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Late Night Rambling

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random Nov 01 2012 · 337 views

Hey, BZPers. I am back to give you all that update that I want to give earlier, which technically I had wanted to do yesterday. Before I begin though, I just want to mention that my day did not turn out that bad after all, so that's good news.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we didn't get hit too bad by Hurricane Sandy this week in my area. I mean yeah, there was some fallen trees here and there as well as some issues with streetlights and cell phone service. But really we didn't get hit too hard compared to places like New Jersey and New York. I think like the worst that I seen here is that roof of someone's porch lying in their front yard.

So yeah, my area made it out alright. And well, my thoughts go out to those that in less fortunate areas and I hope they all can get through this situation alright.

Alright, moving on from that, I guess I should mention to you folks that I just registered my Friend Code (5244-0057-2541) for Pokemon Black 2 today and I have added it to the content block for those that I might want to add me on it. So yeah, do that, if you want. Although you probably want to wait until I actually beat the Elite Four before challenging me to a battle or something.

Hm...I would say that I am up for trades, but I don't think I really have anything in Black 2 yet that no one else already owns by now. I mean I do, after all, move at a rather slow pace when it comes to this game, so I probably wouldn't be ideal for that. *shrugs*

Oh, and speaking of video games, I been thinking about maybe getting Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. Does anyone here know if that game is any good? I hadn't play a Professor Layton game before, so I thought I might give this title a try. Still though before I actually commit to doing that, I thought I would ask you folks to get some perspective on the series. So yeah, if you are familiar with the series, I would appreciated a comment here.

Also by the way, folks, I try to play Team Fortress 2 yesterday in order to see if it will work for me. And yeah, it won't, so I guess that is yet another reason to get a new PC, even though technically I don't have a huge amount of interest in playing that game. *shrugs* Hm...I will say this though if I do end up going PC shopping later in November, I do not want Windows 8 because I absolutely hate the new interface. What can I say, folks? I wanted my desktop to still exist and I don't want to be charge by Microsoft to get software that originally came free with the computer.

Hm...What else should talk about? Well, LEGO-wise, I have a few projects in the works actually. Although I have my doubts that anything will come from them, beside maybe making some prototype MOCs of it in LEGO Digital Designer. We will have to wait and see, I guess. And well, obviously I am not going to tell you much about, so I don't ended up getting anyone's hopes up of seeing it. But I will tease you with a hint that at least one of projects will be Ninjago centered.

Alright, moving on from that, I guess I should talk about the elephant in the room from yesterday. And that elephant was that LucasFilms was recently brought by Disney and that there is apparently plans for another new trilogy of film. Now you must be wondering what do I think of this. Well, folks, I personally don't have any issues with it considering Disney does handle Marvel well enough after it was brought by them.

I mean I do have to wonder about what this new trilogy is going to be about exactly and for that matter, where is it going to be on the timeline and all. I personally hope that don't end up overriding material from EU with these movies. But it is more than likely going to happened unfortunately. Still I am going to hold on to the hope that they won't do that until there is more tangentially information on these films. And even then, I am not going to judge the films until I actually see them.

But anyway, beside my thoughts on this new trilogy, I was also thinking about how the deal is going to affect the Clone Wars animated series on Cartoon Network currently. Like will Disney be airing it on its own channel now and eventually fazes it out of Cartoon Network completely? Or will they keep things as they are now? I have to wonder that since I am pretty sure it would be Disney's best interest to take complete control over where that show airs. *shrugs*

Hm...Speaking of Star Wars, how about you folks suggest some Expanded Universe books for me to read? I thought I should asked since I know I needed to try and get into habit of reading more. So yeah, suggest something, please.

Alright, folks, that's all I really want to talk about today. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a good day. Night, BZPers.

-JMJ 2012

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Man, even I haven't beaten the Elite Four yet. We can totally battle sooner than that.

I've never actually been a huge fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, so I couldn't care either way whether or not aspects of it get overwritten. Whether or not the movies are actually good is that's all that'll matter to me (and I'm fairly easy to impress, since I've never felt the prequels were as bad as they were cracked up to be).

And considering there are Marvel superhero shows on pretty much every kids network (including CN), I doubt Clone Wars will be affected.
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Jedi Master J.
Nov 04 2012 11:53 AM
@Lyichir: I see. Well, I guess we could. Although I am pretty sure your team would wipe the floor with me since I am not exactly the most tactic battler.

Really I don't know a whole lot about Expanded Universe myself as I generally don't have the money or time to really spent on checking it out. But I do think it would be kind of nice of Disney with these films to try and honor what came before these films and not do what Lucas has done and make things non-canon as this has annoyed a lot of fans.

Although to be honest, they are going to angry someone either way, so there is really no winning in this situation. So in the long run really, like you, all I am going to care about is whether or not these new films are good is all. If they decide to honor the EU canon, then that's cool. If not and it still turns out to be an enjoyable film for me, then that's fine. I won't have problems with it since I have no EU knowledge post-RoTJ anyway.

And yeah, personally I never hated the prequels. If anything, I actually like the new trilogy. I mean it has characters like Darth Maul, Mace Windu, Qui-Gon, Jinn, General Grievous (Which I must say his portray in the new Clone Wars animated series is probably only thing that I hate about that series because they ruin Grievous for me. That and there is a way too many republic victories.), and Count Dooku in it. How could I not like it?

I mean I wouldn't say they are works of art that couldn't get any better, but they definitely weren't like worst films ever made or something.

And yeah, I guess you are right that Clone Wars will probably not be affected at all considering Disney did nothing about tons of Marvel shows on all channels, beside their own. I definitely hope they don't because while I don't watch Clone Wars too often, I do like being able to on channel that I actually have as Disney would more than likely put it on Disney XD and I don't have that channel.

-JMJ 2012
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