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Toa Nidhiki05's Blog


Return From Carowinds!

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , Jun 19 2008 · 76 views

I returned from Carowinds! The roller coasters I rode are listed in my top 6:

1. Nighthawk (Formely known as Borg Assimilator): Do NOT miss this. The line is usually long, but I got there early and rode it first thing.
2. Hurler: Very good coaster, but is a little jerky (But I like that)
3. Afterburn (Formerly known as Top Gun: The Jet Coaster): Good, inverted coaster, a must-ride for roller coaster fans.
4. Carolina Cyclone: A great coaster, that I rode 3 times because of short lines (One in the Front, two in the rear)
5. Vortex: A good coaster, but you have to stand up. Very fast.
6. Ricochet: A good, but VERY jerky coaster, with sharp turns. Makes you feel like you will fall out.

Sadly, one of my favorites, Thunder Road, was closed to make it smoother (NO!!! I like it the old way!!!) It should reopen sometime in July.

Also went to Bommerang Bay, and went on basically all the tube rides. Also swam a little.

When we re-entered after lunch, a camera guy said "Welcome to Carowinds! Were unescapable!". biggrin.gif

Strangely, the games must have an overabundance of Sonic The Hedgehog charecter stuffed animals. Not that I care, but it was very weird...




Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , Jun 18 2008 · 69 views

I'm going to (formerly Paramount's) Carowinds tomorow! Hopefully I will get there about 15 minutes before it opens, because if you have season passes you can do that to get in line early!

If you don't know where Carowinds is, it is in Charlotte and Fort Mill (As it is right on the border beetween NC and SC). It has a Water Park and a Theme Park in one.



My Thoughts About The Summer Sets:

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , Jun 14 2008 · 684 views

With the new brickshelf images, I'll post my thoughts on them:



First off, he looks like Tahu. He still is red, he still has a Hau Nuva, and he still has silver armor. Very good mask style, with the sleek look. The weapon, what looks like an offensive sheild, is also sleek, and the blades make it better for attacking, which suits Tahu's personality well, as he. However, the leg blades look weird on him, and there is a lot of silver (which is fine by me). The 12.99 price tag is a bit menacing though for not much more pieces. I will surely buy him. The Nynrah Ghost Blaster looks like a good new addition to the projectile library.


This is probably the Toa Mistika that is the underdog for BIONICLE fans that have been around since 2001. She doesn't look very much like 2002 Gali Nuva, but it still is a decent Gali set, because Gali Nuva did not look alot like Gali Mata. The oddity about this set is that, unlike Kopaka, who can take his blade off of his projectile weapon, Gali has no weapon at all other than her Nynrah Ghost Blaster. However, she does have a neat lazer/crosshair attachment for it to replace that. Considering that, her shoulder armor looks neat, and her mask is very odd looking for a Toa of Water with the wings on it. I will still probably buy it though. The Nynrah Ghost Blaster looks like a good new addition to the projectile library.


Now, onto Onua... He looks the worst out of the Toa Mistika to me (Although I might buy him because I like Onua). His mask looks like a foot, he has weird red stuff coming out of his legs, and he has his personal weapon attached to his shoulder. He dosen't really remind me of Onua at all, but that is OK because I would rather have not similar sets to nearly clone sets. He also has too much red on him, which should not be on a Toa of Earth. Light Gray would be better. He is the most likely of the Mistika Toa for me not to buy.

Krika seems to me to be the least likely of the Mistika Makuta to buy. I've never really been a fan of sets with no regular feet (I tried it with Vamprah and Radiak), because it is too unstable and there is a limitation of posability. Also, they are Av-Matoran arm and leg molds, so that also limits posability. The Mask, the Kanohi Crast however, looks pretty cool, and the green Nynrah Ghost Blaster might make the deputy leader of the swamp Mistika worth buying for me if I warm up to his legs and arms.

Gorast, the only female Makuta, looks like a pretty good buy, seeing as she has four arms, an awesome looking Kanohi Felnas, Nynrah Ghost Blaster, wings, and her new claw design make her look good. However, as with Krika, she uses Av-Matoran arm and leg molds, limiting the posable positions. I will definately buy Gorast though, as her pros outweigh her cons.

Bitil, the only Mistika Makuta to have arm and leg articulation, looks like a good buy, with the two new Vahki-like weapons and the Nynrah Ghost Blaster. The Kanohi Mohtrek is also looking good. However, the leg spikes are weird as armor, and he has an Av-Matoran body (Which may be good or bad, depending on your preferance). I will probably buy Bitil.


The Toa of Light (and Shadow) is a great looking set, with the gigantic Power Lance, Midak Skyblaster and (a first for a Toa set) hands! He puts his 2003 version to shame with the armor, hands (YAY! Hands in a Toa set), and feet. The new black Avohkii is also very awesome, but it seems a little small compared to the new Takanuva. At the price of 29.99 though, I might not buy it since I want the vehicles.


Yet another Shadow Matoran, this time a former Ta-Matoran, Vultraz rides a Skyfighter, equipped with a Midak Skyblaster that shoots shadow bolts (With Silver Spheres for some reason). Vultraz's mask is neat, and his body is a red clone of Vican's (Without the claws). The Skyfighter looks a little skinny and reminds me of Lesovikk's Sea Sled. At 19.99, Vultraz is overpriced, it should be 14.99. I will probably not buy Vultraz, instead get it as a Christmas or birthday present.


The Ko-Matoran, Mazeka, appears with a vehicle of some sort, capible of shooting Zamor Shpheres. The Vehicle itself looks very good, but Mazeka is a little too much like Solek for me. Depending on it's price, I might buy it. I'm assuming it will be 29.99., or 24.99 (Hopefully the latter).

Rockoh T3

Rockoh T3 looks like an okay set. It includes a vehicle, an adapted Pohatu (Whithout weapons and with weirder armor and a strange visor shape). The vehicle apparently is the most powerful story-wise, making up for it being the smallest T-series vehicle. It also has a Zamor Launcher with unknown powers, although I'd like exploding ones. It also has blades at the front (Great for impailing enemies, although Toa wouldn't do that), and has a handle for play. It only has one projectile launcher though, so that is a downer. At 39.99, it looks fairly priced, and I wil probably buy it.

Jetrax T6

Antroz is back, with a powerful new vehicle at his command, Jetraz T6. It will serve as his new 'eyes'. It has three Midak Skyblasters, and is the second largest. The new Antroz form that comes with it looks the most different out of all of the adapted pilots from their initial form. One of the few downsides for me is they didn't include an adapted Kopaka so that you could reenact the hijacking. The new Antroz mask looks particularly cool. The vehicle remionds me of a podracer from Star Wars Episode I, The Phantom Menace. This is definately the coolest in my opinion, but it's steep price of 59.99 might turn me off from buying it, leaving it as a Birthday/Christmas present.

Axalara T9

Now onto Axalara... The vehicle looks okay, but the adapted Lewa is terrible. It looks EXACTLY like Phantoka Lewa Nuva, but with grey Toa Metru feet, a weird looking visor and a scruched mask. The Axalara T9 feature two Midak Skyblasters, and some arms that apparently shoot lasers. Axalara T9 Would be okay for 69.99, but the price of 89.99 has removed all possibilities of me buying it. I probably will not get it as a present either, so I will probably never get it.


800 Posts!

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , Jun 14 2008 · 81 views

I've finally got 800 posts, and only have 200 left until I get the big 1,000! Thanks for making BZPower such a great place to be, guys!



Comics Land News Blog Alert: Ea Sued Over Madden Exclusivity Deal

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , Jun 11 2008 · 81 views

And now for a Comics Land News Blog alert! These special news articles are real-world, breaking news.

Reports are in that a group of gamers have sued Electronic Arts, the makers of the Madden NFL franchise, over their deals with the NFL, Arena Football League, and NCAA. The gamers file suit over EA's "blatantly anticompetitive conduct", by which they mean that their exclusivity deals wtih the NFL, AFL, and NCAA are unfair to consumers. They are right in that regard, as EA attempted to buy-out Take-Two, owner of 2K Sports, makers of the highly sucessful 2K series. Also, EA's quality in football games have decreased since their deals, and there are less new features. CLNB will keep you covered on this story.



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