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Chronicling the Wanderer


Black Six is a...

Posted by EmperorWhenua , May 02 2017 · 454 views
inside jokes, not fecal matter
LEGO enthusiast who appreciates a sound mind and body.


SPIRIT is a b0$$

Posted by EmperorWhenua , May 01 2017 · 185 views
fecal matter
Remember when he entered—and won—a Bionicle RPG contest with a protest entry? What a rebel and role model!

Way to metaphorically stick it to the proverbial man! or something like that...


Ten Thousand

Posted by EmperorWhenua , Feb 16 2017 · 359 views
BZPower, posts, 10K
I'm 400 away from ten thousand posts and kind of want to finally hit that milestone sometime this spring. My activity in the ever moving (albeit occasionally slow) RPG forum makes that relatively feasible, I think.

It's been a while, though, and many members have since passed that mark since I was last genuinely active here. Is the big 10K still a notable accomplishment these days?

(And hi, everyone!)


Ten years felt like forever

Posted by EmperorWhenua , Jan 27 2016 · 478 views
anniversary, decade
but it only took one decade.

Is ten years on this site even a notable landmark anymore? I don't even know what's considered "old" or whatever now, in part since I've been gone for so long. Still, I guess it is significant in that is a double-digit number.

Idk, it doesn't matter anyway, but I was still a little shocked to login and realize it was over a decade ago that I, a nervous teenager literally sweating rivulets while exploring the new world of the World Wide Web, made an account against my parent's wishes on a website solely dedicated to one of the few hobbies I had at the time (Lego) and integrated myself in this vibrant community. It's easy to dismiss the things that went on here as petty, but I learned a lot from being here while growing up. Some lessons were harsh and I learned quickly, others were more gradual and I had to gain insight from the retrospective. But still, I look back on it fondly.

BZPower met a need I had at the time, and while it no longer is relevant to my life right now, the lessons and friends I got from it remain ingrained with me. So thanks.

Also, I was originally planning to end this blog entry with the first line and then got all sappy. Huh. Happy thoughts. :)


Hello, blogs, my old friend...

Posted by EmperorWhenua , Apr 24 2014 · 493 views

I've been visiting the blogs occasionally lately and always remembered that I have my own but never really had much of anything to say on it. That's more or less my issue, really; Tumblr has more or less satisfied my [micro]blogging desires and the BZPRPG/school drains me of much of my motivation to type, so that leaves me with... not much to say, admittedly.
However, that doesn't mean I don't have things I wish to express. Quite often I find myself approaching an issue i have particularly high opinions about, and several years back I eagerly participated in debates as though I had a hunger (I did; still do, to an extent). Nowadays, however, I've become more lethargic, partly because I know that once I begin talking on an issue there's no stopping me—I become engrossed in it, obsessive even, and do not stop typing until the zeal is sated and justice served or truth uncovered—and that exhausts me beyond compare.
Perhaps that's not the right way to go about doing myself any favours, though. After all, debating keeps the mind witty and alive much like books hone it to be sharp and aware. I don't read as much, either; I have a stack of about a dozen books, from both fiction and nonfiction genres, I haven't devoured as was my MO once before. For better or worse, though, that's what it's like now and probably will change sometime soon once I regain my footing in life.
I think maybe I'll use this blog sporadically again. It used to be a popular platform, I think—the 49 subscribers can't all have shown up merely to keep close eyes on my words, anyway, and this blog did get a Blog of the Week award many years back... so it at least deserves some second life, right? So with that in mind there will at least few a few entries coming up to catch up on issues important to me or just anecdotes on my adventures (and there are quite a lot). In the meantime, I've updated the sidebar and not much else.
So, uh, toodles?


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