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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Video Games, Nintendo Jun 30 2013 · 422 views

UPDATE 06-29: Added pictures and addition information about my progress in general.
Hey, folks. I am just popping in today to give you all a progress report on how things are going in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for me. I am kind of short on time though, so expected this to be brief mostly. I am probably going to come back here later and add in some pictures of my house and stuff.
So to start off, my friend code for my 3DS is 5412-9992-6542 (Which you should see in my handy little content block to the right.), so PM me yours if you want to add me for whatever reason.
Oh, and my Dream Address for my town is 4700-2202-3933 (Which is also in my handy dandy content block.), so you could check out my town that way, if you want. Although there is really not much to see there since my town doesn't have much in terms of development.
I currently have Club LOL (Just got it today), Dream Suite, T & T Mart, Leif's Flower Shop, Able Sisters, Kicks, and Shampoodle (I will have that place soon) in my Main Street. My museum is currently in process of being upgrade (I just need to gather funds is all. EDITED: Funds have been gathered. I should have that upgrade by tomorrow.). I got 2 paintings, 34 bugs, 49 Fossils, and 41 fishes in my museum at the moment.
Hm...In terms of collected fossils there, I have a T-Rex, Styracosarus, Pachysarus, Archaeopteryx, Peking Man, Fern Fossil, Dinosaur Egg, Ammonite, Trilobite, Shark Tooth, Coprolite, Pteranodon, Apatosaurus, and Dimetrodon. I guess that's an alright exhibit of fossils. I am sure there are better collections out there.
In terms of projects, I have a Fire Hydrant, a campsite, a fence project (Which I use as garden for flowers), a hammock, and a second bridge. So yeah, like I said early, my town is really not that developed honestly. I currently have 8 Animal Villagers (One of them moved out on Wednesday because they want to see the "bigger world".). My house currently has a second floor, so it is on the fourth expansion (I believe). EDITED: Pictures of my house: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Oh, and in terms of fruit, my town fruit is Oranges. However I was able to import coconuts, pears, durians, mangoes, cherries, lychees, peaches, apples, and lemons to my town with help of people from here (Kohaku, Hahli Husky, Alku, Lyichir, and Avohkah Tamer. Thanks again to all those folks that help me out there.) and the island.
As for tools, I have a timer, an axe (I got two extra in case it breaks.), a watering can, a megaphone, a net, a slingshot, a fishing rod, a shovel, and a black wet suit, so I got most of important tools by now. I don't have any silver or gold versions though, but that's not surprising since I don't bell grind enough to get town projects done each day and well, it is still early on and all. That and I don't really know how to get most of them anyway. XD
Alright, I think last topic to cover here is clothes and well, I got a lot of clothes (Mostly headgear to be honestly. XD). I'll list most of them here, but I am probably not going to attach pictures as it will take too much time to really pull off well. Sorry, folks. But anyway, here is a list:
Hats / Masks
- Paperboy Cap
- DJ Cap
- Detective Hat
- Blue Nightcap
- Cow Bone
- Red Pikmin
- Hero's Cap
- Fi Mask
- Motocross Helmet
- Lion-Dance Mask
- Blue-Zap Helmet
- Knight's Helmet
- Toad Hat
- Midna's Mask
- Majora's Mask
- Doctor's Mask
- Stache & Glasses
- Round Glasses
- Bad Bro's Stache
- King's Beard
- Work Shirt
- Sweater-Vest
- HHA Tee
- Blue-Stripe Tee
- Green Emblem Blazer
- Blue Aloha Tee
Pant(s) / Dress(es)
- Blue-Zap Pants
- Brown Formal Pants
- Kilt
- Overall Dress
- Default Shorts (I don't know what its name is since apparently they are bugged and will not actually go into inventory when you change pants.)
Shoe(s) / Sock(s)
- Hiking Boots
- Steel-Toed Boots
- Cleats
- Varia Suit Shoes
- Ninja Sandals
- Red Boat Shoes
- Gray Socks
So those clothes in Animal Crossing: New Leaf currently. And yes, folks, you did read right above. I do own a dress, so take that however you will (If you have a problem with it, I would appreciate if you kept it to yourself. Thanks.). I honest have no problem with it since I think it looks great, especially when I am wearing my Majora's Mask. That and it has added benefit of getting back my default shorts.
Alright, that's all I can really think of talking about here. I am sorry if it was kind of boring to read. Oh, and I hope you all have a great day and thanks for taking time to read this. I'll talk to you all later. See ya, BZPers.
- JMJ 2013

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My Dream Address is 4400-2177-2808. Just visited your town's dream. I like what you've done with the place (especially the fenced-in flower patch).

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Jedi Master J.
Jun 30 2013 12:42 AM

Thanks, Lyi. I'll try to visit your town's dream later today. :)


- JMJ 2013

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