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Life... Don't Talk To Me About Life.

Posted by Black Six , Sep 11 2006 · 98 views
Real Life
So much to do and so little time. That pretty much sums me up right now. Between classes and tutoring and BZPower, I'm reminded of a bathtub with all the water emptying out the drain. I want to get at least one other story about Brickfest posted, but I don't see when I'll have the time to. sad.gif In fact, there's a lot of things I want to do but haven't gotten around to yet.

One thing I did manage to accomplish this past Saturday was to play some Halo. I was on Live for about an hour, then I switched over and played 343GS on Heroic on Halo: CE. I think my favorite levels in the Halo series are the first five of the original (note: this does NOT include 343GS). The Flood can be just too much of a pain. I really wish I could play Halo: CE on Live though. Every time I go back I remember the awesome power of the pistol and the great multiplayer maps that didn't make it (Chill Out, Hang 'em High, and one other whose name isn't quite BZP-safe) and everything else I loved about the first. Here's hoping the feeling comes back for Halo 3!

G'nite all:

Now I lay me down to sleep,
Try to count electric sheep
Sweet dream wishes you can keep,
How I hate the night.



Posted by Black Six , Aug 31 2006 · 127 views
Real Life
It's been almost a week since Brickfest, and I'm finally getting around to updating my blog. Brickfest was a blast. I know that there are people out there who dislike me and the staff of BZPower. But let me say this, these guys are some of the coolest people out there, and I was glad to spend the weekend with them. The creations were amazing, as were the builders I got to meet. The times spent outside the fest were great too, but I won't go into that too much here. It was a great way to end the summer, and I hope lots of you can come next year, even if it's just on the public expo days to say 'hi!'

After Brickfest, classes began. They've been alright so far, but talk to me again in two weeks and see what I say then. tongue.gif

Life is busy; it's hard to get a handle on it sometimes.

...See you space cowboy.


School Daze...

Posted by Black Six , Aug 21 2006 · 125 views
Real Life
I'm sure many of you can relate to this in some way or other, either you've already gone back, or will go back soon (or you're 'lucky' and out of school). I return this Friday, drop off all my stuff, then head to Brickfest, so there's lots to do. I have to pack and make sure I don't forget anything, have to start thinking about books and classes again, etc. At least it means no more working, which is somewhat of a plus. On top of that, I'm seeing the Colbert Report again on Wednesday, so it's a busy, yet hopefully fun, week.

But don't think that means I won't be on BZPower; I'm always watching you guys...


And So It Goes

Posted by Black Six , Aug 13 2006 · 127 views
Real Life
I figured I should do something to get the birthday message out of my sig, since that was over a week ago.

So, let's see, what happened since then. I went camping with some friends, good times spent around the campfire having fun. Then me and some other friends went and saw the Colbert Report being recorded. We actually made it on the show for a split second! Finally I went p to Connecticut for what was actually some BZPower-related business, but I can't really talk about that right now. :X It was a fun road trip though.

I'll hopefully be headed down to the shore this week. With all this fun and excitement, who has time to do things like go to work or check BZP? Just kidding guys, I'll still be here, so don't think you can start goofing off. tongue.gif


Happy Birthday To Me

Posted by Black Six , Aug 04 2006 · 141 views

I know a lot of you tried to wish me Happy Birthday earlier, but it wasn't actually my birthday at that time! Well, now it is, so I figured I'd make a blog entry about it, now that I've finished activating some accounts (yes, an admin's work is never done). The official topic is here (it's the real thing folks, I promise).

I hope you all have a good day on my birthday, and try not to spam too much! smile.gif


That Darn Sun Is Hot

Posted by Black Six , Aug 02 2006 · 226 views
Real Life
If/when you get a summer job, try to avoid one that involves working outside. In addition to the job I mentioned before, I've been doing some landscape work for a neighbor. With the current heatwave we've been having, it's no fun at all. Getting soaked in one's own sweat while removing bushes and shrubs is not an enjoyable way to spend a summer break, although it pays well. Hopefully the heat will break soon and it won't be as bad. So let this be a warning to you all, outside equals bad; stay inside and surf BZPower. wink.gif

Anyway, had a big Halo 2 LAN party yesterday, which was pretty sweet, bringing back good memories of yester-year. Although I still prefer the original Halo, we all had fun, with fairly balanced teams. I just wish my friend had air conditioning in his basement, lol. Good times, good times...

Well, that's all for now, I had a little time so I figured I'd put something up; enjoy...


The Trainman Cometh

Posted by Black Six , Jul 30 2006 · 203 views
Yeah, about the title, don't ask...

Anyway, I booked my train ticket for Brickfest tonight, so I'm all set now, I have transportation, lodging, and most importantly, registration for Brickfest, this is gonna be an awesome way to end my summer before going back to school (I hope)!

Aside from that, the anniversary went pretty well, although it was a chore keeping up in Games & Trivia and Voting Booth, since suddenly everyone could post there; but we managed.

Expect to see another new topic in the Reference Desk soon, though hopefully without the punishment we had to implement in the last one. (At least it seems to have helped the problem somewhat.) For a hint as to what it might be, it was mentioned in both Q&A and VB recently, bum bum bum...

That's about it for now, I know I've been really bad about updating this thing regularly, such is life. Hopefully the future will be better in that regard, but that's what I always say, lol.

Fare thee well...


Bzpower T-shirts?

Posted by Black Six , Jul 11 2006 · 139 views
I mentioned the possibility of BZPower T-Shirts at Brickfest, would anyone who knows they are attending be interested in one of these? If you're not attending, would you like to see BZPower sell T-Shirts online? The old Cafepress store is still floating around somewhere, but these would probably be nicer and newer. I was thinking of a simple design, a blue similar to the BZP Classic skin, with a small Hapori Tohu on the left chest with 'BZPower' underneath. There is the possibility of customization with your name on the back, but that increases the price quite a bit. If we want to have them at BF, I'd need to know in advance so I can have them made and you'd need to pay up front. Beyond that you would have to order and pay, then when we get a large enough number of orders, we'd get the shirts and then ship them out. The prices go down the more shirts you order, so the more interest the less cost.
Leave a comment or PM me with suggestions, questions, comments, etc.


An Update

Posted by Black Six , Jul 10 2006 · 208 views

Well, so much for keeping on top of this thing...
Anyway, finished classes last week, did pretty well I hope. Gotta keep that GPA up. smile.gif
So now I'll be working more, but don't worry, there will still be plenty of time for BZPower, the front page is evidence of that. tongue.gif
In other news, it looks like I'll be going to Brickfest this year, along with quite a few other staff members. So if you can be sure to drop by and give your support to Bionicle! I've been toying around with the idea of having some T-Shirts made to sell at BF, would anybody actually be interested in these?
I'll try to update some more later, but off to work for me now!



Posted by Black Six , Jun 29 2006 · 156 views
Real Life
Well, there we go, I knew it wouldn't last. tongue.gif
Anyway, tomorrow begins finals, so this is going to be a short entry. Well, actually, finals have already begun, since one of them is a take-home exam I received on Tuesday; but that's ok, it just gets it done faster. The take home and the exam tomorrow should be pretty easy, it's the one next week that's going to take a lot of studying. It makes me glad I have a week to prepare. smile.gif
Looking back, the summer semester went by really fast. It feels like I've barely missed any summer, and I still have two months left before the fall semester begins, so that works out pretty nicely. To anyone ever considering taking summer classes, here's what I have to say: They go by quickly, they're generally easier, but there's a lot of work, since you have to compress what's normally two weeks worth of work into one. It's a compromise and one that pays off in the end, as far as I'm concerned. In a few days time, I'll be 9 credits or so ahead of most of my peers, and a little closer to that coveted degree.
Now, back to studying, wish me luck! wink.gif

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