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The Library That Never Was


Something That I Thought Might Be Worth Mentioning...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Mar 29 2008 · 8 views
Is it just me or should Bzpower had a setting that will notified you by e-mail, when your friends', the ones on your friend list that is, birthday are today? Hmm...It probably just me as I alway forget a lot when friend of mines here, birthdays arrive as I don't look at the end of forums page that offend.

But I really I don't mean to forget their birthdays, it just slip from my mind at time as I am doing something else like reading topics or Bionicle Fiction stores. And then when a few days goes by and I realize their birthday was then, I feel bad about forgetting to wish them a happy birthday.

So, I thought if there was a notifier, it may be helpful for me to remember things like that as I be inform through my e-mail. Of course, a notifier would probably cost money for the Admins to have for the members, so it maybe better off without one. *shrug* None the less, it would nice, if they had one.


Something That I Notice...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Mar 26 2008 · 17 views
Is there like a competition on Bzpower to see who can add the most friends to their list? I mean I have seen tons of people on here that I never even talk to before that add me to their list. I really find it strange that people do that as it like saying that you consider every living being, your friend.

Hmm...If that was true, the world peace would of probably happen by now. Of course, that isn't true, but it would be nice; if it was as people would learn to accept people's differences in opinions and things. Sadly, those are only utopia dreams, which will likely never come true in real life.

I am guessing that some people maybe adding me to their list because of how I mention that if they ever need any help here, I wrote in my profile to feel free to PM me. So, I guess it is alright that they add me, but I probably won't be adding them as I like to add people that I know that I may want to PM about something or chat with them. And don't get me wrong, I personally have no problem with people adding me to their list, I just find it sort of weird that they add me without even talking to me ever.

So, am I only one being add by members that have never talk to me before or are there other people here too? Just out of curious. You don't have to answer, if you don't want to.


I Miss Spring Break... :(

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Mar 25 2008 · 12 views
As I mention before, my Spring Break ended on Sunday. I sure wish it had been longer. But of course, you can't always get what you want.

I am especially sad that it is over because I was never able to blog here a sort of my own Bionicle serial thing here. I was hoping to make an entry telling the story of an Alternative Universe that dealt with Carapar having a empire. But I couldn't put the story together in time during my break.

Of course, I am not given up on the story. I'll be write little by little over the weeks to come, when I have spare time to do so. I'll hopefully have the entry post before my Birthday. But then again, I could be wrong and its best not to put a deadline on my written work as it isn't as good, when it is rushed.

And I also need to think about finishing up some chapters for my two epics and finishing my short story on Takanuva too. So, I got a lot of written Bionicle work to work on. Oops...I almost forgot, I also have my surprise Bionicle Kingdom project to work on as well. Man, its times like seem I wish I could slow time down to give me time to work on these side projects of mines.

The Vahi would so be useful in my life. I bet I mastered that Kanohi in a week for I be use it so much to give me as much extra time that I need to do things. It would be useful in school, when taking notes and I am not done them by the time of which the class ends. Of course, it would be dangerous object to have as if I broke it by accident, I would destroy time itself.

Hmm...Maybe I should get the Safety set Vahi that doesn't destroy time, if broken. Oh, wait...There is no safety set version. *yawn* Well, I got get going. It is 10:00 PM EST here, so I go to bed. Good Night. *Note: This entry will most likely say it is 9:00 as I can't seem to get it to set for day-light saving time.*


Happy Easter!

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Mar 23 2008 · 10 views
Well, I hope you all are having a happy Easter. I can assure you that I did since I had Reeses, my favorite candy, and I got to have some fun in the Bionicle Kingdoms RPG today. I would say more, but I don't really have the time to as I have to go to bed early for school tomorrow. sad.gif

Well, good night everyone. See you at 3:00 PM EST or 4:00 PM EST tomorrow. See ya!


Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Mar 17 2008 · 21 views
I hope you all are enjoying St. Patrick's day today. I personally had been enjoying it, since I got Bionicle Legends #9 and Maxilos and Spinax today. I got to say Bionicle Legends #9 is a pretty good book in my opinion.

Beside that I am sure that the people that search for people without green shirts today will be happy to hear I didn't wear a green shirt today. So, get the pinching over with now before the day is over. The only reason, I didn't wear one was because the only green shirt that I have is an Eagles Football Jersey and I rather not be seen wearing it considering that team is not that great.

Well, that is all I got to say for today. Thanks for coming to visit my blog and please do come again.


Yay! Spring Break Is Here!

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Mar 15 2008 · 21 views
Well, my break from school is finally here. So far, I been playing Brawl for the most of the day and I also been working on an RPG post that I am going to try to finish up tomorrow, so I can post it.

Beside that, I got a haircut today. But just so you know, I won't be showing any pictures of it, since I like to keep how I look in the real world secret. And anyway, you should be happy that you had seen my face before for I personally think I am ugly. Of course, that's my personally opinion on my appearance, so you never know if I am right or not for I am not going to show a picture of myself.

Well, that's all I got to say today. Thanks for visiting this blog and please do visit again. And sorry about boring you all with details on my life; I am running out of ideas for this blog to tell you the truth, so that's why I been writing entries related to my life lately.


The Horrors Of Brawl

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Mar 08 2008 · 11 views
Okay, I don't have the game yet. But I can confirm I will be getting it tomorrow. The only problem is I probably won't get to play it, since my little brother is buying it and will be the first to play it most likely. Also notably I still got a few pages left for my paper to write, so I can't really do much Brawl playing, if I want to get it done by this weekend.

Hmm...Oh, well. There is always Spring Break to catch up on some Brawl playing and I probably need to use my own memory card, so my brother don't have to be angry about me playing something in the game that he want to do. Of course, I am really no good at playing any of the previous versions really, so I don't expect to go to far unless I have it on like something extremely easy.

I got to say it is funny, how I said I won't go on here today, when I went on as guest repeatedly as I wrote the first two pages of the research paper. Well, you got to love multi-tasking, I guess. Although I think I may of have more done, if I like didn't go on Bzpower at all; but that pretty much impossible, when you have Bzpower as your homepage.

Well, that's all I got to say. Congrats to the people that get to play Brawl tomorrow, I hope you enjoy it. And as always, thanks for visiting my blog here. See you all later! *goes back to work on paper*


Notice For Tomorrow

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Mar 07 2008 · 11 views
Hey, everyone. Sorry about no updating in this in awhile. School work and watching over Bionicle Kingdoms IV RPG take up a lot of my time, so I hadn't been focusing on this blog much (Or my stories for that matter.). Although I didn't really have anything interesting to talk about anyway, since my life pretty boring.

Anyway, the point of this entry is to inform people that know me here that I won't be on tomorrow most likely. I had a research paper to write and Bzpower has been a distraction, so I am going to take a break off here to focus on the assignment of the paper. If I need more time than just tomorrow, I may take Sunday off to work on it and Monday, if needed.

The paper needs to be four to five pages long and double-spaced, so it may not take too long to write it. But I won't know till I start writing, so I need all the time that I can get to work on it in case it takes long then expected. *shrug* It suppose to be my rough draft, so it not like this will be the last you hear of this.

The 28th is the last day, you will hear of this paper for its due then. The rough draft due the 13th, so that why I am trying to focus all my energies in it, this weekend. I only got a few days to write and all I have is the topic and the Works Cited Page, so I got a lot to do for this. Oh, well. That's what I get for slacking off, when I could I been write the paper.

Well, wish me luck. I'll see you all, when I come back.


Happy Birthday...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Mar 01 2008 · 9 views
Today is my mother's birthday. So, I thought I make an entry for it here to celebrate it. So far, I think she is having a nice birthday and I personally hope it stay that way.

Well, that's all I can think of to say about today. If you wish to wish her a happy birthday, feel free to post here. Thanks for viewing my blog. Please do come again.


I Can See Again...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Feb 27 2008 · 9 views
Hmm...I seem to have forgot to mention in my last entry here that because my school nurse thought my vision was getting worst, so I had to go see my Eye Doctor. He told me that the nurse was right and then wrote a prescript for the new lens, so I give them my glasses and they shipped them off to get the lens.

So for the past week, I been wearing my old glasses and I got say those glasses only help so much. I mean I could be sitting maybe a few feet or so from a clock on the wall and I wouldn't be able to read it. I am so glad to have my normal glasses back now, but they do feel sort of weird. I am guessing that because the lens are stronger.

Well, that's all I got to say for today. Wait...Maybe I should talk about the Bionicle Kingdoms return to RPG forum...Nevermind, I don't much time to go on to that, so I won't. Good Night, all.

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