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Toa Nidhiki05's Blog



Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , Jul 10 2013 · 300 views

So, I've pretty much set in mind I am going to get a 3DS in the next few weeks. I have more than enough money at the moment, but I think I'm only going to buy the console and one game at the moment. Now, the difficult thing is deciding which game to buy. I'm wavering between Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. So, BZP, which would you recommend?


Happy 237th birthday, America!

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , Jul 04 2013 · 324 views

Just think - if we hadn't won, we'd still be wearing top hats and speaking in British accents, we'd be saluting the queen, and we'd be playing cricket instead of baseball and soccer instead of football. :P

Also, go Egypt!


Last night

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , Jun 27 2013 · 257 views

I want to officially apologize for my actions last night. Regardless of my political views, I did not realize how upsetting my actions would be and I did not represent the community or 'Outstanding' citizens very well. I would not have done what I did had I realized how upset people would become, and I did not intend to divide or insult anybody. If I had a time machine I would certainly change my actions, but the damage is done. I will try not to do such actions in the future.


Sunburn itch

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , Jun 24 2013 · 248 views

I got sunburned a few days ago. Now the itching has begun.


I about want to chop off my arms at this point.

If you ever get synburn itch, take a cold shower. That's about the only thing keeping me from having a panic-induced heart heart attack,




Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , Jun 11 2013 · 277 views

Kudos to Sony for rejecting always-online and DRM. I already knew I would not be purchasing an Xbone, but I will probably get a PS4 in a year or two. Very similar specs, but PS4 doesn't require online (which means Mincrosoft could end Xbone access in the future), no DRM (right of first sale FTW), and no always on, possibly always-spying Kinect. And, to add to that, it is $100 cheaper.

And if you haven't seen it, look up Sony's "How to share games on the PS4" video. It is amazing.



Age: 18
Gender: Male
Location: North Carolina
Language: American English
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Not interested
Political View: Libertarian-conservative or conservative-libertarian
Instrument: Bass guitar
Favorite Genres: Rock, Christian rock, country

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