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back at it again at oscorp


lego movie thoughts

Posted by Peter Quill , in movies and tv Mar 02 2014 · 140 views
lego movie
easily the best movie ive seen in a long time, it easily surpassed the hype i felt for pacific rim and even wreck-it ralph (which is saying something)
it had problems tho. they handled wyldstyles character kinda poorly imo. she had a LOT of potential but it feels like she didnt live up to it and honestly i wish she had been the main protagonist instead of the manic pixie dream girl love interest, she definitely had the potential and it would have sent a good message to girls watching as well (and helped lego break away from their image of being a Boys Toy)
big spoilers ahead

idk it had problems regarding gender stuff but ultimately it was REALLY good, it was def better than i had expected.


can you think of anything that talks, other than a person

Posted by Peter Quill , in life, awesome things Jan 27 2014 · 222 views

guess who scored an appointment w/ a psychiatrist for march, hopefully ill get anxiety meds and more importantly start hrt #holla



Posted by Peter Quill , in toys and games Jan 15 2014 · 435 views
Posted Image
if youre not taking full advantage of the summon command to summon ghost rider like i have, then tbh youre playing minecraft wrong


norik finalized

Posted by Peter Quill , in mocing, toys and games Dec 10 2013 · 169 views
its been too long
Posted Image

uh oh thats a brickshelf url and a pic taken with an actual camera. you know what this means

(whispers in your ear) im gonna post a bbc topic soon


i got a new camera

Posted by Peter Quill , in life Dec 05 2013 · 143 views

i also got a bunch of assorted and irrelevant parts from brickllink
but more importantly i got a new camera
time to moc again
also i ahve my first real counseling appt in a week so thats dope


two super important things

Posted by Peter Quill , in toys and games, life Nov 15 2013 · 249 views
  • i got an assessment yesterday to start counseling. i have an appt with a counselor next month on the 12th for gender and anxiety things and after i go to two of those i can see a doctor and get medication so hopefully i will be able to get something for this anxiety and be able to be a functioning member of society and MUCH more importantly start transitioning by next year
  • i got a shiny pumpkaboo finally!! his name is ichabod and he is a precious baby. look at him
  • Posted Image


two things to note

Posted by Peter Quill , in toys and games, internet and tech, mocing, life Nov 02 2013 · 204 views

the only three things i want to repost since the forums went offline
  • i went and got pokemon y on midnight release. i beat it within a week. elite four team was delphox, crobat, and pangoro. lot of emotions. really REALLY good game. currently hunting for shiny pumpkaboo
  • i came out as trans on facebook right before i got pokemon and got nothing but positive feedback and support
  • i made a moc blog on tumblr and i havent really updated it in a while but i plan to. right now im making umbra because i kinda gave up on akamai
thats all i have to say. bye


top ten things i wanna revamp in no particular order

Posted by Peter Quill , in mocing Aug 22 2013 · 197 views

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

alright i lied thats only seven but these have been bouncing around in my head for a while now. i hope to get around to them

(im sure there are others but itll take me a bit to think of them tbh)


From: Love and Peace

Posted by Peter Quill , in life, awesome things, bzpower Aug 21 2013 · 156 views
love love love

So there has been a post going around Tumblr for awhile and I think it has some things that need to be said here.
It is illegal to be gay in 76 countries.
It is illegal to be gay in 76 countries.
It is illegal to be myself in 76 countries.
First off the number 76.This comes from a UN report from 2011. If we use a bit of Google we find that the number is currently a bit higher. But the point stays the same, it is illegal for me to be myself in 76+ countries.
Many of the countries have harsh imprisonment laws among other forms of punishment such as whippings. Or worse, some countries have the death penalty.
I can be imprisoned for being myself.
I can be killed for being myself.
Even in the United States it is not safe for me to be myself, there are states such as Louisiana that have had sting operations meant to target gay adults. Not to mention there are still a lot of hate crimes. Even in New York which is a very progressive area, there were a bunch of hate crimes that cropped up earlier this year.
I will stand against homophobia and transphobia. I will stand up for equal rights. Calling someone out for being hateful and harmful is not insulting them or hurting them. A lot of their hateful words have done more harm than calling them a bigot has ever (or will ever) done to them. However by calling people out on these issues hopefully it can inspire change.
Just because someone believes something that is hurtful does not mean they will always believe it. People do have the power to change.
BZPower is going to be a safe place. In fact in order to survive I believe BZPower needs to become a safe place. So many websites and communities are not safe places on the internet. There is a lot of bulling. Bullying has led to so many people committing suicide. I don't want BZPower to be like those places, I want BZPower to be a place where everyone is accepted for who they are.
I care for the people on BZPower, many of them have helped me through so many hard times in my life. Even now I've got great friends who have helped me through things (such as Hurricane Sandy). There are so many times that I've wanted to simply give up, even recently I've been going through some huge depression regarding my situation. However, I've met so many wonderful people here and they have all impacted me in some way and it has kept me going. There have been multiple times in my life where I have been in such dark places, and I've had great friends who have pulled me out of those places.
Let's make BZPower a safe place for everyone. A place where everlasting friendships can continue to be forged. A place of love and peace.

Source: Love and Peace


novel idea

Posted by Peter Quill , in life, internet and tech Aug 18 2013 · 190 views
cyber/irl bullying and 3 more...
how about instead of constantly telling victims from a young age and all through their adulthood to sit and silently ignore and tolerate their bullies and abusers and oppressors, we teach those bullies and abusers and oppressors from an early age to not do those things and we teach people to stand up against that kind of vile trash.
how about we just stop victim blaming. stop telling victims its their fault for being abused instead of holding the abusers accountable for their actions.

what kind of man builds a machine to kill a girl?

name: clover

nickname: ran

gender: female

location: the cyber web grid

birthday: 24 april 1991

interests: headcanoning all your fave characters as transgender and being better than you in every conceivable way

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