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Life on the Internet

Posted by Black Six , in BZPower Jul 23 2012 · 452 views

Anniversary Internet
I can't believe how long our little corner of the Internet has been chugging along. I'm kind of proud that we've continued on despite downtime, attacks, and all the changes in our audience and the Internet as a whole.

It made me think about how long I've actually been on the Internet (it's a long time) and the things I've taken part of and the people I've interacted with. Here's a quick list of some of the communities I have been or am still a part of:
  • Super Soakers
  • Nerf
  • Warcraft II
  • Star Trek TBRPGs
  • Turn-based online role-playing games
  • MUSHes (look that one up, kiddos :P)
  • Console portablization
  • Red vs Blue
  • Halo
  • Bionicle communities before BZPower

I look at that list and it's like, 'wow, what have I wasted my time on?' But really, the experiences I had and people I talked to on each of those definitely helped shape me over the years.

Since August of 2001 though, BZPower has been my home-on-the-Internet.

How about you all, have you been a part of other places out there, or has BZPower been your only foray into the wilds of the Internet?

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BZP is indeed my home now, although I lived in other places before I found it.

As it is, I maintain a much more active presence on a different site, but I keep BZP open in my browser no matter where I visit online.
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Jul 23 2012 12:36 PM
It's just BZP and other Lego-based sites for me.
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They're more like cheap apartments or hotel rooms that I'm crashing in for a while. Right now it's the Transformers and Tokusatsu corners of the Internet.

But BZP remains that home I fall back to when all else fails.
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Lapis Lazuli
Jul 23 2012 01:03 PM
I've been a part of an old, closed online game community, BZPower, another forum (which I guess is a general forum, though it does have its own manga and game to go with it), A forum that was made between myself and my internet friends (I was an admin. Strangest feeling ever. XD Glad there were only a handful of us. XP), and an artistic community.

I think that just about sums it up. Great memories and experiences (and I'll never get that time back to plug into something productive ever again XP). I kid. Great experiences in hindsight (especially for BZP).
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Avohkah Tamer
Jul 23 2012 01:10 PM
Though I had been using the internet for several years prior, discovering BZPower in July 2001 and eventually creating an account in 2003 was my first real foray into online communities, and I'd be lying if I said my time and experiences here didn't help shape my life. Heck, it's through BZP that I've made several lifelong best friends.

As for other communities I'm a part of, I think it's obvious that more than a few of us are a part of the Brony community. =P
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Gee Andrew, BZP is like such a huge waste of time.
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I started on BS01 for a couple of years, but then I came to BZP and it's pretty much been my main site since.
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BZP just seems to have that lure for me no other websites possess. Sure I visit quite a few others, but only BZP captures me everytime.
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Glad to see you're a Trekkie.
(Kirk is better than Picard)
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BZPower has always been sort of my Internet home. Mostly since the downtime I've been visiting other websites as well, but none as much and with as much pleasure as BZPower. Although I already told you that. :P

-Gata Posted Image
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I think we all know that Captain Sisko is the best.
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Ramona Flowers
Jul 23 2012 02:23 PM

Glad to see you're a Trekkie.
(Kirk is better than Picard)

I think we all know that Captain Sisko is the best.

Kirk is the best.
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Out of curiosity, did you attend RTX?
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Matt: Radar Technician
Jul 23 2012 04:03 PM
When I first found this place, I thought of it as my secondary forum. I later made it my home. Thanks BZP!
Also RvB rules
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Out of curiosity, did you attend RTX?

Sadly no. I only have time and money for so many trips each year.
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Hahli Husky
Jul 23 2012 05:10 PM
Whenever I try to join different forums, I just can't commit to them like BZP. It's sweet but also a little inconvenient. :P
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BZP was actually my first forum that I actively posted on. I was crazy about Bionicle back in '03, so when I found a really cool site about it, so I took the plunge and joined.

...And then I left about a year later, for some reason or other. I think I thought I was outgrowing it or something silly like that.

After that, I spent about three, four years hanging around the Advance Wars community in a few different incarnations. From '05 to '07 or '08 or so I ran a small forum with about a dozen friends. In '06 I joined a large Ace Attorney site, which I now moderator. From about '07-'09 I was running with another group and tried my hand at subbing and scanlating (I was in it for the Megaman and the Bartender). And in '11 I came back to my old stomping grounds of BZP, and wound up staying.

Lots of memories over that not-quite-a-decade, good and bad. Internet's a funny place.
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Paleo, on , said:

Glad to see you're a Trekkie.
(Kirk is better than Picard)
Black Six, on , said:

I think we all know that Captain Sisko is the best.
Kirk is the best.

Undoubtedly. Hats off to James T.! :lol:

I was on a couple writing websites before I joined BZP - one crashed, the other still running...but I haven't found a better place for discussion of that stuff, really, than here...I mean, for Bionicle writings.
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BZPower would be my internet house, I suppose. Red vs. Blue has become a fairly large part of my internet life, though. Roosterteeth in general has.
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Whenever I try to join different forums, I just can't commit to them like BZP. It's sweet but also a little inconvenient. :P

This so much. I'm a member of a dozen different (quite inconsequential) forums that I never post in and I end up being another lurker. But I've never been able to keep myself away from BZPower, though goodness knows I've tried. This is my home and I'll stay here as long as we keep ourselves up and running.
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I'm glad to see you made the trip intact.

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