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Toa Nidhiki05's Blog


Takanuva In Super Smash Bros

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , May 26 2008 · 16 views

Here is what Takanuva should be in SSB, even though it will never happen. I'll probably make a blog entry like this every 1-2 weeks.

Speed: Average speed, similar to Mario
Power: Average normal attacks, above average special attacks
Jump: Strong jumps
Swim Time: Below Average

B: Midak Skyblaster, similar to R.O.B's Robo-beam, but more powerful and thicker beam, does 5 damage, after using 4 times, Takanuva will have to wait for a long while to use it while the Midak draws in light from the enviroment.
Side B: Power Lance, Takanuva slams his lance directly in front of him, doing 3 damage, can be charged to do up to 8 damage
Up B: Shadow Hook, a hook made out of Shadow grabs onto the stage edge, does 3 damage, good for recoveries
Down B: Shadow Blast, Takanuva blasts Shadow directly in front of him, doing 4 damage uncharged and an incredible 12 damage fully charged, causes Shadow effect

Final Smash:
Nova Blast
Takanuva unleashes a Nova blast, with Shadow energy and Light energy causing massive damage to enemies. After the attack, Takanuva is unable to use shadow attacks for a brief period, although the Avohkii will still let him use light attacks.

Likey? No Likey?



R.i.p Dark Mirror Takua, And Gali, And Tahu, And Kopaka...

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , May 22 2008 · 27 views

Convert to all OF these. Now.

DM Takuaism: DM Takua died for no apparent reason.
DM Galism: DM Gali died to kill Primal.
DM Tahuism: DM Tahu died to defend the Colesium
DM Kopakaism:DM Kopaka died to try to kill Lesovikk
DM Aukmouism: DM Ahkmou died to kill Gali
DM Guardianism: DM Guardian died to kill as many Toa as possible
DM Nahoism: DM Toa Naho died to save The Shadowed One
DM Kojolism: DM Kojol died to help defeat the Toa.
DM Lhikanism: DM Lhikan died to bring Tuyet to power.
DM Nujuism: DM Nuju died to explore the underground.
DM Darkness: DM Darkness died to lead Takanuva to Tuyet.
DM Lewaism: DM Lewa died to... I dunno WHAT he died for, but he died.



The Vahki Club

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , May 20 2008 · 16 views

Welcome to the Vahki Club, a club responsible for reminding people of BIONICLE heroics. More will be posted later when I get info from Lego Transformers Guy. Post here ONLY if you have joined the club. Anybody can join, but I'll delete posts of non-members until they join.

Seeing as our job is to remind people of BIONICLE heroics, any topics made by Vahki Club members that fit our purpose will be put here:

Vahki Club Topics:
Bionicle Quiz by me, Toa Nidhiki05
Favorite Toa, favorite Element by me, Toa Nidhiki05
Land of Vahki by Phillipnova789


Lego Transformers Guy:
Jobs: He has yet to tell me, but he probably founded this.

Toa Nidhiki05:
Jobs: Banner and Avatar maker, RPG maker, Games and Trivia guy, Newspaper guy, Theory writer, Story writer, Software guy, BBC builder spriter, and Vahki Club Blog entry guy.

Toa Inika Nuparu Rules

Kome the artist







Chirox el Aereo Habinate



The Notorious V


Vamprah:Silent hunter

Lego Transformers Guy
Toa Nidhiki05
Toa Inika Nuparu Rules
Kome the artist
Chirox el Aereo Habinate
The Notorious V
Vamprah:Silent hunter

PM me or Lego Transformers Guy if you want to join.



Super Smash Comics Melee

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , May 12 2008 · 16 views

Seriously, go check it out.

Super Smash Comics Melee

Check it out, or DIE! tongue.gif



Sneak Preview Of The 2nd Movie!

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , May 10 2008 · 21 views

I know, it is kinda short and has virtually no clips from the movie, but it DOES have a date. Anyway, here it is:

Sneak Preview

It was made by AnakinFan, by the way.

Comment away!



Age: 18
Gender: Male
Location: North Carolina
Language: American English
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Not interested
Political View: Libertarian-conservative or conservative-libertarian
Instrument: Bass guitar
Favorite Genres: Rock, Christian rock, country

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