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Hi there, while we hope you enjoy browsing through the site, there's a lot more you can do if you register. Some perks of joining include:
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  • Much, much more!
Enjoy your visit!

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From: List of Female AFOLs for LEGO

Posted by Black Six , in BZPower Jun 27 2014 · 362 views

I received the following from Kim Thomsen of the LEGO CEE Team:

We would like to create a list of female AFOLs.

Please send the following information to me if you know one that we should have on the list.

Full name, e-mail and [talent]

Possible talents:

If you are interested in being on the list, post here or send me a PM.

I have no idea why they are trying to put this list together, I'm just passing on the word.

Source: List of Female AFOLs for LEGO


LEGO Ambassador Network

Posted by Black Six , in BZPower May 17 2014 · 629 views
LEGO, Ambassador, Network
Keith Severson (Senior Manager, CEE Community Support) recently shared the below information with the Ambassadors about changes coming to the program. I'm really looking forward to the changes and hoping they strengthen and grow the community as a whole.

Hello Ambassadors,

I just wanted to give everyone an exciting update on the upcoming LEGO Ambassador Network!

We are right now in final phases of finishing the documentation as well as the communication plan.

So here is the plan.

End of MAY announcement of the new network. This will include all of the documentation.
End of September GO LIVE. Meaning we will start accepting application and bring ambassadors into the new forums.

When we release all of the documentation end of May we will also host a number of sessions to answer questions. We will also send this information out to every contact we have as well as encourage fan sites to share it as well. We want all of the AFOL community to be aware of the program.

Between May and September we hope that every community group selects their ambassador and can start filling out the application form (will also go out end of May). This way when we go live we can on board as many community groups as possible.

Also regarding the forums. I can confirm that we will be moving to a new platform and it is the same platform we now use LEGO IDEAS on. While we are still finalizing exact look and feel of the forum, we are aiming to have a nice clean and simple interface as you can now experience on the new IDEAS site. Be aware that we will not migrate anything from the LEGO Project Rooms forum, it will be a fresh start. We will continue to use LPR until we go live on the new forum.

Just to highlight a couple big changes within the new LEGO Ambassador network.

  • The LEGO Ambassador Networks primary function is to act as a hub for Ambassadors to network and strength relationships as well as interacting with the community team
  • To qualify for an ambassadorship you must represent an AFOL community group (i.e. LUG or online site)
  • There is no pre-requisites to being an ambassador from TLG, however there is a level of professionalism and respectful behavior which we expect Ambassadors to live up to.
  • It is a requirement to have an ambassador in order for a LUG to have access to support programs (i.e. LUGBULK)
  • Within the forum there will be Workgroups which will have focused conversations around topics
  • Each workgroup will be managed by one or more community team members as well as one or more Ambassadors which are selected by me
  • Workgroups provide the opportunity to focus discussion and create content which can be used by other Ambassadors or provide strong argument to take to TLG for consideration.
These are just some of the many highlights to the new program. We are looking forward to creating a dramatic shift with this program which we feel will create strong value to community groups as well as TLG. There is a number of very interesting topic that we would like to the workgroups to tackle right from day one and we are sure that many ambassadors have ideas to formulate and co-create as well!

Please be looking forward to get the full information at the end of the month!

If you have any questions about the responsibilities or anything about the new program, I'll do my best to answer them.


LEGO Ideas Questions

Posted by Black Six , in BZPower, LEGO Con May 07 2014 · 621 views
Ideas, Cuusoo
BZPower will be interviewing Tim Courtney from the LEGO Ideas team this weekend at BrickFair New England!

Is there anything you would like us to ask him, or any topics we should bring up?


Ask a LEGO Designer

Posted by Black Six , in BZPower, LEGO Con May 02 2014 · 604 views
Set, Designer
At BrickFair New England, LEGO set designer Jamie Berard will be on hand to give a talk. He has also agreed to do an interview with BZPower. This may just be a text interview, but we might try to do a video for our YouTube channel.

What questions would you like to ask him?



Philly Brick Fest

Posted by Black Six , in BZPower, LEGO Con Apr 21 2014 · 595 views
MOCs, Display, Awesome!
Philly Brick Fest is later this week! I don't think there will be too many BZPower members there, which makes me sad. Fortunately though, there will be a ton of your MOCs on display!

I was getting worried because no one had been sending anything in, but last Friday I got three boxes (two of them were huge) and today I got four more! By my count, there will be over FORTY BZPower member MOCs on display (not including mine or any others that show up from other exhibitors). We should have a great Karda-Nui display, and BioniLUG will have a special display too.

I'm really excited to put them all on display and show a new city what BZPower is capable of. You guys rock!

And if you missed Philly Brick Fest, there's still time to send them to BrickFair New England, which is only a couple weeks from now. Check out this topic for more info. And please, if you send something - no styrofoam peanuts! I will take them out of your box and replace them with pain and suffering, which won't protect your MOCs nearly as well.


From: Biggest Names in the Bionicle Fandom

Posted by Black Six , in BZPower Mar 26 2014 · 824 views
Bionicle, biggest, fan
Check out the topic and share your thoughts!

I was talking to someone recently, and we were wondering who the most well-known people in the Bionicle community were. Not just the best builders, but the most dedicated fans - those who are known throughout the community for different things, maybe their stories, artwork, videos, websites they run, etc. Are they still active, or have they stepped away from the community and moved on to other things? Do they hang out on BZPower or elsewhere?

Some names that come to mind when I think about it might be:
DeeVee, Brickthing, Roa McToa, and Retinence - some of the biggest Bionicle/constraction/fusion builders
Swert - that guy's been running BS01 for ages now
InnerRayg - I hear people still talk about his sprite kit ;)
Gatanui - have you seen how many times his name has been on the front page?

Do you agree or disagree with the people on my list? Who's on your list of most well-known Bionicle fans? Why?

Source: Biggest Names in the Bionicle Fandom


Calling All Chima Fans

Posted by Black Six , in BZPower Mar 25 2014 · 614 views
Chima, LEGO
Are you a devout Chima fan? Do you have tons of sets and a wardrobe full of Chima clothes and a Chima backpack? Have you seen every episode of the Chima TV show, twice? Have you hit the level cap in the Chima MMO?

Even if only some of these things apply, we want to hear from you! BZPower has some ideas in the works and are looking for some Chima people to help out. Leave a comment here or send me a PM with what makes you a huge Chima fan, and if you've got what we're looking for, I'll let you know!


Add-on Fundraising for BZPower

Posted by Black Six , in BZPower Mar 22 2014 · 800 views
Donation, Add-on, Support
I have recently added a donation goal for the site, in the hopes that we can get some add-ons to help improve the BZPower experience. If you are willing and able to donate, it would be most appreciated.

I don't want to reveal what the add-ons are, as that would spoil the surprise for some of them, but I'll give some (hopefully) tantalizing hints:
  • One will help bring back an old feature of the site that you once saw represented in many members' signatures.
  • A couple others will be part of a process to help encourage more people to join the site.
  • Another one will help people find content that lots of other people like on the forums.
Our goal is $50, which hopefully isn't too unreasonable. Every little bit helps though - all we need is fifty members to donate one dollar to get us to our goal!

Please be aware, once we hit the goal, it will take some time for us to buy, install, and set-up all the add-ons, so don't expect to see them overnight.

Thanks so much for reading, and thank you even more for donating if you're able!



Idea: Constraction Parts Draft

Posted by Black Six , in BZPower, LEGO Con Feb 28 2014 · 869 views
Sets, Parts Draft, Hero Factory
I've seen lots of events and a few websites do parts drafts over the years, but I've never seen one done with a constraction set. So I thought, 'we should fix that!'

For the uninformed - a parts draft is where you gather a bunch of copies of the same set, open them up, mix all the pieces together, then sort each different type of part into its own pile. Then people take turns picking piles until they're all gone. There's a little more too it, but that's the main gist. In the end, you get a bunch of a few different kinds of pieces, instead of a few of a bunch of different kinds of pieces like if you had just bought one copy of the set. It can help expand the depth of your building collection.

In our case, I was thinking that BZPower would provide a bunch of copies of a single set, probably ten of them. People who want to participate would then pay a set amount, probably around the cost of the set but hopefully a little less, to buy a spot. Once the spots are sold, we'd have the draft.

As far as how we do the draft, I had three ideas:

First option would be to do the whole thing by PM. I would have to sort the sets into lots, tell people what they are, and you'd take turns via PM selecting which lot you want. This could take a while since you have to wait for each person to reply.

Second idea is to do it live online, where everyone is in a video or voice chat taking turns selecting pieces. We could even livestream it for fun.

These two ideas would probably cost more as I'd also have to pay to ship each person their pieces.

Final idea is to just do it at BrickFair Virginia. There's usually enough members there that I think we could get the requisite ten people to do the draft.

What are your thoughts? Would you be interesting in participating? What sets do you think would be good ones to draft?


Valentine's Day Unboxing

Posted by Black Six , in BZPower Feb 14 2014 · 598 views
CEE Team, Unboxing
The always-generous LEGO CEE Team sent me a package that arrived today, on Valentine's Day of all days. As has become my habit, I did an unboxing video for it. Enjoy!

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