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Bzprpg Tropes And Suggest Things To Me

Posted by Justin Bieber , Feb 11 2011 · 31 views

So funny.

So true.

BTW Kyara's turning out to be more fantastically cunning and swift than I'd planned.

That's all.

Also the BZPRPG is in its third week and is already catching up to last year's number of pages in December. It's crazy.

Post here for interactions with Greed, Jaal, and Kyara, as usual.

Also post suggestions for my next character.



Posted by Justin Bieber , Feb 07 2011 · 25 views

The BZPRPG really brings out my best writing. I've finally found my inspiration after not writing any BIONICLE-related for almost a year (my last short story was posted on December 31, 2009). After being bored by my various attempts at BIONICLE fan-fiction, I'm now writing stuff that I'm actually proud of.

So, if you're a writer, I recommend joining the BZPRPG, or another RPG. It really helps me write; both in terms of inspiration and improving my writing. I've found, for example, that playing three different characters helps me develop individual voices; something that I've struggled with occasionally.

I'm not writing this because we need more players, and I'm not writing this in order to shamelessly advertise the RPG forum. This is just an honest recommendation to the authors of BZPower, many of whom I am acquainted with. If you want to improve your writing, give some thought to joining an RPG.




Long Weekend! (and Mini-test)

Posted by Justin Bieber , Feb 04 2011 · 38 views
Long weekend ahead, captain! The perfect time to do some catch-up for socials and first-aid. Also for the BZPRPG. tongue.gif I swear, I can't get enough.

Mini-test? What mini-test? Oh, yeah. I wrote up this thing reminiscent of Gato's Mary Sue Litmus Test, only it's used to determine if you roleplay fairly. I might post it sometime, but it needs mucho refining, and I don't want to come off as presumptuous. So we'll see. Depends on if the godmodding going on right now gets better or worse. =/

Finally, post here, as always, if you want to interact with Greed, Jaal or Kyara.



Moar Ideas

Posted by Justin Bieber , Feb 03 2011 · 64 views
After EW's post concerning evil characters with no affiliation, I found myself thinking about playing a character like that. These characters have, like EW said, been tried many times before, but it's hard to play them well. When you're in a large RPG like the BZPRPG, it's hard to play an evil character well enough to do anything without being connected to one of the major powers. For example, anyone with an evil character now is automatically connected to the Makuta. Everyone assumes that, if you're evil, you're on the Makuta's side.

I like a challenge, so I'm keeping this idea in the back of the bean for a while, along with several other characters that I've been thinking of. There's no guarantee that I'll actually play any of them, but I'm definitely intrigued by playing an evil character with no affiliation. The possibilites are endless.

Also, all this ties in excellently with an article I read on archetypes earlier today. Some of the archetypes I found quite intriguing, but couldn't think of how I would pull them off. Now I'm getting some ideas.

tl;dr I might make more characters. One might be evil.



It's Gonna Be A Late Night

Posted by Justin Bieber , Feb 03 2011 · 37 views
Because I have physics and math homework, as well as an addiction to the BZPRPG.

Also: update!

Greed is my most-played character so far. I quite enjoy playing as him. From fighting to kidnapping to haggling with Joske himself, this guy's where it's at.

Jaal is getting a bit deeper. I've arranged to have him meet with someone in Ta-Koro to continue the investigation of the explosion in Ko-Koro, so we'll see where it takes us. Hopefully I don't play him too grumpily, or I'll never find anyone willing to team up with him. tongue.gif

Kyara is the least-developed, which is fitting seeing as she's also the youngest in terms of creation. She's standing in Ga-Koro right now, learning about Mata Nui and the conflict that's consuming it. Feel free to interact with her if you like. She's in Ga-Koro's main square. If nothing happens, I'll probably send her to some bar next.

Finally, I'm considering creating another character. ohmy.gif Probably a Matoran.

If anyone wants to interact, as always, post here.




Posted by Justin Bieber , Feb 02 2011 · 49 views
I'm RPing with Friar Tuck!


It's true! He quoted one of my posts and now my character is talking to him~


OMG now I'm bargaining with him this so cool!




Posted by Justin Bieber , Feb 01 2011 · 43 views
First day of second semester.

Physics, math, social studies, chemistry.


Two hours of homework.

Just finished now.

Also woke up today exhausted and sick as a dog.

On the bright side, Reliant K is here to cheer me up with Forget and Not Slow Down.



The Seven Heavenly Virtues?

Posted by Justin Bieber , Jan 30 2011 · 43 views
Sheesh, we really are popular.




Posted by Justin Bieber , Jan 29 2011 · 57 views
QUOTE(EmperorWhenua @ Jan 29 2011, 12:58 PM) View Post
Clusterphobia (Klo*ter*fo*bia) n,

Def: The innate fear that no matter where you are, whether you be on a ledge of a forbidden cliff, far beneath subterranean civilization, sleeping in a tree or in the middle of a lost road in the middle of a god-forsaken desert, if there is one other person with you, a Kohli match crowd will come after you.

(Seriously, one guy is fine, two guys, okay, but three four five? That's just ridiculous. Not to mention almost all those people know the one person we just captured and feel obligated to try and rescue her. It's as if they don't know fear and don't understand that they're completely outnumbered, outgunned and outwitted.)


For the uninformed, a team of seven evil Toa called the Daedra captured a Toa to hold her hostage. Almost immediately, half a dozen warriors descended on the team to rescue her, even though the Daedra were in the middle of the desert.

Anyway, EW speaks truth.



Miracle Cactus

Posted by Justin Bieber , Jan 29 2011 · 43 views
Read this post and the ones below it. Who said the BZPRPG couldn't be funny?

I'm having the time of my life.


Propos De Moi

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