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The Library That Never Was


21 Years of Life - The Belated Entry

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random, Real Life Apr 21 2013 · 94 views

Hey, folks. I am just pop in today like I usually do to tell you how my birthday went yesterday. Don't worried folks I am not going to rib you all like I did last year for not making a topic since honestly it is not that big of a deal.
But anyway, my birthday yesterday was pretty good. I spent most of my day hanging out with my best friend (Which by the way, he is same guy that made me getting visit BrickFair for a day last year possible, so he is pretty awesome friend, if you asked me.). And well, we mostly played video games and talk about vary of things on our minds. It was nice, especially considering I don't get to regularly converse with people, beside my family, very often.
Oh, and the games that we played were New Super Mario Bros Wii and Kirby's Return to Dreamland. In NSMBW, we were picking up where we were last time, so we beat the World 8 and saved the Princess. Hm...And if any Luigi fans were watching us, they probably would of cry since I kept dying with him as I am awful at platforming games. So yeah, sorry to Luigi for disgracing you on your year in the spotlight.
Speaking of Luigi, my friend apparently felt like getting me something for my birthday (Much like I had last year when I got him Kid Icarus: Uprising, which I am still not sure he has actually played. I hope he at least gave it a try though.), so I now have a copy of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. So that's pretty awesome, although it does throw a wrench in my plans of getting back to Fire Emblem: Awakening (Which I was planning to do since I had beaten LEGO City: Undercover story mode.) anytime soon. XD
But anyway, in Kirby's Return to Dreamland, we got to Level 7: Dangerous Dinner and after failing to beat that level several times due to my bad platforming skills and tired hands, we decided to call it a day since we been playing video games for like nine hours straight with a little break for pizza.
That and my friend had to start heading home since it was ten o'clock at night by this point and surprisingly his parents had yet to text him about being out so late like they usual do (I imagine it is because my father has that signal booster upstairs for his cellphone, so his phone got no signal due to that blocking it out probably.).
So yeah, we are probably going to pick up on that game next time we hang out (Which probably won't be till the summer since he still has school right now.). That should be fun. And I must say I am quite interesting in playing more Kirby games after playing this game and Kirby's Adventure recently. 
Alright, moving on from gaming talk, I guess I should answer the "do I feel any different now that I am 21?" question. Uh, the answer is not really and I honestly find it strange that people seem to have this idea that when you aged you like become a different person or something. I mean I guess it comes from the idea that when you grow older, you tend to reflect on past experiences and one would hope learn from them to do better in such situations in the future.
That make sense, I guess. But it is not like I personally have experienced that much of life yet since all I really do right now is just go to work really. *shrugs* Then again, if it is more about thinking about your regrets in life, I don't really need my birthday to make me think about that since I regularly do it already (The fact that I was too shy and scared to meet anyone at BrickFair last year is a good example of one such regret of mines.).
Alright, moving on from that topic, uh...I actually got nothing else to say really. So yeah, I guess that's it for this entry. Thanks for taking the time to read this, folks. And I hope you all have a good day. Talk to later, BZPers.
- JMJ 2013


LEGO City Story Mode Completed!

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random, LEGO, Real Life Apr 14 2013 · 82 views

Hey, folks. I am just popping in real quick before I head off to bed to let you all know that I beat the story mode of LEGO City today. It was pretty good. I am actually tempted to get the 3DS prequel game now because I quite curious to see if the two games' stories link up in a way. 
But anyway, I would definitely recommend the game to you folks if you ever planning on getting a Wii U in the future. It is quite fun and there is plenty to do, even after the story mode since there is so many collectibles to collect (Which is probably going to take me awhile to get them all since the city over-world is so huge.). Oh, and the humor is pretty good. 
There's a lot references to movies and other LEGO themes as well. Plus, it even has some Nintendo references since they did helped make the game. Like for example, if you smash into fifty things in row in a car, your car will act like it has received a Star from Super Mario Bros.
Hm...You know I might do a review of this game when I finished collecting everything in. Uh, would you folks like to see that? I mean I can assume you all that I am not just going praise the game and claim its flawless as I do have some criticism of it here and there. Although obviously as you can probably tell, I do definitely like the game. *shrugs*
Alright, so beside my rambling about LEGO City, I guess can let you all know that everything went well with my father's birthday today. We took him and my grandfather out for dinner since well, both them had birthdays this week (My father turned 52; My grandfather turned 75.). Oh, and I had grilled cheese, so that was good dinner. 
Hm...And I got to watch a bit of Book 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender this weekend as well. I'll have to finish it next weekend though since I didn't have time to watch through all the discs this weekend. Then again, my only friend in real life sounds like he wants to do something with me on my birthday, so I guess I won't be able to watch that again until Sunday probably.
So yeah, that was basically my weekend, folks. I should probably go bed. So thanks for reading this random entry of mines. I hope you all have a good day. Night, BZPers.
- JMJ 2013    


Random Nighttime Thoughts

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random, Real Life Apr 08 2013 · 83 views

Hey, folks. I am popping in today to well, share some thoughts that I have been on my mind. I mean I guess I could say I am here to give you a life update.
But really nothing interesting has been going on lately, which admittedly has been bugging me lately since I feel like my life is becoming way too routine. I don't know. Maybe its just the loneliness element of my life that is finally getting to me now (Man, I would hate to imagine how bad it will get when I moved out my parents' home eventually.). *shrugs* Being a social train-wreck can do that, I guess.
Uh, yeah, you folks don't want to hear that. Uh...Work last week was good. I got to do a lot of SolidWorks stuff with this assembly that I am currently working on releasing books for each of its details. So that was nice.
Although I have to bother one of my supervisors about a lot of stuff since its been awhile since I have actually done manufacturing related stuff. And apparently it is going to be even more awhile because I am going to need to go back on quotes now since like I predicted, my co-workers have been neglecting it (Well, actually it is more like they just don't know how to make 3DVIA for MBD parts right.) and we keep getting flood with more and more quotes every day. So yeah, that's not great.
Oh, and speaking of SolidWorks stuff, apparently the school, that I graduated from last year, now teaches this program, so I kind of annoyed about that because most of stuff that I learned about it was all self-taught mostly. Although then again, considering how well their Professors taught Autodesk Inventor there, I probably would of learn nothing that I didn't already know from troubleshooting stuff by myself.
So yeah, it wouldn't be worth wasting money to take that class, especially considering I already do know how to use it. That and Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks are really not that different from each other. They just have slightly different interfaces is all. *shrugs*
Alright, enough about work, uh....Video Games? Actually that's bad topic since I hadn't play anything at all last week. Its not that I didn't want to. The internet just been too big of distracting at times with its videos and stuff. *shrugs*
Maybe I should change that for this coming week. Then again, maybe I should use that time to clean up this basement of mines since it has been a disorganization mess for so long (lol My bosses would probably find that funny considering how OCD I am about organizing stuff on my desk. XD).
Hm...Speaking of this week, my father will be turning 52 this Sunday (14th) and my grandfather's birthday is on the 12th, I believe. I could be wrong, but I believe we are taking the two of them out for Birthdays dinner on my father's birthday, so that should be interesting. Although unfortunately I am probably going end up smelling like cigarettes after that since both my aunt and grandfather smoke. 
Also coming up this month is my anniversary of working (19th), which is conveniently the day before my birthday, so it is pretty easy to remember. But yeah, on the 19th, I officially worked at this company for about three years now. This year obviously though will marked as the first year that I have work full time though.
Alright, I think I have rambled enough here. Apologizes for boring you all with my boring life talk here. I guess I'll talk to you all later. Thanks for reading this boring entry. I hope you all have a good night. Night, BZPers.
- JMJ 2013



Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Video Games, Real Life, Random, LEGO Mar 23 2013 · 66 views

Hey, folks. I thought I would pop in today to share some thoughts that have been on my mind lately. No doubt this will be a very boring for you folks to read. But hey, this is a blog, so I might as used it for its designed purpose. :P
Alright, so to begin, I guess I can mention that I got LEGO City: Undercover recently for the Wii U. And what do I think of it? I honestly loved it. The humor is great. The story & the voice acting involved is pretty good. Really everything about it seems good to me.
Well, then again, there is one thing that I don't like and that is load times (They are pretty bad. Luckily they don't happen too often.). Although I think Wii U itself is more at fault than game itself. *shrugs* Hm...I also don't like that I don't have means to save on my own really since it kind of annoying having to depend on the game to autosave things.
As for work related stuff, things have been pretty good. I am still quite busy with quotes, which is kind of good (Since quotes means we could be getting orders for those parts, if our prices are viewed as fair enough to the buyers. And that's obviously a good thing because orders are the life force of the company.). Although I definitely can't say I am fan of working with quotes since they kind of trapped me at my desk for hours on end and there generally pretty dull since most of time, I don't get to model anything in SolidWorks. That and front office has a habit of doing things with quotes without telling Engineering department first.
But hey, they got to get done and I honestly trust myself to get it done correctly more so than some of my co-workers since I never cut corners in anything that I work on. And beside, my boss is trying to gradually get me out of working on quotes since he does feel my efforts would be better serve releasing books, especially considering we got a lot of jobs now coming in.
Although it would help if my friend would come to Engineering department more often since I am supposed to be training him to take the reigns for model based definition quotes. But unfortunately he still has a lot of scanning to do in the Inspection department, it seems. *shrugs* But yeah, that sums up work in a nut shell.
*yawn* Well, it is kind of late here, so I guess I can call this an entry and posted it. I mean yeah, I didn't really ramble a whole lot here, but honestly I am pretty sure you folks have better things to do with your time than read an entry from loser known as JMJ here. So yeah, thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a good day. Night, BZPers.
- JMJ 2013


Brotherhood and the Quest for a New Computer...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in BZPower, Random, Real Life Mar 10 2013 · 93 views

Hey, folks. I am just popping in today to well, talk about some stuff that I was thinking about yesterday. I actually would of talk about this stuff last night, but my computer was having issues again. So I spent a good dealt of time yesterday taking things off this computer in hopes that resolve some of issues that I have. It appears to have worked since my computer running a bit better.
But anyway, before I get on that tangent, let's talk about the real important thing first, which is...I have finally gotten around to reading more of the awesome epic, Brotherhood, by former BZPower staff member, Janus. And I personally recommend that you all give it a read and if you can, give it a review because it definitely deserve some.
Especially considering it reminds me of why I love the library forums here because people are able to take what they want from BIonicle and build their own worlds from it. Its great and its why I want to try and get into habit of reading more literature here again I won't be joining any Critic clubs though since I don't have time for them because I work like over forty hours a week and I really don't want the pressure of having to write a quality review in a week's time. Beside, I am more of reviewer than critic, so I really don't fit in with their crowd honestly. *shrugs*
Speaking of reviews though, I am planning on reviewing Brotherhood at some point. I am, well, still debating on whether or not I should wait until he has posted all the chapters of this epic before I review it. Hm...I kind thinking of doing what I originally planning to do, which is review five chapters at a time.
I think the biggest issue with me trying to review this though is that my normal way of reviewing stories here, usually involves me print them out because I like to write mark ups on stories and denote certain things that I should focus on. Now this story is about 54 pages in Microsoft Word. So yeah, printing this out would not be ideal, especially if I wait to do a mega review of the whole thing in its entire. Hm...I guess I could do it the five chapter at time review way since that way I only have to print a bit of it at time. *shrugs* What do you folks think I should do? Just wondering.
Alright, moving on from that, I guess I can talk about the quest for a new computer. Really, there's not much say about this except well, that I am getting to point that I am just about to settle with just any new computer out there now (Even one with...Windows 8...) because the issues that I having with this one are just about getting on my last nerves, especially the shut down issues. So yeah, hopefully in a week or so, I'll be getting a new computer finally.
Will it be able do everything that I want? Probably not since I probably going settle with whatever computer that I find with my minimum requirements (Somewhat cheap price, 8 GB of RAM, 1 TB hard-drive, and preferably a non-Intel graphics card.). *shrugs*
Alright, that's about it for entry. Well, I guess I can ask again if anyone is interested in one of these BZPower shirts. If you are, please do leave a comment saying you are interested in them.
Hm...I guess I could ask this as well. Does anyone here know how good bus transportation is in Virginia? Just wondering because I was thinking of using my one week's pay vacation during the summer to maybe take a trip down there to take in some sights there. Like go to some museums and maybe check out Washington DC since I only been there once during a school field trip and all I remember during my visit there is checking out the Lincoln Memorial.
Then again, I don't know since if I were to take that trip, I would probably be by myself, so I am not sure how comfortable I would be exploring a new place like that without anyone I know with me. *shrugs* 
Okay, I think I rambled here long enough, so I am going call this entry. Thanks for taking the time to read this, folks. And I hope you all have a good day. Talk to later, BZPers.
- JMJ 2013


Another life update...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random, Real Life Mar 03 2013 · 88 views

Hey, folks. I am just pop in again to give a life update. Yeah, I know you guys are probably like, "Oh, joy...Another life entry from the boring loser known as JMJ here." ... But well, I thought I might as well write another life entry in case any of your folks were worry about me for whatever reason since I mention last entry how I was a bit stress out by work lately.
So yeah, speaking of the work thing, I thankfully got some help from my fellow Engineering assistants and we were able to knock out quite a lot of quotes on Wednesday & Thursday. Unfortunately though, I kind of start getting sick on Thursday (I blame my boss since he was sick, but he still coming into work.), so I took off Friday from work to see if that would help me get over it faster.
And well, it seems to have done so because I am now feeling quite a bit better now. I am kind of worried though that my co-workers might of slack on the quotes awhile I was away, so hopefully they didn't. I especially hope they dealt with that quote due on Friday because last I checked, the quote wasn't available. Hm...I imagine the buyer probably gave us an extension on it since we had not access to it since he gave us the quote order on Monday.
But anyway, moving on from work, my mother has turned 52 last Friday and even though I was sick, I took my sister & mother out to dinner to celebrate her birthday (I would of took the whole Family, but my father was at work at the time and my younger brother was somewhere.).
So yeah, that was pretty nice. The place had some pretty good grill cheeses. Hm...You all probably don't know this, but I always order grill cheeses at restaurants. Why? Well, it is mostly because I am picky eater. That and well, I kind of like to mentally compared them to other grill cheeses that I have before. And while I wouldn't said it was the best grill cheese that I have before, it definitely was not bad. What can I say? That's just another example of how weird JMJ is.
Alright, so moving on from life stuff, I thought I might as well as ask if there is anything new that you want to see in my blog here. Like do you want to talk about LEGO more? Or maybe like a pick a random short story to review during my weekends? Or stop talking about life stuff here? You know whatever comes to mind as something that you like to see from me in the future. 
Okay, that's all I really have to talk about for this entry. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have good day. Talk to later, BZPers.
- JMJ 2013


Random Life Update

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Video Games, Real Life Feb 28 2013 · 91 views

Hey, folks. Its been awhile since I post an entry here (You can blame working full time for that. And well, I am not having the best of time managing my free time. Sorry about that.), so I thought I take a few minutes to post a short update entry of sorts. 
So yeah, life been treating me pretty well lately. I can't complain really. Well, I can complain a little that my job has been a bit stressful lately. Enough so, that my latent nerves issue is starting to make a come back since I am having a lot of stomach problems lately. 
But eh, I am alright. Its nothing to get to worry about. I am just getting stress out a bit by some of pressure that I am feeling from dealing with all these quote jobs (Seriously I had like 2 quotes left last Saturday and by this Monday, I got 38 new quotes that are due in less than a week [Thankfully I do have a bit of help and we have knock it down a bit since then.]. Argh...).
But anyway, enough work talk (Since after all, I doubt you guys are interested in hearing me talk about work here. *shrugs*)....Uh, what I should talk about here? Well, I guess I could mention that I named my first three familiars in Ni No Kuni after Spike (from MLP: FiM), Momo (from Avatar: TLA), and Tingle (from the Legends of Zelda).
I also unfortunately hadn't read much else of Hyrule Historia since my last entry here because well, I kind of worried it will tempted me to read Skyward Sword spoilers and I don't want to do that since I feel it will spoil my experience of the game (Which speaking of that, I really need to get around to playing that again.). So yeah, no Hyrule Historia until I beat Skyward Sword, which I am probably not going to get back to playing that until after I beat Fire Emblem: Awakening. 
Speaking of that, I am currently on chapter 9 of that so far and I must say I am liking it mostly. Oh, and for those wondering, I am playing it on easier difficult mode since otherwise I am going to throw my 3DS out a window since I absolutely refuse to let anyone die. So yeah, I am wimp. Heck, I even put on my streetpass card that I am a total loser. XD
Well, it is getting late, so I better head off for the night. Apologizes for short and boring entry, folks. I hope you all are having a good week. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Good Night, BZPers.
- JMJ 2013


Late Night Rambling

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in BZPower, Nintendo, Random, Real Life Jan 25 2013 · 90 views

Hey, folks. Like I said yesterday, I am back to ramble for a bit here.
Before I do though, I just want to apologize for well, disappearing and all for past few days. You see apparently adjusting to working full time is harder than I was expecting, especially when it comes to my sleep schedule. And well, a lot of BZPower blog entries are well written at like near midnight hours. So yeah, writing blog entries wasn't going to help with that. If anything, I probably shouldn't be even writing this now since it almost midnight here and all.
But well, I feel like I owe you folks an update, so I just have to deal with it (lol I'll probably be kicking myself for saying that tomorrow). So yeah, with that said and all, sorry for lack of active from me lately.
Alright, moving on from that, I guess I can ramble about... Hm...What should I talk about here? Well, I guess I could mention that I got a raise at work today. Hm...No, actually that's not very interesting thing to mention here since there isn't really an interest story behind it or anything. I just got my degree last semester and well, my boss decided to recommend I get a raise when he was made aware of that fact. Yeah, it is boring story and I doubt you folks care to hear about dull life of JMJ anyway.
So what should I talk about then? Well, I guess I can mention that I am quite excited about a lot of Wii U games for this year and probably next year (Since obviously stuff like Bayonetta 2 are probably not going be coming out this year considering how far they are in development with it.). I think what I am looking forward to the most at the moment is Wind Waker remake since it is, well, a Zelda title and based on pictures, the graphics look really good on the Wii U. Plus, Wind Waker is kind of my favorite Zelda game, so it is hard not to be excited about a remake of it, even though technically I could just pull out my GameCube and play it again if I really want to.
Hm...Another Wii U title that I am excited is whatever Monolith Soft is working on because based on in development footage, the game looks pretty awesome. I especially like fact that there might be mechs in it. But yeah, I am definitely looking forward to seeing more news on this game in the future.
Alright, moving on from that topic, I guess I can talk about some blog plans that I have currently. The first, well, being that I think I might end up having an entry here that will kind of be a monthly weight in thing. Why? Because I think it will help motive me to start losing some weight and get into the habit of exercising regularly.
Hm...Honestly I doubt you guys would care to see an entry like that, so I guess I could keep track my weight a different way. Especially if that end up annoying you folks, which I don't want to do. *shrugs* I guess I'll leave it up to you folks to decide really.
As for other blog plans, I may be hosting a contest here in the future. I am not sure what type of contest it will be though. So you know what how about folks tell me what you prefer to see: a Writing Contest or a MOC Contest?
Okay, I think ramble enough here. Well, actually no, I don't think I have. But honestly I need to go to bed, so that getting up at 6 AM won't be worst. With that said, thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a good day. Night, BZPers.
- JMJ 2013


Random Entry: My Degree and Fire Emblem

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Real Life, Random, Pokemon, Nintendo Jan 24 2013 · 90 views

Hey, folks. I am just popping in really quick to show you folks that I finally got physical copy of my degree today. You can see it in this picture here. And yes, I edited my name and school out for obvious reasons. Oh, and that badge looking thing on the paper is just there to denoted that I graduated with high honors (I did, after all, have 3.70 GPA there.).
In other news, I took this picture while I was playing the new Fire Emblem demo, which I must say I think I might end up getting this game since it seems pretty interesting and fun. I mean it is either that or I will bum it off my sister when she is done with it since I know that she has preorder it already.
Oh, and apparently Pokemon X & Y news got my sister back into Pokemon as she seem to have jump back into playing Pokemon White and she makes plans to get White 2. lol Of course, she had to ask me if that was right sequel to White (Which as far as I am aware it is.) and if I know where to get it cheap. XD
But anyway, this blog entry isn't about my sister, so let's get off that topic. Hm...So what should I talk about? Oh, you know what I don't have enough time to ramble tonight, so I guess I'll have to do some rambling tomorrow. So yeah, I guess I'll talk to you all tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a good day. Night, BZPers.
- JMJ 2013


CH-47 Chinook Poster

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in LEGO, Random, Real Life Jan 10 2013 · 98 views

Hey, folks. I am just pop in to show you a cool CH-47 Chinook poster that I got at work today. :) So yeah, with that said, here are the pictures.
Oh, and apologizes for the pictures being kind of grainy again. I am unfortunately still using my cheap camcorder to take pictures, so grainy pictures seem to be unavoidable. *shrugs* I am sorry about that, folks. :(
Alright, that's pretty much all I have for you today. Well, actually I guess I could talk about some other stuff, while I am here. Like for example, today I got a package from Amazon that I ordered from there like three days ago. That was pretty cool. Oh, you want to know what was in package? Well, it was Book 1 & Book 2 of Avatar: The Last Airbender, which means I now have the whole series on DVD. :)
Hm...You know I should totally like marathon Avatar: The Last Airbender next month during the weekends. I might just do actually since it has been awhile since I have watch Book 1 & Book 2.
Oh, and speaking of packages, I also ordered Deadman Wonderland recently, so I should hopefully have that by Friday according to the tracker. :) So yeah, I definitely going to have plenty stuff to watch during my free time from work, I guess. After all, I did buy like seasons 6 & 7 of Bones and season 4 of FRINGE at Target like two weeks ago (They were having a really good deal there at time. Like all of three of those DVDs were like half the price listed there.). XD
Hm...Next time I buy DVDs, I really need to try and get Seasons 1 & 2 of Dollhouse.
But anyway, beside buying DVDs of shows that I like, I also got today my first ever LEGO Architecture set (Its Empire State Building), which I have yet to actually build. It looks like a pretty simple build though, so it shouldn't take too long when I finally get around to building it. Either way, it is still going to be nice little desk display thing for me (lol I say this when my desk is still covered in Brickmas and Bionicle MOCs.).
Oh, and I build like one of my Lord of Rings sets last week. It was nice. I believe it was the Uruk-hai Army one. And I must say I really like the armor on Uruk-hai minifigures. :)
Alright, I think I ramble enough here now. Before I go though, I guess I should mention that I will be sending those MOCs in the previous entry. However they won't be able to make it to BrickFair AL in time, so I'll be shipping them out to Bricks Cascade instead when shipping information become available.
I may or may not make some more MOCs in the meantime. If I do, I'll let you folks know just in case you want to check out for some reason (*shrugs* No idea why considering I am a horrible MOCer.).
But anyway, that's all for this entry. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a good day. Talk to later, BZPers.
- JMJ 2013

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