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Weekly Update - 5/30

Posted by Black Six , May 30 2008 · 168 views
Weekly Updates
So tonight brings us some nice discussions that cover a variety of recent happenings on BZPower. Some interesting stuff, I hope.

First things first, congratulations to Shilo and Ben (Omicron and ChocolateFrogs, respectively), who, along with myself, were BZPower's nominees for the Lego Ambassador program. The latest I've heard is that the selection committee is having a hard time narrowing down the pool since there were so many great candidates. Hopefully that means one of us has a shot!

You may have seen that BZPower Reference Master bonesiii has updated the Storyline & Theories Rules and Guidelines recently, adding a thorough spoiler policy to clear up any confusion that might have gone on in the past. You can discuss the policy here and be sure to check out our calendar for when you can discuss certain spoilers.

I can tell you the Reference Staff have been working on the policy for a while now, trying to come up with fair, consistent rules. They got input from Greg and Bink, and there was also some discussion between the BS01 staff to make sure the two sites' policies didn't vary too much. Like I said, this policy has been a lot of thought and work, so it's going to be around for a while. So if you're a story fan, familiarize yourself with it so you make sure you don't break it down the road.

This week the long-awaited Member Interview program has begun! The entry period for the first cycle is over, and the interview will be posted on June 3rd. You'll have to wait and see who was chosen, but if you submitted your name and didn't hear back, then sorry, it wasn't you. There will be plenty more opportunities to try though, so fear not! A big thanks go to all the staff that helped out in the planning phase, deciding on the format and presentation, and suggesting lots of questions to be asked. I think this is going to be a really fun project, and I hope you all enjoy it. Be sure to check out General Discussion on June 3rd for the first interview, which is also the first day you can submit to enter in the second cycle.

Finally, a note on BZPower's server. We're aware things have been quite slow recently, with the whole site going offline at times. We're looking into things and have at least one long-term plan should hopefully help speed things up. With any luck it will be announced this weekend. If you want to keep complaining let me know and I'll just delete your account, which will speed things up by having one fewer member in our database to deal with. wink.gif

QUOTE(Master of Ice and Sonic)
1. Have you bought any '08 sets?
1A. If so, which ones?
2. Do you believe Bionicle is going downhill?
3. Do you prefer collectibles or projectiles?
4. Should I be doing something else than sending you questions?

1. Yes.
1A. Lewa Nuva.
2. I believe it has changed a lot since 2001. Whether or not you consider it downhill is a matter of perspective. It appeals to a wider range of fans, I think. This has come at the cost of some things older fans liked, such as gears and collectibles. But again it's all a matter of opinion.
3. I was always a fan of collectibles, though I do think they could have done a better job with some, especially the Kraata.
4. No, questions are fun!

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

So that wraps it up for tonight, since I will be leaving shortly to enjoy my weekend. As always, leave your questions and feedback and have fun here on BZPower.


Mass Market Entertainment Fun

Posted by Black Six , May 28 2008 · 156 views
Real Life
A couple Sundays ago I finally went to see Iron Man with a friend. He's always been one of my favorite Marvel heroes; I guess his lack of 'powers' and he intelligence and mechanical ability appeal to me. Plus, powered armor rocks. I thought they did the character justice in the movie, while at the same time effectively updating it to modern times (terrorists instead of communists and things like that). It was a good movie, not too long, with a lot of action, and a nice mix of comedy thrown in. Not much more you can ask for in a summer blockbuster.

Or is there?

Last Friday some friends and I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I had heard mixed reviews about it and tried not to get my hopes up too much for it. That said, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. It wasn't perfect by any means, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, more so than I did Iron Man. Parts of it were a little far-fetched, especially the ending (they could have just disappeared, they didn't need that) but it was an interesting story. I think I rank it above Temple of Doom on my list of favorite Indy movies (for first and second it's hard to pick between Raiders and Crusade). I think it's been my favorite movie so far this year, out of the few that I've seen.

Finally, on Saturday I saw The Eagles at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. It was an awesome show, almost four hours long. They did all their biggest hits, from Hotel California to Take It Easy to Heartache Tonight and my personal favorite, Life In the Fast Lane. They did some songs from their new album, Long Road Out of Eden, as well as other songs from their solo careers. I thought that after all these years the performance might be a bit lackluster, but they could still hit all the high notes (even in Witchy Woman) and Joe Walsh was going crazy on guitar more than a couple times. It was a thoroughly awesome show and if you can catch any of their other tour dates (they'll be in Madison Square Garden this weekend) and like their music, don't miss out!

So that's some of the stuff I've been up to recently. It's been a while since I did a non-Weekly Update entry, so I figured this would be a decent topic to write about. Hope you enjoyed, go see some movies and some bands!


Weekly Update - 5/23

Posted by Black Six , May 23 2008 · 155 views
Weekly Updates
Tonight's update will hopefully be pretty good. I have a few topics worth discussing. We can talk about promotions, Ambassadors, and member behavior, oh my!

So, this past week we had two pretty major staff promotions (which happened to coincide with two people stepping down). First, which most of you have probably seen by now, is the ToM Dracone, or Yannick, is now part of the BZPower news team. If you've read any of his reviews on BZP, you know what a skilled writer he is. We thought we'd put his skills to good use writing more frequently than the occasional review. In his first week he's already posted two stories, so keep looking for more to come from him!

Next up, which you might not have seen, since it was only announced a few minutes ago, is that Makaru is the new Blog Leader. He came on to the staff as a Blog Assistant, and though he moved on to the forum side, he returns once again to oversee his former blog staff-mates. His experience will prove invaluable in keeping the blogs running smoothly and I know there's at least one project Toaraga was working on that Mak will continue.

Now, you might be wondering, 'But Toaraga was just promoted, is he leaving or something?' Fear not, this was all planned in advance, Toaraga took the job as Global Mod knowing Mak waqs going to replace him. It's usually better to spread out the work load among a few staff members rather than having one or two that do everything. It allows for better organization and prevents our staff from getting too stressed out (most of them, at least).

Of course that leaves Janus, who recently stepped down from being a Global Moderator and now stopped being a Reporter. Sometimes things in life get busy and reduce the time a person can spend on BZPower. It's unfortunate, but it happens. Robert decided that it would be better to let some new blood into those positions since he could no longer dedicate the amount of time he wanted to.

So that's that.

Next on the list, the applications are in, and you can now vote for the top three candidates to be nominated for Lego Ambassadors. I'd like to thank everyone so far for their support and wish the rest of the candidates good luck in the selection process. The poll closes at noon tomorrow, so get voting!

As far as the Ambassador program in general goes, I've seen many people asking for specific things to ask Lego. While I'm sure the company is open to ideas and feedback, it remains to be seen if individual requests are really considered. Whatever the case, if anyone from BZP is chosen as an Ambassador I hope they work with the members to get feedback on different issues, and bring our voice to Lego. We're a large community with a lot of opinions, and I think Lego could gain some useful insight from us. Here's to the future!

Finally, I'd like to take a quick moment to talk about something some members don't seem to understand. Staff are people too. We have lives outside of BZPower and do all the same sort of things all other members do. We hang out with friends, listen to music, go to parties, play sports, go to school or work (or both), etc. I encourage all staff to act as professionally as possible while on BZPower, setting a good example for other members to follow, and generally I think we do a pretty good job of it. Sometimes, however, something will come up that members think is inappropriate for staff to do, but if they did it it would be alright. Double standards aren't cool, and people need to understand that staff aren't perfect and have all the same sorts of flaws and strengths as everyone else.

Nothing this week. Send me your questions!

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

And that wraps it up for this week. Hope it was more interesting and insightful than it has been recently. I want to try to update this thing (my blog) more often with non-weekly update stuff, so keep checking back to see if I get around to doing that.


Weekly Update - 5/16

Posted by Black Six , May 16 2008 · 209 views
Weekly Updates
Short update this week. Someone need to give me an idea for something to discuss.

So, first up on the list is that Lego is taking applications for new Lego Ambassadors, and BZPower (along with other Lego communities on the Internet) get to help nominate candidates. We get to nominate up to three people to be considered for the position, with at most one from the community being selected. If you're 18 or older and are interested (no matter where in the world you live) by all means get some testimonials and send an application over to me so we can send it in.

I'm giving this a shot and seeing if I can become an Ambassador. Obviously the Bionicle line does quite well and is always one of the better-selling themes, but many AFOLs still seem to overlook it as being 'kiddy,' which is ironic considering we're talking about a building toy. I've been trying to help raise awareness with things like LAML Radio. Speaking of which, hopefully I won't be the only proponent of Bionicle to appear on the show, but when that happens is up to James, not me, obviously.

Anyway, I think Lego can gain a lot from someone that grew up with the classic themes like Space, Pirates, and Castle but also enjoys Bionicle. So if it comes down to a vote for who gets nominated, be sure to make the right choice. wink.gif

Sometime this weekend there should be a couple of new staff announcements. One is sort of a continuation of a recent staff event. Actually, so is the other. If that doesn't get you thinking, I don't know what will. I'm sure all the promotions will work out for the best though, otherwise they wouldn't be happening.

Nothing this week. Send me your questions!

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

Like I said, nothing much to this week's update. Hope you enjoyed it nonetheless, and if you'd like to see me talk about more things, let me know and give me some ideas!


Weekly Update - 5/9

Posted by Black Six , May 09 2008 · 173 views
Weekly Updates
I'm hoping tonight won't be as boring as the past few weeks. To find out for yourself, read on!

So the biggest news, I think is last night's promotion. Once again, congratulations Toaraga! I'm sure he'll do a great job, he was already nuking signatures last night, so he's off to a good start. Unfortunately that means Janus is no longer a Global Moderator. This was his choice, as he felt he no longer had sufficient free time to continue with the work and get other things done. It happens, real life does take priority, but it's good to still have his experience available on the staff.

Also, this is the first of a few staff changes you'll be seeing in the coming weeks.

Some of you may have noticed a news story today referencing a popular Europe song. It featured a link to a new movie with some 2008 hints and spoilers. We were informed shortly after putting it up that the site that was hosting it should not have made it live yet. Being the considerate people we are, we removed the news story. I wish websites would adhere to the release dates that Lego gives them, it would make things a lot easier. Imagine if sets and books came out on their scheduled release dates instead of randomly one to two months in advance. It would save people from running around trying to get a product as soon as someone finds it. Also, it would prevent spoilers like this from ruining the story for people.

If you have seen the video, do not discuss it or link to it. Thanks.

As a side note, this isn't the first time the site has done something like this. It's quite unprofessional and reflects poorly on the staff over there.

In other news this week, we learned that the company in charge of LegoLand will be building a theme park in the state of Dubai (part of the United Arab Emirates). From what I've heard the country has become a bit of a tourist attraction in the Middle East, with lots of beautiful beaches (some of which are artificial) and other tourist attractions. It seems like an interesting choice, and I would have thought of other places that would have gotten a LL theme park first, but he'll see how it works out in a few years once it opens.

Hey, B6 is it possible to have star ratings for the topics like some other forums have? If so how likely do you think it is that they will be used?

This is a feature of the forum software. One of the more common requests on BZPower, however, is to remove the star ratings from Blogs and Member profiles, which cannot easily be done. So I don't think there would be a big interest in adding the rating feature to topics.

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

So that wraps it up for this week. Again, please don't spread the video (if you've seen it). Otherwise enjoy your weekend and check back next week!


Weekly Update - 5/2

Posted by Black Six , May 02 2008 · 185 views
Weekly Updates
We've definitely hit a slow period here on BZPower, slow news, slow updates, slow server. Oh wait, that's been going on for a while. Anyway, thanks for joining us for yet another Weekly Update.

Thanks for all your input in the spoiler policy poll. Bones and the rest of the Reference Team have been poring over the results to come up with a unified spoiler policy that will be implemented in the future. You will follow it or face the penalties, which have yet to be determined.

So BBC Contest #49 voting has finally started, and the final round is here. We apologize for the delay, but unfortunately things have been quite hectic for Tufi and Kex recently, forcing the longish delay.

So yeah, there definitely are going to be some interesting staff changes coming up. Just to get you guessing, someone may leave and others will stay. *Insert tension and drama.*

I became an OBZPC before the 'No more Copper Masks' was announced. Do I still get one? I was asked for my address...

Yes, you should still get yours, along with everyone else that was asked for an address.

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

And so another week is wrapped up. Come back next week after something interesting has hopefully happened!


Weekly Update - 4/25

Posted by Black Six , Apr 25 2008 · 193 views
Weekly Updates
Today is the last Weekly Update in April. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing, but I thought I'd point it out. Anyway, we have a whole lot of nothing for you tonight, with some more rehashes of stuff you've already been told. Yeah I know it's no fun, but it's the truth.

So, first things first, the Calendar. A couple events are up there - if you look hard enough, you might find something really cool. Speaking of calendar events, go let us know what you think our spoiler policy should be so we can add events as needed to the calendar.

Next, member interviews will hopefully start early to mid May, once my semester has ended and I can focus more time on organizing things. It'll be here, don't worry.

Oh, and maybe sometime soon there will be some interesting staff announcements. Maybe.

When we reach 1000 posts, will we still be able to recieve those free kratta?

That promotion ended a long time ago. We don't have any Kratta anymore to give away.

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

And so my much ado about nothing concludes. If you want to see more stuff in here, leave some ideas in the comments or in my PM inbox!


Weekly Update - 4/18

Posted by Black Six , Apr 18 2008 · 235 views
Weekly Updates
Doctor Who season premier on SciFi tonight, so I better get this done quickly! A lot of people are really busy this time of year, what with taxes, and semesters ending, and AP tests approaching, so don't be surprised by the lack of activity.

One piece of news I'm happen to report on is that is all goes well we should have a new set review up tomorrow! You'll have to wait to see what the set is, but there aren't very many options at this point.

The setting for the calendar have all (hopefully) been configured, so we should start seeing some updates on there in the next week or so. If there's something you think would be a good addition to the calendar, leave a comment or PM me or another staff member so we can see about adding it.

That's about it for now, we're still working on getting the Member Interviews up and running, but I wouldn't expect to see the first one until May. If you have any questions you think we should ask members, let us know in the comments!

Will there ever be another BBC contest where past winners are the only ones allowed to compete, like BBC #25?

Well, it just so happens that our next BBC Contest is #50. That may or may not mean something special is happening. You'll have to wait and see.

1) I read the thing about the copper Hunas not being sent out out anymore. Does that mean members (such as me) who got full proto before the supply ran out won't get them?

2) If not, does that mean they will be sent out finally?

3) With the calender, will you add dates such as when book spoilers are allowed etc...?

1) We're hoping to be able to still be able to ship out those Hunas, but the details are still being worked out.
2) See above.
3) That is one of the things we are hoping to do with the calendar. Check out the rest of the update for a little more info about this feature.

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

I hope you feel you have been properly updated and enjoyed this edition of our Weekly Update. As always, leave us your questions, comments, and other feedback.


Weekly Update - 4/11

Posted by Black Six , Apr 11 2008 · 219 views
Weekly Updates
Another week, another update. Not very much exciting to discuss, but read what you will and enjoy.

We're looking into getting the calendar started up and populated with events soon by our staff members. And maybe we'll let you guys add some events at some point. If we do they'll be moderated so we have to approve them before they're live. If you can think of any types of things you want to see on the calendar, let us know so we can include them.

LAMLradio #33 was posted the other day, and while I wasn't on it, BZPower did get a mention for our April Fool's joke. I'm glad to see that other Lego fans liked it.

In other news, it was interesting to see Greg's announcement of the book schedule for next year. I guess that just goes to show the books have not been the best sellers in the Bionicle line. Maybe this is a sign that Bionicle will start focusing its storying more in the comics and on the website again like in the beginning of Bionicle. Or maybe it will boost book sales. Only time will tell.

On another not, do you think the weekly updates are something that should be advertised more, maybe mentioned in the forums or on the front page (not as a news item, but maybe a sidebar link)? It's hard to tell just how many members read this, and I'm sure there are people that don't visit that could get something out of reading this or provide some nice feedback. Thoughts?

1. How do you feel when you make someone's proto lower or higher?

2. If you didn't become staff member, how long do you think it would've taken you to become OBZPC?

3. What's the biggest pain the neck about being staff?


1. Like I'm doing my job. It's not a power trip or anything, just something that has to be done for the betterment of the site.
2. First I would have had to wait for the Proto system to have been implemented, and then get boosts. So probably a couple of years.
3. Dealing with people that don't follow the rules.

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

That's about it for tonight. As always, leave your comments, suggestions, and feedback in the comments so we can make things better.


Weekly Update - 4/4

Posted by Black Six , Apr 04 2008 · 174 views
Weekly Updates
Welcome to the BZPower Weekly Update. As always I'm here to tell you about stuff that's happening on BZPower and such. And then it will be time to watch some Battlestar Galactica before the final season premiers.

Obviously the biggest news this week was the announcement of a new line of Bionicle books. Ok, so maybe it was an April Fools joke, but it was still pretty funny. Major thanks go to Bionicle.com webmaster and former BZP Admin Binkmeister. He pretty much thought up the whole thing and made the very convincing mockups – you rock Kelly! While it may not have been a huge site takeover, I think it still succeeded as a prank, and was much more potentially believable than something like VahkiPower (which still rocked in its own regard).

Of course there's also BBC Contest #49 going on now. Can you make something awesome using only black, white, and grey? Speaking of contests, the RPG Forum COntest #9 is all wrapped up now, congrats to the winners and all the entrants that made this a bigger contest than we've had in a while.

Member interviews are still in the planning phase, more on that as progress is made.

I also recently appeared once again on LAMLradio and got to talk with James. It's fun to go on there, but when the talk goes to building I'm not exactly the best person to have on the show. Don't worry though, James has asked me for a little help on something and hopefully it will result in Bionicle getting even more attention on the show.

Finally, I direct your attention here. Would you like to see this used for more than just birthdays? What do you think could be posted on there? Contests seem like the obvious choice, but anything else? Let me know what you think!

1) How was it to be a non-staff member for 4 days?

2) If you could have any staff role besides Admin, what would it be?

3) What group (members, Premier Members, Outstanding BZP cityzin, etc.) did were you in before becoming staff member?


1) Much less stressful than the six and a half years the followed.
2) Forum Leader; I still get minions to boss around, but don't have to worry about any of the big stuff. tongue.gif
3) Premier Members and Outstanding BZPower Citizens did not exist when I joined. I went from being a Member to a Moderator.

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

That's all for today and this week. I hope you enjoyed it. As always, be sure to leave any questions, comments, or feedback you might have!

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