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Reading Rainbow Bridge

Posted by Black Six , in Real Life Oct 09 2012 · 581 views

Halo Books
A little late on my update this week, thanks to yesterday's federal holiday. I finished Cryptum last Thursday, which was great I thought. A lot of interesting insight into the Forerunners. It was really a piece of hard science fiction that just happened to be set in the Halo universe. There were some connections to the games and other lore for people who really dig into things (like the Librarian, the Didact, and Mendicant Bias). The story itself really kept me turning pages, and when it ended I wanted to tear right into Primordium.

But I'm reading them in release order, so I went over to Glasslands next. It picks up about where Ghosts of Onyx left off. It's a big adjustment going from Cryptum to Glasslands - the former only really had one story thread and one main protagonist while the latter thus far has four story lines going on (at different time periods no less). I don't mind this, and some of my favorite stories have done this, but sometimes it's frustrating when they end a chapter on a cliffhanger and you have to wait three more chapters before you get back to those characters. I'm enjoying it so far, I just didn't get as much time to read this weekend because I had some friends visiting.

A little under a month to go, and about 2.75 books left. I think I can, I think I can...

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Oct 09 2012 03:53 PM
Yeah, those multiple-plotline cliffhangers can be terrible. I'd call them a pet peeve it they weren't such an effective literary device.
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So, is "Reading Rainbow Road" the title of the next update? :P
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No, but I'll probably use it eventually. I thought up a good one today for next time. Can you guess it? :P
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I'm on the last (available) book for Song of Ice and Fire. I'm going to jump to sci-fi after and was thinking about getting into some Halo. Or back into Ender's cause those books are great, too. Reading is too much fun!
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