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The Library That Never Was


Happy Birthday, ...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Aug 19 2009 · 96 views
Today is my little brother's 16th birthday. So, I thought I make an entry for it here to celebrate it. So far, I think he is having a nice birthday and I personally hope it stay that way.

Well, that's all I can think of to say about today. If you like to wish him a happy birthday, feel free to post here. Thanks for viewing my blog. Please do come again.


Thanks, Black Six And Bzp Staff For...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Aug 19 2009 · 86 views
Thanks, Black Six and BZP staff for all the work you put into securing BZPower and for bring the site back online a lot sooner than I expected. I am also rather grateful to hear that we are being allow the Premier perks, we miss out on, for the rest of the week. So, thank you for that.

Alright now that I got that out of way, let's talk about what I been up to during the downtime of BZPower. For starters, I spend much less time than I normally do (when BZPower is online) on the computer and work on reading my summer reading books, which were 'V for Vendetta' and 'Who moved my Cheese?'. Overall I must say I like the 'Who moved the Cheese?' book better than that of 'V for Vendetta', which I felt was a story about madman in a just as crazy world. As well, I personally don't understand at all what we were required this comic book in the first place. Although if I had to guess, it probably because we have British Literature class this year, so it would make sense then that we would be reading by UK writers.

Moving right along now, I also took this time to play my Pokemon Platinum version and was able to beat the Elite Four and see all the Pokemon there is in Sinnoh to get the National Dex. Although seeing as a lot of people have already done that, it isn't much of accomplishment really. Beside that, I started to replay Kingdom Hearts II (Even though I technically never finish the first time around however. I was close though.) as I want to refresh myself on the game play for I plan to probably buy Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, when it comes out. *Note: I also planned to replay Kingdom Hearts I, but I hadn't gotten around to it yet.* I am currently on the Pride Lands world and at the part, where you go to the Oasis for the first time.

Beside playing video games, I also got my Senior pictures taken two weeks ago and got to see the results at the near the end of last week. As result, I just got to say right here and now that many of these pictures were just plain funny considering how bad, I am at posing for pictures and smiling. Both my sister, my mother, and myself were getting a good laugh at some of them, especially the one where I am wearing the graduation cap on my head. XD So, anyway after a good few laughs, we decided to order two of best photos and pick the best tuxedo picture for the yearbook picture. Speaking of school related matters, I also got my 12th grade schedule just a few days ago, so let me just go right ahead and share with you all here:

Period 1: X British Literature
Period 2: H Algebra II and Trigo. (I requested a Physics class, but got this instead due to being unable to fit it into my schedule. Its debatable whether or not I'll be keeping this class though as I like to possibly get it change to something, so it less like I am repeating Algebra II class.)
Period 3: Study Hall
Period 4A: X Contemporary US History
Period L2/4B: Bus Ride Lunch to Technical School
Period 5-7: Applied Engineering Technology and its relating courses (I have to take English and Math courses for this subject on certain days as well as have Gym class at the Technical School.)

I also now studying the Driver's Ed book, so I can try to get my permit at month's end. So far, the study materials look to be pretty easy and straight forward. I just hope the test is not as hard as I think it is.

The last thing, I have to note here, is that I got the latest BIONICLE chapter book, Raid on Vulcanus, and it has inspired me somewhat to take a stab at writing some Bara Magna stories. In particular, I am thinking about writing thing on the Sand Tribe to try to take a deeper look at the inner workings of their beastly society. I am going to try to keep you update on any news on that front, so if you are interested by that stay tune to this blog. Oh, and another possibly writing idea of mines is to try to write some Multiverse stories in my free time. Of course, now that BZP back that free time been subtract some as I needed to make BK posts to try to revive activity in the RPG.

So, if you could wish me luck on all those fronts, I would very much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this, folks. I hope I didn't bored you too much.


Good Bye, Bzpers....

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Aug 23 2008 · 78 views
Today's the day, you all been waiting for...No, it isn't the day, I leave Bzpower for good...Today is the last day of my Premiership here. I originally thought I had until 27th for this blog, but it turns out I became Premier today, so today is the final day of Premiership. sad.gif

I guess it isn't that sad as my blog is possibly the most boring thing to read out there. It is unfortunate though that I had about two entries planned to get up before this time came and it looks like I won't be able to do those entries after all. So, I like to apologized to Mrs. Macku for not getting the entry, we were working on, up before then; I am sorry, Mrs. Macku. I will say that it maybe possible that I can still work on the Help Topic list for the entry and maybe get it up during Bzpower's next Anniversary, if they still give out Premier powers for a week.

Beside that Newb Help Entry, I was going to write a review entry about the three Summer Sets, I got, but it doesn't look like I'll have the time to write it sadly. I will tell you that the sets were Mazeka, Takanuva, and Rockoh T3, which I got during my trip down the shore on the 21th at a Wal-Mart there.

For the most part, I like all the sets, but I can say without lying that I sort of like Mazeka's vehicle better than most of the others as I can imagine clearly in my mind, an army of these vehicle protecting Karda Nui from invasion. I will say I can't imagine these vehicles being mobile at least flight wise that is for they seem to me like a vehicle meant to sit in place to guard an area from harm.

I could rambled on about the sets, but I think it will lessen my time in this entry to show you other things like my school schedule for my 11th Grade year. Of course, if you want a small quick review from me, you might want to post in this entry before Midnight as I will have no powers to do anything after that I believe(although it been say you could edit entries, I just don't want to take the risk of bumping it up by mistake as that breaks the Blog rules, when you aren't Premier.). Anyway, for those that are interested in JMJ's School Schedule, please look below:

Period 1: X Chemistry
Period 2: Study Hall(On Days 1-4 and 6)/X Chemistry Lab(On Day 5)
Period 3: X American Literature
Period 4: X Introduction to Calculus with Trigonometry
Period 5: Lunch and Physical Education/Health at Technical School
Period 6-7: Unknown Technical School classes related to Applied Engineering Technology course of the School

I personally not sure about my last two periods since the schedule gets a little weird there. I may actually be mistaken about my Lunch and PE being in one period, but the schedule show it that way, so I don't know really. I just know that I have Lunch and PE at the Technical School. So, I guess I'll have to wait for September 4th to find out what periods, they are and where I go to get over to the Technical School for half the day.

I just hope this year won't be as bad as I think it will be, since I have a confusing schedule, the new numbers to the rooms, the SAT, and the PSSA to worried about. Hmm...That's basically all I had to say with this entry, so I guess this is good bye. It was nice talking to you all for a year. *sadly waves as he clicks 'Post New Entry' button*


Happy Birthday, Little Bro.

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Aug 18 2008 · 55 views
Hi, friends. As the entry title say, today is my little brother's birthday today and I thought I should make an entry about it in case you all want to wish him a happy birthday. I know it is sort of early here to be making this entry, but I thought it be easier for me to just get it up now around 12:00 AM EST, so I won't have to worried about anything coming up later in the day.

Some unrelated news to this, I think I may have take a break from here again, expected this time longer than one day as I realize this place has been distracting from getting work done on my summer reading. It isn't that I want to go really as I much preferred being around here, so I can be sure that I don't miss much with Bionicle Kingdoms RPG. But I know it is for the best as I needed to focus on my last book as I should of had it done by now, if I wasn't so worried about Bionicle Kingdoms.

Oh, well. I am sure if I do follow through with this break, hopefully I won't miss much in the RPG. At least, I hope I don't miss much as Metru Nui has been quite active lately, but I am sure VF could handle any problems that may show up there. And maybe this break could be a good thing too for the RPG as it could help me come back with a fresh mind to think of new ideas or help make connections to one already made. After all, I am still thinking through on what types of side effects the character, Gxwuly, will have from healing process used on her by living stone creatures in the Archives.

Well, that's all the news, that I have for today. Thanks for dropping on by. And if you wish to wish my brother a happy birthday, feel free to post here. I'll be sure to tell him your replies. *waves to audience as he ends the entry*


I Don't Grok.

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Aug 12 2008 · 150 views
Well, I just finished the book, 'Stranger in a Strange Land', and as the title say I don't grok it.

For those that hadn't read the book and don't know what grok means, it is basically a fictional Martian Word in the book that in simple terms means to understand something completely. Book-wise though it has been describe by main character(Human raise as a Martian through childhood) to mean: to drink or rather to understand so much that you become one with thing, you are trying to understand.

Anyway, I personally found the book to be interesting, but it did talk too much about religions for my tastes. After all, I expected when I got the book, it would be about a sort of superhuman from Mars trying to keep the world or universe safe instead it was about a human raise as a Martian, who is brought to Earth to learn about his true people. So, yeah, it wasn't what I expected, but it was a good story and did make me think as it brought up many interesting topics.

Beside that news, I like to ask you all for a favor. Could you all keep my grandmother in your thoughts or prayers? She has recently been having kidneys problems for the past few days and I have been worried about her. Some good news though, I have heard from my brother that she has brought home sometime yesterday, so chances are it may not as serious as I think it. Nonetheless I be grateful that you keep her in your thoughts still and thank you, if you do.


Update On Jmj's Life...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Aug 03 2008 · 66 views
Hey, Bzpers. I just thought that I give you all ahead up on things that happening in my life currently. To start off, I think I may needed to take a few days off from Bzpower to work on my two Summer Reading books that I'll need to get done before the end of this month.

So far, I have been able to read about 200 pages of the book, 'Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert A. Heinlein' with about 238 pages to go and once I am finish, I'll have to fill in the Graphic Organizer about the book. Then I got start reading 'The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald,' which only 100 pages or so meaning it won't take long and the only trouble with that one would be writing the essay on the book. That's basically why I am thinking about taking a break from here, so I can those books out of the way.

In other news, my father, after taking my sister out driving, told me today that he wants me to study the Driver's ED book as he wants me to take the test for it eventually. I am surprised by this mainly because my mother told me that I couldn't learn to drive until I had a job, so I expected for most part that I wouldn't learn to drive until I am 18 like my sister did sometime ago.

I am personally unsure on how to feel about this news though. But its not like I don't want to drive, it just I feel it is adding up more to the pile of work that I have to do during my Junior year of High School. I mean I got plenty of other things to study for like the SAT, which I'll take in March. Then there is the PSSA that I take before my Spring Break, I believe. Its a lot of stuff to focus on and as I may have no Math class this year, I will have to keep my brain update on things that I learn in Math for those tests.

And I can't help but feel nervous about all this stuff as I don't want to do bad in either of them. So, yeah, I am not sure if learning to drive would be a bad thing or good thing for me. That's really all that been happening lately, thanks for listening.


The Result Of Jmj's Boredom

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Jul 26 2008 · 79 views
So, I was editing my profile today and I decide to do something different as I was sort of bored, so this result from that boredom:

*Toa Canisters fly on by*

This is Emperor Carapar speaking...Your local Toa heroes had fled the city for obvious selfish reasons, but they left me in charge to keep you all in line.

So, said hello to the Carapar Empire. We hope you enjoy your stay as you won't be leaving ever. *crack a simile...screams from below are heard*

Now now, ladies. There is no need to scream about my handsome appearance. I know I am beautiful and I'll sign all the autographs, you want.

*eerie silent*

Is it just me or am I talking to myself? I mean I could of swore a second ago, I had an audience of thousand Matoran looking up to me from the arena at the Coliseum.

Now the city of Metru Nui looks like a ghost town as if the Matoran just boarded up on to boats and left. Its strange too that all the boats in Ga-Metru harbor are gone. Hmm...They are probably unrelated.

I am sure there still Matoran here, after all they are needed for the grand design of universe. Beings like me are just there to keep order to the universe. Speaking of order, I should probably order lunch from my head chef downstairs.

*click intercom system button on throne*
EC: Hey, Chef. Mind getting me a Tren Krom sandwich? I like one of his tentacles would be prefer. I just love the taste of his tentacles. I guess it because it reminds me of life in the sea, not that I like being a sea creature that is. So, how about that sandwich?

*long silent...broken by a rough tired fill voice*
Chef: What was that, sire? *yawn* I was sleeping down here, since the Matoran were gathering for your announcement.

EC: I ask for a Tren Krom sandwich, chef. I want it all. And I want it now. *cheesy song starts up and end a few seconds later* Well, is it done?

Chef: Huh? What you say, sire? I was asleep again. It sounded like you may rip off a commercial song though, which is strange and sort impossible to have happen here as television don't exist here. So, I must of dream it.

EC: *sigh* Listen to me, chef. I don't like to repeat myself and its bad enough I had said it twice and you didn't hear. I want a Tren Krom sandwich...Got that?

Chef: Yeah, I heard you now. So, you want his head in a bun or on bread?

EC: I want one of his tentacle, chef. Not head. Heads don't taste good, trust me...I know. *flashback to scene in which Carapar attend to eat the head of Takea, only to spit it out* And I prefer bread for my sandwich, although a bun would be fine too considering they are basically the same thing, just made differently by the way in which the wheat is form to make it.

Chef: Ah. So, you want a Mask of Shadows sandwich with a side of tentancles?

EC: Do you have bad hearing or something? I didn't asked for a Mask of Shadows sandwich with a side of tentacles. I asked for Tren Krom's tentacle sandwich. And what is with you in giving me meals with heads in them? Do I look like a head eater to you?

Chef: Ah, I understand, sire. Your sandwich will be done in a hour or so.

*hour goes by, but still no meal*
EC: Where is it, chef? I am getting impatient with you and if I don't see it soon, you're fired!

Chef: *snores*

*connection to randomness is lost at this point*

That was basically it. I probably could write more, but it probably go on and on until it became just too boring to read. I am probably going to remove it from my profile as it isn't really about my interests. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the randomness of it.


Does Anyone Here Have Any Of The Summer Sets?

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Jul 23 2008 · 192 views
Just wondering as I like to hear people's opinions on the new sets, so I can help myself decide on what sets that I will get.

I personally like the look of Takanuva 2008, so I'll probably will get him. And the vehicles also look pretty cool, although Lewa's vehicle is a lot of money and if I go for him, I won't be able to get any other sets really.

Thusly, I thought I check out your opinions and this entry was born. Now if you would be so kind and tell me your opinions on them, I greatly appreciate it, thank you.


Why So Serious?

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Jul 20 2008 · 79 views
Hey, guys. As most of people, who saw the Dark Knight, can guess, I saw it last Friday. It was an okay movie in my opinion.

I personally thought because I didn't see the previous movie and I was more into seeing Hancock than the Dark Knight. But I end up seeing the Dark Knight instead of Hancock, which I could avoid if I had spoken up in time to my father that I want to see that movie. Oh, well. At least, going to AMC to see movies like that is free for my family, considering my father has work part-time there for years; so chances are I could see Hancock, if it is still in theaters, the next time that he need to be called in.

Anyway, not that I want to repeated what many others here have said, but I thought that actor, Heath Ledger, did a very good job as the Joker of the film and it is very sad that this was his last film before his death. I personally thought the Batman in this movie wasn't really the main focus in it, rather it more like the Joker was as he stole the spotlight throughout the movie. I like pretty much every scene that the Joker was in and I found the ending of the movie to be alright.

That's really all that I thought of it. Just thought that I should let you all know. By the way, happy belated birthday, Bzpower.


Avatar: Last Airbender Finale Review

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Jul 20 2008 · 132 views
From the title, you can all guess that I watch yesterday's supposed finale for the series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. So, I decide to write up a review on this episode, but since I don't want spoil it for anyone, I am placing it in spoiler tag.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

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