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The Library That Never Was


I Am The Hero...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Pokemon Jun 17 2012 · 80 views

I did it, guys. I finally "completed" Pokemon Black (Completion Time: 78:33 *Yeah, I know it is horrible time, but I tend to play this game in front of my PC, so I leave it sitting for long periods of time.*).

That's all for now, guys. I will have more comments about Pokemon Black tomorrow after I get some sleep (I been playing Pokemon Black for 10 hours today). If I must say anything about it, it is that this game has officially become my favorite Pokemon game and I can't wait for Pokemon Black & White 2. :) Talk to you all later.

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"I'm a heartbreaker...My name...Charles."


Minecraft, Who's That Pokemon...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Minecraft, Pokemon, Random Jun 09 2012 · 136 views

Hey, folks. It been awhile, hasn't it? Well, not really, unless you consider two days without a blog entry as being awhile. :P But anyway, today's entry is going to have me talk a little about Minecraft here and introducing possibly a new feature to my blog involving Pokemon that I might be doing weekly. I also got an aside thing to mention here as well about my plans for my Blog's Literature Contest that I say would start June 16th.

So let's get this show on the road, shall we? First up is Minecraft, so I am going start things up for this topic by showing you the following screen shots that I took today while I was playing the game. The first picture is of my current work in progress base of operation's entrance, which I hope to eventually build up into massive castle like tower with high walls around it.

Now the second picture is inside the pit that I dug around this tower, which I am going to fill up with water and build up four escape towers for my underground glass cover bedroom (Which I guess is kind of pointless since this world is not on server, so I really should never need to have multiple escape routes as long as it is cover in light as it is. I guess I am doing it for rule of cool and imagination sake.).

Okay, so outside of showing you guys those pictures, I want to inquire something about Minecraft. And that is whether or not using an old Beta world file in current Minecraft version cause stuff like wolves, cats, and villages to spawn less. Does it? Just wondering because I barely explore this world in beta version and yet when I travel far from my base into unexplore regions, I can't find any villages, wolves, or cats. Then again, I might just not be traveling far enough. *shrugs* Hm...I guess that possible.

Okay, that's all I got for Minecraft topic. My next topic is Pokemon one and basically it is blog challenge for Pokemon fans to see if they can guess correctly who that Pokemon is based on a shade picture, I provided in the entry. Of course, I am not going to give you guys anything big, if you guess right since you could of just look it up. But I will post an entry the next day revealing who it was and go on to say some triva information about that Pokemon and I might also put a link to right guesser's profile in a content block.

Sorry, guys. I wish I could do better than that, but I can't confirm if you guys are cheaping or not, so the reward has to be as minor as that. Hopefully though, you guys have fun trying the challenge. But anyway, here is the first of hopefully many who's that Pokemon challenges:

Posted Image


Moving right along to my last topic of the day, I am here to tell you that I most likely will be postponing my writing contest, if only because Library Summer Olympics has start now as such I rather not distract anyone from official Staff hosted contest. As such, it will now start sometime in August.

Alright, that's all for today's entry. Thanks for taking the time to read this, guys. And I hope you all have a good night. See ya, BZPers.

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"I'm a heartbreaker...My name...Charles."


Belated Pokelog - Sleepy Edition

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random, Pokemon, Nintendo Jun 04 2012 · 68 views

Hey, folks. Apologizes for not getting this up earlier, I kind of got distract last Sunday with Wii U news stuff, so I wasn't able to get around to write my Pokelog for Saturday's playthrough. And unfortunately I do not really have a lot of time to go in depth as I normally do with these Pokelogs, so instead I will just be focusing on the highlights.

The following are the highlights of my playthrough last Saturday:
- A battle with Pokemon Ranger inspired this entry.
- Leveled up most of my team through training to level 40 (Which I think is still too underlevel for where I am in the game.).
- I beat the seventh Gym leader rather easily mostly due to my starter's type advantage.
- Try to stop Team Plasma from fulfilling their plans at Dragonspiral Tower, but ultimately fail to stop N from waking Zekrom.
- I got to see an awesome looking cut scene with N and Zekrom at the top of the tower.
- I am told by N to seek Zekrom's opposite in Relic Castle, so that is where I am now and have left off there.

And well, I am not sure what to expect here since the game does not appear to have given me the Master Ball yet. Not that I would use the Master Ball on Reshiram for you see, I am simply saying I think it is odd that I have not receive one yet. Then again, I'll probably be getting one at end of this trip most likely. *shrugs* I guess I won't know until I find the time to play the game again.

*yawn* Argh...I really don't want to cut this short here, but I am getting kind of tired. And as much as I would like to move on to my next topic (Which is my comments on Wii U news from Sunday), I don't have the energy to keep typing. Sorry, guys. Maybe tomorrow, I'll post a special Nintendo E3 entry after I am able to watch through it all (I unfortunately can't watch it live due to work.).

Oh, and before I go though, does anyone think it is worth getting Pokemon Conquest? I am just asking because I actually think it looks like an interesting game, but I am not sure if I am going to buy it or not. *shrugs* Also am I only one that wish that Square Enix had their own presentation at E3?

But anyway, I am done, guys. I can't write anymore. I am sorry about this entry being short. Night, BZPers...

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"I'm a heartbreaker...My name...Charles."


Pre-Pokelog: The "six"-Man Band

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random, Pokemon Jun 02 2012 · 83 views

Hey, folks. I am just popping in real quick here to post a product of my currently active (Meaning I am actually playing the game now) Pokemon Black binge. Of course, I am sure you all are wondering exactly what could this product. Well, if you know your TV Tropes, then you can probably guess that I am going to post a list of what I think my current Pokemon team could be classified according to Five-Man Band principle.

Why am I doing this? Because it was a fun little thought that came to my mind, while battling a Pokemon Ranger. Oh, and don't worry guys, there is going to be more standard Pokelog later (No idea if I will get up today though, but I try to.). Also don't spoil Legend of Korra for me since I still hadn't caught up, so I can't watch today's episode even though I am up at the time and I am not at work today (Thankfully my boss did not actively request that I come in (He did ask at end of day though, but he left it up to me to decide if I want to or not.). Although it would of probably been good idea if I did since I wasn't able to work forty hours this week due to Monday holiday. Not that, I am complaining though since I was happy to have a day off from the usual get up at 6 AM in morning and work till 5:30 PM pattern that my weeks have been having lately. Wait...Why am I going on about this? This entry is not a work entry. lol).

Okay, so here is my "Six"-Man Band:
- The Hero = Emboar; Obviously I had to pick my starter Pokemon, Emboar, since I couldn't possibly of have a team, if it weren't for him. So yeah, he is the leader and the hero for my 'Six"-Man band.
- The Lancer = Stoutland; This one was pretty much a given considering I call upon him a lot to save other members of the team from danger. So in a way, he is kind of the team's tank, so it could be argued that he is the Big Guy. However I feel he is a bit more than that, especially considering he is one of first Pokemon that I caught in the game. And well, that's reasoning for making him the team's Lancer.
- The Smart Guy = Watchog; This choice was bit harder for me decided, but ultimately I went with Watchog because she tends to get in over her head a lot in battles and kind of has nerdy appearance that I would expect from the Smart Guy. *shrugs*
- The Big Guy = Carracosta; This choice was kind of toss up between Watchhog and Carracosta actually because Watchog does have some moves that I would say make her a bit of powerhouse close to that of my lancer, Stoutland (She does kind of fall flat though in that regard since she does get knock out a lot. Although it is mostly my fault, not hers.). However the newcomer, Carracosta, is quickly becoming a favorite of mines and he tend to take out a lot wild Pokemon in close to one hit KOs, so I think it only makes sense that he is the Big Guy of the group.
- The Chick/The Load/The Team Pet = Swanna; This choice was rather easy to make since Swanna's only point on my team is and always will be taking me to places since he is the HM slave with Surf and Fly. He is mostly useless outside of that fact, so I consider him the Chick or rather the Load of the team.
- The Sixth Ranger = Zecora (Zebstrika); This choice was again kind of difficult to make since I actually have about three new members to the team (Carracosta, Swanna, and Zebstrika). Zecora though is the newest and she also kind of competes with Caracosta for my favorite in this team, so I would say she is the team's Ensemble Darkhouse (Pun intended. lol).

Alright, that's my "Six"-Man Band, folks. I hope you found some enjoyment in reading this. If not, oh, well, you can always read the actual Pokelog later. I guess I'll talk you guys all later. See ya.

*Note: The Pictures that I linked under each of Pokemon's names come from that Pokemon Wiki. I am just hosting them on my Photobucket because their Wiki server kind been giving me errors.

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"I'm a heartbreaker...My name...Charles."


Another Pokelog, Kingdom Hearts, And R2-D2

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random, Pokemon, Nintendo May 27 2012 · 111 views

Hey, BZPers. Today's entry is going to be another Pokelog with a bit random thoughts in the mix since I am not huge fan of making multiply entries in one day. Sorry to those people that would like it better if I kept things separate. But well, you have to deal with if you want to follow my blog as it is either the whole package or nothing. Again, sorry.

But anyway, I was playing Pokemon Black last Friday (Man, this entry is late. I should of had it up days ago.) for about 4 hours and 15 minutes, so I did get bit done. Well, actually the only thing that I completed in those hours was getting through Twist Mountain, so I doubt that very impressive. In my defense though, I was taking internet breaks in between stuff, so I probably could of had better playtime. Yeah, I know it is lame excuse, but it is true.

Alright, so I got to Icirrus City and well, I basically just took in sights when I got there. And man, I must say I really like this city's layout. But I especially like the nice looking wind mills that it got there.

I did notice some weird during my walk about and that it appears that gym leader is actually in their gym. Which is kind of different for this game considering almost all the Gym leaders (Excluding the first gym leaders.) came up to me and tell me that they have to run somewhere or want me to do something first before I could actually battle them.

*shrugs* Actually it is not that weird really. It just a bit of surprise is all since I been getting use to idea that the Gym leader come up to you as soon as you enter the area. But anyway, I did not do much outside of explode the city for a bit since I was too tired at that point to do anything else. And well, since I was tired (It was midnight at the time.), I decided to call it for night and save my game, so I could stop playing.

So yeah, for a four hour playthrough of Pokemon Black, I do not have much to mention here that super exciting like I caught a new Pokemon or that beat the Gym leader of the city (Which technically I guess I could of done since Ice type Pokemon are weak to Fire and Fighting type Pokemon, so my starter probably could of own the place up; sorry.).

If I had to say anything about this playthrough, it is that I am kind of surprise that I am nearing end of my journey already. I say this because I just notice that I only two badges away from Elite Four, so that means the plot will be wrapping up soon. And well, it kind sadden me and make me wish there was another Gym out there to do. *shrugs*

I guess I could always buy another copy of White version to play (I brought my sister's White version last year.) and play through that one to see how different they are. Or I could just go back to my Heartgold game and work on finishing my journey in that one. lol I probably shouldn't be getting ahead of myself since after all, I have not beaten game yet.

Plus, there is post-Elite Four stuff in this game, so it is not like I am going to completely done with Pokemon Black. I mean I could work on my Pokedex or making a team for online or something (Which I expect I would be owned in a lot since I never been most tactical trainer.). I don't know if I would still be writing entries for it like this though, unless people really want to see me rambling about catching Pokemon and training up a team for online play. Yeah, I don't think you guys are interest in hearing about that stuff.

But anyway, I think I say enough about Pokemon for this entry, so let us move on from that topic. Alright, so the next topic is about Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and well, it basically just me asking whether or not you think getting Mark of Mastery edition of game is worth it. Okay, so for those that don't know, Mark of Mastery is kind of like anniversary special box set that comes with Kingdom Hearts: 3D, which gives with the game itself, 5 "rare" AR cards, 12 art cards reflecting upon the series history, and a Kingdom Heart theme Protector Case for your 3DS.

I think it sounds alright for special box set thing, although it is going to cost me about fifteen more and only truly appealing things in it that I care about are the AR cards and Protector Case (I only care about the case because I hate getting finger print marks on my 3DS.). Oh, and speaking of AR cards, I am really hoping that they do not do what Kid Icarus did with it and actually sell card packs in stores since I really would like to collect the cards.

Moving right along, the next thing that I want to mention something funny about this picture. So you guys remember that friend of mines I say might be making the trip to BrickFair possible this year, right? Well, apparently he decide to mention to me at end of work last Friday that he notice I change my profile picture to this on a certain social networking (You know the place, I am sure.).

And funny thing about that is how he was struggling with trying to describe to thing that I was holding because he could not think of its name. Now in his defense, he has never seen a Star Wars film (The reasoning for that apparently religious related, so I am not going to go on in detail about it. I will say this though that I can't understand for life of me why his family is fine with James Cameron's Avatar, but they had issues with Star Wars.), so it is kind of understandable that he would not know the characters in it. However I do think even non-Star Wars fans should at least know who R2-D2 is or know what he looks like because he is one of most iconic characters from Star Wars trilogies, after all. *shrugs*

But yeah, I kind of got a chuckle out of that since as a Star Wars fan, I never expected anyone to ever have trouble recalling R2's name. Oh, and speaking Star Wars, am I only one that spent a good deal of this weekend watching original trilogy on Spike? Just curious is all.

Also speaking of that friend, there might be a stopper in our plans of going to BrickFair together since I been noticing his sister has been stealing his car a lot from him at work, so we might not be able to actually do it if such a trip is going to pose an issue with his sister need for the car. It is unfortunate, but it wasn't like I was expecting it to actually happen. That and if it did, it would be at most a day trip, so we would of probably just shown up on the public open hours on Saturday.

Although if by some insane amount of luck that it does actually happen, I would probably bring my 3DS with me to see if I could get some Streetpasses, while I am there. It probably won't happen, but that is worth mentioning, I guess.

Alright, with that say, I am going to call this entry and finally post it. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have good night. See ya, BZPers.

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"I'm a heartbreaker...My name...Charles."


Pokelog - I Am Suing Skyla

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Pokemon, Nintendo May 24 2012 · 132 views

Posted Image

Hey, folks. Today's hot news with JMJ is I am suing Gym Leader, Skyla, for the damages that my face suffer having to do her little obstacle course to meet with her on the top platform in the back of her gym. Not only, but I am suing for the reckless endangerment that she puts us, the trainers, in by firing us out of cannons all over her place. My Pokemon Lawyer, Snorlex, has told me that he has his best Delibird on it, so she should be serve her court papers by next week.

That's all I got for you, folks. If you see Skyla, please tell her that I'll see her in court soon about this issue.


lol Guys, yeah, that's a joke. I am not suing anyone and this entry is not over. I was just having a little fun is all before I gave you guys the real Pokelog stuff for today. Before I start though, I just want to apologize about not having an entry up yesterday (Which if I play my cards right, it would of likely have been this entry you see now.).

I am sorry about that, guys. You see yesterday I kind of pass out on the couch in the basement, so I did not get the chance to really play Pokemon Black yesterday or do anything else more productive than sleeping. Once again, I am sorry about that.

Thankfully though, I was able to play some Pokemon Black today, so I got an entry for you guys. Yay! Let's get to it, shall we? Okay, so last time I talk about Pokemon Black, I was heading to Celestial Tower to meet with Skylar about helping a sick Pokemon. Well, to make long story short, I made it to the top and found out that she have heal the Pokemon already.

She then told me to ring the bell, so I did and we heard the game's personality of me come out of bell. I am actually kind of curious if it makes different sounds based on your trainer type (Mines is currently serious nature type.), so I guess I will have to go back and try it sometime to see if changing your trainer type makes the sound different. It probably doesn't, but it would be cool if it did have an individual sound for each trainer type.

But anyway, she told me to meet her back at the Gym, so I walk back down the tower and train my Pokemon up along the way. All my Pokemon, expect for Zecora (Blitzle), were up to level 34, when I got to the Gym, which I admitted was kind of under level for taking on this Gym. But well, I did not feel like grinding, so I thought I would plow on ahead. I can't say I regret doing this either since I actually did quite well in this gym and I beat the Gym leader without having to reset the game.

So yeah, I would say even though I was under level for this gym that my plan for tackling it was pretty solid as I was evenly making use of all my Pokemon, where they were useful. Really, I think the only Pokemon that I have trouble with today was Alomomola, which is a Pokemon that nurse in the tower had and it was only difficult because it had a lot of HP (That Pokemon would make a good wall in online play considering how much damage it took to take it out.).

Oh, and beside getting my sixth Gym badge, Zecora evolved into Zebstrika during one of the trainer battles, so I am pretty happy about that. She still kind of under level though and I think I might want to train her up some in Twist Mountain, so she can catch up to the others. It should not take too long though to do that she still only like two levels away from my current team captain's level, which is 35.

And man, I can not wait to play through Twist Mountain since I took a peek of it before I sign off for today and it looks pretty interesting from what I seen of it. If only, I did not have work tomorrow. No wait, I just remember that I actually got nothing on TV to watch tomorrow, so I guess I will have time to play this tomorrow. Yay! :) That and I do have a three day weekend (Monday's Memorial Day, so I am off from work.).

Oh, and I am starting to think that the Unova region starting to become my favorite region in the Pokemon world since there is a lot of interesting stuff here and I really liking the story behind it so far. Admittedly, there are some features that I am not huge fan of such as some of more odder Pokemon designs (I am looking at you, Mister Trashbag Pokemon.) and the lack of having one of your Pokemon walk with you (What can I say? I really liked that feature in Johto remakes.).

Alright, that's all the rambling I got for you today. I am sorry if it was not very interesting for you read, but thanks for taking the time to read it. And well, I hope you all have good night. See ya, BZPers.

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"I'm a heartbreaker...My name...Charles."


Tired And In A Pokemon Mood

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Pokemon May 22 2012 · 89 views

Hi, folks. Today's entry is going to be a short one since I am kind of tired. And well, I'll be honest with you guys that I have not really done anything today that is newsworthy for you guys to hear. I did however just watch the anime style trailer for Pokemon Black and White 2.

And not only has it gotten me kind of excited for those games, but it did renew my interest in getting back into the swing of my Pokemon Black play-through, so you should probably see an entry from me tomorrow about my progress in the game. Heck, if I wasn't so tired right now and I did not have work tomorrow, I would actually be playing it right now. Unfortunately that is not case, so I guess I will just have to wait until tomorrow and hopefully I'll be more awake than I am today when I get home from work.

Of course, if that's to happen, I got to get this entry done fast as it is already eleven o'clock at night here. But anyway, the other thing that I thought about from watching this trailer was how I kind of think it would be cool to see this be the anime for Unova region rather than one involving the "forever young" Ash. Admittedly, I have not watch the Unova series of anime, so I guess I should not be judging like this. Still though, I think it would been kind of nice to have the Unova related anime be a bit more of an adaptation of the games. *shrugs*

In more BZP related news involving Pokemon, I am thinking I might join the Rise of Rockets RPG in Completely Off Topic since it seem like it would be very fun to play. However I mostly won't be joining until I finish researching it as I kind would like to know everything that went on before since I think it will help me figure out how to play well in the game.

And furthermore, I simply like adsorbing knowledge about everyone's role in the story, which is kind of bad thing since I know from experiences with BZPRPG that I eventually will just get overwhelm by all the information and simply give up on it. So hopefully that will not happen with this one.

Alright, folks, I really needed to go to bed now, so I am going to end this here. Thanks for taking the time to read this and good night.

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"I'm a heartbreaker...My name...Charles."


Pokelog - April Winter Showers?

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Pokemon Apr 02 2012 · 39 views

Hello, BZPers. It's-a me, Mario JMJ Charlie Brown. And this is going to be my Pokemon Black update entry that I promise I would post last week. Yes, I know I say I would post this entry on Sunday. But to be honest with you guys, I did not play the game at all last week since I was playing Kid Icarus during most of my school downtimes. So yeah, there would been nothing to post on Sunday, beside my random thoughts on how I think it would be neat if Nintendo had some special Pokemon trading cards to play AR Games with.

Luckly for you guys though, I decide to play Pokemon Black today during my six hour downtime period at school, so I do have at least a progress report to give you. I should mention before I start that I did not get that much done in the game today.

I also will be doing this progress report in list format instead of the usual free flow paragraphs since I think it will look better to look at and decrease the overuse of then, next, first in my sentence structures here. So without further ado, here is the list:

- Winter starts as soon as I leave the Pokemon Center (Winter in April, what? :P Yes, before anyone points out, I am aware that seasons change every month in this game.)
- Caught my first Vanillite
- Leveled up most of my team to level 30
- Decide that I might as well challenge the gym of Driftveil City now
- I defeated all the trainers in the Gym and save the game right before going to battle the Gym Leader of this awesome city.
- I challenge him and lost about three times. During the forth try, I won due to figuring out that my Pansage had an advantage in this Gym due to his Seed Bomb attack being pure ownage.
- Obviously I earn the Gym Badge, but I also made a mental note to train harder next time since my Pokemon team probably should of been level 35 or higher during that Gym battle.
- But anyway, heeding the Gym leader advise after beating him, I start to travel over in the direction of Chargestone Cave. Naturely my non-girlfriend rival, Bianca, show up and challenge me to battle. It was a cake walk compared to the Gym Leader of this city. Awesome thing about it though is she gave me HM02 (Fly) for beating her. Yay, I do not have to run across half way across the region anymore to get to places!
- I taught the HM02 to my Ducklett since I thought it would be a more orignal choice than using the Pidgey clone (Pidove). Plus, he is part water, so I can teach him surf when I get that HM. Unfortunately this means that Thief (Liepard) might be off my team permanently from this point on.
- From there, I travel up to Chargestone Cave, where Clay gave me both the TM of his Gym and clean the path forward for me. And well, it was at this point that I stop playing because I want to eat dinner, so that was all of my progress today.

Yeah, I know that's not a lot of progress in the game, but I did have other things to do today, so I think you might be expecting too much from me, people. After all, I am mostly a casual gamer.

But anyway, that's all for today's entry. I did want to mention something else here while I was at it, but apparently I forgot what it was due to watching too many video clips of trailers for the Legend of Korra as I wrote this. Well, I guess I could say that I excited for that series to start, but I am pretty sure you got that from a couple entries back. :P

Okay, with that said, I am going to sign off now. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a good day. Night, BZPers.

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"I'm a heartbreaker...My name...Charles."


I Love Driftveil City's Theme!

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Pokemon, Nintendo Mar 06 2012 · 54 views
Pokemon Black Progress Report 2 and 1 more...
Hey, BZPers. I am just popping in to give you all another progress report on my journey through the Unova region since I did play Pokemon Black on my 3DS yesterday after I finished my streetpassing rounds for that day at school (I got about nine streetpasses!).

Oh, and I actually was trying to get this entry up yesterday, so if the phrasing of the previous sentence seems kind off that the reason for it. Basically what I am saying is it was originally written as saying today in place of yesterday and since I am lazy, I just change the wording slightly. Wait...Why am I talking about my poor sentence structure above when I could be talking about Pokemon?

Uh...Sorry about that, I kind of thought I needed to point out why the sentence seem weird. Maybe I should just change it and delete these random internal thoughts here. Nah, I just leave it as is. :P

But anyway, the point of this entry is for me to ramble about Pokemon Black, so let's get to it. Okay, so last time I talk to you guys about Pokemon Black, I was in Castelia City and as I expected at the time, Burgh was a piece of cake to beat (Fire + Bugs = Dead Bugs) and quickly move on from there to next the city, Nimbasa City.

Actually scratch that, while I did go to next city after beating that Gym, I did go to Desert Resort for a bit to try to train my Pokemon team up some and just explore it in general. I did not get very far in it though due to Sandstorm there being constant bother, so I decide to head over to Nimbasa City with the intention of just checking it out since I did not think I was ready to take on the Gym.

So I did that for awhile and I must say it is a pretty interesting city. I did not really check out the Battle Subway or Sport Stadiums that much though. Mainly because I did not think I was ready to battle in either of those, especially the Battle Subway thing. I did battle one person in the Small Court yesterday though and they were not too difficult to defeat, so I was probably being a little too overcautious. *shrugs*

Oh, and before anyone ask, no, I did not try Pokemon Musical there since I never been a big fan of this feature in the Pokemon games. Although I am kind of curious how many people actually do Pokemon Musicals because apparently you can have online ones with friends involve. Still I do not think even that could really make me interest in trying one though. Well, actually I might try just for kicks at some point.

But anyway, I am going to just skip ahead now to my meeting with "King" N at the Ferris Wheel, which was kind of weird confrontation since outright told me his plan and I also think he might have hots for my trainer self in the Pokemon universe. Although I might be reading the signals wrong. :P As for the battle that we had, it was a surprisingly easy battle. And if anything, I have N to blame for making me lose against Gym leader once since I thought she would be pushover like him; she wasn't.

Oh, nevermind...I can't blame N for that loss since the trainers in that gym kind of tip me off that I was going to have trouble there. Plus, I did head in there at not the best level (All my Pokemon were around level 25 to 26 at the time.). It also did not help that Elesa loves to spam volt switch throughout that battle. So yeah, it was a difficult battle, but I pull through in the second try by tanking her best Pokemon with my starter.

After beating her finally, I went over to Route 5 like she asked and met the Pokemon League Champion after beating my rival rather easily in battle there. And well, I got to say I really like this guy's attitude as Champion and I hoping to see more of this guy along the way since he seems like an awesome dude. It kind of makes me feel bad that I am going to be one to take his title away, unless, of course, N beat me to him first.

Oh, and now that I mention it, N did say that he was going to make all trainers free their Pokemon by becoming Champion, which has me wondering something: Is the Pokemon Champion like the president of region or something that he can declare such things that everyone must follow or does N just think that title of Champion will make him strong enough to beat all who oppose him? I think it is the later, although the way Alder reacted to my rival's desire to be champion seems to make me think there might be more to it than that.

Of course, I should keep in mind that at least for me, the Player character, the title of champion is really nothing more than a plot device to end the main story for your character or at least it has been. Again, I have not beaten the game yet, so who knows there might be something else to it this time around. Nah, I doubt there really is anything else to it this time.

But anyway, the bridge to Driftveil City was finally lowered, so I crossed the bridge and heard for the first time the awesome music of Driftveil City (Which by the way, I have been listening to whole time, while writing this entry.). Unfortunately I had to saved the game at this point due to having to go to class, so that is as far as I got yesterday. But well, that's how far I have come since the last progress report.

Hm...I think that is all I got to share with you today about Pokemon. No wait, I just remember I wanted to ask this. Does anyone know if you can buy the soundtrack from Pokemon games anywhere? I would loved to have a copy of them to add to my iThingy, especially Driftveil City theme, which is my favorite at the moment.

Alright, that's all I got to talk about when it comes to Pokemon, so I am going end this here. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me ramble, guys. I doubt it was that interesting and if anything, I am sure it annoy some people considering I used words like though and although a lot throughout this thing. I am sorry about that and I'll try to do better in my next entry. See ya, BZPers.

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