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The Library That Never Was


Does Anyone Here Have Any Of The Summer Sets?

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Jul 23 2008 · 141 views
Just wondering as I like to hear people's opinions on the new sets, so I can help myself decide on what sets that I will get.

I personally like the look of Takanuva 2008, so I'll probably will get him. And the vehicles also look pretty cool, although Lewa's vehicle is a lot of money and if I go for him, I won't be able to get any other sets really.

Thusly, I thought I check out your opinions and this entry was born. Now if you would be so kind and tell me your opinions on them, I greatly appreciate it, thank you.


Why So Serious?

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Jul 20 2008 · 55 views
Hey, guys. As most of people, who saw the Dark Knight, can guess, I saw it last Friday. It was an okay movie in my opinion.

I personally thought because I didn't see the previous movie and I was more into seeing Hancock than the Dark Knight. But I end up seeing the Dark Knight instead of Hancock, which I could avoid if I had spoken up in time to my father that I want to see that movie. Oh, well. At least, going to AMC to see movies like that is free for my family, considering my father has work part-time there for years; so chances are I could see Hancock, if it is still in theaters, the next time that he need to be called in.

Anyway, not that I want to repeated what many others here have said, but I thought that actor, Heath Ledger, did a very good job as the Joker of the film and it is very sad that this was his last film before his death. I personally thought the Batman in this movie wasn't really the main focus in it, rather it more like the Joker was as he stole the spotlight throughout the movie. I like pretty much every scene that the Joker was in and I found the ending of the movie to be alright.

That's really all that I thought of it. Just thought that I should let you all know. By the way, happy belated birthday, Bzpower.


Avatar: Last Airbender Finale Review

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Jul 20 2008 · 83 views
From the title, you can all guess that I watch yesterday's supposed finale for the series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. So, I decide to write up a review on this episode, but since I don't want spoil it for anyone, I am placing it in spoiler tag.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


I Can't Believe I Almost Forgot This...its Been Three Years Here After All.

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Jul 18 2008 · 41 views
Today is the anniversary of me joining here. So, I had now officially been here for three years and I had gotten the awesome three year spinner mask, the Huna. smile.gif

It been a nice three years here and I hope to stay here for many more years to come. And I find it to be a little ironic that I join two days before Bzpower's anniversary. I guess when I joined, I didn't know that or maybe I did and decide to join two days before it, so I remember both dates easier. Probably not as I remember trying like everyday back in July 2005 on joining here, but I never got the message in my E-Mail that confirmed my joining during my attends.

Eventually it was on this fatefully day that I borrow one of my Father's E-mail addresses and it work. So, here I am now still on this site with only a few differences from my 2005 self such as having a different E-Mail address this time instead of my Father's, doing better with my writing skills(Although I still make plenty of mistakes in things that I am trying to write, but I never said I was perfect.), older and wiser, and a premier member until sometime in August, this year.

Well, that's my news of the day. I wish it was more interesting for my visitors to read about, but its pretty much a fact in my life that I live a really boring life most of time, which you guys wouldn't want to hear about. If I am feeling up to it, I may make a drawing to celebrate my anniversary and link it here. Although it sort of hot out today and my fan will make drawing somewhat hard as it will blow the paper as I tried to draw on it.


The Long Overdue Entry About Appiled Engnieering Technology Camp...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Jul 15 2008 · 95 views
Hey, visitors. It been quite sometime since I update this and since I already have the pictures of the mouse robot, I build in AET Camp; I thought I'll show it.

As I also made a video of the mouse in motion to show that it works, I also have remix of that video including the pictures with it, so that you just need to click one link to get to it. Notably I didn't take much time to put music or any sound in the video, so turning your speakers on won't be need, unless you want to hear the sounds of gears or my fan going on near the begin. Anyway, the link to the video/sideshow is below.

Yes, I know I stink at painting. But at least, I try to paint the shell of the mouse. And yes, I know it didn't really move that fast, but I think that may of been because of the carpet. So, that is one of things, we built during the one week of the camp. I must say it was a fun program to be in and I hope the class next school year is just as fun. Below is a picture of the incomplete Beetle robot that I am working on trying to get its front legs on.


Attention Bzpers: Jmj Won't Be Here Tomorrow...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Jun 26 2008 · 53 views

I am going down the shore tomorrow, so you most likely won't see me until sometime in the Afternoon on Saturday. I just thought I should give you guys ahead up as some may need me to continue something in Bionicle Kingdoms RPG or may want to talk to me about something.

I'll be making a follow up entry to tell you what I been doing for most of this week. The main subject of it will probably be AET Camp and I'll have pictures to show of things that I made in it. That's all I got to say for right now.


*losing His Inner Light*

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Jun 23 2008 · 125 views
*somehow gets the four Shadow Leeches off himself to speak* Ever since I brought Chirox at Target, his shadow leeches have did nothing but swarm me for my inner light and it has been no fun. Can't they feed on someone else like Pridak or some Turaga of Water that I hadn't name yet instead of me?

Maybe I should raise Takanuva from the dead in my collection, so they can go after him instead of me as I am sure he has more light than me. That could work...*rush to get Mask of Light, only to find its broken remains with the group of Shadow Leeches from before* O.O I guess I can't do that idea anymore, so I have to wait until 2008 Takanuva comes out.

Hopefully I'll won't go to the Dark Side of the Force before that occurs as it was hard enough last time to come back, when Makuta corrupted my spirit to get a Jedi in the Brotherhood. *shudder* It will probably be far worst than that, if my light is taken by these leeches as it will make harder to coming back to light as I did before.

On side note, is it just me or do Shadow leeches look a lot like Gummi Bears? I don't mean like they look like bears, I mean that the feel to them and being able to see through them makes them sort of like Gummi Bear, expect you don't eat them as they are really made of some kind of rubber. I guessing you are all looking at me weird, so I'll end here.


I Think I Found Something That Could Improve My Blog Image...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Jun 18 2008 · 47 views

I discover, while working on some images to put up in this blog, that I could edit them on my Photo Bucket account, so I maybe able to whip up some interesting images to used in this blog. So far, I just play with it to make the poster above look sort of funny looking.

I'll probably look into what else that I can do with these edit functions as it a lot better than where I normally edit things on MS Paint. That's all the news, I have for today. I hope you all like the edited poster.


Last Day, Finals, Becoming A 11th Grader...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Jun 13 2008 · 47 views
It has finally arrive, my last day of school is here and I am free from school for summer now. smile.gif *cheers* Bad news, I got summer reading and two summer programs to do. But it isn't too bad, so I say I have a nice summer. I am still debating on renewing this Premier membership as I really don't need it.

Now on to Finals, I just check the school website and my grades are there, so I'll share them here (Note: I'll share them again, when I get my report card with my overall grade of the year.). Below are my grades:

Subject Grade
- World Literature 98
- Global Studies 95
- Algebra II 92
- Biology 100
- Applied Physics 87
- CAD/Drafting II 88

I was really worried about these grades, but I guess they all turn out alright in the end. I passed for the year, so that is good, while also meaning I am now currently a 11th grader, where the stress of what you will do for your future just gets worst and worst with a side of State Tests like the PSSA and SAT. Argh...I wish deciding for my future was easier.

Well, that is all my news for the day. Have a nice day, my guests.


So, We Got Our New Wii To Replaced The Broken One...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Jun 12 2008 · 48 views
We got last Sunday and so far, the person that has used it the most is my little brother as he likes playing his friends in Brawl to prove how 'Pro', he is. And I got say it is getting annoying, having to listen to his immature comments as he plays the game and see him get all ticked off from losing against someone.

I personally like the days, where before Brawl came out, that I could just relax in the basement on the computer without being bugged by my little brother, many times. Ah, those were the days. But I am going to have to live with it as moving the Wii again is a big no no considering it could break again and I like to play games too on the Wii.

If I didn't have these two last finals to study for, I be playing on the Wii right now to try to become Pro Bowler again for fun in Wii Sport. But as I got these finals to do, I better just end this entry here, so I can return focus to studying for Math and English, when I done my dinner. So, see you all later hopefully.

My Bio

Name: Jedi Master J. (JMJ or J)
First name: John
Age: 24 (April 20th)
Gender: Male (Cis - He/Him/His pronouns)
Orientation: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: Mixed (Irish, German, ect.)
Nationality: American
Location: Southeastern PA, USA
Occupation: Engineering Assistant at a small machine shop
Education: Public School / Community College (Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology)
Language(s): English
Religion: Raised Roman Catholic, but agnostic by choice
Political Party: Democrat (Liberal)

Random Facts About Myself
Height: 5'7"
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Blue
Favorite Color: Red

Interests: LEGO, Bionicle, Star Wars, Legend of Zelda Games, Nintendo games, and Harry Potter (Check Interest list in my Profile for more information.)
Fan of BIONICLE since: The beginning, but I wasn't that interest in it until the late 2003... My interest peaked during 2004, which is why I joined here the following year (2005).
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing, collecting BIONICLE/LEGO sets, playing Video Games and riding my bike.

Family member(s) on Bzpower: Azul

I hope you enjoy my Blog. Thank you for visiting, please come again.

-JMJ 2016

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