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Caffeine and Existentialism


gotta catch em all

Posted by Eyru , Nov 02 2015 · 100 views

this is a gentle reminder that Pokémon Go is coming out in 2016



Faster Than Light

Posted by Eyru , Sep 30 2015 · 110 views
Just a quick note to say that I finally beat FTL. I've put so much time into this game that it truly feels like a milestone in my life. I will now go on to more productive things.

(protip: cloaking is OP. took me long enough to figure it out)


New Project Incoming

Posted by Eyru , Sep 16 2015 · 188 views

Hey guys. Long time no blogging. Hopefully I'll start reversing that trend. (if only I knew what to blog about!)

Anyway, I've got a new project in the works. Those of you who know me or have seen me around know that I'm mostly into writing, either in the BZPRPG or in the Library (albeit infrequently). This time, however, I've decided to try something completely new, something completely outside my comfort zone. I've been working on it for some time, but I didn't want to share anything until I was sure I'd be able to give it the energy and time it deserves. Now, several months later, it's almost ready.

I don't want to share too much, because this is supposed to be a teaser post, just something to get the word out and spread some hype. So I'll leave you with a brief teaser clip that will give you an idea of what's coming up soon (hopefully as soon as this Sunday night!). I don't know how to embed YouTube clips, so I'll just put the link below.

A world in chaos.

A nation on the brink of of extinction.

A malevolent entity bent on destruction.

And one man who will doom -or save- them all.


Three Weeks

Posted by Eyru , Aug 03 2015 · 136 views

I'm moving away to attend university this fall.

It's a weird feeling to look around and realize that the life I'm living right now will disappear at a certain point in time. Three weeks from now, to be exact. I've always known I'd leave home eventually, but putting a specific date to that concept is definitely a little spooky.

I've already found a place just a few minutes off campus, and I'll start packing this week. It's neat.

So to all of you who have already gone through the process of moving into your own place: what advice do you have? What do you recommend bringing along? What did you not realize you needed until two weeks after you moved in?


hi bzp

Posted by Eyru , Jun 04 2015 · 60 views

I guess I'm an FA now?


I'll do my best to be helpful and stuff. :)


obligatory korra post

Posted by Eyru , Dec 22 2014 · 133 views

my life is over

korra pls

pls come back

(srsly doe that finale was legit some of the best television I have ever watched no joke)


Name Olympics - Results!

Posted by Eyru , Nov 02 2014 · 173 views
name olympics
well uh i guess it's pretty obvious because i'm wearing the new winner but here it is anyway


'Stop Poutine' came in close second, only four votes behind


now i guess the only thing to say is

"the first rule about fight club is that tyler is love"



Posted by Eyru , Nov 01 2014 · 199 views
name olympics
This is where it gets exciting: we get to eliminate name that people actually voted for! Oh, the disappointment- I can feel it in the air!

The six names eliminated today are:

The Best Name Ever - 0
Biebendum - 1
The Rather Dull Alpaca - 1
Hot Leaf Juice - 1
Rotten Banana - 2

And the remaining names are:

Tyler Is Love - 8
Tyler is Life - 2
Comfy Cushion Seat - 4
I'm an Ostrich - 3
Hamazing Ham Sandwich - 6
Stop Poutine - 6
And Then Depression Set In - 2

* * *

It all comes down to this! You've got one vote left-- spend it wisely!


Name Olympics - Day 3

Posted by Eyru , Oct 30 2014 · 174 views
name olympics
Day three!!! i

it's so exciting in here i can hardly breathe wow

six names down:

Philbert The Great - 0
OMG bonkle's back!!1! - 0
This is a llama - 0
Yet to Reach 20k - 0
20k is Far Away - 0
Changer of Names - 0

thirteen to go:

Tyler Is Love - 3
Tyler is Life - 1
Comfy Cushion Seat - 2
Biebendum - 1
Rotten Banana - 2
I'm an Ostrich - 2
Hamazing Ham Sandwich - 5
The Rather Dull Alpaca - 1
Stop Poutine - 4
And Then Depression Set In - 2
Hot Leaf Juice - 1
The Best Name Ever - 0

* * *

go go go

À Propos De Moi

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