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Moving Daze

Posted by Black Six , May 31 2006 · 465 views

Real Life
So, I'm taking classes this summer at my college and therefore need a room to stay in. For reasons know only to the Office of Residence Life, I can't stay in my current room, but instead need to move to another dorm. Fine, okay, whatever. So I got assigned a room a few weeks ago, as well as a date to move in on. That date was yesterday. I'm still in my old room. Seems ResLife forgot about Memorial Day, and had been planning on cleaning up rooms then, but couldn't. Since my parents came by and took my fridge yesterday (the new room is an apartment and already has one) I was stuck today in the 80 degree weather with no way to keep my milk from curdling or to keep some water cold to drink. Heck, I'm sitting on my bed right now practically sweating it's still so hot. As most of you probably know from dealing with me on BZP, I'm not one to back down, and by the end of the day (read: 9PM at night) was able to move my perishables and some other things over to the new room. Fortunately I have no classes tomorrow, and should be able to move the rest of my stuff then. Others who weren't so persuasive have to wait until the weekend.

A warning to you all, no matter how nice of a school you go to, there's always bureaucratic dren to deal with. And it's always a pain; I've yet to find a school, a job, anything, where that sort of stuff never gets in the way. If anyone does, let me know so I know there's still hope.

And that was my rant for the evening. I'll let you get back to BZPower, so I can get back to my sweating, what fun...

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Schizo Kaita
May 31 2006 10:52 AM
Ah, good ol' administration mess-ups. Heck, this year, I received a letter in February (five months after classes started), stating that I had yet to sign my study contract. As it turned out, they sent it to every student in our department, which clearly shows they just forgot to give us the contracts at the beginning of the first semester, but the letter just blamed us as the guilty party. How swell. rolleyes.gif
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Eighty degrees: that's almost comfortable weather to me. The heat would have to get to high-90's/low-100's for me to be hot. biggrin.gif

At least you have stuff moved.

©1984-2006 Toaraga EAM
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Jun 01 2006 07:31 PM
Ouch, sorry man. That must be tough. I couldn't last it, even though I live in Louisiana where it got to be 98 degrees today tongue.gif . Well, I hope everything works out ok and you can get your rest. You are going to need it, hehe.

-MaMa & Squirrel
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