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And Just As It Begins, So Does It End...

Posted by Black Six , Jun 25 2006 · 357 views

Well, it's been a fun almost three weeks, but the RPG Contest #2 is finally winding down to a close. Be sure to VOTE in the Final Poll, it's going to be close I'm sure, and the more entries the merrier. Good luck to all the finalists!
I'm really proud to see how the RPG Forum has been growing recently. After I helped to create it around four and a half years ago it was a thriving place; but that slowly changed over time and it became less and less active. The inception of the RPG Contest has helped to change that, along with other members' great Software-RPG projects as well as the continuing BZPRPG. None of this would be possible without our great members, creating fantastic RPG entries that have really stirred up interest in the forum. Thanks guys!
As for general BZPower News, I hear the S&T Contest is coming along nicely, and I can assure you that it won't be the last contest we have on BZP this summer, so if writing isn't your thing, keep watching.
As you can probably guess, I'm trying to update this more often, we'll see how long that lasts...
Until next time...

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Yeah. The voting is close. Hmmm. More contests. The RPG contest was inactive? Wow. Doesn't seem possible now.smile_tahu_nu.gif ~GDoT~ smile_tahu_nu.gif
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Queen of Noise
Jun 25 2006 08:27 PM
The creation of the RPG Contests--and inherent change in the TBRPG approval system--was probably one of the single greatest decisions in recent BZP history (of course, considering the site's only been around for four years and something-months, I suppose the entirity of its history is "recent" xP). Just look at how activity in the forum has surged! In addition, there can no longer be any complaints about whether it was unfair for a certain RPG to be approved and another not to be--straight-up democracy was instituted to let the people decide which RPGs they want.

It also takes a load off you, since you don't have to sift through hordes of RPG-pending PMs and decide whether to approve them or not. ;P Sly, B6, sly.

Anyway, I've been really excited about these contests and hope they continue to prevail. You deserve a hearty "huzzah," Admiral. biggrin.gif
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