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Steam haul.

Posted by Angel Beat , Dec 31 2015 · 489 views

It's that freaking time again.

So I got:

Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed III
Assassin's Creed Rogue
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Long Live the Queen
Orion Prelude
Red Faction Armageddon
Red Faction Guerrilla
Unreal Tournament 2004


I watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens today.

Posted by Angel Beat , Dec 16 2015 · 363 views

There has been an awakening indeed.

Oh my god, this movie.

I wanna watch it again. :o


*brushes cobwebs off the blog*

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 25 2015 · 357 views

Whew, it sure has been a while.

Life's okay.



Posted by Angel Beat , Jul 27 2015 · 330 views

Seems I'll be going again after three years.

Finally. :P


Legend of Korra

Posted by Angel Beat , May 23 2015 · 583 views

Still not over Korrasami.

Probably never will. :P


12 year anniversary

Posted by Angel Beat , Apr 02 2015 · 353 views

Gods I feel old...


You're mine now...

Posted by Angel Beat , Jan 19 2015 · 308 views

Posted Image

It's here...


So much for a happy new year

Posted by Angel Beat , Jan 08 2015 · 284 views

Our wonderful cat Castle passed away on Monday due to injuries caused by a car on Saturday.



Posted by Angel Beat , Jan 01 2015 · 256 views

It's the dawn of a new year.

Let's make it one of caring, love and positivity.


Deep Space Nine

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 23 2014 · 440 views

Posted Image

In the meantime, I've been binging on Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Almost done with season 4.


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 01 2014 · 245 views

Playing as Athena and loving the experience so far. ^_^


New name acquired

Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 17 2014 · 392 views


Posted Image



Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 15 2014 · 407 views

Posted Image


Staff retirement

Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 14 2014 · 528 views

Yes, it's true. I just retired from the BZP staff.

It was an honour to be a part of it for close to 7 years, but I figured it was time to move on. :)


My birthday

Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 09 2014 · 222 views

It was nice.

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---Real Life---

Name: Mario
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Location: The Nether Lands.
Known languages: Dutch and English.
Heritage: Dutch.
Education: No college now.
Religion: None.

Notable Physical Features:
Long, brown hair.
Brown eyes.
Occasional Kubrick stare.
Facial scars (dog bites) covered by facial hair.

Wakizashi, daggers, lightsabers, Megatron, several knives and axe.

Utilities & Tools:
Swiss+Tech Utili-Key.

Music fan
Future artist
Occasional crossdresser.

Doesn't use any questionable substances.
Dislikes unneeded medications with a passion.
Doesn't like it when people think they're better than others. (Especially dislikes "Holier-Than-Thou" attitudes.)
Tries to treat other people the way Valenti wants to be treated. With respect and kindness.


Position: Retired Staff
Premier Membership: Lifetime.
Post Count: Not important.
BZP Age: Way too old.
Sanity Level (1-10): 7.5

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