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Animal Crossing and Rambling about BIONICLE

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random, LEGO, BZPower Jun 05 2013 · 508 views

Hey, folks. It has been awhile since I wrote a blog entry here, so I thought I pop in to give you all an update here.
That and well, put it out there that I will be getting Animal Crossing: New Leaf. So if you want add me to your friend list and stuff, feel free to PM me your Friend Code and I try to hang out with you sometime on there.
Oh, and to clarity the reason I hadn't really been "active" here is mostly laziness more than anything else as I actually do regularly read stuff on BZPower (Heck, I read stuff on forums here all the time during my lunch break. In particularly the Bionicle Storyline & Theories forum since there is always a good read there with interesting theories and stuff.). Hopefully I'll be more active this month and get some of things that I have planned done like that LEGO City review or my BIONICLE reflection entries. We will just have to wait and see, I guess.
Speaking of BIONICLE, I have notice the buzz topic of this week seem to be the announcement that LEGO will be taking down their BIONICLE related websites (BIONICLE.com & BIONICLEstory.com). I guess I could share my thoughts on that.
Although honestly I am not hugely upset by this news since I rarely even went on either of those sites since serials stopped getting updates. Beside, it is completely reasonable thing for LEGO to do anyway since it taking up space for new current themes that actually have sets being produce still. I mean it been like what two or three years now since BIONICLE has ended, the fact that it was up this long was quite generous of LEGO, if you ask me. *shrugs*
Now don't get me wrong, I am sad to see that this is happening since I do have a lot of good memories visiting the website. If anything, it probably why I always use my bookmark link for BIONICLE.com as my quick access to Shop At Home rather than just create a new bookmark that directly go to the Shop At Home page. There is definitely some sentimental reasons for why this news would sadden me a little as a fan.
But at same time, it is not like everything that was ever on that site will disappear from internet as soon as LEGO delete the stuff from their database. After all, we were all given this heads up, so we could have the chance to back up what we want from the site before it goes down officially. So while yes, it is sad to see the sites go; I can live with it. I am not going to suddenly die because its gone or forget that BIONICLE even existence (Like that will happen, I am on BIONICLE/LEGO fan site, after all. :P ).
I mean maybe I am weird or something, but honestly I was fine with LEGO ending BIONICLE because I felt like it had a good run and Journey's End felt like a proper conclusion to me. Could the ending have been better? Yeah, it would of nice to have an epic movie of Mata Nui and Makuta giant robot fight.
But really considering how BIONICLE was doing at the time, I am happy that we did at least get something from LEGO to conclude the story because honestly they could of been like some television networks that will tell you that a season finale was the series finale for a show with bad ratings (Which means you get a cliffhanger and no resolve for the plot whatsoever.). Again, maybe I am just weird for thinking that, but I like that they, at least, gave us something and it was good for the most part.
Now then does that mean I hate the serials that GregF try to do post the conclusion of story by LEGO? No, I actually like that he did that because the way I see he was basically giving BIONICLE like its own Expanded Universe like Star Wars has and well, that was kind of cool, if you ask me. Am I upset that GregF naturally stop doing this?
I guess maybe initially I was, but now I am kind of alright with it since we, at least, got some idea of what he planning to do with story from Erebus here. And beside, it is understandable that he had to stop since his #1 priority should be getting done stuff that LEGO has hired him for. He has got to eat, you know. :P
Not only that, but the fact that there still loose ends to stuff, it leaves a lot of room for fan writers to explore that stuff in their own works, if they so desire. After all, LEGO has always been one of the greatest toys for imagination and creativity. Why do we have just put all our focus on just the official storyline of BIONICLE? Be creative. Take ideas from official storyline and mix them with your own. There's nothing restricting you from this, but yourself really.
Alright, I think I rambled enough on subject, especially considering I didn't mean to ramble about this subject in first place. Hm...I apologize in advance if I offend anyone with my thoughts here.
Okay, so moving on from that, I guess I'll bring up again: Is anyone interest in these BZPower shirts? I am just asking because I was planning to maybe raffle them off to people this month since I got quite a few of them from Mister Bionicle Raptor awhile back. Hm...I guess I should explain how I plan to raffle them off.
Basically I have two ideas for it: The first idea is just to have a simple raffle, where people just say what size shirt they want and I assign them a number from random number generation, which will be use in random drawing process when the entry period closes. Now my other idea is basically you guys are required to review a story or MOC on the forums and you have to show me that review in order to gain entry into raffle (Which is basically same idea as first one, except with the added requirement of giving back to the forums in some way.).
Which idea would you guys like to see? Just curious is all. Oh, and I might be throwing in some transparent neon green Miru with the shirts as well.
Well, I think I wrote enough here for today. I mean I probably could write more here, but this entry is already long as it is and I doubt you guys really want to read how my life is going or how far I am in Fire Emblem: Awakening, ect. So yeah, I kept you all here long enough, so thanks for taking the time to read this, folks. I hope you all have a good day. Talk to you later, BZPers.
- JMJ 2013

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I don't have the time to respond to the entire entry right now, so I will just say I think the second idea for the raffle is the best idea. It is always a good idea to give back to the forums, in any time, so might as well bribe people to do it. =P

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Jedi Master J.
Jun 07 2013 11:15 PM

@Portalfig: Really that's my default choice for it as I think it better to have members here give back to forums in some way to get a chance to win something in this raffle...


However I have asked this question about whether or not people would be interest in shirts on three separate occasions here and no one has really expressed interest in them. *shrugs* So I thought the no requirement to enter might be more appealing for people here.


Obviously not considering turn out in the comments here. *shrugs* Maybe it was wall of text here that was to blame really. Yeah, it probably was. I knew I should just cut it out entirely. Then again though, I kind of doubt that's the case and I imagine people are just not interest in the shirts at all.


Really at this point, I am inclined to just can the idea and just donate the shirts to clothing donation box since I almost feel like it is waste to even write a standalone entry for it and just hope that there will magically be a turnout for it out of nowhere.


- JMJ 2013

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