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The Library That Never Was


Happy Easter!

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Mar 23 2008 · 12 views
Well, I hope you all are having a happy Easter. I can assure you that I did since I had Reeses, my favorite candy, and I got to have some fun in the Bionicle Kingdoms RPG today. I would say more, but I don't really have the time to as I have to go to bed early for school tomorrow. sad.gif

Well, good night everyone. See you at 3:00 PM EST or 4:00 PM EST tomorrow. See ya!


Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Mar 17 2008 · 23 views
I hope you all are enjoying St. Patrick's day today. I personally had been enjoying it, since I got Bionicle Legends #9 and Maxilos and Spinax today. I got to say Bionicle Legends #9 is a pretty good book in my opinion.

Beside that I am sure that the people that search for people without green shirts today will be happy to hear I didn't wear a green shirt today. So, get the pinching over with now before the day is over. The only reason, I didn't wear one was because the only green shirt that I have is an Eagles Football Jersey and I rather not be seen wearing it considering that team is not that great.

Well, that is all I got to say for today. Thanks for coming to visit my blog and please do come again.


Yay! Spring Break Is Here!

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Mar 15 2008 · 23 views
Well, my break from school is finally here. So far, I been playing Brawl for the most of the day and I also been working on an RPG post that I am going to try to finish up tomorrow, so I can post it.

Beside that, I got a haircut today. But just so you know, I won't be showing any pictures of it, since I like to keep how I look in the real world secret. And anyway, you should be happy that you had seen my face before for I personally think I am ugly. Of course, that's my personally opinion on my appearance, so you never know if I am right or not for I am not going to show a picture of myself.

Well, that's all I got to say today. Thanks for visiting this blog and please do visit again. And sorry about boring you all with details on my life; I am running out of ideas for this blog to tell you the truth, so that's why I been writing entries related to my life lately.


The Horrors Of Brawl

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Mar 08 2008 · 12 views
Okay, I don't have the game yet. But I can confirm I will be getting it tomorrow. The only problem is I probably won't get to play it, since my little brother is buying it and will be the first to play it most likely. Also notably I still got a few pages left for my paper to write, so I can't really do much Brawl playing, if I want to get it done by this weekend.

Hmm...Oh, well. There is always Spring Break to catch up on some Brawl playing and I probably need to use my own memory card, so my brother don't have to be angry about me playing something in the game that he want to do. Of course, I am really no good at playing any of the previous versions really, so I don't expect to go to far unless I have it on like something extremely easy.

I got to say it is funny, how I said I won't go on here today, when I went on as guest repeatedly as I wrote the first two pages of the research paper. Well, you got to love multi-tasking, I guess. Although I think I may of have more done, if I like didn't go on Bzpower at all; but that pretty much impossible, when you have Bzpower as your homepage.

Well, that's all I got to say. Congrats to the people that get to play Brawl tomorrow, I hope you enjoy it. And as always, thanks for visiting my blog here. See you all later! *goes back to work on paper*


Notice For Tomorrow

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Mar 07 2008 · 13 views
Hey, everyone. Sorry about no updating in this in awhile. School work and watching over Bionicle Kingdoms IV RPG take up a lot of my time, so I hadn't been focusing on this blog much (Or my stories for that matter.). Although I didn't really have anything interesting to talk about anyway, since my life pretty boring.

Anyway, the point of this entry is to inform people that know me here that I won't be on tomorrow most likely. I had a research paper to write and Bzpower has been a distraction, so I am going to take a break off here to focus on the assignment of the paper. If I need more time than just tomorrow, I may take Sunday off to work on it and Monday, if needed.

The paper needs to be four to five pages long and double-spaced, so it may not take too long to write it. But I won't know till I start writing, so I need all the time that I can get to work on it in case it takes long then expected. *shrug* It suppose to be my rough draft, so it not like this will be the last you hear of this.

The 28th is the last day, you will hear of this paper for its due then. The rough draft due the 13th, so that why I am trying to focus all my energies in it, this weekend. I only got a few days to write and all I have is the topic and the Works Cited Page, so I got a lot to do for this. Oh, well. That's what I get for slacking off, when I could I been write the paper.

Well, wish me luck. I'll see you all, when I come back.


Happy Birthday...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Mar 01 2008 · 11 views
Today is my mother's birthday. So, I thought I make an entry for it here to celebrate it. So far, I think she is having a nice birthday and I personally hope it stay that way.

Well, that's all I can think of to say about today. If you wish to wish her a happy birthday, feel free to post here. Thanks for viewing my blog. Please do come again.


I Can See Again...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Feb 27 2008 · 14 views
Hmm...I seem to have forgot to mention in my last entry here that because my school nurse thought my vision was getting worst, so I had to go see my Eye Doctor. He told me that the nurse was right and then wrote a prescript for the new lens, so I give them my glasses and they shipped them off to get the lens.

So for the past week, I been wearing my old glasses and I got say those glasses only help so much. I mean I could be sitting maybe a few feet or so from a clock on the wall and I wouldn't be able to read it. I am so glad to have my normal glasses back now, but they do feel sort of weird. I am guessing that because the lens are stronger.

Well, that's all I got to say for today. Wait...Maybe I should talk about the Bionicle Kingdoms return to RPG forum...Nevermind, I don't much time to go on to that, so I won't. Good Night, all.



Posted by Jedi Master J. , Feb 22 2008 · 12 views
Hey, all. My school is closed today, thanks to the snow, so that why I am online now. So far, I been taking advantage of this free time to write more on to my Takanuva story, which just so happen maybe completed by the end of this week. smile.gif

So hopefully, I will be posting it sometime this weekend. If you never read any of my stories before, I recommend you read this one for it appear to me like it will be a good one. Notably if you want some background information on it, it was originally meant as my Short Story Contest entry for the January contest in Short Story forum, but I was unable to finish it in time for the contest. And I guess I should be glad I didn't finished it in time for I still be waiting with the others that enter for the results.

I don't want to say too much, but I personally believe the story will take quite a few twists that people will probably never expect, but I could be wrong though. I am just judging from my personally opinion, since the story took some turns that I didn't plan originally. Of course, I am not done it yet, so this judgment may not be right after all.

So far, this story has about seven pages and I feel there is so much more to write, so it will be long most likely. And I will probably do some editing as well to beef up the story more, so that will probably also make it longer. Hopefully, this story doesn't exceed the Short Story limit of how much can be in a post and that it isn't too long that people get bored.

Well, that's all got to say. Feel free to comment here, if you want to know more about the story though please realize that I don't want to spoil the story, so I won't say much. Thanks for visiting the Jedi temple.


I Have Too Many Story Ideas...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Feb 18 2008 · 15 views
I am not sure if you are interest in hearing, but I thought after looking on my computer today that I should make an entry about this. Anyway, I have about like 7 incomplete stories on this computer and I got say it tough trying to pick which one to complete.

I personally like all my story ideas, but a lot times I just don't feel like writing them. And some of them, I get discourage by what others think of them that when I get the idea to try to re-write it, I pretty much give up. *sigh* And writer's block also is a problem at times when I run into a scene that I have no idea how to continue from there to get to my next planned idea.

Argh...Sometimes I just wish I could split into multi-selves to work on each story. Sadly, I can't. But then again, my multi-selves would all be fighting to use the computer to type up the stories, so that may not end well. *imagines non-epic fight against his multi-selves for the computer*

Well, that's all I got to say. I guess I'll return to finishing up that Takanuva story, so there one less story to finished. I'll talk to you all later, I guess.


How I Became A Lego Fan...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , Feb 17 2008 · 23 views
Considering I didn't start my life as the being of which you see before you, I thought I give you some background information on myself and how I came a pond collecting Lego sets. Notably as an infant, I have very few memories to look back on to confirm if I had been introduced to Lego back then.

But it seem that I may of had a building block thing as child from how I can remember vaguely having a large block with studs on it, which may have been a Mega Block product. Another memory of which I can remember was back in the Kindergarten center, where I also vaguely remember enjoying building with wooden blocks during free time in the class; which actually may be the only thing of which I can remember from my time at the Kindergarten center.

At I search my memories at this moment, I can only think of one time that could have been my first introduce to Lego and this was at the Dentist's waiting room. Yes, I am sure this may come as a surprise to some that had been to a Dentist's office like one of which I go to. But considering that this is a Dentist for children, it should be expected that they would need some form of entertainment to keep the child occupied as they wait to be call to the back room.

As such, two areas within the waiting room were meant to keep children occupied as they waited, which were old Arcade games and a table with Lego of which were design to be big, so not one would try to swallow them. Considering I was five years old during my first visit to the Dentist, I was too short to have try to play the Video games, so I had play with Lego as I waited to be called.

But even this event didn't mark the beginning of me being a Lego Fan for in a sense all it shown was that I enjoy building things really. And I have no memory of rushing to get Lego at five years old. It been the Christmas of 2001 that I believe I truly was pulled into the Lego world. For the under the Christmas tree had been two Toa Olda with their respectable Turaga. I have no idea if I had asked for them, but I confirm that wasn't disappointed in see them under tree as far as I can remember.

Notably though both sets didn't belong to me, my brother had gotten one of the Toa and Turaga. And in some irony twist, I had to build both of our sets for brother didn't understand the directions as I did and notice how fast, I had build my two sets. The sets of which we gotten had been Toa Pohatu, Toa Kopaka, Turaga Nuju, and Turaga Onewa in case, you were wondering. I had gotten Toa Pohatu and Turaga Onewa as my first Bionicle sets, not counting the McDonald's Happy Meal ones that I may have gone before that time for I have a few of them.

At this time period, I had been within the age limit that Lego had target at for Bionicle as I had been nine years at the time. In some sense, it hard to believe that I had struck to it for so long, but I did. I will admit that at the time, I didn't go into too much dept of Bionicle for my interest in Star Wars had made me buy quite a few sets with the little money of which I had.

After a few trips to Lego.com and even joining it, I had discover there was a story behind Bionicle series, which spark my interest in learning about it as well growing roots of interest in Lego products with stories like Johnny Thunder and the Alpha Team. Sometime later and possibly before September 2002, I had order Lego Magazine from one of the subscriptions within the instruction book of a set, which would marked the beginning of me getting the magazines.

Problems, of course, occurred by how there was many sets of which I wish to buy from each of the series that I shown interest in it (Bionicle, Johnny Thunder, Alpha Team, and Stars War.). So, I had many times tried to split evenly with what sets to get. But with lucky though, I was able to form a deal with my brother of sort to help me buy sets of which we would shared.

This deal was not only for regular Lego sets, but Bionicle sets too with my brother getting all the blue, green, and white, while I would get the red, brown, and black. Notably this deal, I believe may of been form near the end of 2002 for my brother and I had collect all the Toa Nuva through this deal and try to do so too with the Bohrok and Bohrok Kal.

As Bohrok Kal era started, I believe this is the period of where I realize the storyline had books for it that went into move detail than the comics with that I went off to a local Borders and began buying the books. This, of course, hurt buying the Bohrok and Bohrok Kal to collect our collection, but I could not denied my brain craved for knowledge.

My brother didn't seem to mind much though and that was most likely because he found fun in doing battles with Toa and Bohrok trying to beat each other to removing their masks/Krana. I can remember that neighborhood friend of our had show him that if you flip the Bohrok's teeth around it made it easier to put the mask off the Toa. This friend had also help me designed an interesting sword design that I still have today, which is commonly known as Sword of Death to reading of my stories.

As well this friend's younger brother, who was older than me by a few years, had also been a Bionicle fan and had many sets of which I didn't own at the time till he give me them, when the big moved from my hometown arise by my father dislike of how the place was becoming bad from influence of a bad area. Notably this friend of mines had give me them, since we mixed our pieces together to build something out of them not realizing we wouldn't be able to tell who was who late on.

As late 2003 came, my brother's interest in Bionicle began to die. The sets of which came out then were mostly brought by me, but he did get a few Rahkshi though. From another friend of our, who happen to be my brother's best friend since Kindergarten, we would watch Bionicle: Mask of Light movie together by a DVD; he was given by a former Bionicle fan, who was a friend of his. I personally as I watch the movie grew even more interest in the series than ever before.

At the start of 2004, my brother's interest of Bionicle began to disappear completely almost with most of his free time being center around Runescrape. I on the other hand continue my interest and began reading all the books to catch up to the people that had follow storyline since the beginning as well as get the second Bionicle movie for Christmas.

I would at some point in time find Bzpower, although I have no idea if this happen before this event. But I know it back when Lego.com had linked to the site was when I found it and even try to join, but failed by my e-mail accounts not getting the messages from Bzpower.

As 2005 came, I would begin to pack my Lego away for the big moved during the summer. And I believe my brother's interest of Bionicle had at this time ended completely, although he still wish me to keep his Bionicle together and just let them sit on display really. I would also help pack other things include my brother's Lego through I don't think I need to go into detail, since this is suppose to be about how I became a Lego Fan.

As the summer arrived, my family moved from old neighborhood into a new one, where we would get Vezion internet for the two computers, we own at the time. This would be where I try to join Bzpower and eventually success in joining by help of my sister, who also joins to keep an eye on me. And the rest is history then, since I am still here and buying sets/reading the story, so no point of going into more details; unless you all want me to.

My Bio

Name: Jedi Master J. (JMJ or J)
First name: John
Age: 23 (April 20th)
Gender: Male (Cis - He/Him/His pronouns)
Orientation: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: Mixed (Irish, German, ect.)
Nationality: American
Location: Southeastern PA, USA
Occupation: Engineering Assistant at a small machine shop
Education: Public School / Community College (Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology)
Language(s): English
Religion: Raised Roman Catholic, but agnostic by choice
Political Party: Democrat (Liberal)

Random Facts About Myself
Height: 5'7"
Shoe Size: 10W
I.Q.: 100
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Blue
Favorite Color: Red
Hand used when writing: Right

Interests: LEGO, Bionicle, Star Wars, Legend of Zelda Games, Nintendo games, and Harry Potter (Check Interest list in my Profile for more information.)
Fan of BIONICLE since: The beginning, but I wasn't that interest in it until the late 2003
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing, collecting BIONICLE/LEGO sets, playing Video Games and riding my bike.

Family member(s) on Bzpower: Azul

I hope you enjoy my Blog. Thank you for visiting, please come again.

-JMJ 2015

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