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On the final day of Brickmas...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in LEGO Dec 25 2012 · 944 views

12/24 - On the final day of Brickmas, my true love LEGO gave to me a Bionicle-ish figure.
12/23 - On the eleventh day of Brickmas, my true love LEGO gave to me a piece of coal with a red ribbon attached.
12/22 - On the tenth day of Brickmas, my true love LEGO gave to me a sapling Christmas Tree growing in small flower pot.
12/21 - On the ninth day (21st) of Brickmas, my true love LEGO gave to me a Prison Boat with Ogel locked inside.

On the eighth day (20th) of Brickmas, my true love LEGO gave to me a robot.

On the seventh day (19th) of Brickmas, my true love LEGO gave to me a Nether Portal with R2D2 inside.

On the sixth day (18th) of Brickmas, my true love LEGO gave to me a little sapling tree.
12/17 - On the fifth day of Brickmas, my true love LEGO gave me a Japanese-styled shrine.
12/16 - On the fourth day of Brickmas, my true love LEGO gave me a hobbit sized hut.
12/15 - On the third day of Brickmas, my true love LEGO gave to me a flatscreen TV.
12/14 - On the second day of Brickmas, my true love LEGO gave to me a mecha walker with an alien pilot.
12/13 - On the first day of Brickmas, my true love LEGO gave to me a old boombox! **Bonus

12/24 - Alright, folks, this is the last update that I will be making for Brickmas.

And well, it definitely been fun. Enough so that, I think I might do this project again next year. Of course, it depends on whether or not you guys want me to do this again. So yeah, if you do want me to, it would be nice if you left a comment saying you want to see more of this as otherwise I just assume no one wants it and just not waste my time with it.

But anyway, thank you all for taking the time to check out each of these MOCs, especially considering a lot of them weren't very good. And I hope you all like the last one. Lastly, I hope you all a happy holiday season and a good new year.

12/23 - Hey, folks. I don't really have anything here to say, so just make what you will of today's MOC. Oh, and I am sorry about it being kind of a simple MOC today. I unfortunately just wasn't feeling very creative.

12/22 - Hey, folks. Like yesterday, I don't really have anything to talk about here. Beside well, that I feel like today's MOC was rather uncreative and for that I am sorry. Hm...I might try tomorrow to do maybe a Bionicle-ish MOC. Although like I said before, I am not very good with humanoid builds. You will just have to wait and see. Thanks for taking the time to check this out. Be sure pop in tomorrow to see the next one.
12/21 - Hey, folks. I don't really have much to talk about here. Beside, telling you folks that I am sorry about vanishing for about three days. You all can blame my job for that since they got me sick and drove me up the wall with large amount of a work load, they had for me for past three days.

Thankfully though, I am on vacation from work now, so this definitely won't be happening again. So yeah, we should be sticking to normal schedule from this point on.

Alright, that's all I have to say here really. Thanks for taking the time to check out today's MOCs. Be sure to pop in again to see tomorrow's. Oh, and if you want me to try to get better pictures of any of MOCs, feel free to leave a comment here telling me which one you want a better look at.

12/17 - Hey, folks. Like I promised, I have another MOC today. Is it any good? *shrugs* I mean I guess I think it is pretty good. Although it could use some improvements here or there. Like for example, I think there should been lamps of some sort on ends of the bridge. The shrine building itself also looks it could use more color or at very least been made out of different color than tan.
And well, that's about it for my comments for this one. Actually wait...I guess I could mention that I originally was going to do joke for this entry and take a picture of five golden One Rings. But unfortunately I only have three rings available right now since rest are still in their boxes. XD

12/16 - Hey, BZPers. As you can probably tell today's object is nothing special. I was kind was just feeling a bit uncreative today. Hopefully tomorrow's object will be more creative than this. I am not making any promises though since I will probably be worn out from work tomorrow. There definitely will be a MOC of some sort though.
Maybe it will be Bionicle related. Well, actually probably not since I am not very good at humanoid builds honestly. But at very least, there will be something for you to check out tomorrow. You will just have to wait until tomorrow to check it out.
Oh, and am I only one that thinks my hut looks kind of like Burned Tower from Pokemon Gold & Silver? lol I am probably am the only one. But man, just thinking that makes me want to try my hand at recreating the Tin Tower (Bell Tower) from Pokemon Gold & Silver in LEGO form at some point.
And no, I probably not going to do that for this 12 Days of Brickmas thing since it wouldn't be in spirit of it. That and well, I would want to map this project out in LEGO Digital Designer first.
12/15 - Hey again, folks. I don't really have a whole lot to say this time around. I mean I guess I could mention that I was going to be linking a video here. But since I ramble in it for over ten minutes, I couldn't upload it where I normally do.
Trust me though, you are not missing anything by not seeing. All I was trying to do in it was try to poorly explain why I think I should stick with non-humanoid builds in this since I tend to have trouble with strengthen the joint connections in humanoid builds most of the time.
Although then again, I did end up giving you folks a tour of my desk in that video, so you might want to see that. *shrugs* Hm...If you folks want, I could film another video to show you all my desk. Honestly though, it is nothing special and well, it is very messy.
But anyway, feel free to leave your comments here about the MOCs. Oh, and I also wouldn't mind some camera tips as well since while the pictures do look slightly better, the quality of them is still not that great (Of course, then again, it might just be my camera.). 

12/14 - Hey, folks. I am back again with another Brickmas MOC. And well, I said before, I am not really following the format of the song. I just think it had a nice ring to it is all.
But anyway, today's MOC kind of a mecha walker, which honestly I think could of turn out better than what you see above. Unfortunately though, I don't really have my LEGO system bricks sorted through, so I am basically swimming through a tub of different pieces looking for just the right one.
So yeah, I have a bit of trouble finding pieces that match the color scheme and stuff. That and I originally wasn't even a building a mecha as I was just trying to build something that I could build two of, so that I would sort of match up with the song. And well, they looked like they would make good feet, so I thought I might as well make a mecha-ish thing instead of following the song format to the letter.
And as a result, I got this mecha walker thing, which I think is pretty good. It could been better though. For example, the hip connection for this MOC is not very strong, so one of the legs actually falls off a lot. Another problem that I have with this MOC is fact that torso does not look as good as I want it to be (Which is probably because I didn't spent near enough time building that. You folks can blame FRINGE for that. Oh, and tonight's episode was good, by the way.).
So yeah, this MOC is far from perfect and well, I am sorry about that. Also apologize for awful photo of it, I couldn't figure out how exactly to stop the weird blurring effect, I was getting. And well, I am too tired right now to figure out what the issue was. I'll try to make up for it tomorrow. Oh, and thank you for the comments for yesterday's MOC.

12/13 - Now obviously since you are reading this, you are probably wondering what's this entry about. Well, basically I decided that I kind of want to do something here to celebrate the holiday season this month (Oh, and by the way, I am still thinking about doing a new take on my Gift Day short stories from years' past.) and I thought I might as well do a bit of MOCing.
As a result, I will be a trying to make new MOC each day for the next twelve days. And for each one of them, I will provided a link to look at them in my blog here.
Oh, but be aware that it is probably not actually going to follow the format of Twelve Days of Christmas since MOCs are all going to be random probably. Plus, I have feeling I butchered it already in this entry, so don't expect anything too grand (Especially considering my MOCs are not very good.).   

So yeah, make of this what you will and well, I hope you all have a good holiday this month. See ya tomorrow, BZPers.
- JMJ 2012

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Hey, this is pretty cool!

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That boombox is actually pretty cool. It could probably change the world, but you know, you gotta know your limits. With the boombox. c:

That out of the way,this is a pretty neat idea. Holiday spirit is as good a reason for MOCing as any, and I love me some MOCs of common objects.
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Dec 16 2012 10:41 AM

I think the television would have looked better if you used smooth tiles instead of the studded ones. And replace the white with black. Colors aside, though, the overall design looks great.

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Jedi Master J.
Dec 16 2012 06:04 PM

@Bambi - Thanks. I am glad you think is cool idea. :)


@dotcom - XD


Well, thanks, I glad you think it is a neat idea. :) Although the MOCs might not all be common objects since I did have a mecha walker thing and that is definitely not a common object. XD


@Vorahk1Panrahk2 - Hm...Yeah, you raised a good point. It definitely would look better with smooth tiles.


I unfortunately don't have a whole lot of smooth tiles that I could of use for this (Especially black tiles...I don't think I have any of those actually.). Thanks for suggestion though. I'll keep that in mind in case I revamped this thing at some point.


As for color scheme comment, yeah, again you right about that. I mostly blame that on the fact that I wasn't originally making a TV. I was just slapping things together and then my brain thought, "Hey, let's use this large black tile from that R2D2 set. Oh, that looks cool. Hm...Maybe this could be a TV."


So yeah, if I do revamp of this, I will try to replace those white plates with black ones. Thanks again for suggestion. :) And I am glad to hear you think overall design looks great.




Thanks for commenting, folks.


- JMJ 2012     

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