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Another life update...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random, Real Life Mar 03 2013 · 366 views

Hey, folks. I am just pop in again to give a life update. Yeah, I know you guys are probably like, "Oh, joy...Another life entry from the boring loser known as JMJ here." ... But well, I thought I might as well write another life entry in case any of your folks were worry about me for whatever reason since I mention last entry how I was a bit stress out by work lately.
So yeah, speaking of the work thing, I thankfully got some help from my fellow Engineering assistants and we were able to knock out quite a lot of quotes on Wednesday & Thursday. Unfortunately though, I kind of start getting sick on Thursday (I blame my boss since he was sick, but he still coming into work.), so I took off Friday from work to see if that would help me get over it faster.
And well, it seems to have done so because I am now feeling quite a bit better now. I am kind of worried though that my co-workers might of slack on the quotes awhile I was away, so hopefully they didn't. I especially hope they dealt with that quote due on Friday because last I checked, the quote wasn't available. Hm...I imagine the buyer probably gave us an extension on it since we had not access to it since he gave us the quote order on Monday.
But anyway, moving on from work, my mother has turned 52 last Friday and even though I was sick, I took my sister & mother out to dinner to celebrate her birthday (I would of took the whole Family, but my father was at work at the time and my younger brother was somewhere.).
So yeah, that was pretty nice. The place had some pretty good grill cheeses. Hm...You all probably don't know this, but I always order grill cheeses at restaurants. Why? Well, it is mostly because I am picky eater. That and well, I kind of like to mentally compared them to other grill cheeses that I have before. And while I wouldn't said it was the best grill cheese that I have before, it definitely was not bad. What can I say? That's just another example of how weird JMJ is.
Alright, so moving on from life stuff, I thought I might as well as ask if there is anything new that you want to see in my blog here. Like do you want to talk about LEGO more? Or maybe like a pick a random short story to review during my weekends? Or stop talking about life stuff here? You know whatever comes to mind as something that you like to see from me in the future. 
Okay, that's all I really have to talk about for this entry. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have good day. Talk to later, BZPers.
- JMJ 2013

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.You all probably don't know this, but I always order grill cheeses at restaurants. Why? Well, it is mostly because I am picky eater.

OH MAN. You don't know this about me, but that was my life until just a few years ago. My friends would tease me because we'd go to a nice upscale burger joint and I'd order a kid's grilled cheese and a glass of wine. I love grilled cheese sandwiches, and there's a food cart here in Portland that makes specialty grilled cheese sandwiches, and it is awesome.


I am also a crazy picky eater, though I've been working on it. Eating new foods is terrifying. But I've learned I love both hamburgers and chicken, so now I can be less odd at restaurants.


Though sometimes I just want a grilled cheese. Man they're so good.

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Grilled cheese is awesome.

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Best grilled cheese sandwich I ever had was in San Francisco at this place. A close second has got to be Sammy T's, a restaurant in my hometown.

I'm kind of the same way about macaroni and cheese as you are with grilled cheese. It's not all I ever order (I can usually find something else on a menu that I like, such as a hot dog) but I delight in trying macaroni and cheese from different places, particularly if it uses local ingredients (there were a few restaurants up in Vermont where I was previously in school that had simply delicious mac & cheese made with local cheddar).
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Jedi Master J.
Mar 06 2013 01:02 AM



I like how you guys just ignored the rest of entry and just talk about the minor trivia about food instead...






@DeeVee: I see. Well, you make me glad that I don't really have any friends to tease about that. Although then again, that just reminds me of how alone and friendless I am; thanks for that.


But anyway, I am glad to hear that I am not only one with picky eating habits and a liking for a good grilled cheese. Although I have hamburgers & chicken before (Not from classy restaurants though...Then again, I have had an Outback burger before and I honestly didn't like it very much since I felt like there was way too much meat in it.), so it is not like I hadn't experience those before.


It just that I happened to like to order grilled cheese sandwiches at restaurants is all. That and well, if you order a hamburger at restaurants, it will often have pickles or lettuce in it, which I honestly don't like in my burgers (I always picked them off.). I think onions are really only appetizer to hamburgers that I actually like. 


@Kohaku: Yeah, it is. :)


@Aanchir:  Ah, I see. You know funny thing is I don't even have a list of places that I think have great grilled cheese sandwiches. XD Then again, it hardly surprising since I go to a restaurant maybe once every four months or so.


Ah. Yeah, I can definitely understand liking macaroni & cheese since I think that it is pretty good as well (I only have microwavable kind though. XD). Hm...I am afraid to try it in restaurant though since macaroni & cheese nowadays does not sit very well with me. *shrugs*




Thanks for commenting, sirs. I hope you all have a good day.


- JMJ 2013

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