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Caffeine and Existentialism


That's My Secret: I'm Always Angry

Posted by Eyru , Jun 24 2014 · 419 views
Do you ever have one of those days where something really just gets up in your face and grinds your gears? Uhh, bad wording: I bet you're all picturing that Peter Griffin meme that pops up every few weeks on Facebook like a pimple on my news feed. I'll try again: you ever have one of those days where something rubs you the wrong way and you just about burst like a broken fire hydrant?

Yeah, me too.

(I usually do better with the metaphors, jsyk)

Those who know me are aware that I don't get angry easily. Contrary to popular belief, it's not because I'm on a perpetual high of maple syrup, or because I've been conditioned to be polite since the age of five, just like every other Canadian child (we've also been conditioned to guard the 49th parallel with our lives, but that's a story for another day). It's been a long, difficult process learning to control my temper, but it's part of becoming an adult. You learn to control your emotions: you rein in your outrage when The Hobbit Part 2 ends with Smaug flying out over Long Lake, and you hide your tears when you watch the finale of How I Met Your Mother (at least until you're alone in bed and nobody can hear your desperate sobs).

But when I do get angry? Oh boy - you better go call that fire-breathing dragon back, because he's got nothing on the heat I'll be giving.

Again, it's rare that I really let loose. I played in a road-hockey tournament over the weekend, and you ain't heard nothing till you've heard the chirping that goes on between young people pumped on adrenaline and Gatorade with two minutes left in the last period and the score's tied at 5 and elbows are flying and sticks are everywhere and woo hockey yes yes yes GO TEAM. But I didn't get angry then. I was sweating and bleeding and bruised from head to toe, but not angry. It's a game, even when someone cross-checks you into the boards so hard it feels like your spine is coming out through your chest.

Injustice, on the other hand, isn't a game. There isn't anything that gets me going quite like injustice. I can get so intense that I scare myself sometimes. But I'm okay with that.

It took me awhile to be okay with that, to be honest. Like I said, all Canadians are conditioned to be polite, so breaking the mould meant rewiring my own brain in ways that would make any psychologist proud. I thought getting angry was bad, and calling out people was the ultimate in flagrant disrespect, worthy of the highest punishment (which I've always considered to be watching M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender. Haven't seen it? Don't).

Thing is, there are some things worth getting steamed about. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating irrational anger that blows up unpredictably, hurting random people and making a mess, but I am making a case for rational indignation that lights up when someone needs to know that what they're doing is wrong. Anger doesn't have to lead to hate if you don't let it (but I'll still argue that hate leads to suffering, and no amount of cookies is worth that, you crazy Sith).

I'll cut my wandering monologue short by summing up my thoughts as best I can (but it's past midnight, so it might not be as succinct as I'm hoping): if you see someone doing something you know is wrong, something that negatively affects another person or group of people, get angry. If you see someone perpetuating injustice, get angry. If you hear someone perpetuating injustice, get angry. These are things worth getting up in arms about, so don't let anyone tell you to simmer down or stop freaking out. The only thing that needs to stop is injustice, and the only way it's going to stop is if we call it out.

It can be scary, letting people know what you think. It can feel awkward. Believe me, I know. But justice is worth standing up for. It's bigger than manners; it's bigger than you or me.

So make a scene. Get angry. Because what we choose to stand up for shows what we value the most.



you so vain, you prob'ly think that this entry's about you

Posted by Eyru , May 21 2014 · 485 views

don't you?


New Job

Posted by Eyru , May 02 2014 · 312 views

Started a paid internship yesterday.
Summer's gonna be fun~
also started xenoblade chronicles and stopped sleeping wbu


The Gender Ratio

Posted by Eyru , Apr 18 2014 · 588 views
If you agree with this, go read this post.
If you don't agree with this, then good job! Go read this post instead.
If you're confused, go read this post.
If none of the above apply to you, then this post is the one for you.


how i met your mother

Posted by Eyru , Apr 01 2014 · 362 views
how i met your mother ended tonight
the season finale to one of my most favourite shows
it has left me in a state of emotional disarray. in fact, i think t swift said it best:
we're happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way
it's miserable and magical
so yeah, i'm a wreck. it's really hard to say goodbye, because, after all, that show was legen- WAIT FOR IT
it was legendary.


At Last

Posted by Eyru , Mar 19 2014 · 591 views
do u understand
I am the owner of Xenoblade Chronicles.



Posted by Eyru , Mar 15 2014 · 582 views
barista lyfe, espresso, expresso

So I work at a local mom-and-pop coffee shop, and we often get funny orders just cause we're different than Starbucks. But today we got a customer who was confused for a totally different reason.


She seemed pretty chill at first, this lady, who walked in with her mum. But as her eyes played over our menu, she opened her mouth and BAM RED FLAGS ERRYWHERE.


"I'll just have an expresso."


Before my supervisor and I can even give each other the ol' sidelong glance like "oh no" she tags on "Oh, and let's make it a medium."




To keep y'all in the crystal-clear, our menu only offers espresso in one size: small, because what are ya gonna do with 16oz of espresso? So my super sets about trying to clear things up.


"Are you sure you want an espresso?" he says (subtly emphasizing the 's' like a champ). "Were you thinking of an Americano? It's espresso and hot wate-"


He can't even finish before the ol' gal cuts him off with "No, an expresso! I always get it here."


There's a little more banter back and forth and finally my super just accepts that she wants an "expresso." So he rings her up and I grab one of our little china espresso cups. They're totes adorbs and perfectly fit two shots of espresso. The lady doesn't agree.


"No! Too small," she says. "Give me a bigger one."


We try to tell her that a bigger cup won't increase the size of her drink, and she'll just have 1oz of espresso puddled at the bottom of her selected 8oz cup. She stubbornly says "I know that; that's how I like it," so we just do as she says.


So I pull the shot and pour it in and pass it over, and she looks at it like I suppose the devil looks at kids who look both ways before crossing the street.


"What's this?" she says


It's an espresso, we explain. One shot of espresso. One ounce of pure, magical, bean-juice goodness.


"Can I have more hot water?" she says. "Or I can't?"


Of course she can, but she seems to be ignoring everything we say, cause we just explained how there's no hot water in her drink at least five times over. So I can't put "more" in, seeing as there's none to begin with, but I fill it two-thirds full and pass it back to her.


"That's more like it," she says "An expresso."


My super explains that it's now an Americano, and the two are totally different drinks. The lady plays it straight and says "Oh, you changed the name?" He tries to explain again that they've always been different drinks but she's just got this bored look on her face and goes "uh-huh uh-huh" like she's listening but you can tell she's convinced we know absolutely nothing whatsoever about coffee, bless her precious, sweet, mama-loving heart, and eventually she just turns around and goes to sit down with her "expresso." 


Her mum orders a hot chocolate.


woo gold

Posted by Eyru , Feb 23 2014 · 354 views

yeee boys what a game. some brilliant hockey and a swell shutout by mr. price. that's eight periods without a goal i do believe.
a big round of applause to all y'all other nations out there who didn't win a medal. you're still ok.
see you in four years, olympics.



Posted by Eyru , Feb 19 2014 · 304 views

so i've gotten into TF2


so ambage is dead

Posted by Eyru , Feb 17 2014 · 678 views
ambage, #tylerbomaye
Posted Image
long live ambage
you'll be in our hearts 4ever

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