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Caffeine and Existentialism


final week of classes: casualty count

Posted by Eyru , Dec 06 2013 · 234 views
sleep, when, youre, dead, college
sunday night: pulled an all-nighter to finish my fiction/non-fiction portfolio. 30 pages total of various fiction and non-fiction pieces.
monday night: started work on my biology poster, but went to bed at an acceptable time because i knew that...
tuesday night: pulled another all-nighter to finish my biology poster and also write my philosphy term paper.
wednesday night: stayed up till 3AM on my final biology lab report.
thursday night: went to bed at an acceptable time. slept 12 hours.
final casualty count: approx 24 hours of sleep lost. whew.
it's been a good semester hup hup
tune in next week for the legend of the exams


fun fact

Posted by Eyru , Nov 28 2013 · 209 views
bzprpg, non-controversial and 2 more...
the BRPG forum has more posts in it than in COT and OTC combined
it's useless to resist
join the BZPRPG


International Men's Day

Posted by Eyru , Nov 19 2013 · 1,552 views

Today is November 19th, which marks International Men's Day. It's not a particularly celebrated day; I wouldn't have known about it had I not, by happenstance, come across an article on the subject late last night. Unlike for International Women's Day (which falls on March 8th of every year), Google hasn't made a 'Google Doodle" on its home page to celebrate, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a media outlet that will even acknowledge the day.
But that doesn't mean that it's a day not worth recognising. What follow are a few reasons why. In the United States of America (because that's where most of you live, let's be honest):
  • Women are more likely than men to attain a post-secondary education.
  • A greater percentage of men are unemployed.
  • Men are more likely to become alcoholics.
  • Men are more likely then women to receive a harsher sentence for an identical crime.
  • Men are almost six times more likely to commit suicide than women.
My intention isn't to start an argument about sexism or gender inequality. Worldwide, women face -and have historically faced- much more discrimination than men. However, that doesn't mean that men don't have issues of their own that need to be addressed.
For example, the issue of alcoholism. Males are much more likely to become alcoholics; does this have something to do with how the consumption of alcohol is portrayed in the media? Or does it stem from our cultural disapproval of males asking for help, leaving them feeling like alcohol is the only way to cope with their problems?
My ideal world is one where everybody feels safe, accepted, and equal, regardless of their age, race, gender, or sexual orientation. That's why I'm so excited to be a part of this generation, where homosexual discrimination is finally starting to be eliminated, and more and more people are speaking out to address sexism against women. However, my ideal world can't come into being if we ignore the issues that plague half of the world's population. I encourage everyone to learn more about these issues, and I hope that, in the future, we'll be able to solve some of these problems, just like we're working today to solve the problems of inequality.
That said, happy International Men's Day.

I'm leaving the comments open in the hopes that intelligent, respectful discussion will occur. Unfortunately, many people have, in the past, shown themselves incapable of conversing politely, so I'll be keeping an eye on the discussion, and won't hesitate to lock it if things start getting out of hand. Play nice! :)



Posted by Eyru , Nov 18 2013 · 164 views

season 2 started improving with 'beginnings' and ended on a high note
sure there were some nipicky things here and there but overall that was an excellent finale
haven't seen it? go watch it



the last snowbender

Posted by Eyru , Nov 14 2013 · 241 views

a young canadian gets lost in nunavut and is defrosted by global warming a hundred years later
what happens next


dying vs living

Posted by Eyru , Nov 08 2013 · 275 views

i once heard that's easier to die for a cause and harder to live for one.
so don't die for bionicle to come back.
live for it.


triumphant return

Posted by Eyru , Nov 04 2013 · 215 views

we back like we was never gone.



Posted by Eyru , Nov 04 2013 · 161 views
pacific rim
Saw it.
Loved it.
I know the word is overused, but the word epic is the best descriptor of this film. Everything about it is larger than life. It's a movie about giant robots fighting giant aliens, and it's unashamed of that. Instead of trying to cram in unnecessary subplots or romantic tension, it simply lets the audience enjoy what we really want to see:
Giant robots fighting giant aliens.
Along with that, it has some memorable characters with actual depth, a vivid, extremely detailed world, and a plot that, for the most part, keeps you on the edge of your seat. Sure, it has its flaws, but I wouldn't hesitate to call it a masterpiece.
I really have no excuse for waiting this long to see it. Don't make my mistake: if you haven't seen it yet, then fix that mistake as quickly as possible!



Posted by Eyru , Oct 31 2013 · 193 views


forgot to say

Posted by Eyru , Aug 20 2013 · 221 views
how i, met your, mother
started season six
we're closing in on the home stretch
it's an exciting feeling~

À Propos De Moi

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