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Things to Bring to BrickFair

Posted by Black Six , in Real Life, LEGO Con Jan 09 2013 · 2,980 views

BrickFair Alabama is eight days away! So much stuff to worry about! To help me not forget anything, I'm going to make a list here. Let me know what's missing.
  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Wallet
  • Passort/drivers license
  • Boarding passes
  • Snacks
  • MOCs
  • Brick badges
  • Prototypes and other pieces to give out
  • BZPower Guestbook
  • BZPower business cards
  • Camera
  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Other phone
  • iPod
  • Packing tape
  • Umbrella
  • Tablet (maybe)
I'm sure I'm overlooking something...


BrickFair Alabama 2013

Posted by Black Six , in BZPower, LEGO Con Dec 26 2012 · 1,298 views
BrickFair, BFAL, MOCs



We need all the help we can get to make these events fantastic. We appreciate all your support and look forward to getting bunches and bunches of MOCs to display. If anything is unclear, please ask and we will do our best to clarify.

Less than a month to go!


2013 Fan Conventions

Posted by Black Six , in LEGO Con Nov 30 2012 · 3,780 views

So what conventions is everyone going to next year?

My current plans include BrickFair Alabama, BrickFair New England, and BrickFair Virginia. I think there's a pattern there... I'm actually going to be the Bionicle Coordinator at New England, so expect me to bug you guys about sending in MOCs.

Anyway, I'm considering seeing if I can squeeze in a fourth event, because I'm crazy and stupid like that. Bricks Cascade is unfortunately out, because they moved it to right around the time that PAX East is, and two vacations that close just isn't feasible. Bricks by the Bay is out too, since that's the week after Brick Fair Virginia. Apparently Brick Magic isn't happening next year, so I guess I can't go there either.

The top two I was considering then were BrickWorld Chicago and Brick Fiesta. They haven't released any details for the latter yet, but I recall hearing it was going to be in San Antonio or Dallas next year. Neither is really high on my list of places to visit, and I've never been to Chicago, so I'm kind of leaning towards BrickWorld.

I'd like to see where other LEGO fans will be though, since that could help my decision.


Name my Bricks

Posted by Black Six , in LEGO Con, BZPower Sep 27 2012 · 1,473 views
BrickFair, Badge
BrickFair VA 2012 was the tenth LEGO fan event I've attended. As a result, I'm accumulated a lot of engraved bricks, most of which have my name, Black Six, and the places I've lived. I need to start mixing things up, and I need your help.

Suggest some fun nicknames, phrases, and other things I could put on a badge.

Bricks I already have include:
  • Black Six
  • Sixboss
  • Mandrew

Let's see what you can come up with!

Edit: Alright, nice! Here's the current frontrunners:
  • Prince Andrew
  • Bossman

Some other ideas I've had:
  • Thread closed
  • Bodyguard of the King



Posted by Black Six , in BZPower, LEGO Con, Real Life Aug 01 2012 · 2,127 views
BrickFair, BFVA12, BZP, 11 years
Tomorrow is August 2, 2012. That will be the eleventh anniversary of my joining BZPower.

It is also the first day of BrickFair 2012 Virginia, the fifth such event held. (Congrats Todd!)

BrickFair 2012 Viriginia will be the tenth AFOL fan convention that I've attended.

Sunday, August 5 is my twenty-fifth birthday. A quarter-century!

Monday, August 6, will mark my eleventh year as a member of the BZPower Staff.

All this right after BZPower celebrated its eleventh anniversary.

It's crazy to think about all that - I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it all.

But I know one thing - I couldn't ask for a better group of people to celebrate it with than my friends from BZPower. I just wish more of you all could be there!


Bionicle Card Game at BrickFair

Posted by Black Six , in LEGO Con Jul 28 2012 · 2,169 views
Story time!

Back in the shrouded mists of the past, there was a Bionicle fan named Carl. Carl really loved Bionicle, so much that he began creating his own card game. He contacted LEGO to tell them about his game and to offer it to them to use.

Then LEGO cancelled Bionicle, and everyone was sad.

But wait! The people at LEGO thought, 'Wow, this guy is really dedicated, we should get him in touch with our ace Community Coordinator for North America, Kevin Hinkle.'

And then Kevin Hinkle was all like, 'Wow, that's a really impressive game, have you heard of this thing called BrickFair? There are tons of other fans like you out there and you should go share it with them. Here, talk to this crazy guy from this site called BZPower.'

Carl talked to this Black Six character, and he was impressed with the lad's dedication and enthusiasm. He agreed to spread word of the game and encourage others to learn its rules at BrickFair and play against each other, until only the strongest remained alive. (Okay, maybe not that last part (Two men enter, one man leaves!).)


So yeah, if you're coming to BrickFair, and you like games, make sure you talk to Carl and learn to play his Bionicle card game. I hear it will be a lot if fun.


Rob Is Okay

Posted by Black Six , in BZPower, LEGO Con Jun 04 2012 · 1,500 views
Bricks Cascade
I don't know what the big deal is. He's a nice guy I suppose, unless he's being dumb. I have no idea how Becca puts up with him though, honestly. He's just always talking, even in his sleep!

Love you bud!


New Feature - Calendar R S V Ping

Posted by Black Six , in BZPower, LEGO Con Apr 15 2012 · 1,743 views
Calendar, RSVP, BrickFair and 1 more...
BZPower has had a Calendar for a while now. It's seen intermittent use over the years depending on how the staff feel at the time.

I just discovered a new feature that must have been added with the recent upgrade - RSVPing. Now events can be created with the option to allow members to RSVP to them. So now for real life kind of meetups, or even for contests on BZPower, we can keep a running tally of who is going. To test it out, I've added two upcoming LEGO Conventions:

Bricks Cascade 2012
BrickFair 2012 VA

Do you guys think this is cool/useful? Right now only Staff can create events - should we open it up to Premier Members or OBZPCs?

Also, there's an option to be able to comment on events that is currently disabled. I'm not keen on enabling it (more work for the Staff), but thought I'd get everyone's input on that too.

Let me know what you think!


Brick Bus

Posted by Black Six , in LEGO Con, BZPower Jan 19 2012 · 1,710 views
bus, con, BrickFair, BrickFiesta and 1 more...
So just about exactly a week ago, I found myself sitting in Casey's at the Sheraton in Birmingham, AL with Jim Foulds, Kevin Hinkle, Watashi Wa, Emzee, and Abner (an AFOL who I've met at almost every LEGO convention I've been to). In case you're not in the know, Jim and Kevin work for the LEGO Community Team. It has a different name, but they change it every six months so I don't bother remembering.

We came up with the best idea.

Kevin was telling us about the many times he's driven through Texas either for moves or to visit family when he was living out of state and how much 'fun' it was. (In reality he was telling us about the abandoned houses he'd see on the side of the road that he really hoped he never broke down next to one.) He also talked about how much he enjoyed driving a big moving truck while towing a car. (I think he was being sarcastic.)

The logical conclusion from this was that Keven needs to drive a party bus from Connecticut (where LEGO has their US HQ) to the various fan events, picking up AFOLs along the way. He promised Gogurt and Snack Packs and Capri Suns until Jim said the budget probably couldn't afford it. So there will probably only be some cheap knockoff brands. As long as there's food though, I'm on board.

I think this would be the ultimate way to get to an event - it's like the con starts before you even get there. Of course there's the downside that everyone will hate each other by the time you get to your destination, but it's a small price to pay.

So who's ready to hop on the magic brick bus? I hear there will be a mariachi band on the one that goes to BrickFiesta.

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I'm glad to see you made the trip intact.

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