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Caffeine and Existentialism


Two Weeks Vegetarian!

Posted by Eyru , Feb 23 2013 · 316 views
eyru, life, vegetarianadventure
Yeah, so tomorrow will mark two weeks of me  eating no meat. :)
It's been interesting so far. I've found I've been watching what I eat, simply because I need to make sure I can eat it, and the byproduct of that is that I'm eating healthier things. I've been eating way more vegetables, and I've been getting my protein from soy, eggs, and beans instead of meat.
It hasn't been a drastic change, to be honest. Before going pescetarian, I already ate more beans than meat, but that doesn't man it hasn't been difficult. I've turned down some pretty delish stuff (oh bacon why), and even gone hungry once or twice. I'm proud of myself: it hasn't been easy, and it's cool to know that I have the willpower to cut something out of my diet and stick with it.
I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon, either. :P I'll keep blogging too, but I'm switching to weekly updates (the downtime threw me for a loop anyway).
Thanks for your support, guys! 
(and maybe sometime soon we'll start edging closer to vegan. who knows?)


A Crazy Pescetarian: Day Four

Posted by Eyru , Feb 13 2013 · 565 views
life, eyru, vegetarianadventure
Day four! Over halfway through a week of eating no meat!
Breakfast was cereal, which I usually don't care for, but I was in a hurry and anyway I'll probably be eating more of it because it's quick and also vegetarian. Lunch was a salad (:D) and a scone. 
Supper was an interesting affair. I attended a young adult potluck at my church, and brought chick pea curry and rice as my dish (it's vegetarian, so it was my failsafe in case nobody else brought something I could eat). Fortunately, there was plenty I could eat. I had sushi, pasta, curry, fruit and vegetables, and a made-from-scratch cupcake (even the icing was homemade!).
I'm finding that this is definitely not as difficult as I was expecting, partly because I've realized that I didn't eat a whole lot of meat before I went vegetarian. However, I'm sort of anxiously awaiting summer, because as soon as it gets warm enough for the propane not to freeze, we Canadians whip out the barbecue, and it stays out until the snow's too high to use it. I'm hoping that, by the time the thaw rolls around, I'll have gotten into the habit of not eating meat, and it will be easier.
Funny side note: nobody believes that I'm vegetarian. They all think I'm joking, or say I can't really call myself a vegetarian if I've only been at it four days. That makes no sense: if I'm choosing not to eat meat, I'm pretty sure that makes me a vegetarian, regardless of how long I've been at it. :P Anyway, I plan to keep this up for a while, so eventually everyone will see that I'm actually serious, and not just playing a prank.
So far, so good! (the bacon-wrapped sushi was hardly even a temptation ^^)


Pescetarian (thanks Janus!) Shenanigans: Day Three

Posted by Eyru , Feb 12 2013 · 322 views
life, eyru, vegetarianadventure
Day three was a good day, by all accounts.
Breakfast was ordinary: once again I made an egg with some potatoes. So original, right? :P Unfortunately, my day always starts earlier than I'd like it to, so I'm usually scrambling to get the door. Hence the quick, simple breakfasts.
For lunch I had an egg salad sandwich and a pear scone. Today's temptation was a bowl of Thai chicken soup, which is seriously one of the best things in the world. But I resisted! :D (the scone helped)
Supper was chili and rice -vegetarian chili! My mom told me that she wasn't going to cook for me (which I heartily agree with; this is my decision, after all, not hers), but my family really doesn't eat a ton of meat, and it turns out that the chili was safe. Score!
Also I got stat pay for working on a holiday, played street hockey, and wrote a song. A pretty good day, I'd say. :)


Vegetarian Escapades: Day Two

Posted by Eyru , Feb 11 2013 · 398 views
life, eyru, vegetarianadventure
Day two!
Today was a pretty chill day. An egg with some hash browns for breakfast, and beans and noodles for lunch, so there's my protein for the day. Supper was my first real challenge, because we had roast beef and mashed potatoes for the first time in, like, ever, but I managed to stave off the temptation and just took extra potatoes and vegetables instead.
Also a huge bowl of salad. Because salad is delicious. P:
Changing topics, I'm starting to realize that one of the trickiest parts about my going vegetarian is that I don't like tomatoes (cue horrified gasps). I've never liked tomatoes, for as a long as I can remember. I'll eat ketchup and tomato sauce, and I'll eat tomatoes in a sauce or a chili as long as I can't taste them, but both the taste and the texture of whole or chunky pieces really throw me off.
I still try them from time to time, simply because I really want to like tomatoes (they're so versatile! and healthy!), but I haven't seen a breakthrough yet. We'll see what happens, I guess.
Thanks to HH and Janus for those huge paragraphs of encouraging advice on my last post. You guys rock! :)
There's not much else for me to write about today (it was a pretty nice, relaxing day), so I'll close it here. A reminder, though: we're coming up to 1,000 comments pretty quickly, and I do have something planned for that!
(note that is not an invitation to spam the comments dont kill me deevee)


(Mis)Adventures of a Vegetarian: Day One

Posted by Eyru , Feb 09 2013 · 319 views
eyru, life, vegetarianadventure
So, I've been thinking about going vegetarian for a while now. Not for any particular reason; it's just supposedly healthier, better for the environment, and more responsible as a whole in terms of leaving a footprint. I've been doing some reading on the subject for a while now, and I decided that today would be my day.
Again, no particular reason. I've just been putting it off due to life being super busy, and not having the energy to attempt a major change in my diet, but I'll always find excuses if I let myself (even if I don't mean to), and there's no time like the present, right?
I'll be chronicling my adventures in my blog, both as a way of keeping a record of my progress, and also as a way of staying accountable. The more people who know of my decision, the less likely I'll be to give up. :)
Day One began with me rolling out of bed and popping upstairs to see bacon in the skillet. Without a second thought, I ate a couple pieces, before remembering my resolution.
The days ahead suddenly looked a whole lot darker.
Nonplussed, I declared that those two pieces were my last pieces of bacon for the foreseeable future and immediately began making breakfast. Today's my first day off in months (I usually work Monday through Saturday, and do volunteer work at my church on Sundays), so I had time to construct a cheese omelette with sautéd peppers and spinach (sautéd in coconut oil, by the way; I absolutely recommend it), and a dash of hot sauce.
But Eyru, you cry. Eggs and cheese? That's not vegetarian!
Au contraire, my darlings. It's not vegan. To keep things relatively simple, I'll be starting off as a lacto-ovo vegetarian, which means I'll allow myself to eat eggs and dairy products. As time passes, I may up the ante and begin eliminating those form my diet as well. I also will still consume fish, for various reasons, but I may eventually work my way up to eliminating that as well.
So, for now, I'm basically cutting out red meat. My family used to be very much meat-and-potatoes, but thankfully we've gradually shifted over the past few years to a much more multicultural style of dining, so several of our meals are usually vegetarian anyway. I'm hoping this relatively gentle learning curve will help me stick with it.
I'll update you tomorrow on my progress (hopefully with pictures!). In the meantime, any good recipes would be appreciated. :)


Vinyl Atmosphere

Posted by Eyru , Feb 08 2013 · 328 views
stuff, eyru, moozik
I kinda like making music so I figured I'd throw some of it up on the internet. Criticism is welcome because I want to get better?
Onarax is a pree chill guy for telling me soundcloud is allowed so thanks to him
also my skype is eyrubieber add me
t-t-t-that's all for now folks~

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