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Bio of a BZP Admin


Weekly Update - 3/28

Posted by Black Six , Mar 28 2008 · 150 views
Weekly Updates
Thank you for joining me for another fun-filled weekly update. Well, maybe the filling won't be fun, but that's up to you to decide. Read on to find out.

So the response from last week about the member interviews was pretty positive. So much so that we're hoping to move forward with it soon. Not sure when, but when we are there will be an official-type announcement. Just so you all know, this is an example of a member suggesting an idea and us running with it and making it happen. So don't think we don't listen.

Aside from that, something I mentioned in the update two weeks ago might be coming to fruition too pretty soon. But you'll have to wait to see what exactly that means. tongue.gif

Also, be sure to vote in the RPG Contest Semifinal Polls before they end tonight. If you're reading this and the semis are closed, you can find the final poll in this forum. Go vote and then join us in the RPG Forum for some Roleplaying Action!

QUOTE(Toa Nuva Of Alex)
why has omi been unbanned 4 or 5 times? and how did he get up all the ranks if he's been so bad?
how did you get to the rank you are now?
why has there been a wave of spam topics?

1- If I knew how to keep him from coming back, he'd have been gone a while ago. He keeps on reappearing though. wink.gif
2- Time, patience, and proving I was the best (or maybe only) candidate for the job.
3- There are always spam topics.

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

And that's it for this week's update. Hope you enjoyed it. As always leave your comments and feedback, and see you next week.


Weekly Update - 3/21

Posted by Black Six , Mar 21 2008 · 312 views
Weekly Updates
Today is the first full day of Spring, and with the return of warmer weather in the Northern hemisphere I was greeted this morning to a reading of 29° F on my thermometer this morning. Spring may be a wash so far, but today's Weekly Update isn't. Read on to see what we have in store.

Currently there are two contests going on here at BZPower that hopefully most of you are aware of. Voting has begun in the BBC Contest #48: A Slice of Life. Semifinal voting ends tonight and the final round will begin soon after. Be sure to cast your votes! And, of course, the Ninth RPG Contest is underway as well. The entry period ends tomorrow at 11:59 PM, so there's still a little time to get your RPGs entered. After that voting will begin! This RPG contest is looking to be much bigger than some of our recent ones. I'm glad interest has been rekindled.

In other news, not much happened. There's been a steady stream of content from Bionicle.com and BionicleStory.com, thanks to our good friend Kelly (aka Binkmeister) that has been keeping all the story buffs busy. Aside from that, however, there has been relatively little news to discuss. That's ok though, quiet periods happen. It just means that sometime in the near future there's going to be a flood of new stuff happening!

One thing someone suggested to me is interviewing different members and posting the interviews on the front page. It would sort of be like the Member Spotlight, except go into more detail and be an active member, not just someone randomly pulled from the database. Personally I don't think the front page is the best place for it, but would anyone be interested in seeing this happen either on the forums or here in my blog? Let me know in the comments section!

QUOTE(Neo Blademan Seed Destiny)
1. Do lesser staff get Premier Perks too? Just curious here and in response to your last Mailbag question.

2. Anything planned for the almighty 1 of next month?(tongue.gif)

3. Just curious about this, but if someone was to figure out a way to code up a custom skin for here, that hopefully was without bugs, is there the possibility it could get added to the skin list? Again, just curious...

1. The staff have to pay for Premier Memberships as well. The only exceptions I'm aware of are the Administrators.
2. What's so special about April 1st?
3. Yes there would be a possibility.

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

So that's it for this week; I hope you all enjoyed reading the update. Please leave comments, especially about the idea of member interviews. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Until next week!


Weekly Update - 3/14

Posted by Black Six , Mar 14 2008 · 140 views
Weekly Updates
It's not quite the Ides of March, but in fact, it's better. It's PI DAY. The day to celebrate such an important number in the world of mathematics. I will be celebrating after I post this. Oh and also it's time for our Weekly Update.

Unfortunately I was not able appear on LAML Radio this past week. I was sick on Saturday. I should be able to get on there in the next couple of weeks though.

It's been pretty slow in terms of Bionicle news, so there's not much to discuss this week. One thing I will mention refers to behind the scenes stuff. I have been thinking of some ways to help organize things on the site, as far contest and such. Would you guys be interested in that sort of thing?

QUOTE(Phantoka Lord)
1) How do you have a blog if you aren't Premier?
2) When will you be picking FA's again?
3) When I was composing this message, why did the name sanelection list have two Black Sixes? Do you have a twin or something?


1) Usually for our anniversary all members get the benefits of Premier Members. This includes the ability to start blogs. Once the anniversary week is over they can no longer update their blogs.
If you mean me in particular, I'm an Admin, so I get all the Premier perks.
2) When we need them.
3) Someone created another account with an invisible character in their name the make themselves look like me. They then used that account to spam. They have been banned.

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

Yeah so that's it for this week. Go eat some pie and enjoy the mathematical holiday! As always, feedback is welcome and requested.


Weekly Update - 3/7

Posted by Black Six , Mar 07 2008 · 132 views
Weekly Updates
Welcome back to what I'm sure you all look forward to on Friday evenings: BZPower's Weekly Update. Not much new these past seven days, but take a gander anyway.

Congratulations to Kex and Smeagol4, our newest Forum Leaders. I think everyone agrees that they earned it with all the hard work they've put into the site over the years.

In other news, we should have a new set review up tomorrow, after a bit of a hiatus. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about them. After the initial rush though, things tend to slow down. We'll get to them all though.

39,000 members. That's a lot. Some people have said numbers aren't important, and in the big scheme of things they're not. But it's still pretty awesome if you ask me.

Finally, I may be appearing on LAML Radio's Lego Talk Podcast again soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

1) How do you get to the Toy Fair, do you buy a ticket?

2)What qualities doyou look for in a Forum Assistant?

3)Can u give us the server password and name so we can hack it?

4) Tell us the long story of why yu are called "Black Six." Pretty please biggrin.gif


1) You get invited by Lego.
2) An understanding of the rules, respect of the site, members, and other staff, a good attitude, and fun-loving nature. Probably some other things too.
3) Umm... no.
4) Sorry.

QUOTE(toa nuva of alex™)
1-why is it that if theres a spam topic, people go and post ten bazilion things saying, "thats spam" but i go and make a great topic, and nothing happens?
2-have you ever seen blink in real life?
3-do you speak french, mon?
4-why is it that there is a burst of promoting members to staff?
5-how did you get on the list to toyfair? i've heard that you've got to be some what inporten, but being a amind of bzpower doesn't mean that much, does it?
6-do you have a lego account?
7-if so, do you use it?
8-last one, why are you so cool?

1 - What defines a "great topic"? It's all up to the members to decide if they like it or not, nothing I can do.
2 - You mean Bink? No, we've never met.
3 - Nope.
4 - We felt we needed some more to help out since other Forum Leaders have been busy and not as active.
5 - Lego has graciously invited us since 2003. We represent a large portion of the Bionicle fan-base, and Lego likes for us to get the information out to you guys as quickly as possible.
6 - Yes.
7 - Every now and then, but not often.
8 - I guess it's a genetic thing.
Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

So that's it for this week, thanks for reading. As always, give me some feedback so I know how I can improve future shows.

Until next time!


Weekly Update - 2/29

Posted by Black Six , Feb 29 2008 · 217 views
Weekly Updates
This week seems to be another Mailbag Extravaganza, so there probably won't be a whole lot else here. I'll see what I can do though.

So first off, I'd like to once again congratulate Nikira, Taka-Tahu-Nuva, and Takuta-Nui as our newest Forum Assistants. It's always how funny how nervous they are at first but how quickly they settle into their new roles. What can I say, I pick them good. tongue.gif

That's pretty much all I have to say this week, things have been very slow and life has been very busy. I'll let you enjoy another huge batch of mailbag questions now.

Hey B6, can we expect an 07 or 08 rank anytime soon? smile.gif

We know the ranks are out of date. It's one of the many things on our list to update. As far as plans, I'm afraid I can't say anything officially. tongue.gif

QUOTE(BioHero Phantoka)
1. In the Axalera set, are the wing tips activated by a lever, gear, etc. or does each have to be done manually?

2. If you are the last Blog of The Week, will your blog stay pinned forever?

3. Same as 1, but with the Midak slots.

4. Have you heard of krack-a-toa's upcoming podcast, Live from BZ-Koro? I was wondering if BZP could make it it's official podcast, because it is about BZP and Bionicle. More info when the show really begins.

5. Who would win, a Tarakava or Rockoh T3?

6. Ultimate dume or Axalera? Kardas or Axalera?

7. What is your best advice? (It can be in any topic, i.e. life, BZP, jobs, real estate)

1. There was no activation lever I could see, but the tips are all linked so that if you move one the other two move as well. The same goes for the Midak bays on the T9 and the wings on the T6.
2. I'm sure there will be something to replace it eventually...
3. Already answered.
4. I do think I've read about it somewhere. I'd have to know more about it before I even considered endorsing it in any way.
5. Well, the Rockoh can fly and attack from a distance, so I'd say it has the advantage.
6. Hard call. My guesses would be Dume for the first and Axelara for the second.
7. Never spit into the wind.

1. What advice do you have for a future physics major?
2. Do you speak any other languages, besides geek (and English)? tongue.gif
3. Are you musically inclined? Do you play an instrument?
4. Metric or imperial units?

1. Switch to a major that you can do something with like engineering.
2. Hablo un poco español.
3. Does Guitar Hero count? Didn't think so...
4. Depends on the situation. I'm still accustomed to Imperial for most everyday things, but for anything scientific it's metric.

1. Hola, Black Six, hablas Spanglish?

2. Thats cool. Hey, how much cash do you have (including collge, in your wallet, the bank)?

3. I know, I counted it already. Anyways...

4. You could could have a super-human power aside from making copies of yourself, what would it be?

5. Have you ever considered working at a Museum?

6. Do you remember the first movie you saw in threatres?

7. I'm planning to go to Barnes and Nobles eventually, but I hoping t get an idea of what book to look for. Know any Coming-of-Age fiction, Teen novels, or anything like that?

1. No, solamente hablo ingles.
2. Enough.
3. That's not a question.
4. Flight or regeneration.
5. Nope.
6. Nope.
7. When I was little, I read children's books. Then I jumper right to adult fiction pretty much, so nope.

QUOTE(toa nuva of alex™)
1: if some one were to hack in to bzpowers sever, unban Hapori Dume, block all of the staff but you, and take your rank down to a normal member, what would you do?
2: what bionicle movie was the best?
3: why is your name black six?
4: what is a amid statis? does it mean you have the master conture?
5: what would you do if at next years toy fair i showed up?(and i just mite)
6: this anuff?
7: what was your favite year of bionicle?
8: what do you think of the growing amount of members that are not reading the sig rules and putting huge images in there sig, or many 250-100 images?
9: whats your favite bionicle of this year setwise?
10: whats your favite bionicle of this year storywise?
11: what xbox game are you playing right now?
12: whats your xboxlive game tag?
13: how many "just asking" topics have you made? i mean like: "a theory on the mask of life" or "how many posts do you have for real?"
14: have you ever made a sprite comic? that was funny?
15: last one, witch matix movie did you like the best?

1: Log directly into the server and restore everything.
2: The first.
3: Long story.
4: I'm not sure what you're referring too.
5: Well, you wouldn't know where or when to show up, and if you did they wouldn't let you in, since you're not on the list.
6: Enough of what?
7: 2001.
8: We'll get to them.
9: I might go with Krika.
10: Takanuva.
11: Right now I'm answering questions. The last game that was in my Xbox was Guitar Hero 3.
12: Black 5ix
13: Zero.
14: No.
15: The original. I never even bothered getting the others on DVD.

QUOTE(Darth Toa™)
When did Nikira become FA, and was it announced?

Have you ever played Halo 1 or 2?

Whats "Black Six" mean anyway?

A) When this topic was posted.
cool.gif The first game I got for Xbox was Halo: Combat Evolved, after playing it for hours and hours with my friends.
C) What's in a name?

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

That's it for tonight. Please send/post any questions, comments, or suggestions you have. I look forward to reading them.


Weekly Update - 2/22

Posted by Black Six , Feb 22 2008 · 231 views
Weekly Updates
Alas, ToyFair has come and gone, and we have to wait until next year for similar excitement. Our coverage isn't quite done yet, you can expect one more article about the new sets that weren't on display at the Collector's Party. But now it's back to the grindstone.

First off, I'd like to thank Andrew M for coming up to NYC and attending Toy Fair with me. I'm glad he was able to come and hopefully in the future he'll be able to join me again. I'm not going into discussion of the sets anymore here; I think that's something I've covered extensively elsewhere.

Next, I want to thank Toaraga for the honor of being the very last Blog of thee Week. Yes, it is indeed the very last one. That doesn't mean this will be the last you hear from the Blog Team though, so don't fret. We're just looking at some new and different ways to promote blogs and to thank Premier Members for supporting our site.

Now that things like the above are over, I'm hoping to have some more time to look at some other things on BZP. This may be short-lived, however, as the next RPG contest is coming up. We may be making some changes to that, but you'll have to wait until March to find out. tongue.gif As far as those other things, we may have some more changes in the staff, or maybe we won't.

Not much else to say, so I suggest you just go ogle the new sets for now and let us get some work done.

Are you part of any other bionicle fansites?

Which bionicle would you be?

Which of the '08 sets is your favorite?

Would you recommend this product to a freind?

Would you like a frequent flyer's pass?

Who would win: Vican or Kirop?

Isn't it awesome that I've got a split personality?

1. You mean there are sites other than BZPower? Nope.
2. Kapura seemed to have it pretty sweet.
3. I think either the Jetrax T6 or the Axalara T9.
4. Sure.
5. What's the catch?
6. Kirop in the sixth round with a knockout.
7. If you say so. tongue.gif

QUOTE(toa nuva of alex™)
1-is it true that you cloned your self 28 times so that you can watch over ever part of the froum?
2-why did smerg steal one of your nukes?
3-why did you play halo three 12 hours with no breaks?
4-do you like mass effect?
5-do you ever wish that you weren't the 2nd in cammand of bzpower?
6-why are you so mean to smerg?
7-it is also true that you cried out like a gril when you were chased by that t-rex?
8-is this anuff?
9-if not, what movie that you saw in your enter life did you like best?

1- I wish it was.
2- I'm guessing it has something to do with his plans to take over Minnesota, but I can't be sure.
3- So I could beat the game and see how it ended before someone spoiled it for me. And I did take a couple short breaks.
4- I love it. I haven't played it recently, but I'm working on my third playthrough. I can't wait for the DLC for it.
5- Yes. Things were so much simpler before.
6- I just play a mean person on BZP. In reality we're good friends.
7- No, that was the other Andrew.
8- Never.
9- Such a hard question. I think I'll go with The Matrix if I had to pick just one.

QUOTE(Master Cheif 117)
Hello, Six. Some Mailbag questions.

1) Why did you select the name Black Six as your Alias on BZP?

2) If your Adventure in NYC gets made into a full length motion picture, which film company (You know, Paramount, Fox, Universal, etc.) would you want to make it?

3) What was the first topic you closed?

4) What type of topic was it?

Thank you! smile.gif

1) I had been using the name for years before coming to BZP. The name's origins are shrouded in mystery.
2) Fox.
3) This topic may have been it.
4) It was a dupe topic.

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

And that's it for tonight. As always, please send or post your questions or comments. Also, if you have a topic or something you would like me to discuss, just ask, I'm more than willing to take something and run with it. Goodnight all!


An Adventure In New York City

Posted by Black Six , Feb 17 2008 · 470 views
Real Life
So, yesterday was the Lego Collector's Party for Toy Fair in New York City. Being that I live nearby I headed over into Manhattan to attend, accompanied eventually by that other Andrew, Smeagol4, and later, by LehvakLah. It was a fun and dangerous trip, one that shall be made into songs and epics, and perhaps even a full-length motion picture.

It begins... at the beginning...

(Note: I apologize for the darkness of some of the pictures. Some of the settings on my camera got messed up and I didn't realize it at first. But hey, better with these photos than inside Toy Fair, right?)

I started out by taking the PATH train to 34th Street and Broadway, which I was able to follow all the way to my first destination up on 50th Street. I'm a fast walker so it didn't take much time, I was only slowed down by the need to document my travails. There are always many interesting things to see in NYC, from famous landmarks to street performers to public disturbances to hobos, but I tended on focusing on the former on this occasion.

This store is named after the famous parade that takes place on Thanksgiving.

Talk to someone from NYC and ask them about Starbucks, and they'll tell you there are a lot of them. To you that may mean three or four, but in truth it's a whole lot more.

Could it be?

What are the chances I would come across another one? After all I was only walking a few blocks.

Pretty darn good...

Since there's been a lot of discussion about economies and the values of money and the prices of goods with the WalMart story recently, this seemed like an apt picture to take.

Trivia Fact: Andrew's Dad has appeared on that screen.

The NASDAQ sign marks the beginning of the Times Square area, which is neither a square nor does it have a time piece readily visible. There are many places to have food there, from the hardcore...

An omen of things to come.

...To the pop-culturey...

That's no planet, it's a restaurant!

...To the artery-clogging.

The brightest McDonalds you'll ever seen, and those lights run 24/7.

If eating's not your thing, there are plenty of other places to go. Like this little toy store, for instance.

By 'little' I mean it only has a ferris wheel, not a roller coaster.

Oh, and could it be..?

What a surprise!

There's no way there could be another, right? Right, but close...

Ziggy played guitar...

Finally, after rendezvousing with Smeag, we headed back downtown towards where Lego was having the event.

The lovely (yet blurry) Westin Hotel.

At this point Toy Fair happened. You can see all of our pics from that over the next couple of days on the front page. It was a good time and as always we appreciate The Lego Company's hospitality and thank them for inviting us.

After the Collector's Party, we headed back towards Times Square (only a block away) and got on line for the incredibly crowded Hard Rock Cafe, since you know, someone is a huge Rock N' Roll fan. An hour and a half later, and after much oohing and ahhing (and bowing in the majesty of The Beatles) we were finally seated, with LehvakLah in tow. Thank you so much St. Edmunds and your party of 47 people for making the wait take forever...

Dinner was quite tasty, and afterwards we went wandering about Times Square, since this was Smeag's first time in NYC. Of course we had to go to Toys 'R' Us and look at the Lego and laugh at the Mega Bloks. Unfortunately our visit was cut short by the store closing. Party poopers.

It's just as well though, because soon we were in for the run of our lives. Almost as soon as we left TRU, we were attacked!

If you don't move, he still sees you, so you had better run.

It was a mad dash for our lives. Things got even more dangerous when a brawl broke out in the streets in front of us. You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it, so I took a picture.

Shark vs Pegasus

Fortunately these beasts turned out to be a more attractive meal to the T-Rex, allowing us to escape for the time being. Soon after Smeag jumped into a passing cab and LehvakLah into the subway, leaving me to fend for myself back to the PATH station.

As I rushed for the train, fearing for my life, I accidentally took a picture.

Once I was back on the other side of the Hudson River, I finally felt safe. There was no way that thing was fitting into the Holland or Lincoln Tunnels, and I sure hope it can't swim...

Back in the comfort of New Jersey, I was able to spot the T-Rex as it scaled a famous landmark.

If you squint and tilt your head, you can just make out its silhouette.

And that is the end of our tale. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy all the rest of our Toy Fair coverage.

Until next time...


Weekly Update - 2/15

Posted by Black Six , Feb 15 2008 · 240 views
Weekly Updates
Welcome back to another edition of the weekly update. I'm your host Black Six, but you can call me Andrew. Let's see what's happened this past week in the Bionicle world. Eh, who am I kidding, things have been dull... for now!

The highlight of tonight is the Mailbag. I had a massive number of questions submitted over the past week and it took a while to work through them all, so the rest of this issue might not be that long. Sorry, you'll get over it.

One thing I mention in the Mailbag that I'll go into more detail about here, is the BZPower Staff Page. This past week it has actually been updated somewhat! Sure most of the bios are out of date, but now it's organized by staff group (Admins, Globals, FLs, etc...) and the members are now listed in alphabetical order! I know, it's amazing. I'm still looking into maybe adding a couple small new things on there, but if there's anything you guys think we can do to make it better, leave a comment or send me a PM!

The other thing I'm going to talk about is the LAML Radio podcast I've now appeared twice on. I really enjoy it, especially since it's like having a podcast without having to do all the work editing and hosting it (James, your dedication is inspiring). I think it's a nice break from the norm and I like getting the chance to talk about some other things in the Lego world aside from Bionicle. What do you guys think of it?

Of course, there have been a few news items this week, the biggest, I think, being the new Bionicle games (released today on Bionicle.com) and the Bionicle Battle Cards that were found in Croatia. According to Bink, they're going to be making their way through Europe, so keep your eyes peeled for them!

Oh yeah, tomorrow is ToyFair! Who wants to see a photo journal like I did back in October when I got my new computer? Let me know soon so I know to take random pictures tomorrow.

OK. I have these questions that have been bugging me for a while tongue.gif

1) How often is the Staff Page updated?


2) How did you go from being a member to a staffie in like 4 days? =O

1) Every now and then. I've actually been doing some work on the staff page recently. You can see that the staff are broken up by their group and there are a couple new bios.
2) Hard work, lots of posting (meaningful posts) and great timing.

QUOTE(.:Sgt. Panda of the 60's:.)
If BZPower was in fate, what would you do?
And would a sausage join BZPower?
BTW, What's better? Coke Or Pepsi tongue.gif

1. I would figure out what being in fate meant, and then I would take appropriate action.
2. If the sausage happened to be sentient and liked Bionicle, it very well might join BZPower.
3. I'm not a fan of colas, so I'd have to pick water as my favorite beverage, with Sprite and iced tea close behind.

QUOTE(Magnus Magnolius)
Why did you decide to be a BZP admin?

Who said I decided? Perhaps I was told to be an admin. tongue.gif There was an opening, it needed to be filled, and I was the best candidate, so someone had to do it, and that someone was me.

Have you ever wanted to stop being an admin?

What is your favorite forum on BZP?

What are the practical applications of junior physics?

What was your favorite board message when we had those little quirky quote things on them?

Have you ever been happy to get a board message?

Which of these questions was the hardest to answer?

#1 Every time something crazy happens and I have to deal with it, a little part of me wouldn't mind stopping.
#2 I've always been a fan of RPG.
#3 Getting to tell people how the world works while only having a slightly more than cursory understanding of it yourself.
#4 "Cross my heart, smack me dead, stick a lobster on my head."
#5 Nope.
#6 This one.

QUOTE(toa nuva of alex™)
1: how do you get to be on bzpower almost half the day?
2: what made you join bzpower?
3: how many games do you have for your xbox?

1: The practical applications of cloning have yet to be fully realized, but I think I've found at least one good use.
2: It was cooler than the Bionicle fan site I was running at the time on Yahoo!
3: Maybe around a dozen for the original Xbox and another dozen-ish for Xbox 360.

QUOTE(Zyglakky Sharky)

Who's your favorite villain (other then MoMN if that's the one)?

Favorite set?

I heard you don't like Mudkips?

Why did you color in your avatar?

Do you still have the blue inked version image?

What exactly is your avatar?

Favorite carnivorous sea animal?

Why does Smeag do all these strange tasks for you?

1 - Well, you see, due to the causal effects of the this, the that, and the other thing, conditions occur at just the right time and place to make it so.
2 - Let's go with the Piraka, they were pretty good villains.
3 - Muaka and Kane-Ra were pretty sweet back in the day.
4 - Nope, not a fan.
5 - I felt it was time for a change.
6 - Yes.
7 - Me, as illustrated by Schizo Kaita.
8 - A dolphin.
9 - I'm his boss.

1. Who is your favourite Bionicle character setwise?
2. Who is your favourite Bionicle character storywise?
3. Which is your favourite Bionicle element?
4. What is your favourite Bionicle game?
5. Are you excited about the ToyFair this weekend?
6. What are you expecting of the 2008 summer sets?
7. What do you think of the new Bionicle artist?

(1) Muaka and Kane-ra, as above.
(2) Tahu.
(3) Fire.
(4) I think Bionicle Heroes or the Mata Nui Online Game. The Voya Nui Online Game sucked me in for a while too.
(5) Definitely.
(6) Three more Toa, three more Makuta, and some larger sets. I keep my expectations low so I'm not disappointed.
(7) I think the art style is pretty cool. It's a lot more set-oriented then Sayger's style was, but that's not a good or bad thing.

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

And that's all folks! The next you'll be hearing from me will be after ToyFair in wonderful New York City!


Weekly Update - 2/8

Posted by Black Six , Feb 08 2008 · 152 views
Weekly Updates
First and foremost: congratulations Giants! Sorry Patriots fans, but it was a great game, and the best team won.

Anyway, Bionicle. There were definitely some interesting stories this week and it should be interesting to see how they turn out in the long run.

One of the biggest stories this week is that Wal Mart stores have stopped ordering Lego products. Anything you see on the shelves is all that's going to be there until some sort of deal gets worked out. Some people have been blaming Wal Mart, others on the Canadian government. Very few have been blaming Lego, though in truth all parties are at fault in some way. Now I'm and engineer, not a politician or banker, so I try to not worry myself about these sorts of things. Hopefully though, we'll see democracy and capitalism at work. The Canadian dollar has a value as determined by the market. That price should dictate how much Lego charges for selling their sets to retailers and customers. As the Canadian dollar has risen, however, the cost of sets (and other products imported into Canada) has not fallen. From people I've talked to in Canada, it's gotten to some ridiculous levels. Now, I'm sure Wal Mart and Lego want to keep making money, and I'm sure there are lots of people in Canada creating a demand for Lego products that shop at Wal Mart. There will be a resolution, as they would be stupid to do nothing and lose potential sales.

The next important item is that the new artist for the Bionicle comic series has been revealed, one Leigh Gallagher. There has been a very positive response to the teaser page we posted (thanks to Greg for that). Many say it calls back some of the earlier comics that were illustrated by D'Anda, and I'd tend to agree. Don't get me wrong, Stuart Sayger definitely left his mark on Bionicle, and I think change is good to keep things interesting, but every now and then it's nice to get a little throwback.

Aside from that, we should have a Radiak review posted tomorrow, and hopefully a few more after that. Toy Fair is a week from tomorrow (so don't expect any set reviews next weekend, just pictures of new sets!). So some cool stuff to look forward to.

Finally, some letters!
QUOTE(~Blue Diamond~)
What really got you interested into the world of Bionicle and LEGO?

As a young child I received lots of Lego sets as gifts over the years. They were great creative toys that provided hours of fun, more than any of my other toys. My interest in Bionicle stemmed out of that, combining the creativity of Lego with the story of Bionicle that we all know so well.

Have you read the new BZPMonthly as of yet?
- If you have, what article do you feel is most important in this issue?
- Of your own choice, out of all possibilities in the world, what one article would you want written on any subject?

What do you feel is the best 'perk' of being on the BZPower Staff, let alone being an Admin AND a News-Guy-Thing?

Lastly... Um. What's usually an average day for such an incredible person like yourself?

Nope, things are generally very busy.
As for an article, I always thing it's great to look at how Bionicle has changed over the years and the story and sets have evolved (for better or worse).

The best perk, eh? The giant avatars are nice, but I'd have to go with getting invited to events like ToyFair as being pretty awesome.

An average day depends on the time of year. Right now I'm taking classes, so my average day consists of waking up, having some breakfast, going to class, doing homework, having some dinner, going back to class, doing more homework, and then catching up on BZPower. Eventually I go to sleep.

Why don't you pay me for all those weird errands you send me on? And why did you need three tons of potatoes dug by my hand from a farm on the other side of the planet, anyway?

Why did you win that court case I filed against you? Was it because you could afford a lawyer and I had to pull someone off the street to represent me (she was friendly, though)?

Would you be upset if I admitted I stole one of your nuclear missiles?

What are all those books with satanic symbols on the covers that you keep on your desk? And why did you put a ring of candles with a pentagram painted in the center in blood in front of my door?

Why is your name so freaking awesome?

You're a volunteer. Volunteers don't get paid. Oh, and I like my french fries to be from China. I was just stocking up.

It was because I'm older, smarter, and better looking. Oh and that girl was a friend of mine, so I don't think she was trying to defend you too well.

Only if you pronounced it nook-yoo-ler, otherwise I have plenty.

Those are my engineering manuals. You'd be surprised the crazy things that go on to make the world work. Oh and that pentagram? That was, um, err, your invitation to ToyFair. Yes.

Because it begins with 'A,' ends with 'w' and has 'ndre' in the middle.

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

That's it for this week, but it was more than usual, so be happy! Until my next blog entry, have fun on BZPower!


Weekly Update - 2/1

Posted by Black Six , Feb 01 2008 · 151 views
Weekly Updates
So, the weekend is upon us again. And that of course means it's time for another Weekly Update. Read on to see what's new this week.

It's been another week and we've had no more reports of the virus affecting anyone. I'm glad things have finally cleared up.

The announcement I mentioned last week was of course that all forum staff have been given the ability to approve posts. This has definitely sped things up and gets new members onto BZP faster. It's good to see things working out.

Tomorrow should be the debut of the Makuta Icarax review. There are only a few more sets to be reviewed from the first wave of 2008 sets. Hopefully we'll get them all done before the second barrage comes at us. Thanks again to all the staff that have been reviewing sets!

Speaking of the second wave of sets, ToyFair is now only two weeks away! I will be attending as I have for the best few years, and joining me for the first time will be our newest reporter, Andrew M, aka Smeagol4. It should be a fun time in the greatest city in the world. Oh and speaking of New York, go Giants!

Come on guys, let's get us some questions!

Want to see your questions answered? PM them to me and put 'Mailbag' in the subject line. I'll pick the few I like the best and answer them in the next update.

So that wraps things up for this week. I hope you enjoy tomorrow's review, and for those of you that are football fans, enjoy the big game on Sunday - I hope I do!

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