 03 2011 · 267 views
Life, Skyward Sword, Finals and 1 more...
Hi ya, folks. Just thought I should pop in again to give a small update of sorts with me since I have some time now to write something up. I am going to try and keep it short though as I have a lot of school work to deal with this weekend.

To start, I almost done my third semester in college with a total two weeks left of classes to deal with. And well, that's why I am busy this weekend since I got some work that I needed to wrap up. There is not much else to say here, beside that I am little nervous about a couple of finals that I will have to take soon. So you should not be surprised if you do not see me at all for next two weeks as I got to focus on preparing myself for my finals.

Moving right along, I am going to briefly touched upon Skyward Sword with an update of my progress. I am currently in the third area, where you have to go through the mining facility, and so far, I been dying to get back to playing it since the game is very addicting. Unfortunately I can not play it though because I am busy with school work and all this weekend. And well, I am not going to say anymore on my status in the game than that, so I can avoid spoil anything for people and of course, to try and keep me from thinking about it too much.

Alright, last thing that I been thinking about is how cool it would be to have Kingdom Hearts game with same motion sword controls as Skyward Sword, which has done a great job of making me feel like I was actually in the game. I personally would loved it, if they did do that.

Of course, it is not very likely as it would be breaking formula of KH somewhat. That and if it did happen, it probably be on system that I do not have like the PS3 rather than on the Wii (or rather the Wii U). But still I would loved to see more games do what Skyward Sword did with motion controls as they would be epic to play. What do you think?

Okay, that's all the time, I have for this entry. So until next time, BZPers.

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Argh...where Has The Day Went?

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random Nov 20 2011 · 255 views
Life, Skyward Sword
Hey, BZPers. Been awhile since I made a post or comment here on my blog, so I thought I would post a really quick entry on why I had not been on much lately. Short answer, I been busy with school mostly and just had not really have the time to hang out here. I will expand on that and say I also have not been in a writing mood lately, so my motivation to write stuff like blog entries here has not very high. I have been reading stuff on BZP though and there are some things that I plan on reviewing at some point, when school is not being as demanding.

But anyway, on to the point of my entry here, I got Skyward Sword today and I loved it. If it were not for fact that I have school tomorrow, I would probably still be playing it right now because that game is seriously addicting and fun. But man, my arm is sore from playing it for so long (It was for about 8 hours according to save data file though I did have it sit for some of time, while I ate dinner.).

As for my progress so far in the game, I just got to end of the Deep Wood area and was about to enter until Fi told me that there might be more dangerous enemies there, so I went to Skyloft to buy some stuff to get better prepare for what was coming up next. It kind of at that point that I decided to call it a night since I got school in morning and all.

In terms of items gained during my eight hours of gameplay, I got two bottles, upgraded my wooden shield (And forgot to get training for it.), received the slingshot from the Elder in Faron Woods, founded two Heart pieces, and brought a seed expansion pack (+10) and wallet expansion pack (2X) from Beedle. I probably would of gotten more done, if I was not fooling around repeatedly in the game and talking to everyone. But eh, I am hardly what you call a pro gamer anyway, so no doubt it will probably take me years to beat this game.

I do not care though as long as I am having fun, while playing it and I am. Well, that's all I really got to say about Skyward Sword at the moment. I might do another entry like for next time, I play the game. And maybe a review of the game later on, if I can actually beat it (I would not count on this considering my track record with Zelda games.). I will say this though I would personally recommend this game for anyone that has even the slight interest in Zelda as it is great game for Wii, possibly even the best game made for it.

Alright, I think I have rambled enough about Skyward Sword here. So thanks for taking time to read this, BZPers. I hope you all had a good Sunday today. See ya, BZPers.

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Nintendo Should Think About Doing This...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random Oct 26 2011 · 332 views

Okay, so I was thinking recently about how nowadays there has been a wide appeal of devices that are have multiple features (Such as Smart Phones). While I never been a big fan of these things (I am kind of old fashion, especially when it comes to phones.), I do notice there could be a market out there for Nintendo involving it, especially for what I just thought of.

The idea is simply and actually kind of an old idea of Nintendo's just with new take on it, thanks to today's technology. I am not sure if anyone recalls the old Gamecube days, but Nintendo used to have a connection controller cable for you to attached your GBA to do stuff like transfer your Pokemon to the Pokemon Gamecube games or have your younger sibling help you in Wind Waker by playing the Tingle Games on their GBA, etc.

Well, my idea is to take this a step further than that with you being able to interlink the console and handheld wireless. So that if you were to leave your home and decide to play a game that is linkable to the console, your progress in it can be uploaded into console when you return home. Now you might be asking, but what games would really make use of this feature.

The first one that comes to mind for me is Wii Fit, which is a health based game, and with this feature within a handheld, you could leave your house with your handheld in your pocket and go for a run. Then come home, turn on the console, upload your progress from the handheld, and get the results of your workout for the day such as amount of calories burned, miles run, etc. If you ask me, I think that would be pretty cool because it would mean we are not just restrict to do this stuff at home, but rather we can travel with it and still make progress with it.

Really that's just the tip of iceberg of what they could do, if they allow the console and the handheld to link up like this. And I probably would ramble more examples of what they could do with this feature, but I got to go bed now as I got school in the morning. I appreciate you all reading about my idea though and I might add more examples of it later here. Alright, night, BZPers.

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A Random Thought And A Laugh...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random Oct 17 2011 · 292 views

Hello, my fellow BZPers. How have you all been this fine Monday afternoon? Fine? Well, that's good. You want to hear a random thought, I had at school today? No, not really? Well, that's too bad as I feel like talking about it anyway.

So yeah, for those that might actually be interest (*cough* no one *cough*), I got to thinking today about the terminology used to refer to specific subgroups of LEGO fans (Such as AFOL, TFOL, etc.) and how the definition of who belongs in what subgroup can vary depending on how the individual sees it.

In particularly, what I am mostly referring to is that people that are eighteen (mostly in United States) are called adults and by that logic they should then be consider an AFOL that is if they still have an interest in LEGO at that point. Yet number-wise, their age is still in the teens meaning that they could be called a TFOL until they are at least twenty years old (That is, of course, once again if they are still interested in LEGO at that point.).

Hm...Then again, I guess it really don't matter what one classified themselves as because ultimately it just amounts to the same meaning in the end, which is that they are fans of LEGO. Still I found it interesting to ponder about as I see terms like those toss around a lot and I would not be me if I did not just over-analysis it to death like I did above. That and kind of made me wonder how I classified myself as a LEGO fan since I don't think my definition of one is same as everyone else's.

I mainly say that because the way that I often see someone, that could be called an AFOL, is that they are skill builders (or MoCers), they are open about being fans of it, and play an active role in the surrounding LEGO community (Whether it be going to conventions and helping out or communicating with other fans.). And well, I can't say I qualified; My building skill is subpar at best, I have never play much of an active role in the LEGO community, and I am not very open about my fandom of LEGO (At best, my family and my one closest friend from high school are the only people that even know of it.).

I mean, sure, I still like LEGO and I have every intention of getting sets when I can, but I don't personally feel I deserve to be called an AFOL or TFOL because I lack these characteristics. *shrugs*

But anyway, moving right along to the laugh, I was just getting a chuckle at how clueless my sister is at playing Minecraft. And that's all I really have to say on the matter. Thanks for listening to my random thought and if you have any opinions on my thought, feel free to leave a comment. Okay, see ya, BZPers.

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In A Good Mood...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random Oct 14 2011 · 182 views

...Which is probably because I just finished watching a new episode of FRINGE, so I kind of hyper right now from my buzzing with ideas and theories about what to expect later this season. Oh, and I guess it helps that I am listening to music that I love to sing along with.

But anyway, I been thinking about maybe joining the BZPRPG since it seems like the perfect opportunity with the flesh start and all going on right now. If I do, it probably just be with one character as I don't have enough time in my day to really manage more than that at this point.

As for what that one character would be, I was thinking about making him a wandering Onu-Matoran that travels all over the island looking for scrap metal to collect and sell (He is not very successful selling the metal though since he is kind of a hermit and often displays traits, that most would classified as crazy, such as talking to himself in general public.). And now that I mention it here, I kind of now want to try to flesh out a profile for him just in case I do have time to actually use him in the game. *shrugs*

Well, that's all the BZPower related thoughts that I had today. Not sure what else to say, but thanks for listening and I hope see you all around BZPower forums. Oh, and before go, I am still open to story suggestions, so feel free to suggest me to read some of your stories, you wrote for BZP, and I'll see about reviewing them.

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So Bzpower Is Back...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random Oct 13 2011 · 267 views

I must say I am surprised to see BZPower back. I seriously thought we wouldn't be seeing the forums again until December. I am glad to see I was wrong though as I miss reading all the discussions here. And I'll be honest I did feel quite incomplete without these forums to latch on to since sadly this place tend to be closet thing that I have to a social life...

Anyway, a lot happen with me during the downtime and as much as I love to write about some of that stuff here, I don't have time to and I don't really recall everything that happen. I'll give you highlights though, if you are interested. So yeah, listed below are highlights of my time without BZPower:
  • Just before Ocarina of Time 3D came out, I caved in and brought a 3DS, so I could play it. Currently I still have yet to beat the game, but that is only because I forgot about the game and have been too busy with school to go back to it at this point. I believe the last place, that I was at in the game, was the Lost Woods as I recall going there to try and get into the Forest Temple.
  • I took a summer course for ENG 100 and pass with a C average.
  • I worked full time for most of summer until August 31st.
  • Start my third semester classes on August 31st (This is still ongoing, by the way. :tounge:)
  • I helped my sister beat Portal 1 for the first time
  • I brought Terraria on Steam after my sister bug me to give it a try. I ended up playing it for hours and going OCD over the landscape around me. I also play on a server with my sister as well.
  • I finally got Minecraft and so far I have done very little with it beside try and build a base; which similar to Terraria situation, I have went quite OCD over it. And yes, shameless I have been playing in Peaceful mode mostly.
  • I recently beat Kingdom Hearts: Recoded on my 3DS.
  • I still have not play Pokemon Black, even though I went to all that trouble buying it at the date of release.

That's mostly what I did during BZPower downtime. But anyway, I think I done enough reflecting on what I have been doing when BZPower offline, so I am going to change this up a little by discussing what I expect to be doing on BZPower now that it is back.

Well, for starters, I want to get back to reviewing stories on the forums and maybe try my hand at writing my own stories again. Another possibility is that I might join BZPRPG, but only in small way as I do not have a lot of time in day to manage multiply characters. Time is, of course, a major factor in all of these options, so I will most likely not being doing all this stuff at once and I probably will just post something maybe once a week. *shrugs* For the time being though, I am just going to play this by ear and just enjoy fact that first forum, I joined, is back. :D That is all I really got to say right now, so thanks for listening and I hope you all have a good day.

No wait...Before I go, if anyone has a short stories that they would like to recommend to me and would like a review of, feel free to suggest it to me and I'll see about checking it out and reviewing it.

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Hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing, collecting BIONICLE/LEGO sets, playing Video Games and riding my bike.

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