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Mini-Pokelog: JMJ makes little progress in Pokemon Black 2

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Pokemon Oct 24 2012 · 482 views

Hey, BZPers. I am just popping in to give you all update. In particularly, a Pokemon related update since I have been kind of slacking on that. lol Not there is whole lot to update on since as the title says, I am have made very little progress in the game since the last Pokelog.

So yeah, you are not going seeing me list that I beat the Elite Four or anything like that (That entry is probably a month from now.) here. But here is what I have done in Pokemon Black 2 sometime last week and today:
- I got my third Gym badge from Burgh; which like my Black playthrough, it was a cakewalk for me since I basically just tank the Gym's Bug Pokemon with my Magby (Lit'Tahu).
- So after my victory with the Gym leader, I went northward to go check out Route 4 since I thought logically it would be route out of the city to open up (Alright, you caught me. I did check to see if Skyarrow Bridge was open. It wasn't. :( ). Before I can get too far though, I was stop by that scientist guy (I think his name is Colress.) from sewers and he ask me if he could take a look at my Pokemon. I saw no harm in it (Well, actually I was kind of suspiciously of him as I do get this feeling that he is part of the new Team Plasma.), so I let him. After that, he asked me to meet him at Route 4 for a battle.
- I didn't feel ready though to battle him, so I did some training in sewers for a bit. Of course, that was completely unnecessary as he only have a team of two on him, so he was pretty easy. Oh, and I have to give Game Freak some points here as I was totally not expecting the "boulders" on Route 4 to be Crustle.
- But anyway, after that, I wander around the route to check out the new developments since unlike Castelia City, there was more than just little changes to the place. Although really it is not surprising since in the previous game, there was construction going on in this route, so naturally the construction on this route should be done by now as two years has gotten by. I had a lot of fun exploring it for hidden items (Which by the way, even though I do have item finder, I can't say it stop me from checking every trash I see. XD Pokemon, what have you done to me? I am trash picker because of you!).
- Oh, and from what I heard from a NPC by overhead bridge to next city, it sounds like this route might actually be different in White 2. I say this because he had said places with ruins are being developed over and as result, we are are losing part of history; which at least to me, it sounds like something that would only happen in the Black version of the game since it generally more urban friendly. But anyway, I brought that up because I think I might get White 2 at later point as I wouldn't mind checking out possibly more differences that the two games have. *shrugs*
- After exploring for awhile, I decided to head up to next city to see if it had change at all. But apparently a new location was added between the city and this route because instead of normal gate to city, there was something called a Join Avenue there. And well, I hadn't explore it yet since I had to go to class. So this is where the Pokelog update ends.

Yeah, like I say earlier, I did not get a lot done in Pokemon Black 2 today. I wish I could of play more of it, but I had a class to go to. And I ended up using most of my home free time to watch the new Ninjago and Supernatural episodes on tonight. That and I played the LEGO Lord of Rings demo on my 3DS during some of commercials for those shows. So yeah, I wasn't able to find the time to play more of Pokemon Black 2.

Alright, its getting late here and as much as I would like to talk about some other stuff like Ninjago or LEGO Lord of Rings demo, I will have to can those ideas for now as I am kind tired (No doubt it shows as this is probably painful to read for some of you.). So yeah, I'll save that stuff for later. Unless of course, you folks rather I not talk about that stuff. Until then, thanks for taking the time to read this. Good Night, BZPers.

-JMJ 2012

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There was construction going on in Vermilion City in R/B/Y/FR/LG, and it still wasn't done three years later. :P

Join Avenue is super sweet. My only gripe is that you have to actively be playing your game to meet anyone other than your couple of daily fans there. It really puts how awesome Streetpass is into perspective. As a side note, since the guy who established Join Avenue mentions that he wants to make them in other regions, they now have the perfect justification for putting it in future games.

I'm actually a lot farther than you by now (six badges and counting), but if you want to play online sometime, I'd be happy to take you up on that, provided I'm not busy with schoolwork.
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Jedi Master J.
Oct 26 2012 08:51 PM
@Lyichir: XD That's true. Although technically the in-game reason for that is the old man funding the project did not have enough money to afford build his house there, so nothing came of it.

But anyway, I still have yet to do anything with Join Avenue as I hadn't play Black 2 since Wednesday. From what I seen of it though (Which is very little as all I did was answer the three set up questions [I believe my answers were the following: Pika! ; Awesome! ; King JMJ].), I did get that feeling that this place would be perfect for Streetpass stuff in future games.

Although I also got that feeling from survey place in the original Black & White. Then again, that's probably because I don't have a lot of real life friends (especially not Pokemon fan ones), so naturally I feel like that survey place would work better as Streetpass feature in future games. *shrugs*

As for your progress in the game, I am not surprised you are farther than me since I generally only play it like once a week during my free periods at school. But anyway, I wouldn't mind playing online with you sometime. Although I have to register a friend code for Black 2 first before I can actually do that, so I'll get back to you on that.


Thanks for commenting, Lyichir.

-JMJ 2012
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