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back at it again at oscorp


guardians of the galaxy

Posted by Courtney , in awesome things, movies and tv Aug 21 2014 · 157 views

i went and saw it THREE TIMES

the only other times ive ever seen a movie multiple times in theaters was the avengers and amazing spider-man and even then i only saw those twice

i love it so much


ask clover

Posted by Courtney , in bzpower Jul 26 2014 · 121 views

these kinds of entries always seem to come back into vogue every so often, dont they?

ask me anything and i will respond! that is my 100% honest guarantee! will the answers be that honest? who knows! ask and find out!


recon mech

Posted by Courtney , in awesome things, mocing, toys and games Jul 17 2014 · 113 views
life on mars
Posted Image
(960 x 1280)

the new debut album by me titled “sand red and danger stripes”, a concept album about going back in time and exploring the martian landscape as it was in 2001

complete with a bonus hidden track titled “aesthetic building”, a song about just why i would put a palm tree decoration in the cockpit of a mech designed to explore a planet with no plant life to begin with


its summer!

Posted by Courtney , in toys and games, mocing, awesome things Jun 25 2014 · 131 views
life on mars
Posted Image
(960 x 1280)

i got my early 2000s nostalgia goggles on backwards and its time to explore the martian landscape

based on 7314 recon mech rp. ive been itching to build a mech and here we are. i replaced the claw with like. a thing like the physgun from gmod and i dont have one of those big flames in any shade of orange so i used green/glow-in-the-dark


new loz protag

Posted by Courtney , in awesome things, toys and games Jun 18 2014 · 138 views
its tru
is actually link and zeldas trans girl daughter


fave bionicle canon

Posted by Courtney , in awesome things Jun 09 2014 · 409 views
sry its totes canon, bye, tamaru
also related [Link removed for language reasons -Takuma Nuva]

ooh ouch tak did that second one have language? i thought i managed to make the post without anything nasty there, im sorry
http://ranyakumo.tum...ost/70412601100 here it is again i cleaned it u and thanks tak for pointing this out to me


helpful lil protip

Posted by Courtney , in life, movies and tv, awesome things, mocing, music, bzpower, internet and tech, toys and games May 09 2014 · 228 views
specifically, B R O N I E S
if you are part of a fandom that receives heavy criticism for bad things such as misogyny, harassment, etc
instead of complaining that "not everyone in the fandom is like that!" whenever someone criticizes it
turn against the people who are making your fandom like that. weed them out and make it a safe space for everyone.
even just a small handful of people putting garbage like that in a fandom is too much and shouldnt be defended at all.
especially if your fandom is one originally designated for young girls.


it begins

Posted by Courtney , in bzpower Mar 08 2014 · 237 views

Posted Image

and the ultimate name fad begins


guess who got her new shirt in the mail today

Posted by Courtney , in awesome things, life Mar 06 2014 · 272 views

Posted Image
(beatboxes) (whispers) everything is awesome
also i had a psych appt and im on antianxiety meds. good stuff op


what the hecro necro

Posted by Courtney , in bzpower Mar 02 2014 · 250 views

you changed your blog title and now i have to deal with the fact that your blog wasnt always named "double standard 2: electric boogaloo" and was in fact at one point named just "double standard"
that is not a reality i was ever prepared to cope with

what kind of man builds a machine to kill a girl?

name: clover

nickname: ran

gender: female

location: the cyber web grid

birthday: 24 april 1991

interests: headcanoning all your fave characters as transgender and being better than you in every conceivable way

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