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The Library That Never Was


Belated Pokelogs - Snorlax Edition

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Nintendo, Pokemon Oct 11 2012 · 490 views

Hey, folks. I am just popping in to give you all an update on my progress in Pokemon Black 2; which I have been playing for past few days, so I technically should of had one of these entries for Monday and Tuesday. But well, I kind of too busy playing the game during my free time to really write one of these.

Heck, I probably would be playing more now, if it weren't for fact that I do feel like I need to go to bed early today. Especially considering I am still tired after taking a nap today, which also unfortunately made me miss tonight's Ninjago episode. Yeah, I am a fan now and I am officially up to speed with TV series. Apparently there are some books though, so I might want check those out.

Oh, and I am probably going to be writing up an entry here at some point to summary some of my thoughts of series so far and some theories that I might have. But that's for a later entry, this is Pokelog, so let's move on.

Alright, last time we talked about my progress, I was in Floccesy Ranch helping Applejack (Yes, I know her name isn't Applejack. But well, they didn't even give her a name, so the brony in me felt it was good idea to give her that nickname. Deal with it. :P ) find her missing dog. And well, I founded it chasing after what appears to be a Team Plasma grunt.

But how could that be? Didn't we defeat those thugs pretending to be Pokemon activists during the last game two years ago? Well, I guess not then. Nice job saving the world, Looker and the original JMJ (Yeah, I used the same name, which why I was initially confused by N cutscene as I thought he was talking about new me at first. lol But we have yet to even meet, so that makes no sense.).

But anyway, when I confronted the dude, he didn't even battle me and ran off as soon as my rival decided to go tell Applejack that we founded her dog (Herdier). So yeah, she and her Herdier were reunited. Yay! :) Oh, I forgot to mention in my previous entry that I named my rival Samuel since I originally was trying to name him Samuel L. Jackson as homage to SPIRIT, but unfortunately that was too many characters for rival's name. So I settled with Samuel, which I think is fitting name for him.

Yeah, I know have a weird naming scheme for things. What can I say? I am not very creative when it comes to naming things. Its particularly why I avoid nicknaming Pokemon most of time. However I have decided this time around to try nickname all my Pokemon for fun.

lol So far though that has not gone too well as I ended up nicknaming a female Riolu on my team, Rocky Jr., and I named a female Pidove, Buzz. Yeah, I need rename them at some point with more fitting names. Although they are not the only ones that I have to rename as I do have quite a few members on my team with their original names such as my shiny Oshawott. Which now that mention it, how about you folks suggest some nicknames for my Pokemon? Please leave a comment here, if you are interested in doing that.

But anyway, to get back on track, I left the ranch and return back to Alder's place, where he had me battle with a couple of his students. And well, they were pretty easy to beat, so I wasn't there very long. So after that, I decided to head back home to see if that school had a open up as I was rather curious about what could be in there. Well, as it turns out, the first Gym was there, which I must say is kind of cool as they usually don't have you backtrack to a previous town/city to challenge a gym.

Now at time, I wasn't exactly ready for the gym, so I ended training for a bit. Eventually I decided to give it a shot and took out Cheren's Gym trainers relatively easily. However the same could not be said for Cheren as the dude actually beat me three times due to fact that I think I was too underleveled for him. That and I did decided to kind of avoid catching Pokemon that I have used in original Black such as Patrat and Purrloin. Oh, and my team at the time was:

- Oshawott (No Nickname)
- Azurill (No Nickname)
- Psyduck (No Nickname)
- Mareep (No Nickname)
- Riolu (Rocky Jr.; This name will be change considering it is female.)
- Pidove (Buzz; Again, the name is going to change.)

So yeah, I ended up training some more to try to better prepare myself for battling him, which wasn't easy since there was no trainers left to battle. lol And I actually end up catching another Riolu (This one is male and I nicknamed Mewthree) during one of those training periods as I thought maybe it might have a better move set than my current one. lol It didn't, so I end up PC-ing it. But anyway to make a long story short, I ended up changing my tactics enough during my fourth try at him and I won.

I then left and founded out apparently that my two friends from first game (Cheren & Bianca) have not seen each other in the past two years, which make me wonder exactly what happen during those years. Like did they have a falling out or something? Or maybe they stopped talking to each other to try and forget what happen to the original JMJ? (In my headcanon, I was murdered since that's only explanation that I have for why I didn't do anything to stop Team Plasma from coming back. I had to been killed for that to have happen.) Whatever case maybe, I thought that was interesting.

Hm...I probably should just do the list format thing again as I could be going on like this for hours. lol And so much for going to bed early, its midnight now. Yeah, let's finished this off in the list format style as this way more time consuming and more subject to human error anyway as I did all things that talk about above like two days ago. So here's a lot of some stuff that I did in Black 2 this week:

- Well, obviously I went to the next city, which was Virbank City. And man, that place had some good music. Oh, and before I got there, I caught a Sunkern, which nicknamed Sappy.
- Now I probably could of gone to Gym already and challenge Roxie. But since I struggled with Cheren, I decided to head over to Virbank Complex to train and I don't regret doing that as I also caught some Pokemon, while I was there.
- For those wondering, the Pokemon that I caught there were: Koffing (Nicknamed NCS for obvious reasons.), Magnemite (Nicknamed MC Magnet because for some reason, I thought he would make a good DJ. :P ), Growlithe (Nicknamed Chols in honor of this cool BZPer), and Magby (Nicknamed Lit'Tahu; I'll probably be changing his name to just Tahu later as that name does look kind of weird.).
- And of those Pokemon, I only picked Magby to join my team and end up PC-ing Azurill for him.
- Okay, so I stopped training when my Pokemon were all about level 15 or so. And well, I challenged the Gym and surprisingly enough it was hardly a challenge, nor was I defend once by the Gym leader there. I do rather like the design idea for gym though as it is interesting seeing music club in Pokemon world. That and music in background, before you stopped it, actually have vocals so to speak, which is kind of surprising. I mean yeah, it is just saying the word Pokemon and spelling it out repeatedly. But still it is kind of cool that they did have that and the music even reacts to when you challenge one of musicians; so that when you finally beat the Gym leader, the place is dead quiet because NPCs have stopped practicing their music.
- After beating the Gym leader, I naturally went over Pokestar Studios place to check it out and like a lot people, I think this place is actually pretty cool. I didn't spent a whole lot of time there though since I didn't want to end up spenting several hours trying to make good Pokefilms, when I could be continuing my journey. So basically I made the first Brycen-Man film and I attempted the first Mystery Doors of the Magical Land film, but ended up bailing out when things did not go too well. Hm...I'll probably play with it some more at a later point. But right now, my main focus is on my journey through Unova.
- Once I finished playing with Pokestar Studios, I returned to Virbank City and found the apparently reborn Team Plasma being confronted at the harbor by Roxie and my rival, Samuel. So naturally I walked over to help them and took out one of the three Team Plasma grunts before they ran off to somewhere in Route 20. And well, my rival really want to not letting them get away, so we chased after them (Which if I had to guess is because they probably conned him two years ago to give up his partner.). I only found one of them though and after battling them, I found out they had a boat of some sort.
- So I ended up taking the ship at Virbank harbor over to Castelia City; which from what I have explored of it, it has changed very little in this two years gap of time. I mean there are changes to it like the old Team Plasma base is now Medal Achievement HQ place. But well, none of changes make me feel like I don't know where I am going as everything is mostly in same place and even some dialog appears to be same. Not that complaining though. I just think it might of been nice to mix things up a little is all.
- After exploring the city and training for a bit, I entered the sewers of the city to see if the new Team Plasma was hiding down there. And I must say I like the fact that they added this to city as it added a bit of new to a city that you are mostly already familiar with. It was nice touch and it especially cool seeing like Zubat and Rattata down there. Oh, and by the way, I caught a Rattata (Nicknamed RatMan) and Woobat (Nicknamed Aho-Chan after the BZPer of same name), while I was down there.
- And that about it for what I have done for past few days in game. Well, I did fight the Team Plasma members hiding down there and met some scientist dude, but beside that I hadn't done anything else really.

Hm...Well, I guess I can give you my current team's stats before I called this entry and post it. So here is some information on my current team of Pokemon:
- Magby (Lit'Tahu), Level 19
- Lucario (Rocky Jr.), Level 19
- Flaaffy, Level 19
- Dewott, Level 18
- Psyduck, Level 19
- Pidove (Buzz), Level 19

With that said, thanks for taking the time to read this all and I hope you all have a good day. Night, BZPers.

-JMJ 2012


Pokelog - The Beginning of a New Journey

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Nintendo, Pokemon Oct 08 2012 · 448 views

Hey, folks. I am just popping in to let you all know that I did indeed get Pokemon Black 2 today. Unfortunately I did not get to play a whole of it since my father decided to take me out driving, so I am not very far in game. But basically here is what I got done in game so far:

- I have linked up with my Black version, so memory link is active in game and I have seen only one of cool flashbacks so far.
- I have downloaded Genesect mystery gift to my game.
- I picked Oshawott as my starter and got blessed by Arceus with a shiny Oshawott as a result.
- I got to meet Alder for "first time" and listen to his amazing theme again. I seriously needed to get an MP3 of that as I really like listening to it. Argh...Nintendo, why won't you sell soundtracks in America? *shake fist*
- I helped Applejack (An old Rancher lady) find where Winona (Herdier) ran off to.

So yeah, like I say, I did not get a whole lot done in Pokemon Black 2 today. But I am enjoying it and I can't wait to continue play it during some of my free time tomorrow.

Oh, and I also caved and brought Dream Radar for my 3DS, which actually isn't that bad of application from what I played of it. *looks at clock* Unfortunately I kind of have to wrap this entry up as it is late, so I can't really talk about it too much right now. But I try to get around to later to giving you people a better idea at what this application is exactly and whether or not it is worth the 2.99 + tax to get.

With that said, thanks for taking the time to read this all and I hope you all have a good day. Night, BZPers.

-JMJ 2012


Basement Clean Up and Random Thoughts

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random, Pokemon, LEGO, BZPower Aug 13 2012 · 321 views

Hey, folks. I am just popping in to tell you guys that I have finally, after months of putting it off, start cleaning up the basement.

And so far progress with it has been good; I have gotten all my college textbook on their proper shelf; I have thrown away a good enough of waste material like old notebooks and boxes; and I got three things ready to donate somewhere (Lincoln Logs, Parchessi [Board Game], and an old 100 piece puzzle [Which I completed just to make sure it had all the pieces and well, it does.]). There still a lot more to do though obviously, but I decided to take a "Teamster Break" to write a blog entry and work on posting my SSCC review.

And beside that, I know I am not going to get it done in one day anyway as there is bunch of vacuuming and dusting to do after I get through all my school paperwork stuff. lol That's not even counting the LEGO stuff that I want to do such as creating a possible work station to build LEGO related stuff. So yeah, this project going take a few weekends to get through, but I think it is will be worth it in the long run since I am tired of how disorganize my work space has become around me.

Oh, speaking of LEGO stuff, I ultimately end up deciding out of blue today to buying LEGO Lord of Rings Collection pack instead of a Mindstorms set. I imagine I am going to be kick myself for that, especially if the sets end up going on sale at some point. But well, they are pretty awesome sets from what I can tell, so I guess it is worth it. That since they are license sets, I doubt even on sale that they would be very cheap. *shrugs*

So yeah, for next couple of weeks, I am going to be sitting on pins and needles waiting for them to arrive. Man, it is going to be awesome owning the whole Fellowship. Hm...Not sure what I will do with some of doubles though. I guess I could sell them maybe, if they are basically same minifigure in appearance. *shrugs* We'll see, I guess.

Oh, and again speaking of LEGO stuff, I found an old MOC of mines that I am slightly tempted to take pictures of to post in Bionicle Based Creation forum. Hm...But I don't know if it really good enough to show there, so I am kind of against possibly showing it. *shrugs* Again, we will just have to wait and see, I guess.

Now speaking of more BZP related news, I recently read an old fan fiction of mines and I got to say I am kind of start getting in the mood again to write some Bionicle fan fiction, when I get the chance. lol That probably won't happen though until like college starts for me on the 27th since I am sure I will have do nothing periods in my day to read fan fiction stuff and possibly write some myself, while I am there. Once more, we will just have to wait and see.

As for blog news, I got a couple of entries planned. One of them is basically going to be final BrickFair related entry and it will basically mention all details that I remember of the event, my regrets after leaving early, what I learn from the experience, and my possible plans for a future visit, etc. Plus, it will have links to all my pictures.

The other entry is probably going to be Pokemon related as I wanted to write down my expectations for the future of Pokemon games when they make the switch to the 3DS. It might also have revamp of my Who's that Pokemon feature. When these entries will be posted is all up to how busy I am during the next few weeks, so they might not be up right away knowing my track record. Apologizes for that, folks.

That's all for now, folks. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a good day. Talk to you all later, BZPers.

- JMJ 2012


Belated Pokelog: Mixed Bag Edition

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random, Pokemon Jun 24 2012 · 372 views

Hey, folks. Since I hadn't gotten around to cleaning the basement today, I thought I would just pop in and give you guys the entry that I been meaning to write since last Sunday, which was my Pokelog for that weekend.

Oh, and before you post at me yelling clean the basement, I am going to get to doing that tomorrow. I probably won't be doing the PC disconnecting part of it this weekend though since it would just make a bigger mess to deal with and I am not on vacation until another week from today, so I don't have a lot time to fool around with my stuff.

What I probably will be doing today is fixing up my book shelf by the staircase, so it can finally be used for what I brought for months ago (It supposed be my school textbook, BIONICLE book collection, and DVD bookcase, but right now it holding a bunch of random stuff.). With that say, I am probably not going to be showing you guys anything of it because there will be a bit of mess lying about, especially around the computer and weight bench.

Oh, and speaking of my computer, while it is working pretty well right now, I would appreciate it if anyone of you tech experts could maybe suggest some new computers that I could check out. Wait...I probably should clarified that I am asking about retail desktop computers, not the ones you build yourself (Which personally I don't find too appealing because I have no idea how to do it and I don't think there are any insurance to cover yourself, if the computer ends up not functioning at all.).

lol I just remember this is Pokelog. Sorry about that, guys. Speaking about this Pokelog itself, I do have tell you guys that since it been so long since I play the game, I am just going to be hitting the highlights of the gameplay that weekend and doing a Pro and Con list on the game itself.

Highlights of the Gameplay last weekend:
- I beat the Eighth Gym Leader > I can't say I can recall how difficult it was, but I pretty sure I did not get defeat by him. I think I was under-level though, when I beat him.
- After training up my Pokemon team to level 50, I challenged the Elite Four and got owned twice.
- During my third try, I was able to beat the Elite Four mostly due to using items since I was pretty under-leveled.
- As I walked up to challenge the champion, I find N is there and he has already beaten the champion. Which I must say I really like how they tie in the "evil" team story this time around into the journey to Elite Four because it kind of gave our character much better source of motive for wanting to challenge them, beside wanting to be the best.

I absolute loved descending through N's Castle and animation of it appearing was pretty cool. I also greatly appreciated that N does play fair and allows us to ready ourselves for battle. Heck, he even has a member that sends us back to the surface, if we so to desire to buy items or train our Pokemon up some. And even though N is my enemy, I really felt for the dude because his intentions were noble and good.

But anyway, I get to top of castle to meet with N and I see pretty awesome cut-scene in which Reshiram appears. N tells to me challenge it to prove I am the other hero, so I do. And after the third try, I catch it successfully (Accidentally kill it during the first two tries.). It was in an Ultra Ball, by the way. Yeah, I know it was kind of lame way of doing it, but I did not have the patience to try the normal Pokeball route. Plus, I notice during my first try at it that he will actually confuse himself after awhile and ends up accidentally killing himself as a result.

So with legendary Pokemon in tow, we challenge N and ultimately end up victorious. It does not end there though. Ghetsis arrives on scene and reveals to all his true colors, so now we have to challenge him to battle to protect the world from his evil plan. Once more, we succeed and Ghetsis is taken away by Champion and Cheren. And well, obviously after that was the credits.

And starting the game up again after that, we find out our work is not done. The Seven Sages of Team Plasma are still at large and Looker, our favorite International Police Officer, has decided to in list our help in finding them. Of course, being the hero and all we were inclined to say yes. :P It also rather hilarious that he was one that gives us the fish rod (Which since we know surf is kind of useless.) and he does not even have good reason for doing it. lol

After that, we leave our home only to be ambush by our two friends, Cheren and Bianca. They mention to me some of post game stuff such as the Black City that is open to us. The biggest news of all though is the fact that Ghetsis escaped them, which no doubt will play a factor in Black & White 2 (lol Who am I kidding? It is pretty much confirm that he will be in the next game, which I got to say I am kind of happy about as I like to explore more about his connection with N and in general, the Shadow Triad. Heck, I loved it if N returns as well.).

So after I heard all this, I went off to travel to the Black City and much to my disappointment, the Black City was completely empty due to the fact that I took my time playing this game too much. :( As such, I ended up saving the game and calling it a night last Sunday.

lol And now I want start playing it again. Argh...Time stopping powers would be great right now. But anyway, here is list of Pros and Cons of Pokemon Black. Don't be surprised, if it is mostly positive because I personally do think that it is one of best Pokemon title out at this point (No doubt Pokemon Black 2 will surpass it or at least I hope it will.).

Pros of Pokemon Black:
- THE STORY > I got say the story for this game has got to be most interesting part about it and I really love how they tie in with your goal of battling Elite Four. Not that, but characters like N and Alder had good enough depth to them and I really like that.
- Gym Design > Like they been in Generation Four, the gym design was really neat in this game, especially like the eighth gym design with the dragon heads.
- Less HM use > I got say that was rather nice as you did not have carry HM Slave much with you to use moves like cut or strength. It was kind of odd though not having strength puzzles to do in Pokemon game. Surf and Fly though are still pretty useful moves to have on your team obviously.
- No limits on TM use > That was pretty awesome change because I tend to avoid using TM a lot due to the limit in the previous games.
- Environments > They really went all out on the environments in this game, especially with the bridges. And this was all done on a DS graphic system! I can't wait to see what they cook up with 3DS because I have no doubts that it will be amazing.
- Difficult > I got to say that this game felt to me like it was a lot more difficult to play than the previous titles and I actually rather like it because it helps me forge a more level balance team of six Pokemon.
- Some neat Pokemon design > While I admit there are some bad ones in this generation such as Trubbish (I have warmed up to Trubbish though considering we did have Grimer in Generation 1 and all.), I really like a lot of Dragon type Pokemon from this generation (Axew Family, Druuddigon, Zekrom, Reshiram, and Deino Family [I really want to get a Deino.]). Starter Pokemon are pretty cool, I love the Blitzle Family, the trio of Elemental Monkeys are cool as well (I really want to get all of them.), I like the Sandile family, and fossil Pokemon from this generation are pretty cool looking (I especially like Tirtouga.). Oh, and I really need to find a Bisharp at some point because I really like his design.
- Itemfinder > I really like the improvement they made on it. That and I like that we can assign more than one item to the Y button.
- Post-Game Content > I really like that they gave us this mission to track down the Seven Sages. That and they left us plenty of places to explore.

Cons of Pokemon Black:
- No Walking Pokemon > :( I got to say that was a big disappoint for me after playing Pokemon Heartgold. At the same time though, I do like that it was not include because I think it would of conflict with N's goal in the game because if the Pokemon are allow to travel with you outside the Pokeball, it would probably be kind hard to argue we are forcing them to be with us as they could easily run away (Hm...You know they should put that mechanic in the game for those that cruel to their Pokemon. Actually no, probably would annoyed people. It would be interesting to see though.).
- Xtransceiver is useless > It really is and personally I would like it better if it act like the Pokegear phone and allows you to add trainers to call for rematches. I also not sure why people would use it to communicate online with (I am especially against it using my 3DS's camera if I were to use it since I never been big fan of showing my face to people.). Although I kind appreciate that it does has this ability as a lot of cool things in this game tend to be local based (lol Of course, it makes sense that it is not local based considering the person will be sitting close enough to hear you.).
- You can't play Entralink online > Again, as nice as local based stuff are, it is not very useful for someone like me (In their early 20s) with not many Pokemon fans to hang out with locally (Although technically I did notice there was some people playing latest Pokemon games on their 3DS at my college due to Miis they send me, but I think trying to track them down is weird and stalkish. There is also a Video Game and Anime club at my school, but they met on the days that I did not have class and was at work. :( ) I would of like it better if there was online mode for it.
- Pokeballs don't have their own bag in the Item menu > That is rather annoying to me, especially considering you get a lot of items in this game.
- Running Shoes lost its touch screen button and return to B button > Again, another thing that kind of annoyed me since I like that feature in Pokemon Heartgold.
- Some of Pokemon design weren't the best > As many people have said, not all Pokemon designs in this game were the best we seen. The Trubbish Family and Woobat Family are ones that I really don't like.
- Level Grinding can be difficult > This game seems to make level grinding without trainers rather difficult. Admittedly it might of always been like that. It has been awhile since I pick up Pokemon Heartgold.
- No VS Seeker > Again, that's another thing that I found annoying because it would of been useful for training, especially post-game as it help with making more ideal online teams.
- Black City Inhabitants are depend on how fast you beat the game > This annoying because it makes the place pretty much useless for me.

And that's my pros and cons list. lol And apparently I have an equal amount of Pros and Cons for this game. I think the Pros outweigh the cons though. *shrugs*

But anyway, I actually was going to talk about Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Demo here as well. However I think I have kept you guys long enough with this. Well, I guess I could say it here really quickly. I really liked the demo and I can't wait for the actual game to come out. The flowmotion stuff in the demo were quite fun. I do wish they could of demonstrate the Drop Gauge in it though. That and it would of been nice to see what playing as Riku is like.

Alright, that's all for today's entry. I am sorry if I kept you guys too long. I hope though that the entry was to your liking. Thanks for taking the time to read this all. See ya, BZPers.


Oh, and I was going to do a "Who's that Pokemon" part of this entry. But considering how long this entry is, I decided not to. I am sorry if any of you guys were looking forward to it. EDITED: Oh, and I just want to mention here that I just brought the Legend of Korra off Itunes, so I finally be able to catch up on the series. :) No spoilers, please.

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"I'm a heartbreaker...My name...Charles."


I Am The Hero...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Pokemon Jun 17 2012 · 201 views

I did it, guys. I finally "completed" Pokemon Black (Completion Time: 78:33 *Yeah, I know it is horrible time, but I tend to play this game in front of my PC, so I leave it sitting for long periods of time.*).

That's all for now, guys. I will have more comments about Pokemon Black tomorrow after I get some sleep (I been playing Pokemon Black for 10 hours today). If I must say anything about it, it is that this game has officially become my favorite Pokemon game and I can't wait for Pokemon Black & White 2. :) Talk to you all later.

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"I'm a heartbreaker...My name...Charles."


Minecraft, Who's That Pokemon...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Minecraft, Pokemon, Random Jun 09 2012 · 444 views

Hey, folks. It been awhile, hasn't it? Well, not really, unless you consider two days without a blog entry as being awhile. :P But anyway, today's entry is going to have me talk a little about Minecraft here and introducing possibly a new feature to my blog involving Pokemon that I might be doing weekly. I also got an aside thing to mention here as well about my plans for my Blog's Literature Contest that I say would start June 16th.

So let's get this show on the road, shall we? First up is Minecraft, so I am going start things up for this topic by showing you the following screen shots that I took today while I was playing the game. The first picture is of my current work in progress base of operation's entrance, which I hope to eventually build up into massive castle like tower with high walls around it.

Now the second picture is inside the pit that I dug around this tower, which I am going to fill up with water and build up four escape towers for my underground glass cover bedroom (Which I guess is kind of pointless since this world is not on server, so I really should never need to have multiple escape routes as long as it is cover in light as it is. I guess I am doing it for rule of cool and imagination sake.).

Okay, so outside of showing you guys those pictures, I want to inquire something about Minecraft. And that is whether or not using an old Beta world file in current Minecraft version cause stuff like wolves, cats, and villages to spawn less. Does it? Just wondering because I barely explore this world in beta version and yet when I travel far from my base into unexplore regions, I can't find any villages, wolves, or cats. Then again, I might just not be traveling far enough. *shrugs* Hm...I guess that possible.

Okay, that's all I got for Minecraft topic. My next topic is Pokemon one and basically it is blog challenge for Pokemon fans to see if they can guess correctly who that Pokemon is based on a shade picture, I provided in the entry. Of course, I am not going to give you guys anything big, if you guess right since you could of just look it up. But I will post an entry the next day revealing who it was and go on to say some triva information about that Pokemon and I might also put a link to right guesser's profile in a content block.

Sorry, guys. I wish I could do better than that, but I can't confirm if you guys are cheaping or not, so the reward has to be as minor as that. Hopefully though, you guys have fun trying the challenge. But anyway, here is the first of hopefully many who's that Pokemon challenges:

Posted Image


Moving right along to my last topic of the day, I am here to tell you that I most likely will be postponing my writing contest, if only because Library Summer Olympics has start now as such I rather not distract anyone from official Staff hosted contest. As such, it will now start sometime in August.

Alright, that's all for today's entry. Thanks for taking the time to read this, guys. And I hope you all have a good night. See ya, BZPers.

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"I'm a heartbreaker...My name...Charles."


Belated Pokelog - Sleepy Edition

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random, Pokemon, Nintendo Jun 04 2012 · 275 views

Hey, folks. Apologizes for not getting this up earlier, I kind of got distract last Sunday with Wii U news stuff, so I wasn't able to get around to write my Pokelog for Saturday's playthrough. And unfortunately I do not really have a lot of time to go in depth as I normally do with these Pokelogs, so instead I will just be focusing on the highlights.

The following are the highlights of my playthrough last Saturday:
- A battle with Pokemon Ranger inspired this entry.
- Leveled up most of my team through training to level 40 (Which I think is still too underlevel for where I am in the game.).
- I beat the seventh Gym leader rather easily mostly due to my starter's type advantage.
- Try to stop Team Plasma from fulfilling their plans at Dragonspiral Tower, but ultimately fail to stop N from waking Zekrom.
- I got to see an awesome looking cut scene with N and Zekrom at the top of the tower.
- I am told by N to seek Zekrom's opposite in Relic Castle, so that is where I am now and have left off there.

And well, I am not sure what to expect here since the game does not appear to have given me the Master Ball yet. Not that I would use the Master Ball on Reshiram for you see, I am simply saying I think it is odd that I have not receive one yet. Then again, I'll probably be getting one at end of this trip most likely. *shrugs* I guess I won't know until I find the time to play the game again.

*yawn* Argh...I really don't want to cut this short here, but I am getting kind of tired. And as much as I would like to move on to my next topic (Which is my comments on Wii U news from Sunday), I don't have the energy to keep typing. Sorry, guys. Maybe tomorrow, I'll post a special Nintendo E3 entry after I am able to watch through it all (I unfortunately can't watch it live due to work.).

Oh, and before I go though, does anyone think it is worth getting Pokemon Conquest? I am just asking because I actually think it looks like an interesting game, but I am not sure if I am going to buy it or not. *shrugs* Also am I only one that wish that Square Enix had their own presentation at E3?

But anyway, I am done, guys. I can't write anymore. I am sorry about this entry being short. Night, BZPers...

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Pre-Pokelog: The "six"-Man Band

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random, Pokemon Jun 02 2012 · 291 views

Hey, folks. I am just popping in real quick here to post a product of my currently active (Meaning I am actually playing the game now) Pokemon Black binge. Of course, I am sure you all are wondering exactly what could this product. Well, if you know your TV Tropes, then you can probably guess that I am going to post a list of what I think my current Pokemon team could be classified according to Five-Man Band principle.

Why am I doing this? Because it was a fun little thought that came to my mind, while battling a Pokemon Ranger. Oh, and don't worry guys, there is going to be more standard Pokelog later (No idea if I will get up today though, but I try to.). Also don't spoil Legend of Korra for me since I still hadn't caught up, so I can't watch today's episode even though I am up at the time and I am not at work today (Thankfully my boss did not actively request that I come in (He did ask at end of day though, but he left it up to me to decide if I want to or not.). Although it would of probably been good idea if I did since I wasn't able to work forty hours this week due to Monday holiday. Not that, I am complaining though since I was happy to have a day off from the usual get up at 6 AM in morning and work till 5:30 PM pattern that my weeks have been having lately. Wait...Why am I going on about this? This entry is not a work entry. lol).

Okay, so here is my "Six"-Man Band:
- The Hero = Emboar; Obviously I had to pick my starter Pokemon, Emboar, since I couldn't possibly of have a team, if it weren't for him. So yeah, he is the leader and the hero for my 'Six"-Man band.
- The Lancer = Stoutland; This one was pretty much a given considering I call upon him a lot to save other members of the team from danger. So in a way, he is kind of the team's tank, so it could be argued that he is the Big Guy. However I feel he is a bit more than that, especially considering he is one of first Pokemon that I caught in the game. And well, that's reasoning for making him the team's Lancer.
- The Smart Guy = Watchog; This choice was bit harder for me decided, but ultimately I went with Watchog because she tends to get in over her head a lot in battles and kind of has nerdy appearance that I would expect from the Smart Guy. *shrugs*
- The Big Guy = Carracosta; This choice was kind of toss up between Watchhog and Carracosta actually because Watchog does have some moves that I would say make her a bit of powerhouse close to that of my lancer, Stoutland (She does kind of fall flat though in that regard since she does get knock out a lot. Although it is mostly my fault, not hers.). However the newcomer, Carracosta, is quickly becoming a favorite of mines and he tend to take out a lot wild Pokemon in close to one hit KOs, so I think it only makes sense that he is the Big Guy of the group.
- The Chick/The Load/The Team Pet = Swanna; This choice was rather easy to make since Swanna's only point on my team is and always will be taking me to places since he is the HM slave with Surf and Fly. He is mostly useless outside of that fact, so I consider him the Chick or rather the Load of the team.
- The Sixth Ranger = Zecora (Zebstrika); This choice was again kind of difficult to make since I actually have about three new members to the team (Carracosta, Swanna, and Zebstrika). Zecora though is the newest and she also kind of competes with Caracosta for my favorite in this team, so I would say she is the team's Ensemble Darkhouse (Pun intended. lol).

Alright, that's my "Six"-Man Band, folks. I hope you found some enjoyment in reading this. If not, oh, well, you can always read the actual Pokelog later. I guess I'll talk you guys all later. See ya.

*Note: The Pictures that I linked under each of Pokemon's names come from that Pokemon Wiki. I am just hosting them on my Photobucket because their Wiki server kind been giving me errors.

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Another Pokelog, Kingdom Hearts, And R2-D2

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random, Pokemon, Nintendo May 27 2012 · 333 views

Hey, BZPers. Today's entry is going to be another Pokelog with a bit random thoughts in the mix since I am not huge fan of making multiply entries in one day. Sorry to those people that would like it better if I kept things separate. But well, you have to deal with if you want to follow my blog as it is either the whole package or nothing. Again, sorry.

But anyway, I was playing Pokemon Black last Friday (Man, this entry is late. I should of had it up days ago.) for about 4 hours and 15 minutes, so I did get bit done. Well, actually the only thing that I completed in those hours was getting through Twist Mountain, so I doubt that very impressive. In my defense though, I was taking internet breaks in between stuff, so I probably could of had better playtime. Yeah, I know it is lame excuse, but it is true.

Alright, so I got to Icirrus City and well, I basically just took in sights when I got there. And man, I must say I really like this city's layout. But I especially like the nice looking wind mills that it got there.

I did notice some weird during my walk about and that it appears that gym leader is actually in their gym. Which is kind of different for this game considering almost all the Gym leaders (Excluding the first gym leaders.) came up to me and tell me that they have to run somewhere or want me to do something first before I could actually battle them.

*shrugs* Actually it is not that weird really. It just a bit of surprise is all since I been getting use to idea that the Gym leader come up to you as soon as you enter the area. But anyway, I did not do much outside of explode the city for a bit since I was too tired at that point to do anything else. And well, since I was tired (It was midnight at the time.), I decided to call it for night and save my game, so I could stop playing.

So yeah, for a four hour playthrough of Pokemon Black, I do not have much to mention here that super exciting like I caught a new Pokemon or that beat the Gym leader of the city (Which technically I guess I could of done since Ice type Pokemon are weak to Fire and Fighting type Pokemon, so my starter probably could of own the place up; sorry.).

If I had to say anything about this playthrough, it is that I am kind of surprise that I am nearing end of my journey already. I say this because I just notice that I only two badges away from Elite Four, so that means the plot will be wrapping up soon. And well, it kind sadden me and make me wish there was another Gym out there to do. *shrugs*

I guess I could always buy another copy of White version to play (I brought my sister's White version last year.) and play through that one to see how different they are. Or I could just go back to my Heartgold game and work on finishing my journey in that one. lol I probably shouldn't be getting ahead of myself since after all, I have not beaten game yet.

Plus, there is post-Elite Four stuff in this game, so it is not like I am going to completely done with Pokemon Black. I mean I could work on my Pokedex or making a team for online or something (Which I expect I would be owned in a lot since I never been most tactical trainer.). I don't know if I would still be writing entries for it like this though, unless people really want to see me rambling about catching Pokemon and training up a team for online play. Yeah, I don't think you guys are interest in hearing about that stuff.

But anyway, I think I say enough about Pokemon for this entry, so let us move on from that topic. Alright, so the next topic is about Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and well, it basically just me asking whether or not you think getting Mark of Mastery edition of game is worth it. Okay, so for those that don't know, Mark of Mastery is kind of like anniversary special box set that comes with Kingdom Hearts: 3D, which gives with the game itself, 5 "rare" AR cards, 12 art cards reflecting upon the series history, and a Kingdom Heart theme Protector Case for your 3DS.

I think it sounds alright for special box set thing, although it is going to cost me about fifteen more and only truly appealing things in it that I care about are the AR cards and Protector Case (I only care about the case because I hate getting finger print marks on my 3DS.). Oh, and speaking of AR cards, I am really hoping that they do not do what Kid Icarus did with it and actually sell card packs in stores since I really would like to collect the cards.

Moving right along, the next thing that I want to mention something funny about this picture. So you guys remember that friend of mines I say might be making the trip to BrickFair possible this year, right? Well, apparently he decide to mention to me at end of work last Friday that he notice I change my profile picture to this on a certain social networking (You know the place, I am sure.).

And funny thing about that is how he was struggling with trying to describe to thing that I was holding because he could not think of its name. Now in his defense, he has never seen a Star Wars film (The reasoning for that apparently religious related, so I am not going to go on in detail about it. I will say this though that I can't understand for life of me why his family is fine with James Cameron's Avatar, but they had issues with Star Wars.), so it is kind of understandable that he would not know the characters in it. However I do think even non-Star Wars fans should at least know who R2-D2 is or know what he looks like because he is one of most iconic characters from Star Wars trilogies, after all. *shrugs*

But yeah, I kind of got a chuckle out of that since as a Star Wars fan, I never expected anyone to ever have trouble recalling R2's name. Oh, and speaking Star Wars, am I only one that spent a good deal of this weekend watching original trilogy on Spike? Just curious is all.

Also speaking of that friend, there might be a stopper in our plans of going to BrickFair together since I been noticing his sister has been stealing his car a lot from him at work, so we might not be able to actually do it if such a trip is going to pose an issue with his sister need for the car. It is unfortunate, but it wasn't like I was expecting it to actually happen. That and if it did, it would be at most a day trip, so we would of probably just shown up on the public open hours on Saturday.

Although if by some insane amount of luck that it does actually happen, I would probably bring my 3DS with me to see if I could get some Streetpasses, while I am there. It probably won't happen, but that is worth mentioning, I guess.

Alright, with that say, I am going to call this entry and finally post it. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have good night. See ya, BZPers.

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Pokelog - I Am Suing Skyla

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Pokemon, Nintendo May 24 2012 · 333 views

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Hey, folks. Today's hot news with JMJ is I am suing Gym Leader, Skyla, for the damages that my face suffer having to do her little obstacle course to meet with her on the top platform in the back of her gym. Not only, but I am suing for the reckless endangerment that she puts us, the trainers, in by firing us out of cannons all over her place. My Pokemon Lawyer, Snorlex, has told me that he has his best Delibird on it, so she should be serve her court papers by next week.

That's all I got for you, folks. If you see Skyla, please tell her that I'll see her in court soon about this issue.


lol Guys, yeah, that's a joke. I am not suing anyone and this entry is not over. I was just having a little fun is all before I gave you guys the real Pokelog stuff for today. Before I start though, I just want to apologize about not having an entry up yesterday (Which if I play my cards right, it would of likely have been this entry you see now.).

I am sorry about that, guys. You see yesterday I kind of pass out on the couch in the basement, so I did not get the chance to really play Pokemon Black yesterday or do anything else more productive than sleeping. Once again, I am sorry about that.

Thankfully though, I was able to play some Pokemon Black today, so I got an entry for you guys. Yay! Let's get to it, shall we? Okay, so last time I talk about Pokemon Black, I was heading to Celestial Tower to meet with Skylar about helping a sick Pokemon. Well, to make long story short, I made it to the top and found out that she have heal the Pokemon already.

She then told me to ring the bell, so I did and we heard the game's personality of me come out of bell. I am actually kind of curious if it makes different sounds based on your trainer type (Mines is currently serious nature type.), so I guess I will have to go back and try it sometime to see if changing your trainer type makes the sound different. It probably doesn't, but it would be cool if it did have an individual sound for each trainer type.

But anyway, she told me to meet her back at the Gym, so I walk back down the tower and train my Pokemon up along the way. All my Pokemon, expect for Zecora (Blitzle), were up to level 34, when I got to the Gym, which I admitted was kind of under level for taking on this Gym. But well, I did not feel like grinding, so I thought I would plow on ahead. I can't say I regret doing this either since I actually did quite well in this gym and I beat the Gym leader without having to reset the game.

So yeah, I would say even though I was under level for this gym that my plan for tackling it was pretty solid as I was evenly making use of all my Pokemon, where they were useful. Really, I think the only Pokemon that I have trouble with today was Alomomola, which is a Pokemon that nurse in the tower had and it was only difficult because it had a lot of HP (That Pokemon would make a good wall in online play considering how much damage it took to take it out.).

Oh, and beside getting my sixth Gym badge, Zecora evolved into Zebstrika during one of the trainer battles, so I am pretty happy about that. She still kind of under level though and I think I might want to train her up some in Twist Mountain, so she can catch up to the others. It should not take too long though to do that she still only like two levels away from my current team captain's level, which is 35.

And man, I can not wait to play through Twist Mountain since I took a peek of it before I sign off for today and it looks pretty interesting from what I seen of it. If only, I did not have work tomorrow. No wait, I just remember that I actually got nothing on TV to watch tomorrow, so I guess I will have time to play this tomorrow. Yay! :) That and I do have a three day weekend (Monday's Memorial Day, so I am off from work.).

Oh, and I am starting to think that the Unova region starting to become my favorite region in the Pokemon world since there is a lot of interesting stuff here and I really liking the story behind it so far. Admittedly, there are some features that I am not huge fan of such as some of more odder Pokemon designs (I am looking at you, Mister Trashbag Pokemon.) and the lack of having one of your Pokemon walk with you (What can I say? I really liked that feature in Johto remakes.).

Alright, that's all the rambling I got for you today. I am sorry if it was not very interesting for you read, but thanks for taking the time to read it. And well, I hope you all have good night. See ya, BZPers.

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