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My Minecraft Summer Home

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Minecraft, Random Jul 22 2012 · 369 views

Hey, folks. Today's entry going to about what I ended up building in Minecraft today since I do not really have much else to talk about at the moment. Now I am not sure if you all recall my previous Minecraft entries, but I been working on building a sandstone tower with a moat and high walls around it as shown here.

Well, as it turns out while I collecting material for continuing that project, I notice that I had a lot of dirt in a chest and I just to ponder what I could use this dirt for. One idea that came to mind was planting sea trees around the castle walls, which I didn't go with; but I may end up doing that in the future since have over a hundred saplings sitting in my Misc. chest.

Ultimately I decided that it might be cool to maybe build a mud hut somewhere away from my base and use it as kind of like my summer home. And well, after traveling east from my base, I end up building this little hut on a cliffside looking out to the ocean:

Posted Image

Yeah, I know it is not very impressive looking and really it is not supposed to be. But it is worth mentioning though that it is not finish yet since I actually plan to dig down inside it some, so I can have a ladder leading me down to a dock below sitting on the ocean. That and I want to give it a better looking roof since this flat plain roof just does not suit it well, I think. Hm...I also needed to go Spider hunt since I want a fish rod to put in the chest here.

Oh, and speaking of Minecraft, I think I might be starting a second world when 1.3 is added since I have notice that I have had a lot of trouble finding cats, wolves, and villagers in this world. That and I want to have a world that focus less so on building more on exploring since one of problems that I face in my current world is the fact that I set up projects that would probably be better suit for a creative world. *shrugs*

Although I kind like doing it like that because I like the challenge of having to gather all these resources to make an interesting looking building or structure rather than have it given to you. Still the issue is that I get too wrapped up in my projects that I don't put much time into exploring the world in great length. So yeah, I think I might start a new world for that reason. *shrugs*

In other non-Minecraft news, I seriously can not get BrickFair out of my head now that my friend confirmed yesterday he was still on board for taking a day trip to there on August the 4th (Saturday). So yeah, I am pretty excited about that. Although I am feeling a bit of anxiety about it as well since I know how terrible I am at talking to others. *shrugs* Although I am only going to be there during the public time, so I guess I do not have to worried too much about that. Beside, my friend going to be with me, so it is not like I am by myself (Which would of been the case, if I took a train down to Virginia).

But anyway, I think you got better things to do than listen to me ramble here, so I am calling this an entry. Before I go though, just ahead up there is probably not going to be entry tomorrow here since I want to focus on getting my review for Janus up, I hope you understand. Alright, thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have good day. Night, BZPers.

Posted Image

"I'm a heartbreaker...My name...Charles."

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Name: Jedi Master J. (JMJ or J)
First name: John
Age: 24 (April 20th)
Gender: Male (Cis - He/Him/His pronouns)
Orientation: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: Mixed (Irish, German, ect.)
Nationality: American
Location: Southeastern PA, USA
Occupation: Engineering Assistant at a small machine shop
Education: Public School / Community College (Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology)
Language(s): English
Religion: Raised Roman Catholic, but agnostic by choice
Political Party: Democrat (Liberal)

Random Facts About Myself
Height: 5'7"
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Blue
Favorite Color: Red

Interests: LEGO, Bionicle, Star Wars, Legend of Zelda Games, Nintendo games, and Harry Potter (Check Interest list in my Profile for more information.)
Fan of BIONICLE since: The beginning, but I wasn't that interest in it until the late 2003... My interest peaked during 2004, which is why I joined here the following year (2005).
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing, collecting BIONICLE/LEGO sets, playing Video Games and riding my bike.

Family member(s) on Bzpower: Azul

I hope you enjoy my Blog. Thank you for visiting, please come again.

-JMJ 2016

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